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Rohr: Super Eagles Will Fear No Team After World Cup Lesson

Rohr:  Super Eagles Will  Fear No Team After World Cup Lesson

By Johnny Edward

Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr has revealed that the Super Eagles will suffer no more inferiority complex at the biggest stage following their exit from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Rohr who signed a two-year contract extension last year – also praised the mood within the camp despite the exit.

“I think the future is for Nigeria because the spirit is wonderful, big solidarity and you see in these difficult moments how great the spirit in the team is,” Rohr told BBC Sport.

“What they learned is to be better in the beginning of the match.

“We reacted well in all three matches in the second half, so our start must be better.

“Also – we should have no complex now. We have seen that we can win against good teams like Iceland. We had some mistakes of youthfulness, like conceding penalties, but all the time the team is in this collective spirit and I like it.”

Nigeria’s next competitive match comes in September when they play an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the Seychelles.​

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  • FIYEBABA 3 years ago

    Oga rohr,the answer to.Nigeria problem is JUNIOR LOKOSA and the NWAKWALI brothers,before that world cup i was saying that this man should let JUNIOR LOKOSA lead the line but everybody was busy shouting Simy and Ighalo,Lokosa is more hungry and clinical than these two but cos he is playing in NPFL he didn’t give him his chance.I pray u learn from your lessons MR ROHR.

    • There are more out there than those you mentioned.

      They need to focus on winning U20 first

  • I hope Rohr will not be shown exit door aftermath of world cup ouster

    • lawson Imotto 3 years ago

      Rohr should look for solid defended,creative midfielders & hungry and risk taking attackers like Daniel Amokachi etc, change our playing pattern to attacking one

      • Birikiti 3 years ago

        We have them plenty. Olanrewaju Kayode, Junior Ajayi, Isaac Success, Aaron Samuel…

  • Mykel 3 years ago

    Why is this man still our coach, a man that doesn’t believe in himself, how much more his players. Sack him please

  • This man still in nigeria?
    Dis clueless, empty kpangolo. No wonder Giwa rise against pinnick.

    Pls Giwa go ahead, if you can sack dis 5 yrs old brain coach no problem just pursue him to algeria.

    Infact You gernot rohr dis is nigeria o, do you want boys to capture and beat you? It better you leave dis country.

    By the way Are a coach? Who dont realize any of the 6 mistakes that keep falling him up till now. even giving him 6 friendly matches.

    This coach stil dont know the mistake he did, all he could know is that young players.

    and the worse thing is i dont even see any player on the match except iheanacho. Or when did ighalo became young player?

    because if he tag etebo ndidi as the cause then i have to go out rebuke nigeria, because no hope again in this country.

    Sack dis coach he stil cant understand why he fail, all his brain could understand was young team where you wil barely to see them.

    Pls you cant give what you dont have o. Sack him

  • Ifeanyi 3 years ago

    He should be allowed to continue the good work he is doing. That we lost to Argentina and Croatia is not enough reason to sack him, this are one of the biggest teams in the World. At least we saw some changes in our games. We will get there.

  • Which one is youthfulness again?
    so the penalty we concede was the mistake? O my God so this coach still dont know the cause of his poor form. please people should effectively explain to him why he fail.

  • Ifeanyi 3 years ago

    He should be allowed to continue the good work he is doing. That we lost to Argentina and Croatia is not enough reason to sack him, this are one of the biggest teams in the World. At least we saw some changes in our games. We will get there.

    • Inasmuch as I do not advocate for the sack of Rohr yet, I am further disappointed in him with all these careless utterances. ‘Super Eagles will no more suffer inferiority complex’….really???? So Rohr is admitting that his team suffered inferiority complex? Unbelievable! This is unacceptable. If he really made that statement then it is a very stupid one.

  • There are some contradictions in Coach Rohr’s comments in the article above.

    They learnt to “be better in the beginning of a match” prior to the world cup (for example in the friendly against England).

    Yet, this knowledge was not put to use in Russia as they not only failed to be “better” in the beginning of a match, they failed to be “better” in the beginning of a tournament losing to Croatia thus making it harder to navigate the group.

    He also talks about not having complex having beaten a team like Iceland.

    Mr Rohr, the immediate challenges are African teams in AFCON qualifiers.

    To your credit, you have defeated giant African teams like Cameroon, thus we know your Super Eagles do not have “complex” when it comes to African teams.

    You are not telling us something new!

    Also, you won Iceland, the team that came last in the group!

    You also attributed some of your mistakes to your youthful team. Did anyone in this forum pick your team for you?

    If you know a youthful team is susceptible to errors, why not assemble team of “mature” players?

    Please, tell us something new and perhaps we will listen, and if you have nothing new, just say “no comment” to questions asked.

    • Also Mr Rohr, don’t insult us.

      Complex? Now where did that come from?

      We’ve defeated no less than 4 European teams in World Cup tournaments prior to your defeat of Russia who, might I add, is the weakest of all the European teams we have humbled in previous tournaments.

      So who told you we were suffering from any form of “inferiority complex”?

      Or am I missing something?

  • impatient Nigerians always full of negative comment you are insulting the man when no structure is put in place by government to attract glory.Sack him, Even Germany more ambitious than Nigeria did not sack their coach after their group stage exits. But instead of seeking for continuity and stick to the man philosophy.you want new person as coach
    it is not starting new all the time that bring success but ,it is all about persistence

    • Well said, do we expect to win the world cup with our youthful team or is it the fault of the coach that we do not have a potent striker? Lets focus on building a solid team.

