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Revealed! Real Story Behind Oliseh, Enyeama Clash In Belgium

Revealed! Real Story Behind Oliseh, Enyeama Clash In Belgium

EXCLUSIVE By Johnny Edward:

Completesportsnigeria.com can exclusively report today the real story behind the clash between Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh and (former) captain Vincent Enyeama on Tuesday night.

A source within the team's camp in Belgium, who witnessed the incident, narrated the dramatic confrontation that led to the initial expulsion and recall of Enyeama.

While the story doing the rounds is that the battle started because Oliseh shouted down Enyeama while the Lille keeper was trying to explain his late arrival in camp, Completesportsnigeria.com learnt that was not exactly how it went down.

Zenith Ziva

Oliseh, according to our source, had no issue with Enyeama arriving in camp on Tuesday instead of Monday, since the coach was aware that the keeper was recently bereaved and buried his late mum over the weekend.

But the clash started when, while holding a meeting with the players after their evening training session which Enyeama attended but did not participate in, Oliseh mentioned Ahmed Musa as the team captain. Enyeama was said to have rudely interrupted the coach's speech at this point, the Lille keeper insisting that he was the captain, not Musa.

This interruption apparently riled Oliseh, who ordered Enyeama to let him (Oliseh) address his players in peace. But Enyeama continued talking, raising his voice at the coach.

When Oliseh could not take it anymore, he ordered that Enyeama leave the venue of the meeting as he felt the keeper was undermining his (Oliseh's) authority.  

When Enyeama refused to leave, Oliseh asked for the goalkeeper to be forcibly removed from the Verviers Hotel camp by security men.

But five senior players in the squad: Mikel Obi, Ogenyi Onazi, Ahmed Musa, Elderson Echiejile and Emmanuel Emenike, waded in and all went to Oliseh's room to plead on behalf of Enyeama.

Also there were telephone calls from the Nigerian Football Federation President Amaju Pinnick and even some big Nigerian politicians to have the matter resolved.

"Enyeama was rude to Oliseh, no doubt. Oliseh has so many issues to deal with, especially the inability of six home-based players to get visas to join the squad, and the possibility of Godfrey Oboabona missing the match, and he doesn't need this additional distraction " a top official told Completesportsnigeria.com, before corroborating the first source's narration of events..

"The embarrassment he got from Enyeama in the presence of the other players was uncalled for and disappointing.

"Oliseh just announced that Ahmed Musa remains his captain and Enyeama flared up. He was told his response wasn't needed by the coach but Enyeama was angered and would not back down.

"He was asked to excuse the meeting and when he didn't, Oliseh asked for him to be bundled out of the team's camp, contrary to reports in the media that Enyeama was asked to shut up while trying to explain his late arrival, which wasn't even an issue.

"For goodness sake, a coach has the right to pick his captain for the team. New coaches do it all the time." 

The source went further to explain that for Oliseh to drive down to Lille at the start of the Ligue 1 season to discuss the rebuilding process of the Super Eagles with Enyeama shows how much he respects the former Enyimba star.

"Oliseh wasn't given the respect he deserved. He (Oliseh) is not a saint and might not be completely blameless, but Enyeama should respect the coach; he is the boss," the source added.

There were also hints from the team's camp that Oliseh was not happy that Enyeama arrived early enough to train with the team on Tuesday, only to spend the entire time chatting with team secretary Dayo Enebi, asking questions about the new players in the squad, while Carl Ikeme was the only other goalkeeper in camp and the team would need two for a full session.

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  • John A. 6 years ago


  • dimuso 6 years ago

    i blame sport analyst who support players indiscipline.Watch their comment henceforth it will be blame galore on Oliseh,we make these guys feel they are indispensable,we hate to call a spade a spade.

    • Which civilised country will strip its captain armband without first informing him? Did Oliseh show any sign of respect in the first place? I thought respect is reciprocal. Oliseh does not even have a moral rigth to be angry, remembering his own transgression as the captain of Super Eagles

      • sanmi.marvellous 6 years ago

        Yeah! Oliseh was rude in his playing days, but 2 wrongs cannot make a right. Why would Enyeama want himself to be an agent of nemesis for Oliseh? I would rather let a sleeping dog of Oliseh's indiscipline record lie low.

  • If this story is the correct version of what happened, then Enyeama as a matter of honor apologize to his boss and coach Mr Oliseh. Enyeama is professional and so should know better than this that captain of the team can be changed and rechanged and rechanged if need be. There is need now as Enyeama will soon retire as he has been threatening all the time. Oliseh is preparing for that time. Moreover Musa is humble, cool headed, hardworking, quick to respond to national calls, regular for club and scoring. Enyeama should apologize and penalized. That is if this is how it happened.

