Rohr: Why I’ve Not Invited Ambrose To Super Eagles

Rohr:  Why I’ve Not Invited Ambrose To Super Eagles

By Johnny Edward:

Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr has explained why Hibernian FC defender, Efe Ambrose has been overlooked from his team since he took charge two years ago, reports


Ambrose has been Nigeria’s most consistent defender in Europe this season having featured in all Hibernian FC’s 17 games in all competitions this season.


In a chat with CSN, Rohr admitted that Ambrose was a valuable option but he has five quality defenders in his team who have been playing well.


“He’s a good player and we are monitoring him,” Rohr told CSN.


“At the moment, we have five good defenders who are doing well in the team and he will only get his chance when one loses his form.”


Rohr will soon name his 23 man squad for next month’s 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations qualifier against South Africa at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg and the 30 year old may not be included.


Meanwhile, Rohr says the three time African champions will be seeking to avenge a 2-0 home loss against South Africa.


The Bafana Bafana recorded their first ever competitive game win over Nigeria in June 2017 when they won 2-0 in Uyo.


The two teams clash again on November 17 in Johannesburg with Nigeria needing  a win  to qualify for Cameroon 2019 with a game to spare.


“The defeat still hurts and we want to take revenge for it,” the coach told Kick-Off Magazine.


“They beat us with strong counter attacks in Uyo. We dominated the game and actually played quite well in the first half, but didn’t score.”


“And then they attacked us on the counter, one towards the end when we pressed for the equaliser.”


Rohr continued: “It was in June 2017, which is now quite a long time ago.


“I remember we had many players absent at the time, with that match taking place in the break between the seasons.


“I’m happy that everyone will be available this time around and that our team can get revenge for that defeat.”


  • Ugwudede 3 months ago

    Rohr pls invite Efe Ambrose now because Balogun is not in form now.  He has been consistent for the past two seasons now and has been adding goal to his game 

  • Chairmanfemi 3 months ago

    Even if Rohr decides to invite Efe Ambrose back to the Eagles fold, Balogun is not the one to be dropped @ugwudede. What do you say about Chidozie Awaziem?? who has not kicked a stone for Porto this season and has always been shaky whenever he gets to play for Nigeria. For me, Chidozie Awaziem is a BIG suspect in the Super Eagles team and it time for him to be dropped for the Consistent and Experience Efe Ambrose.

  • Jensen Josh 3 months ago

    You’re mad sir….five good defenders,who are they compare to Ambrose?… Awaziem and oyinbo walls abi… what are they doing against European opponents Abeg bring someone that can convert set pieces into the team… and if u don’t sonner or later u will leave and another coach will summone him 

    • Israel Akinlawon 3 months ago

      Who is this Jensen Josh who doesn’t have aorta of respect for elders? Can’t you compare Gernot Rohr with your father by age? How can you say the coach is mad? I beg Respect should be the watchword in this forum.

  • No need for Efe Ambrose. We have Balogun, Troost, Ajayi, Omeruo in the squad. Two players for each position. After that we have Stephen Eze (Plovdiv) in reserve.

    Why go back to 2014 instead of looking ahead? I would rather we pick players who will give us years of service.
    It’s not like we are leaking goals.

    Our last three matches we have scored 9 goals and let in two. No cause for alarm.

  • If I lose the game against south Africa then it is time to say bye to eagles.I was told bafana has never won against eagles even on their soil.

    • Lukeman Mohd 3 months ago

      It shall be well if proper and earlier preparations are made towards the encounter. May GOD grant the Super Eagles success.

    • Lucky onos 3 months ago

      But u lost…you re w good manager. Pls tell ur guys to be serious with bafana bafana. Senegalese team is the team to watch.

  • Darly 3 months ago

    pls, we should mind our use of words here. @Jensen Josh, can u tell ur father he is mad even if he makes a silly mistake? pls, nobody is mad. Our contribution here should be modest and solution driven. we all need our respect in all circumstances.
    Mr. Rohr is the coach and should be allowed to do his job. If anyone of us here was a better coach, NFF would have hired him.