    • Thanks for saying the truth

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    Hy guys calm down and understand the coach,one bitter truth is this we Africans hate d truth,if u compare n contrast the Matches SE played off recent with/without mikel u will notice one critical tin (wen mikel is playing he will always be available to receive d ball from the defenders n help split d pass n try to boss d midfeld)but in his absent most times d midfielders hide under d shadows of d opponents n look berift of idea no 1 will want to take that responsibility n an try to boss d midfield )n to b honest it’s not about d coach making them to believe u need to believe in urself first n just a pep talk from the coac will do d job,for those that ve watched matrix will understand me,
    Germany coach lost to southkorea wen they needed a win to sail am sure if it’s Nigeria hell will be let losse but he is still d Germany coach n preparation for 2022 ve started,GR has done pretty well n needs to continue,sack him sack him who will u bring to replace him?

    • K baba 3 years ago

      Can you imagine dem wan bring Sia1. lol. smh. what a shame

  • This man Rohr you are still here talking, ehhh? You never reach your country? Wait make we see you for Naija again, your eye go clear. Imagine ooo, after that world cup fuck-up outing you still get mouth to talk….if you no take time you go refund part of the money we pay you.

  • We love gernot rohr but. But can these problem solve?

    1) no confident never motivate player by have faith in them. nd no to afraid nd praised opponent side?

    2)can he give players their natural position in pitch? be i can see onyekuru becoming top9 by Gr. nd dat wil affect de boy career like he did to iheanacho.

    3)wil he able to know de best formation dat suit de team? because wit so many complain b4 Gr switched to 3 5 2 was not easy. Okocha also tried.

    4)wil he believe in a npfl top player?

    5)as u all see. but only blind people dont see dat. after poland match we observed ighalo ball and we understand dat he wil not score any goal at wc, and were crying for ighalo drop, but dis how u pple tag us hatred, now u hv all seen wit ur eyes.

    We observed GR he has no quality no clue for substitute. I dont why our best creative midfielder dat dealt wit those onyinbo side like argentina, sit on bench nd give him false position. Abeg he need to be sack jor.

  • Without a coach we wil stil qualify for nation cup.
    becuz of de talented players in de squad.
    SA, SEYCHELLE, LIBYA cannot stop dem.
    So dont go and said we lost 2 afcon and now gr has made to qualify.

    If you want to his work then look nigeria vs egypt, vs senegal, vs tunisia, vs ghana, vs morroco. See how these one wil beat us becuz GR have to adamantly act desame way again.

    and giv us exit door at round of 16.
    He has a wrong mentality.

  • Who in SE team is younger than Mbappe?
    Who in Nigerian team is younger than Rashford?
    English captain Harry Kane is 25 years.
    Wouldn’t young Iwobi score the YAKUBU opportunity that IGHALO missed?
    Rohr stop this crop about “young team”
    Apologise to Nigerians.
    All of are not Fools .

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    I have said it countless times in this forum that THIS COACH LACKS SELF BELIEF AND HE IS COMMUNICATING SAME TO THE PLAYERS. Hear him talking about inferiority complex!

    Maybe he doesn’t know we have played and defeated countries with greater pedigree than Iceland in previous World Cups. Now it is time for African qualifiers, his confidence is back. SACK HIM!

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    There we go again. I kicked against this coach over the weekend and I said part one already gone and watch out for part two.

    I can see that coach is a confused man and he’s getting scared that they might fire him sooner or later which he deserve it.

    If you know football inside out, you will agree with me that this man have nothing left to offer Nigeria. Thank you for your love Mr. Rohr, it’s time to go. Algeria needs your help. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    There we go again. I kicked against this coach over the weekend and I said part one already gone and watch out for part two.

    I can see that coach Rohr is a confused man and he’s getting scared that they might fire him sooner or later which he deserve it.

    If you know football inside out, you will agree with me that this man have nothing left to offer Nigeria. Thank you for your love Mr. Rohr, it’s time to go. Algeria needs your help. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Fire Rohr today. He must go now o

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    A coach who benches iwobi and plays ighalo smh

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Who should we replace him with? Can you guys with all the hullabaloo going on afford an Arsene Wenger? Can Nigeria even afford an Hector Cuper? Who are the local coaches that can take us to the promise Land?

    Maybe I wouldn’t mind if an Amunike or SiaOne can be an assistant to Rohr instead of Salisu. Other than that I’m ok with Rohr continuing with what he’s building. This is the first time he’s taking a Nigerian team to a tournament and the SuperEagles left Russia with their reputation intact. IMHO I will give him the chance to take the team to the next AFCON.

    Anything short of playing in the final at least will not be acceptable. SuperEagles are always guaranteed a place in the semi final at almost every AFCON they’ve attended. Therefore, we hope to win the next AFCON or at least play in the final and I think it’s better for now to allow Rohr continue with what he has started. Otherwise we will continue with the usual fire brigade approach and I’m old enough to know that those approach never worked.

  • For me, we are just ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’.

    In one hand, I won’t join the clamour for coach Rohr to be sacked simply because I don’t think the uncertainty that sacking him brings is what Nigeria needs at this time.

    On another hand, I really question the logic of the coach’s approaches as emanates from his answers to interview questions and question whether or not he inspires confidence moving forward.

    It’s a tough one.

    • Bomboy 3 years ago

      @ deo, you are sitting on the fence in this one but I understand your logic. However, I strongly believe this coach has offered all that he can. From now on, there will be a decline, or he will do well in the African stage and give excuses again when we get to the world stage.

  • mufasa 3 years ago

    I can understand the need to insult this man and call for his sack by Naija fans because before he came we were winning all games 3 or 4 nil and had beat Argentina many times in the World cup. We even won a couple of world cups. Our players were the toast of the biggest clubs in the world and Brazil, Germany etc all were always afraid to play us. Messi and Ronaldo secretly were scared of our amazing players!