  • #padlock no dey big pass hin oga.

  • David Oladunjoye 6 years ago

    This might just be the begin of failure for OLISEH because he resumed late which you were aware of you took the captain Hand Band for him. HMMM no the way to go at all this same Musa that the Hand Band is been given to is that player that can not deliver an excellent cross ooooooo Hmmm. Are captains not meant to lead by example. I don’t see Musa boost the moral of anybody at dead ends oooo Talk less of boosting his own Morale. No need for too much talk but for me not the way to go. Oliseh and Enyeama should sit and talk things over and let
    the Hand Band be restored BiKo…. Musa is no Good as Captain for now.

  • Rexplacid 6 years ago

    enyeama suppose to be informing privately of the change.

  • So, you entrust your research on Oliseh’s back room staff. This is poor journalism. Secondly, is it mature enough from your coach to announce a change of captain without informing the former one. He totally disrespected Eyeama and i dont see the reason why Eyeama should respect him. Respect is reciprocal. Did Oliseh think he is Guardiola or Mourinho?

  • No matter the PR job, Oliseh behaved unprofessionally. How can you strip Vincent of the captainship of the team without due process. Ok you don’t want him as your captain, the right thing would have been to inform him and for the NFF to make Vincent see reason. But just because he wanted to prove he is in charge he is messing up the team. How can this one build a team like this? I don’t see Oliseh going anywhere with this team. It is dead on arrival.

  • davids 6 years ago

    he should have discussed it privately with the captain……he didnt show respect at all and i see alot of senior players walking away with time.

  • Thank you Sir @Rexplacid, nobody is saying it but you. Eyeama should have been carried along, it’s an insult that he found out about the change in the dressing room

  • What goes around will surely come around . Let him Oliseh feel what he has a person has made many coaches faced in his days as a player.

  • To so extent I don’t believe Enyeama will argue with Oliseh about the captain Hand Band, something else must have lead to something. Also its funning that Enyeama is in the team he is full fit and you name another person captain will he is there isn’t that comical. More so not even another sure person it is Musa no that not acceptable. Things like this destroys even football clubs not to talk about a National team. We must also know respect is reciprocal you can’t reciprocate what is no given or shown. So Oliseh Pls ejoO.

  • yusuff hammed 6 years ago


  • AFOLABI DAVID 6 years ago

    I DON`T THINK SOME OF US HERE IN THIS FORUM DO NOT  UNDERSTAND PHRASE BCOS IF THEY DO THEN THEY WON`T BE MAKING THIS COMMENT, I QUOTE( But the clash started when, while holding a meeting with the players after their evening training session which Enyeama attended but did not participate in) Means Enyeama in not expected to start that Match bcos he did not train and hopefully not in his game plan so why will he be informed about captain at that point.

    Secondly, He should have waited and after the meeting see the new boss and discuss issue with him before anything not even when he is fustrated with most of players not in camp due to Visa issue for an all important friendly.

    I have already blamed Oliseh based on the first news and now if this one is true, then Enyeaam is not right but all said and done, They should just settle their differencies for the glory of our fatherland bcos if things does not go well we the supporters feel the pain most.


    pressure can make us burst sometimes so I can understand Oliseh in this respect.


    • Gabriel 6 years ago

      I totaly agreed with you. He should try and show respect to his boss. Oga na Oga any day 

  • Opson1 6 years ago

    if some of u are saying dat Oliseh disrespected Enyeama by not informing him b4 announcing new captain, what would u say about Enyeama gisting while training was ongoing?

  • favour 6 years ago

    The coach should have discussed it with him earlier before bringing the change to the entire team. Made Enyeama look as if he is no longer needed in the team. Coach abeg take it easy o.

  • Amusa Yahaya Taiwo 6 years ago

    most respondents seems not to understand the issue on ground 'cos they continue blaming oliseh instead of enyeama to respect his coach and if he has any issue with him to meet him one on one and talk it over instead of arguing with the coach in the presence of other players.

    • yallyboy 6 years ago

      because the coach did it in the presences of the players

  • mosesinho 6 years ago

    fine mr david, u can imagine urself working for a company with all everytin @ ur reach ur strength, ur time, ur life, everytin and at d point of ur retirement ur boss just came relieving of ur duties with a sack letter. what will be ur reaction?