  • Ikechukwu Thomas 3 months ago

    Efe Ambrose is a Nigerian player and doing well at the same time. I think like him every Nigerian player doing well deserves a call up to eagles. home based or not. sentiment should not be attached to it but am also aware every body can not play at the same time

  • Darly 3 months ago

    Mr Rohr, kindly be reminded that Tyronne Ebuehi needs all the support he deserves now. Nobody seems to remember him again, even on this platform. Let us give him the full length of support at this his trying period.
    Let us shout out for him.

  • Coach Rohr seems to have lend himself to sticking to his guns with his “Oyinbo wall”, no matter their current form. That said. We need an Efe Ambrose in the team at the moment considering his experience and good playing time for club:Leon Balogun hardly plays for Brighton, Chidozie Awaziem now probably must have even forgotten the position he plays in Porto, even there have been complains about Troost-Ekong’s disposition to errors and poor passes by his coach in Udinese and was hurled off in the 46th minute as a result of this in their last match.
    Stephen Eze is another guy that deserves a good look-in. He plays regularly for Lokomotiv Plovdiv. Why always invite an hyper inactive Awaziem in Eze’s stead???
    Efe Ambrose has his own foibles of occasional error play and lack of pace, but he seems to have grown in leaps and bounds especially in the area of his error disposition.But on the strength of his regular playing time, he deserves a good look-in.
    Coach Rohr should but less rigid in his player selection and always allow rationality prevail and not sentiment and other narrow considerations.
    To me, the Super Eagles central defense position is still open for competition and up for grabs.

  • guys pls lets stop the agitation for efe ambrose he has done his best in his own time n should bid farewell to SE,we r looking at 2022 wrldcup n with the crops of players springing up we the fans can only pray for better days ahead,efe age is not on his side n should move on even skippo mikel should retire too

  • Somebody will soon call for Taiye Taiwo at this rate lololol.

    We have Troost, Balogun, Omeruo, Ajayi as Central defenders. Those are 4 solid defenders, 2 for each position.
    Awaziem is much more versatile than Efe. Awaziem can play a variety of roles. Central defence, right back (as he has played that position and scored for the Super Eagles in a competitive match recently). He can also play defensive midfield in the same way Ajayi can. Omeruo can also play right back.

    We need versatile players. If we were short of defenders then he can be called up as emergency cover. But at this time we have five reliable defenders plus Eze of Plovdiv. So no need for Efe Ambrose unless we lose three of our current five and even then he’ll be behind Eze in the current pecking order

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    This is what happens when you ignored the truth. Why we Nigerians hates the truth? Why do we always putting hates on who faces the truth? Why majority of Nigerians putting their self interests in everything?

    For this reasons, South Africans would expose our defense against and against if this coach failed to realized his mistakes he made last year.

    South Africa team are not Super. One of our clubside teams can beat South Africa in South Africa. Come on guys, what do we talking about here? South Africa is not in the same class with Super Eagles now.

    The current Super Eagles is beatable and against Libya an away match as an example. This Oga Rohr will never changed but if I talk some people will say that I hate him and his players but they forget to realized that he can’t give what he doesn’t have shikenah.

    Ambrose is a good player and even better than those we have now. Age is part of the game while experience is needed in the team.

    A good coach will helped Musa Mohammed career by helping him to play regularly in the national team. Eze is another player which the coach needs his service is his team but this coach has his own players.

    Eagles have never been beaten home and away before but if its happening this time around God forbid, NFF should let go of him.

    He has tried his best but the only thing he have to add to his attitude his, correction. He can’t know it all.
    This South Africa knows our weaknesses. They wanted to show the world that if they beat Nigeria and failed to go to the next year Afcon, it’s okay by them. This Oga Rohr has no time to check time if he really wanted to qualify Nigeria to Cameroon 2019 Afcon. One thing is clear now, ask yourself do we have a team that can win the cup of Nations or we are just going to Cameroon to make a number as usual? Okidoki, an elder says, a word is enough for the wise. Ire o.God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ash Williams 3 months ago


    • Israel Akinlawon 3 months ago

      Please, our grammatical errors in this forum are too alarming. I recommend spell checking before posting here, at least for the sake of international readers. Thanks.