    But Rohr came and scattered everything and now has the audacity to say Super Eagles will fear no team after world cup lesson!

    Are you guys happy now? Fools

    • Mufasa, you may be new to this forum but one of the ground rules is that we desist from insulting those whose views we don’t necessarily agree with.
      To many, Nigeria did not build on the second round progress of 4 years ago and to compound this, he did not learn from the lessons from grade a friendly matches arranged prior to the world cup.
      For them, the man has to go. I don’t think that is enough justification for them to be called fools.

      • mufasa 3 years ago

        Apologies, i didnt not throw that word to anyone in particular. It was just my thought at the idea and no more. Having said that Naija fans make knee-jerk reactions all the time and this has contributed to our predicament from the beginning of time.

        As for you saying Nigeria did not build on he second round progress from 2014?? Really??? Please can you remind us on all that has happened between our last game in Brazil 2014 and now? You think failing to qualify for the 2 AFCON tournaments in between is evidence of progression or you are assuming the world cup performance should be considered and judged in isolation?

        Also answer this question at what point in recent times has our national team been in better shape than right now?

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    I still believe Rohr should have done better in Russia.
    He played friendlies and with that we knew the strength and weakness of the team.Rather than using this experiences for the good of the team instead he did otherwise against Croatia.
    You lose your first match in the world cup always difficult to turn things around.
    Meanwhile,his mistakes were adopting that formation against Croatia when it’s evident in the friendlies that the team are exposed playing that way but he was stubborn and now it’s we the fans that are going through this trauma of an early exit.Some of us adviced correctly but were called Internet coaches I hope we know better now.
    Another thing that worked against him was sentiment.
    Because players helped you to successfully prosecute qualifications doesn’t give them right to the first team.The likes of Shehu Abdulahi,Ighalo in the friendlies played leading to the tournament were lethargic and poor but because they are your loved ones you insisted on playing them over better players on the bench.The likes of Ebuehi Ogu and Simmy Nwankwo should have done better but because they weren’t part of the qualification leading to the tournament you decided not to feature them.
    Well to be fair I think you deserve another chance with the team hoping you have learnt from this experiences going forward.But please the likes of Ighalo shouldn’t be part of your new team and Shehu Abdulahi should play in his natural midfield position.
    Hoping a new super eagles with the Nwakalis, Usman Shehu, Azubuike Okechukwu and Musa Mohammed will form a formidable force in a new era.

    • mufasa 3 years ago

      How do you know for certain Ebuehi, Ogu and Simmy Nwankwo would have done better? How many times have you seen them play for Nigeria? How many Caps do they have and how many tournaments have they experienced?

      Not trying to say that experience is everything, just checking for the source of your confidence Rohr made a mistake not playing these guys.

      • Greenturf 3 years ago

        Ogu has done creditably well in all his caps for Nigeria.In the friendlies leading to the world cup he distinguished himself and if you recall our last qualifier against Algeria away he scored a fantastic goal and had a great game.
        Ebuehi also has proved to be better than Shehu in the friendlies he featured.Against Argentina and others.You can tell with his game changing performance against Iceland when he was given a chance that he is a modern day full back.
        Simmy Nwankwo was so good against Congo in portharcourt but never given a chance to prove his mettle at the bigger stage other than couple of minutes to end of games which apparently is not good enough.
        If you are a follower of our build up games leading to the world cup you should understand perfectly what I mean.

  • Eric Ibekwe 3 years ago

    Gernot Rohr should be given the chance to take Super Eagles to 2019 Nations cup assume we qualify. Any thing short of medal, he should be eased off.

  • Mufasa, thanks for your response and I will reply to your questions.
    1) Using a like-for-like world cup participation comparison, Nigeria actually regressed in this World Cup compared to the last World Cup. In the last world cup, we accumulated 4 points; and reached the round of 16. In this world cup, we accumulated 3 points and crashed out at the group stages.

    That forms the basis of my statement that “we did not build on the progress (of a knockout stage appearance) of 2014 (in this world cup tournament). Sorry if I was not specific.

    2) what point in recent times has our national team been in better shape than right now? 2013 wasn’t a bad period when we won the Afcon and 2014 wasn’t bad either when we continued a tradition of reaching the group stages at world cup tournaments. I look forward times like that coming back and if you think Rohr is the man to deliver, then we will have to wait and see.

    • ***tradition of reaching the knockout stages at ***

    • Bomboy 3 years ago

      Thank you Ash Williams. Many people forget that no coach in our world cup history has received the kind of support and stability Mr. Rohr received: no issue about players bonuses, the NFF supported him, the players cooperated and the fans were behind him.

      Let us stop accepting mediocrity and sack this man!

  • @Bomboy, actually I am not sitting on the fence on this one. I would like us to retain the services of Gernot Rohr at least until the conclusion of the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

    Putting my pain of the world cup group stage exit aside, I think there are some positives to what he has done for Nigeria thus far and retaining his services will (hopefully) allow him and us reap the benefits of the positive aspects of his contributions before we show him the door.

    If you are ardent follower of the English Premier League, you will recall the kind of relationship Chelsea fans had with their coach Rafa Bernitez between 2012/13. That is exactly the kind of relationship I will have with this man called Rohr and I will scrutinize everything he says with a fine toothcomb.

    Cheers Bro.

    • Bomboy 3 years ago

      Accepted. But if he cannot give us the Nations Cup trophy, he should be shown the door.

  • You people should go sack him and take over as the coach. It’s only on the comment section of websites and social media you guys make noise.

    Our national team was in total disarray before this man came. I wasn’t even expecting Nigeria to qualify for the world cup but we did in style without losing any match.

    Over the last 2 years, our playing style has greatly improved, we aren’t there yet but the coach is unto something great.