  • Ramzyeee 6 years ago

    The ONLY permanent things in life is CHANGE. Only GOD knows when new phase will start. It’s just like a life cycle, when things turn around and new kids comes up. Hope Nigeria Football is the winner on this matter.

  • Musa can not speak so he cannot captain super eagle 

  • I still blv oliseh should have informed Enyeama privately b4 crowning Musa the next captain, but still I don't see Ahmed Musa with captaincy band when Enyeama is there,this is insult oooooo oliseh should go and apologize to Enyeama.. I don talk my own!!

  • LodMikky 6 years ago

    What everyone is missing out here is that angle of human skill which Oliseh lacks.

  • truth bitter 6 years ago

    oliseh back ground staff would talk in his favour. Any, the result is for us to see.

  • vitalis data 6 years ago

    Oliseh is a fool!! Ahmed musa as a captain??lmao. Dis dude can’t even giv odas to home based players na.. #SACkOLISEHNOWBEFOREWEGODOWN

  • I 've read so many comments and counter-comments on this issue and as typical Nigerians, I 've read it all ( insults, degrading words, abuses and so on). Nigerians are the most intelligent people on earth and also the most foolish. Can you imagine some people (despite that most haven't participated in any organized football in their lives) come on social media to utter their ignorance. What trouble did Oliseh put coaches through while still active? Enyeama with all due respect took over from someone both as the no1 goalkeeper and the captain, so it's certain that someone else will also take over from him. We 've heard coaches change captains even more controversial versions than this. For example, Dunga changed Thiago Silva and install Neymar in Brazil. Ancelotti changed Sakho and install Thiago Silva in PSG. Sabella changed Mascherano and installed Messi in Argentina. Even Oliseh was installed as the Eagles' captain ahead of seniors like Finidi and Adepoju. So what's the fuss in changing captaincy? Enyeama overstepped his boundary and he chosed to play the sympathy card. You guys should remember tha Enyeama played the next match for his club immediately his mother died, if he's so grieved why did he play for his club? My conclusion is that if Enyeama still believe in patriotism, he should forget the captaincy and serve his 'fatherland' as he said. Sebi players like Thiago Silva and John Terry did it for their Nation!

  • Page Enuofu 6 years ago

    I think the mr Sunday Oliseh brought out the worst in mr Enyeama because as a matter of human relationship he should spoken to mr Enyeama in private first not because you want his approval but because it was the right way to prepare is heart on how to react when you say it in public. Still mr Enyeame should have respected his boss and played his last game before saying goodbye. And would have been celebrated by all.

  • Matmode 6 years ago

    @ Afolabi David, God bless you for that piece, I too was blaming Olise until now. How do you discuss with someone that was not there in the training. Please, let’s be objective when analysing issues. Enyeama is rude for talking when his boss did not permit him to do so. Remember what he did to other coaches too.

  • okafor uche 6 years ago

    Enyeama was just bereaved. He left his family and rushed down to honour the call for his fatherland. Oliseh welcomed him by stripping him of his captainship. Having worked hard for this nation, he deserve some respect. You cannot change your captain without first discussing with him. Its not done.Without unity in the camp we cant achieve result. The players should also show respect to their captain. It is Oliseh who will apologise to Enyeama. I dont think Oliseh is capable of handling the team. He is pitching players against one another. It is result that will give u respect not ego. Our players are running away from the team. Let us reason.

  • Oguikpe Albert 6 years ago

    Hahaha!Oliseh has narrated his own side of story, but if you critically look into the whole thing, there are some level of lies and deceit in all of Oliseh’s action. 1. His travelling to Lilli to discuss his game plan with! Yes, hence he had already made up his mind to have a new captain – this was a bottle game. 2. If Vicent told him he will be retiring in a year or two, doest it call for his immediate removal as the team captain? 3. If Oliseh must choose or pick a new captain, should it be now that we have important games to tackle?
    Every body should understand that this guy (Enyeama) just loss his mum and should’nt be 100% happy as well!
    Let us keep Enyeama issue aside. If Oliseh should pick a new captain, is Musa the right or supposed person to captain the Super Eagles? Mike and others who are seniors and have more experience than Musa are there. You will say Mike refused the captaincy, why? Of course it was not done the right way with the right attitude.
    Oliseh is the coach no doubt, but should also give some level of respect to these guys. We know him from his playing days when was sturborn and rude. He should not go on with now he is the manager and should be more accomodating and carry every one along.
    Personally, I’m praying for him to succed.