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      You forgot to include taye taiwo in your list sir….he’s also playin regularly in finland. Same with Dele aiyenugba, Sunday mba (playing regularly for his 4th division club in france). Pls dont forget Ike Uche too (playing in 2nd division in mexico), his brother kalu uche (3rd division in spain), brown ideye, godfrey oboabona, Gabriel rueben, Nnamdi oduamadi, and Azubuike egwuekwe. They are all playing regularly in their clubs ehn.
      Some people really need to go and have a spiritual bath….!!!

      • Bros you just spoke my mind. Some persons just come on this platform to talk gibberish. I wonder if it’s on radio they watch their football

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      So it is the national team that should e used to resuscitate the career of a player that isnt doin well at his lowly rated club in lowly rated croatian league abi…??? Weldone sir. Clamp for yasef. Thank God you arent the SE coach

  • Bomboy 3 months ago

    Go get us the revenge sir.

    The loss to South Africa is a major blight on your career as coach of the Super Eagles being the first coach of the SE to lose to them.

    Please beat them and silence their boastful mouths.

  • Shege luzzy 3 months ago

    I honestly think Efe Ambrose has gone past his prime irrespective of whatever form he is presently. Even when rome was hay the guy was consistent in costly errors and very predictable. He was indeed a stereotype footballer. We thank him very much for serving his fatherland.

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Honestly, I really dont understand some people. When we have several faster and younger players like Semi Ajayi, Ken Omeruo, Uche Agbo, Stephen Eze trying to break into the position that is currently being firmly held by balogun and ekong, where are here being inundated with calls for efe ambrose. Its understandable if we were in a crisis situation where most of our exposed and experienced defenders are down or out, but here we have 6 standing central defenders and its 33yr old efe ambrose that has been out of the national team for over 3 yrs that we want to start clamoring for…?? It seems we dont realize that we have an Olympics tournament to win in 2020 world cup quarter finals (at the least ) to play in 2022

  • level has changed. this super eagle 18 man squad mostly the starting line up cannot be break into by performers, but by favour. you most be the coach favourite before you can involve. if i be a coach and troost ekong is in my squad, sorry guys he will not even make the 18players squad. aweziem ekong kalu have all fall in form. but a tactician is involve. so we have nothing to do about it. but thank GOD osimhen will take kalu place. Amrose is a good defender and well experienced. unlike ekong that take tramadol and run out of positions or turn football into WWE.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      If Ambrose is better than Ekong why has he never played in any other league beyond the Scottish league. A defender who plays in Serie A week in week out is not good enough to be in your 18 man list? Lord have mercy on some people. Thank God you’re not anywhere near the coaching staff. And how has Kalu fall in form? A player who plays week in week out for Bordeaux in a top five league should not be in the 18 man squad? Again thank God you’re not anywhere near the coaching staff.

  • Greenturf 3 months ago

    Efe Ambrose will bring something different to the national team.Counting so many defenders we have on ground now does not justify a reason not to invite him.The question we should be asking is are this numerously listed defenders better than Ambrose?in my opinion I don’t think so.
    I read someone saying ironically we should also invite Egwueke and Co.well if any plus 30 player is doing better than what we have on ground now I don’t see a reason why he should be left out on age ground because this is the senior national team not the cadet team.
    Meanwhile,Efe is a good professional and i can remember his last games for Nigeria.That was friendlies under Oliseh in 2015.He was great and bossed games and cap his efforts with a nice free kick.I was impressed by his performances and after then he has not gotten invites from neither Oliseh nor Rohr despite his exploits at club level.I think Efe was hard done by,should have made the roster to the world cup.
    Playing for hibs as well has not done Efe international chances any good.I bet if it were Rangers or Celtic he plies his trade probably would have been in the team already.He has featured consistently for hibs and done so well for them but might not be enough to get internatonal call up.

  • I’ll rather wait for Akpoguma. Rohr I trust..for now. If he wishes to invite him, good and if not fine

    • Akpoguma that is waiting for Germany first? lol. Rather Stephen Eze who is ready now.

      By the time Kevin is ready it might be 2020. At this time we have plenty of options for centre back and do not need Efe