  • Victor 3 years ago

    I would advise that rohr should be retained and amuneke should be made his assistant so that amuneke will understudy rohr’s secret as team spirit, and he will get use to the system. after which, smirked will be appointed as the head coach. Amuneke knows these players like iheanacho, nwakali brothers, osimhen, ndidi , musa Mohammed, alampasu, uzoho, Samuel chukwueze, awoiniyi(u 17 set of 2013 and 2015.) So, he will be able to bring out the best from them. With this I think there will be continuity

  • Victor 3 years ago

    not smirked is amuneke

  • Michael's 3 years ago

    the best formation for Nigeria is 4411
    like this.

    Shehu. Ekong. Balogun. Idowu

    Iwobi. Mikel. Ndidi Etebo



  • Bestsports. 3 years ago

    Hallo Niaja fans! Nigeria already has a precedence set for all COACH. That’s win the nations cup and get to the round of 16 at the world cup proper whilst playing beauty football. Any COACH who as much failed to meet that precedence of former coaches must be kicked and dumped out! If Amaju PINNICH isn’t clueless by now he would have quickly made Gernot rohr the well deserved scapegoat for our world cup disastrous outing. Atleast fed Govt will be feeling the heat of Nff no nonsense approach to be successful. Gernot Rohr was always singing with my young team slogan! Inexperience slogan! Do Nigeria lack CREATIVITY players and experience players? Did he play experienced Ejiejile? Up to goal keepers we had experienced players. Explanation is nullified. Rohr benched a more effective Ebuehi for idowu on frivolous explanation of idowu birth day is st.petersbu.? Laughing! Ezenwa is experience goalkeeper who qualified us only to be dropped for inexperienced uzoho! Inferiority complex slogan! Learn from mistakes slogan are the benchmark of failures! Many quality friendly match wasn’t to know his system? And players? IGHALO inefficiency wasn’t noticed? Iwobi of arsenal benched? Very laughable! Begging players to change position? WHO does that? Couldn’t make fresh defensive substitutions against Argentina based on silly EXCUSE! Simplest conclusion is Nigeria cannot set a bad precedence FOR FAIL coaches to follow up. Gernot Rohr should be discarded politely. Appoint siasia and amuneke combination. They know all our players and their QUALITY. Stylish football they know it! Gernot Rohr earns too much millions to consider failure explanation and excuse.

  • Ogie samuel 3 years ago

    Continuity is the key,this how some of u said lar lagerback was not good coach call him all sort of names,this same man made an history in Iceland football history, gud or bad rohr is d amn for the sake of continuity

  • At Aphilly. …God bless you. What this coach is lacking is good assistant.  Salisu is not the best to support Rohr. The best Nigerian team in history of football is the 94 team. Westerhof got there after maroc 88. The went to Algiers 90, Senegal 92, won Tunisia 94 before the first world cup. May be u people can remember that this team just finished playing their first tournament. After 2014 world cup, Keshi was allowed to continue. May be I should remind u wat keshi’s team looked like after world cup. Enyeama/Agbim
    Aaron Samuel
    Ugodaro/Emenike etc.remember,  Moses was axed from the team after world cup. This team lost to uganda and Congo.
    Pls. …Let ROHR Continue. He will surely do better.

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @bestsports, Siasia couldn’t even get us past Guinea at home soil. Please, sing another song!
    Please, don’t mention that he coached the under-whatever- teams! These were old men masquerading as teens!

  • Rohr needs a boss.
    He needs psychologist.
    He suffers from identity crisis, low self esteem, and infriority complex.
    And worst still, these diseases are highly contagious, and he infected our team with this identity Ebola

    • Bomboy 3 years ago

      Spot on. That is exactly what I have been shouting about.

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 3 years ago

    What a healthy and lively debate going on . l must confess that l am enjoying it, Kudos to you guys. l love Nigerians of today.

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    Gentlemen, please, pardon me for being mystified but was it Argentina with Lionel Messi, Kun Arguero, et al that we lost to, or was it Afghanistan? Just curious!

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      Lmao!!! Yet this castigated team almost beat them. In our history of playing against the Albicelestes at the Mundial, Rohr’s SuperEagles is the closest to beating Argentina. Even Messi himself confess that this Nigerian team have a bright future ahead of them.

  • We lost to Rohr.
    All we needed was a draw to pull through.
    We had it unroll the 87tu min.
    Why did Rohr not throw in Ogu, Awaziem and even Onazi to protect the draw.
    Sometimes, you win by a draw.

    If he wanted to win Argenti a, why not play Croatia with some balls, and secure at least a draw.
    Was that too difficult.
    What was his war plan?

  • David Emmanuel 3 years ago

    Mr Rohr with unending experiments, after continual losses in friendly matches he told us we re going to see brand new Eagles, but surprisingly, nothing changed about their old story against Croatia b cos of lack of common sense, when he placed a striker ( Iwobi) behind behind the midfielder Mikel and started expecting miracles with prayer & fasting, and to worsen it, he changed the more effective and most anticipated and agitated (3-5-2) formation to (4-4-2) which he’s supposed to have learnt from the series of friendly experiments he conducted both against England and Czech Republic inclussive. He didn’t know there are more than enough problem cases on the Lord’s table & He will first attend to commonsensical cases before He will ever remember them ignoramus and congenital stupidity induced cases and such answers will always come mostly after the final whistle is blown just as we have seen.
    Mr Rohr 2nd blunder is his decision to ever stop fielding Iwobi after Croatia match, for crying out loud, if we say don’t play Iwobi behind Mikel, does that suggest to you that you should stop using him at all?. It should be recalled that Iwobi scored away winning goal for us against Zambia, Iwobi scored alone winning goal for us at home against Zambia, Iwobi scored 2 goals with one assist for us against Argentina friendly, Iwobi scored alone goal for us against England friendly, whether we like it or not this youngster is still our most creative, versatile and utility player, he scored as a striker away against Zambia, he scored as a winger at home against Zambia even despite his absence from training and if this guy was paired with Musa as against the fumbling Ihenacho against Iceland and especially against Argentina in such a a big match, we would have recorded a better performance and even victory against Argentina, but my coach refused and started substituting for I obi at 86th minute as if he was a magician and then coach succeeded sealing the unfortunate defeat for us for the reason best known to him. I pray that he will allow our prayers to work for him and not allow awful decisions resulting from shallow mindedness to bring reproach and ignobility to his name and image.

