Rohr Hails Eagles’ Character After Nervy Win Against Libya In Sfax

Rohr Hails Eagles’ Character After Nervy Win Against Libya In Sfax

By Johnny Edward:
Gernot Rohr has hailed the Super Eagles’ hard-fought 3-2 win against Libya in Tuesday’s 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations qualifying match in Sfax, and reckons it was a true test of the team’s character, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

The Super Eagles surrendered a two-goal lead in the encounter, but they fought back to secure a crucial away win against Libya in Group E at the Taïeb M’hiri Stadium, Sfax, Tunisia, to the delight of German tactician, Rohr.


A simple tap-in from Odion Ighalo in the 14th minute and a close-range strike from Ahmed Musa three minutes later gave the Rohr’s men a two-goal lead, but Mohamed Zubya and Ahmed Ben Ali drew the Mediterranean Knights level.

With nine minutes left to play, a brilliant solo effort from Ighalo nicked the maximum points for the Super Eagles.

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“I congratulate my team for this victory. It was a huge test of our character,” Rohr was quoted on the official Twitter handle of the Super Eagles after the game.

“We lost a two-goal lead but fought hard instead of dropping our heads. We will stay humble because we have not qualified for AFCON yet. We keep fighting.”

The Super Eagles will face the Bafana Bafana of South Africa who were held to a goalless draw at the Stade Linite, in Victoria, in a top-of-the-table clash at Johannesburg’s Soccer City on 17th November.

The Super Eagles will host Seychelles in their final Group E match in March next year.

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  • yeah the super eagles of nigeria did a wonderful work to day igahlo scored 2 goals and musa 1 igahlo scored 5goals in 2 games

  • Edoman of NewJersey, USA 4 years ago

    Right now Ighalo has arrived. He is the best Stricker in Africa or you could say one of the best in Africa at the moment. If he should continue just like this, Ighalo will return to the Premier League a celebrated player just like Saleh of Egypt returned to Liverpool after that terrible misadventure in Chelsea. I thank the Rohr who believed in Ighalo at a time millions of Nigerians, including my humble self, spite Vernon on Ighalo and the National Coach, I apologized sincerely. After South African match next month, Nigerians, indeed Africa will celebrate a new World Prince that have arisen in Nigeria. Believe me.

    • @Edoman of NewJersey, USA
      I do apologize to have said some harsh words, too, but our views made them to work harder and save the sinking ship. I bet you, without those criticisms and suggestions for improvement, it would have business as usual, translating to a 3rd AFCON miss. That’s why I laugh it off when I hear ‘Ighalo haters.’ We do not hate Ighalo, but we want him to sit up and keep our hopes flying. Teams can only be made stronger with gadflies buzzing around. Not to digress into controversial field, but it is criticism that keeps the Western World strong. Up Naija, Up SE, Up GR, Up Ighalo. Let’s go crush South Africa.

    • Purified 4 years ago

      I try as much as possible not to conclude a man’s story when he’s still living. Those harsh words were not a source of encouragement to him but a total discouragement. I think this should teach us not to be patient next time.

    • I wouldn’t say he is the best striker in Africa, not yet. Yes, he is highest goal scorer in this AFCON qualifier, but against Libya and the Seychelles. Even Awaziem and Kalu scored!!!

      I’ll only concede he “has arrived” if he continues the scoring trend against a better defence, against South Africa.

      Did he deserve the flack? Indeed. Two goals in 2015, one goal in 2016, one goal in 2017 is not good enough and I’ll even say consistently a poor return from the top striker over 3 years.

      Two positives that have come out of the world cup:1. The need for competition for places, means that he had to perform and was at the last chance saloon, with Isaac Success providing a real threat to his position. 2. Players played in their correct positions means they do what they do day in and day out for their clubs.

      Ighalo has a good understanding with Musa as between them they have provided assists for about 5 of the goals they scored.

      I still fear for his needing two or three touches to get the ball under control before shooting.

      But for now, its well done Odion for coming good just in time

  • Onyeka 4 years ago

    While we are always happy in victory , I am really concerned about our coach and his palpable delay and reluctance to make changes. Most of the players were visibly tired. Samuel Kali was never in the game. Etebo could not hold his own. The coach kept on watching until the Libyans equalized before he took action.
    If he continues like this, then he will never go far. It was same reluctance that cost us to loose to Argentina.

    • My bro thank very much ,hr did the samething against Argentina we lost he did it again yesterday hmmmm roha

    • Ayodele Oloyede 4 years ago

      Thanks bro for your insight. Many fans are carried away by the victory but the coach really needs to pounder on this constructive criticism. He should be making changes earlier, say 65-70 mins, especially when his team is under pressure. Kudos to the players and the technical crew all the same.

  • Fasasi Kunle 4 years ago

    @Edoman I really appreciate being humble yourself and apologized. Very good of you, you know what “no doctor would like patient die”. Every single person pass through difficulty in life, I think that was ighalo difficult time. When someone get it right every thing would be going smoothly. What of if as a result of criticism Rohr has abandoned Ighalo how could we see best of homm now. Sometimes coach see what ordinary person doesn’t but we do criticise blindly which is very bad. God bless Nigerians!!!!! Amen

  • I apologize, not to Ighalo, but to all the fans I insulted because of their harsh criticism at Ighalo but will you blame me?
    Just read one of those criticisms below:

    ‘Omo9ja 6 days ago
    The time will tell with your Ighalo. A good and sound coach should have realized at the world cup that Ighalo can’t be our main striker.