  • @sam ,it seems you don’t know much about football,mascherano willingly gave the captaincy band to messi ,thiago was informed so as sakho..enyeama is a senior player and deserve to know if he’s going to be stripped of his captaincy band.. Oliseh just acted unprofessionally and more so u gave the band to Ahmed musa?? That’s a joke..being cool headed doesn’t make u a good captain..its ur ability to lead ,bark orders and cordiante your peers ..I hope this is restored quickly u can see Mikel rejecting it when musa gave it to him..

  • @ mark. 've u ever been on a training pitch with Ahmed Musa before? How on earth did you know if he can lead or bark out orders or not? You are simply myopic and tribalistic! Everyone is castigating Musa because he's a notherner and believes his performances are not always satisfactory. I know you are part of the people that praised Musa to the heavens when he got two goals against Argentina at the last World cup. Tell me any Nigerian player that is currently doing better than Musa in international football. And from your shallow thinking, you probably think you know more than Sunday Oliseh in world football. For your info, I played and is still playing organized football and this same captaincy change thing happened recently in my club without any fuss P.S, I know more about Paris Saint Germain than you, so what you said about Sakho being informed before the captain band was given to Thiago Silva wasn't true and to think that Javier Mascherano wil just  give his leadership band to Messi just like that showed you reason like what a Frenchman call ' un nourrisson' meaning a 'baby'.

  • Okey Ikueze 6 years ago

    Oliseh was wrong in his approach, hope he will learn from this

  • keek lee 6 years ago

    The country is failing in all areas and yet we all condoning indiscipline. Can Enyeama  do the same thing to his coach in France? Did he not play for his club  when the mother died? Nigeria will remain giant on paper if there no attitudinal change by all of us.

    Long live Nigeria!

  • @sam do you know my tribe for you to conclude that I am tribalistic ? And since you are not a ‘baby’ like me I guess you should have the bigger brain to think like a matured being and make your arguement ‘insult’ free.. I only referred to you about your PSG and masherano comment u made earlier didn’t know you will act childish about it..If you can’t state your case in a non-confrontational, logical, and polite manner, then I have no respect for you and don’t take you seriously..

  • Abimbola Nathaniel 6 years ago

    All said and done I said let Peace reign. I believe both are Christian. Without peace no man can see God. John 14:27. God Bless Nigeria.

  • abiodun 6 years ago

    I believe as a. Good chirstain, dis quallities must be possed tolerance, humblity which is not stupidity, temperance, and disciplined in any situation yuh find yuhself,,…I think in dis issue, enyeama lack dis showing indiscipline infront of d rest of d players.. No mata wat yuh boss did will still be yuh boss..enyeama caN handle dis in a maturity way even if oliseh is wrong..God bless Nigeria

  • Adesina Emmanuel 6 years ago

    Two wrongs never make a right. Suppose i can see the two people involved in the issue physically, this is what i would have told them.
    If in other Countries of the world,Coaches don’t inform captains before they are change or rechange , must we always follow bad examples ? Who among those people supporting Olishe that what he did was not wrong could be a chairman of any organisation and your position is giving to somebody else without you being informed and without you committing any offence. Anybody that wants others to respects him/her must respect others. When Olishe himself was playing for the Supper Eagles ,did he himself obey to letter all the instructions from the Coaches ? Time shall tell.
    How on earth could you called security agents to hurled your player away from where players were lodging , The action of Olishe is a bad signal to other players . The yorubas would say “the stick we used to beat the elder wife is in the corner of the room for the younger wife also ” If Hamed Musa or any of other players is treated the way Enyeama was treated,they too have to bear it. They should only say ;our Coach has come again.
    The former skipper ought to have conducted his grievances in a peaceful and orderly manner. The Yorubas would say that “if they say that your mouth is too big, you have to close that mouth but not to open it wide again. His Coach said he had been having issues with his Coaches ,he should try to put an end to that.
    Secondly ,he should bear it in mind that ;whatever we do today would become history tomorrow . He too may become a Coach tomorrow. He can’t treat players just any how because they would remind him of what he did so and so years.

  • King Eze 6 years ago

    Guys let’s call a spade a spade. Enyeama lost the right to be informed when he decided he just wanted to chat with someone while the rest of the team were training. That is disrespectful to the coach, the players and the entire team . Some of the guys keep talking about how rude, arrogant and in discipline Oliseh was as a player but unfortunately you guys forgot that he might have learnt a whole lot from his days as a player and realized that in discipline is not to be accepted in the team.