  • anybody can say what they want…
    for me, the way forward is to allow the following but not conclusively, into the national senior team: Taiwo Awoniyi Victor Osimhen Nwakali C jr { he seems more focused, driven and reserved in social nights out than the elder, I may be wrong} Idris Kanu, Tosin Kehinde, Onyekuru Henry,Chuba Akpom, Yahaya,Umar, Eze, Ajagun, etc. it goes on …invite them, play grade A matches with them, embolden them in to the international scene

  • Rohr is better than siasia and amunike. Rohr only need good assistant coach. Maybe siasia should assist him. Rohr should look for a better scout. Agali is not good

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      I concur with you on Agali. How can Agali be the SuperEagles scout? I’m not even comfortable with Alloy Agu as the goalkeeper trainer, but based on his reputation I will leave him with that role, but Rohr must look for another scout. How Agali goofed on Nwakali is beyond me. Salisu needs to be replaced by someone who can identify top talents and can read the game properly when the team is under pressure. For me he should take the team to Cameroon next year. Anything short of winning the AFCON or at least play in the final will not be acceptable.

  • @Abdurazak, Sisia has never been appointed SE coach.
    Siasia has always come on rescue mission the two times he has handled SE.

    Siasia has never lost a match on home soil.
    He only drew 2:2 versus Guinea
    ROHR has lost 0:2 to Bafana Bafana.
    Siasia did not qualify because Eguavon,as the temporal coach used one Suday Johnson, a suspendedplayer to play the first leg in Conakry which SE lost 0:1, but CAF awarded Guinea 3pts and 3 goals.
    2:1 win in Nigeria would have qualified SE as one of the 3 best looser, but the technical committee communicated otherwise to the coach, so at 2:1 Siasia went for the last goal with all the boys and guinea scored with a counter.

    Siasia has never gone to fish for Nigeria and come back empty handed.

    If we appoint Siasia and Amuneke and treat them the same way we treat Oyibo, and give them time, the will surely do better.

  • OLUSEGUN Olofin 3 years ago

    Reading the whole comments, it’s clear that there’s no vote of confidence for Rohr. Esp with the way he handled the team from the friendly matches to the world cup proper. A coach who says no team will ever fear the Super Eagles does not know who and what team he is handling . Super Eagles never fear any team . On the contrary it was Argentina that feared Super Eagles. A coach who wants to tell us that he doesn’t know who can play the creative midfielder role while Mikel was not playing well . Honestly he hardly knows what he’s handling . Out of millions players he doesn’t know who can play what positions . I don’t know the kind of games NfF is playing with our football, but thing is clear I don’t trust them and The coach . I believe Sunday Oliseh would do a better job than Rohr. NFF deliberately frustrated Oliseh because of what they would gain by imposing players on him . The evidence that NfF is at fault over the matter . Our Football needs help .

  • Let me try to summarise my observations thus far:

    1) Many of us (fans) want Rohr to stay while equally many want him to go!

    2) Some of us have overcome the disappointment of Russia 2018 whilst others (like myself) are still hurting from this. Sooner or later, people like me will have to “man up” and move on from this “disappointment” because it is not the end of the world – life (and football) goes on!

    3) Many feel that Rohr never learns from his mistakes and will indeed make the mistakes in the future if he is allowed to continue as Nigeria’s coach. Others disagree; they believe that Rohr has learnt from his mistakes and should be allowed to use these lessons build a better and formidable Super Eagles team – one that will conquer all before it in Africa and do the continent proud in 2022 world cup (assuming Nigeria qualifies).

    For the Pro-Rohrs and Anti-Rohrs, let,s never lose sight of one thing: either at home or abroad, we are all Nigerian and our intentions are the same which unite us.

    We want nothing but success for our darling Super Eagles and I pray that whether Rohr stays or leave, we will all live to see the day Nigeria reclaims her rightful place in the community of football nations.

  • @CO, Sia1 was chosen ahead of Keshi to replace Las Lagerback after the world cup. It was a direct contract and not a rescue mission.  He got enforcement support too because he played against Korea, lost 1-2, played against Argentina twice and Drew with Ghana(the best African team at the world cup then). He had misunderstanding against Odemwengie and enyeama and used Aiyenugba for the last qualifier.  And we payed dearly for it.

  • Enough Support*

  • Oga chidi do u know that German coach won the last WC and the last confederation cup. So even if Leow did not get tru the first round he still Wuld not be sacked. But talking ABT rohr is not just there . Nnf was luking for a mumu lik and hungry lik coach and they sure found that in GR.i can still manage him but pls change the assistants as it’s clear they don’t want to see a Yoruba player wch are scattered all over playing well. Am not saying others are not good PLS don’t get me wrong am only saying can some one tell me why tall,agile and flexible dele alampasu was ease out at the dying minute without given any good reasons why same crew convince GR to train uzoho who as virtually no international football experience and do u know wat Apeyi ,mr calamity, ezenwa : the one on merit and uzoho; train up for wc of all competition, all these players mentioned are all eastern Nig players. The asstant must go for absolute fairness to sail tru for a tru better SE in the yrs to come .