    When Ighalo fail you again, you and him would leave us alone. Enough of striker defender or what can I call it.’

    What Omo9ja was telling us above is that Ighalo “will” fail again and coach Rohr will finally see that him and his Ighalo are rubbish!
    But, after Ighalo turned the situation around, he now said he was criticising him constructively.
    I think that insulted my intelligence because I know what “measured reactions, balanced opinion and constructive criticism” sound like and the rhetoric from Omo9ja was conclusive and one-sided.
    Having said all that, we need critics like Omo9ja to put a different perspective on things.
    I value him and his views a lot but it would be nice if he humble himself like others to say ‘guys, I got it wrong. I thought Ighalo was finished but he proved me wrong. Also, Mr Rohr has proved me wrong so I humbly apologize to both of them.’
    This approach would have been better than saying he was criticising constructively.
    That just makes the rest of us look like fools.
    God bless Omo9ja, God bless you all.

  • Congratulations to the super eagles. My concern is our coach, he need to improve on the time he substitude his players. He allow lybians to equalize b4 he made made his substitution. This was the same mistake that cos us to lost to argentina.

  • PapaFem 4 years ago

    I’m so surprised seeing many housemates who had, before these latest round of matches, condemned this dude to the point of crucifixion, now singing hosanna for the messianic role he played over the two legs against Libya. Many of us, after realizing our mistakes and the harsh stance we took against him after the world cup, are now justifying our position as a measure to get the best out of him. I even remember one twitter user who insulted him severely on his page. The truth is an average Nigerian football fan is an impatient enthusiast. We talk as if these guys are spirits and expect them to play flawlessly both for club and country. Inconsistency is in every human DNA, but the way we respond to such failings is what defines the quality of our humanness in us. Well done, Odion Jude Ighalo. You have given the best possible response to those who thought you’ve depreciated beyond repairs. More grease to your elbow, dear.
    Patriotism is good, but patience is a virtue too. As long as none of us is impeccably okay in our various chosen fields, we should be source of encouragement to others who find themselves in similar impeccability instead of running them down unnecessarily.

  • Ighalo the Beast! I throway salute, I did not want Rohr to invite you, but guess I was wrong, that is why I am not the Coach. Your second goal made my day, it was brilliant and superb. pls continue in this form

  • Ayo Mobee 4 years ago

    After going through all comments this is my view . What  iighalo did rite ; a, ighalo allows the criticism he went through to engineer him to try and improve. B.ighalo saw that the way Musa is scoring as a wide player if care is note taking his usefulness as an out and out striker will wane reason why he quickly added to his game been more involve in the ball movement in the last half of the field and there seem to be an off field agreement btw him and Musa for assistant in that regard ,and dat exactly why Musa was far more involve in playing him in either for one two ball or getting him free on sight to the opponent goal playing the ball more to his feet. C. Ighalo as been talk to abt how he easily givie  in to distractions during games as it shows clearly  during the WC wch main distructive attitude is looking at the stadium big screen at every giving opportunity of touching the  ball .instead of finding ways of breaking down the opponent defence he rather was calculating hw to touch ball so that the big screen will be on him .well during the 1st leg of Libya game he never for one look at the stadium screen.and to me this also assisted him to be more focus on the job at hand.well I stand to be corrected .
    @alico I agree with u that  GR still as that problem of not substituting on time especially wen the team is on top and signals are showing that the players needs fresh n
    Legs for effort consolidation.just lik GR failed in that aspect against ARG ,again he as failed in that aspect even though Eagles won.To me this is a wrong signal and trend wch am sure other coaches must have takin note of about Him.For me this is bad signal for awaiting future disaster wch I pray will not be an irredeemable one.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Congratulations Nigeria. I didn’t watch the match yesterday but saw the highlights on YouTube.

    Eagles have done well. I can’t really say much about the match. Kudos to coach Rohr and the entire team. Ighalo, congratulations to you. You have done well I must say it. Don’t relax, keep on fighting for more Success.

    Some people knew me back in kickoffnigeria.com days that if you done well I will say it if you didn’t, I would say it as well. I don’t put sentiments in my stuffs.

    Now that Super Eagles is doing well, I will say Well done guys and given them the words of wisdom and encouragement.

    Ighalo was so lucky in Eagles team. He had more than enough time than any players in the world to justify his inclusion. I don’t talk anyhow because I have an image to protect which is “omo9ja”.

    That name is “huge”. I’m representing two things here, myself as a Yoruba man and my nation, Nigeria. I have no choice, I have to behave myself.

    However, any of my comments would never sends bad or harsh messages to the readers but wisdom and never give up spirits. This is what I can do to make my Country great. We can see that on Coach Rohr and Ighalo and the entire team.

    However, I have been doing this for so long. Ask, AYFILLYDEGREAT, DO, KEL and so on. Sorry if I did not mentioned you name because we were many then. I do my things in a positive way. I hate no one and I will never do so. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      God bless Nigeria. Omo9ja. No qualms me I dey gbadun your no nonsense approach whenever any player is not doing well. However, constructive criticism is totally different from figment of imagination. That the coach and Ighalo should leave the team if he doesn’t do well is rather harsh. I like Ighalo he fights for the team and he demonstrate a tough mentality by providing the goods when we needed him the most. For me I’m not sure he’s the best striker we have in the SuperEagles, scoring goals against Seychelles and Libya is totally different from playing against any top African opposition’s and elite teams of the world. Hopefully he continues with this form in subsequent qualifiers and the AFCON proper. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#


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