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    Spot on Sean. Some so called ‘experts’ on this platform has ammenesia of convenience. Siasia was in charge from December 2010 until he was sacked in October 2011 after the Guinea match.

  • @Abdulrazak, have u started again? wen can u make a sensible statement?

  • Some people will just be reason with their anus. Nigeria is not d only team to be booted out of world cup. Even Senegal that has very bright chance in their group were booted out and their fans composed themselves well. Algeria, Cameroun and Ghana etc that are big team in Africa football did not qualify for world cup and heaven did not loose. Don’t what they stand to gain from this man sack and they said they want success of Nigeria football

  • @tayo dont be fool.
    What we are saying is not just about the loss, but the coach useless mistakes. after giving the opportunity of 6 friendly matches wen all show de weakness and de strenght of de team, but he refused and go on nd opt for de weakness.

    Using wrong formation against croatia instead of 3 5 2.

    Iwobi is de best creative midfielder we have, but de coach adamantly use on de wing against croatia and wen people complain against it, then he benched him. even okocha complained.

    It obvious dat he cant do wit out ighalo, if not why did he use ighalo? wen simy and even lokosa performed beta dan ighalo at de trainning b4 he dropped lokosa.

    And de biggest problem he never motivate his players by believing in dem and even himself.

    So diz de reason not dat we hate him. He never learn all dis mistakes, becuz he refuse to learn from 10 matches.

  • @tayo. Now look at diz after croatia match wen people complain of de formation and de wrong position of some players. Wen he tried and use de 352, u saw how it was effective against iceland wen there was no ighalo at 1half. It was even effective against argentina but his cluelessness made brought in ighalo who missed 2 good chances.

    and instead bring in defender and midfielders who can tackle at 76 minute

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    @oluwa, pls,pal ignore Tayo and is Almajeri pal Abdulrazak those two clowns  are fonds of abusing any dissenting opinions, because they don’t have a superior counter analysis. They are part of Buhari  voters who chooses insults and intimidation if u disagrees with them.people  should pls ignore them.. The question we should ask ourselves is this. is  Rohr a tactical coach? Does he believes in the abilities  and skills of his players ?

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @sunnyb, i have printed out your post, highlighted all your grammatical errors, made changes to your tenses and would love to send it back to you to repost.

    • Bomboy 3 years ago

      @ Abdulrazak, you need a day time job. Go look for one.

      You can also print out my errors, but I won’t pay you for the unsolicited service. And you know what? I don’t care what you say next after this. You are too abusive and childish.

  • If only Manu Garba can translate his u-16 coaching philosophy to senior team football then I would see him as an ideal candidate to coach Nigeria in the not too distant future.

    The 52 year old (U-17) World Cup winning coach believes in ruthless counter attacking football, with effective use of wingbacks, ball retention in key areas, creative play in the middle of the park and crosses from wide into dangerous areas.

    If he can translate his football philosophy into senior national team football, then we may have a gem of a coach in our hands.

    He may well end up to be the true Pep Garba-diola of Africa.

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    @ Abdulrazak, you need a day time job. Go look for one.

    You can also print out my errors, but I won’t pay you for the unsolicited service. And you know what? I don’t care what you say next after this. You are too abusive and childish.

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @bomboy, are you one of those with the thoughts that having an education should translate to getting a salaried job? Where is all that ‘self confidence and self motivation’ that you and your ilk have in tons of abundance but is sadly lacking in Gernot Rohr? 
    Sorry to disappoint you but i am well read, well travelled and quite well off. Happily, i am not one of those doddering and insecure people whose stock in life rise and fall with the performance of the national team!

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @deo, you have scratched at the surface of what in my opinion is the problem with our football. Can we really and truly say that the players we parade at youth championships are under 17’s and under 21′? Can we relate Mbappe’s ability and agility as a true 19 year old to our ’18 year old’ Iheanacho? Apart from Victor Moses who left the shores of this country as an 11 year old, the quartet plus, of Ebuehi, Ekong, Balogun, Iwobi and Idowu, who were born overseas, can anyone on this forum swear to the ages of the rest of the Super Eagles players as being real?
    If a coach who in desperate need of success, takes over aged players to win a youth championship and in self delusion these ‘men’ are absorbed into the national teams as youths, and subsequently fail to perform, who should take the responsibility?
    Our football philosophy can only be translated into fruition and success if we start by being honest in fielding the right age grade players in cadet and youth championships?

  • Abdulrazak, FIFA’s introduction of age MRI scanning has gone some way in combating age cheating in age grade competitions but I guess more can be done.

    I remember back in the days when I will look at the club status of our U-17 World Cup squad members and say to myself : that can’t be right. How have they signed full blown contracts at that age?

    Example below:

    Emmanuel Babayaro(aged 16) Plateau United
    Patrick Oparaku (aged 16) Iwuanyanwu Nationale
    Celestine Babayaro (aged 14)Stationery Stores
    Pascal Ojigwe (aged 16)Enyimba
    Nwankwo Kanu (aged 17) Iwuanyanwu National

    But more recently, the club situation of our U-17s more reflects what you would expect of players of that age meaning FIFA must be doing something right.


    Musa Yahaya (aged 15) Nigeria Mutunchi Academy
    Chigozi Obasi (aged 15) Nigeria Fosla Academy
    Saviour Godwin (aged 17)Nigeria El-Kadme Academy
    Chidiebere Nwakali (aged 16) Nigeria Shuttle Spots Academy
    Isaacs Success (age 17) Nigeria BJ Foundation Academy
    Kelechi Iheanacho (aged 17) Nigeria Taye Academy

    I think it is fair to say that the Nwakalis and Iheanachos of this world are really “young men”. They look very young to me.

    But is age cheating the most significant problem blighting our football progress? I don’t know.

  • @Sunnyb I won’t join issue with u. The problem with you guys is over sabi because how don’t know how an ordinary fans will be telling a professional coach the kind of players and tactics to be using based on assumption. The 352 formations u guys are talking about is it not the same Coach that introduced it to the team? and how can u say he should be using it for every match even if it will not work. One was even mentioning Iwobi not playing do u think Iwobi will thrive using 352 formation? A sensible person should know that and that was why he hardly feature for Arsenal when they play some certain formation. People should learn to mind their business and allow the coach to do his work

  • Tayo, please don’t take this the wrong way but next time, plan, prepare and quality-check your entry before posting it; this way, you will be more coherent and your points more articulated.
    Uncle SunnyB just like you, has a voice and, just like you, will like to exercise his freedom of speech – I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    The owners of this platform created this forum so our voices can be heard.
    I read your statement that certain people who espoused views that you didn’t ordinarily subscribe to are “reasoning with their anus”.
    That is a shocking statement and wholly unacceptable.”
    You have your views about this coach, his methods and outcomes, so do others in this forum.
    If you know you can’t be tolerant to the views of others, then simply go do something else.
    If we want the coach to use 10-10-10 formation all the time and play Ighalo in goal, that is our problem.
    Does it give you or anyone else the right to insult others?

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @deo  Magnetic Resonance Imaging depends on stages of bone fusion of the wrists to determine the ages of boys and girls. However, the grade of fusion, which is in stages 1- 5 depends on factors such as hygiene, environment, nutrition, etc. Fusions occurs faster amongsts teens in climates or in countries with higher and better standard of living than say in Africa. Studies conducted on five supposedly 14 year olds Ghanian footballers cleared by FIFA, for an age grade competition, revealed the real ages as 22-25, when MRI was done along side brain scans.
    Also, MRI from evidence published in scientific journals such as NATURE and SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, only gives an accurate indication of a person’s skeletal age and not chronogical age!

  • Abdulrazak, according to my research, MRI is considered to be 99% accurate until the age of 17, after which it becomes harder for medical professionals to calculate a person’s age.

    Professor Jiri Dvorak of FIFA said: “The efficiency stops at 17 and it’s just pure coincidence that Fifa made their competition an under-17 event”.[16] Every bone in the arm and leg has an end plate from which bones grow.

    When the growth is completed (usually around the age of 17-18), then this end plate disappears on the MRI scans

    Dvorak concedes that the scan results “will be unjust to 1% of all examined players”.

    Furthmore, In July 2013, sixteen-year-old United States-born Abuchi Obinwa failed an MRI test when undergoing assessment to represent the Nigeria U17 team at the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

    Also, in August 2016, it was reported that 26 Nigeria U17 players had failed MRI tests prior to their match against Niger U17s.

    If you recall, that led to us not defending the U-17 trophy we won in 2015 as a hastily assembled “real” under 17 players failed to qualify for the U-17 World Cup .

    Just like VAR or any other nascent initiative, nothing is perfect and MRI testing inevitably has it flaws – as you pointed out .

    However, I would like to think that guys like you who argue passionately against aga-grade cheating in football would applaud FIFA and Nigeria for taking steps to combat this injustice.

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    “Chronological age”

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    @deo, I am indeed very much in support of FIFA and it’s efforts to stamp out cheating in age grade competitions. However, FIFA knows that if they were to go the whole hog and apply the use of brain scans alongside MRI, the problem of cheating would be completely eradicated. 
    At the moment, there is no political will by FIFA to do just that.

  • @ Mr Ayo in as much i will not refute all what you wrote here, i want us to be sincere with ourselves, you and i know that when you talk about football in this our dear country our brethren from eastern part of the country are more capable compare to people from other regions, with all the due respect to other regions especially our people from south west where mr Ayo hail from, i am not from eastern part of the country but i just want us to be sincere with ourselves whenever we sharing our views about any matter. God bless Nigeria

  • Abdulrazak, It thus begs the question : why will FIFA be 100% SURE that brain scan supported by MRI will eradicate the problem of age cheating, yet not move to implement this expeditiously?

    I guess there is may be more to the matter than evident to you and I’s speculations.

    What must be recognised that in MRI scanning, at least they are seen to be taken steps to address the matter and for Nigeria to go public (internationally) to reveal that players have failed MRI tests, that shows high level transparency on the part of our NFF.

  • BALORX 3 years ago

    can somehow pls tell that dummy coach that russia is ranked 72 in the world yet they are fighting for a semi-finals spot whereas that useless groundnut rohr will be downgrading the team saying they are good for 2022 bla bla bla.
    Lets tell ourselves the truth. That coach is too soft and doesnt bring out the best in players . I’ll rather they ban nigeria than rohr continuing.
    Siasia failed nobody said they should give him a chance,but in rohr case u people are even saying they should sack salisu yusuf because he is nt white. Why do me like supporting mediocre acts.
    i think we are suffering from INFERIORITY COMPLEX

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Deo I now see your views here and to a large extent you are on point so my apologies. As for Tayo and Abdulrazak I’m sad at how you both view things and hope your careers are not dwindling like Mr Rohr’s mindset of lack of confidence and taking a failure as pass. Sunnyb, Bomboy and fellow wise men I join you in advocating for a black man to lead us and he should be well paid like the white men are paid or we should hire Renard the Morocco coach if he accepts our offer. We need a coach who will play ruthless attack at tactical game like siaone or Manu Garba as Deo specified. So far eagles are playing below their strength

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Having a Siasia and Manu Garba as Coach and assistant with Nduka Ugbade in charge of Scouting affairs will be a Game changer. Outside the shores of Nigeria Siasia is seen as a blessing to Nigerian football that is not appreciated and well managed. His attacking football is such a tasty delight that will bring back the lost joy of footballing pride. Pinnick I know you will do the right thing this time around if he is appointed as we always disrespect our fellow black coach and make them penniless prior to a major engagement. Justice must be brought to Nigerian football

  • @chima samuel that is it, we jux need siasia. let nff say no to inferiority, and give indegeneous coach all de support jux as they gave gernot raw.
    then we wil see how eagle wil soar.

    Eagle are playing below their strenght jux as someone said here bcuz of gernot rohr.

    Only a nigeria coach can do something expected.
    bcuz they believe its 11 vs 11. Jux look at keshi.

    Genot roh can only be good at coaching team that studed wit stars like, ronaldo messi neymar lewandosky hazard etc. apart from dis squad he wil never have confident.

    • @Oluwa
      GR has no self-confidence at the world stage. He is timid and afraid. This has rubbed off on our players. Very unfortunate. Have you ever seen him barking out instructions to the players? Contrast his behaviour with other coaches in Russia or even with SK when he won the AFCON in 2013. The French coach made tactical changes in 92nd minute!! If Rohr had done that we would have drawn Argentina and progressed. Rohr is a big draw-back to Nigerian football.

  • @Achi my broda dats de problem o
    If we can get rid of gernot dull and bring in indigenous coach we wil be ok.

  • Abdul andah 3 years ago

    Since our coach said he will only stick with those players who qualified super eagles to the world cup then I knew that he was not ready to perform well in the tournament that’s eventually what we can see at the end if it all. Imagine the introduction of
    Cyriel dessers against Argentina that night at the expense of the so wasteful and useless ighalo the result would have been different.
    I am not really expecting anything special from that man called gernot Rohr.
    I have never in my entire past life watching my darling super eagles playing a match with so much fear and nervousness.
    He said Nigeria players are too young to perform creditably well then I asked are the super eagles players younger than mbape, lingard and so many other players still present in the world cup?
    I missed Henry onyekuru,
    I missed Samuel Kalu,
    I missed Cyriel dessers,
    I missed kayode olanrewaju,
    I missed Hillary chakwah gong,
    I missed Musa Muhammed,
    If Rohr can’t scout by himself he should contact me. I can do a better job than Victor Aghali.

  • Confused people everywhere. They think football is like mathematics. They are even mentioning Herve Renard as if he has won world cup with Morroco. He wasn’t even in a group as tough as Nigeria yet they couldn’t made it to second round. I have utmost respect for both Siasia and Renard both even if they coach Nigeria to this world cup there is no guarantee that they will qualify us out of that group and people like you will not give them another chance what you are doing presently is what you will do. They think success is something that come suddenly like a miracles. This Croatian team team this is their 3rd word cup with almost 85% of their current squad and go and their previous records at those competition before now.

    • Bravo, bravo, bravo. Finally, a voice of reason. You have spoken well @tayo.
      May you never see your back without looking at the mirror.
      These same coalition of clowns were the ones singing the praises of Rohr when he swept giants of African aside to qualify for the world cup.
      Algeria (round of 16 in 2014 world cup) and Cameroon (current African champions) had to watch the world cup at home because of Rohr.
      Now Nigeria had an indifferent world cup and they carry the online placard : GO HOME ROHR, GO HOME ROHR, GO HOME ROHR!!
      Seriously, when you have a problem, you seek a solution out of multiple options. You don’t just pick out an easy target.
      Mr tayo, you have spoken well biko.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Gbam! Croatia never made it out of the group stage since 98. Almost all the players that are in Russia were in Brazil 4 years ago. Leave Rohr alone to continue with what he’s building. After the AFCON next year we will reevaluate him. It took Westerhoff 5 years to build the greatest SuperEagles of all time.

  • If @tayo comment is de right point according to @ashy slashy, then i want to be learn how be unpoint.

  • Henry 3 years ago

    He made too many blunders against argentina…another was he should ve settled for the draw, by putting in Ogu for Musa at 80 mins. Also Simeon Nwankwo for Iheanacho. Everyone but him saw that joel obi was garbage. The only reason he took him was reputation and the only reason he didnt trust Ogu to come in against Argentina was club reputation. He was looking for a big star to bring in, which was wrong. He didnt accept the players as they are. I think with same backing and support, Siasia would have done better.

    I pity Ogu, he is such a powerful and quality player but ve not met a good nigerian coach that trust hime enough to put him in that midfield. Keshi dropped him for Reuben Gabriel in 2014. nd in 2018, was not given a run. he will be 34 next world cup and i hope he is available because his experience and long range shooting will be key.

    • tybless 3 years ago

      Hello fellow Nigerians,
      I believe if we had scaled through to the second stage,quarter or even semi finals some of us will not be saying some things we are saying.all this is just because things did not work out well in the world cup with us that’s why we are saying these things.
      But,nonetheless,we thank God for every thing.one thing that i have to just say here is that we should just try and be patient with both the coach and every other staff because i so much believe that with time Nigeria will be celebrated.

  • iszzy 3 years ago

    This expired coach should shut up and go back to his country ooo.
    omg! he has not been sacked?
    this is alarming?
    abi na only me watch this matches.
    A coach who does not learn his lesson. Very Crafty white headed man who sabotaged the team’s glory for selfish reasons.
    Now I agree something is wrong with our NFF.
    A stubborn ignoramus coach like this still has his job till now?
    The teach is physically good but technically bad. We need a new coach to synchronise these guys
    igholo ,onazi, echijele and the likes should retire. we appreciate them for there labor but we don’t need them any more.
    if this coach has listen to my advice, we would have been playing the semis today.
    we have the players to do this.