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Should Keshi Accept NFF’s N5m Monthly Offer?

Should Keshi Accept NFF’s N5m Monthly Offer?

Embattled ‘stop-gap’ Super Eagles chief coach Stephen Keshi has reportedly been offered a new two-year contract by the Nigeria Football Federation.

The 2013 AFCON winner who could not defend the title in 2015 hinted that he will earn N5m as monthly salary which was what he was paid in his initial three-year deal.


Keshi on Wednesday failed to get the job of Burkina Faso national team manager which was handed to German coach Gernot Rhor, but has revealed that the NFF have offered him a new contract.

The new contract, according to Keshi, has many clauses which it mandatory that he reports to several persons in the NFF and its committees.
Should Stephen Keshi accept the new contract which he reportedly called a ‘Slave Contract’?

Would Keshi taking the new offer mean he is keen to placate Nigerians for the 2015 AFCON disappointment?

What is your views about the ‘slave’ clauses in the contract document as claimed by Keshi?

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  • Livvy 8 years ago

    To be honest, Nigeria do not need Keshi at this moment and that’s why there are so many clauses in the contract. He should walk away like a gentle man.

  • Saint Palmer 8 years ago

    5Million Monthly Pay is not bad, reporting back to your employers is never a big deal as well,after all you ar an employee,provided they not asking him to start reporting to some garba lawal,ikpeba,kanu or okocha,with due respect those guys are world star footballers no doubt bout that but when it comes to management they re zero,.and mean no dissrespect no matter how you hate on KESHI the fact remains no Nigerian ex-players has achieved anything close to KESHI , former Nigerian Captain, Ex togo and mali coach, for him sitting on the national team bench of other african countries alone is an achievement,you cant count 2-3 of that in africa not to talk of nigeria,we ve got lots of senior coaches in nigeria from AMODU,ONIGBINDE, and others and may be they coached some foreign teams but they still cant match KESHI,Nation Cup Gold as a player and coach,but Nigerian and just backward people, when you are winning you are the best but when things gets rough they start calling you names,if they wanna go for a foreign coach then good,they ve got money to waste anyway,lets see if they hire a WHITE COACH and stay2-3 months without paying him, but no NIGERIAN or an AFRICAN COACH can kiss it better than KESHI take it or leave it..

  • omo9ja 8 years ago

    Never live in the past, always learn from it. Therefore, what left for Keshi to prove? I hate nobody but
    this is the reality. What can we compare with the current Eagles? Absolutely nothing. Even, our under20 team will beat Eagles
    silly. The best NFF can get for Nigerians is to bring back Sia1 or Manu Garba period.
    We never needed a foreign coach. Though, Keshi deserves some class and
    I always appreciate him for his achievement but
    you can’t give what you don’t have. However, if I were you Keshi, I will never accept the contract because,
    who will like to play under him? The earlier we realise this the better “A word is enough for the wise” God bless Nigeria!

  • @Saint, you spoke so maturely and i respect your opinion, Keshi remains the only coach among our African coaches that has reached the top. I respect him, and i want him to remain as the Super Eagles Coach. @Saint has spoken my mind and i was suppose to say all.

  • Beejay 8 years ago

    A word is enough for the wise. If i was Keshi, I’d honourably walk away! There is nothing you need to prove to Nigerians anymore. We have witnessed you high and lows; you tactical acumen and your deficiencies; trust me, we are okay with what you have achieved – so leave now with your shoulders somewhat high. Nigerians can be vengeful and God-forbid, your luck runs out after the presidential elections, Nigerians may stone or even jail you.

    Keshi leave us alone, Oliseh, Manu Garba and Siasia should lead the national team. The U23 and U20 should form the crux of the team and should be complimented with players like Ideye, Moses, Ighalo, Moses Simon, Onazi, Ogu, Babatunde, Olaitan Michael and other very committed Nigerian players playing in Europe.

    No more unmerited call-ups to the National team!

    • mallam illiya's passport 8 years ago

      Stone or jail a man because of football? That will be the height of senselessness. It is obvious people like you worship football than God.

  • woghiren 8 years ago

    I think Keshi is good for the job.He has proven that enough.
    He was working against a huge tide as Nigerian coach.A lot of hypocrite abound in the football circle in Nigeria. He was just struggling to prove them all wrong and that made him to have build so much enemies within the football circle.He is not the kind of person you can just push around like they would like to do to other coaches who have been their before.

    He has the experience and exposure to lead the team and norture them into world beaters only if he is respected and given some elements of freedom like it is done in civilized worlds where football thrives .

    We should just stop castigating him,especially the press,for no reason.What coach will tolerate our attitude the way he has carried on?He needs all the backing in the world to excel more. ..And please the football house should remove the clause that he can not speak to the press except by permission.For that,it sounds like ‘slave contract’.Because ,I don’t see where that is done in the world.

    Yes he should be contracted immediately.

  • Kingsley 8 years ago

    I want Keshi to see it as check which is key to one or group doing what is required for better performance sake. Keshi can still win trophies if fully supported.

  • Jude Malokwu 8 years ago

    I am just tired of reading about Keshi and the NFF . The best is for him to just walk away simple.

  • Johnson Bassey 8 years ago

    What did Keshi leave at the Super Eagles job that he has been so so desperate to go back and recover? Don’t this man has integrity? A man who knows his onions in his profession would have walked away in the face of all these controversies that greeted his failure to lead the Super Eagles to the 2015 AFCON. Here he is ranting that the N5million new contract offer by NFF is a slave contract. I am completely pissed by Keshi’s desperation on the Eagles job.

  • austin 8 years ago

    Keshi should leave hounerable

  • Aminu Ibrahim Haruna 8 years ago

    5M for coach nd he is calling it “slave contract”? Now GEJ am certain u hv failed Nigeria. Poverty has eaten deep into every nooks nd crannies. How much ar Nigerian health workers ar paid? During the dreaded Ebola period how much are paid to health workers that sacrified their life to fight the disease? Many people ar staying whole day without anything to eat. Did we Nigerians deserve such treatment???

  • oshili moses 8 years ago

    keshi should be respected, those who know football should examine the records of our past Eagle managers, and then make comparism. Nigerians are the worst fans worldwide, they are insatiable. For God sake other countries of the world want to win too. As for the slave contract, NFF has not seen avenue of making money from him, the only option is to tie him ( keshi ) to their apron.

  • Who in NIGERIA will not take a N5,000,000 job? Only an insane person. That is the issue here. As the Sports Minister said, only the best Nigerian coach should be given the job of Eagle’s job to encourage the local coaches but if not a local coach, then best in the class of Mourinho and Pep. That is good talk indeed!!!!! At the moment Keshi is the best and he should be helped not castigated. Let Keshi take the job and be sent for courses overseas. Matter close.

  • Yes,Keshi tried his best for Nigeria.Its time NFF try new hand.Oliseh should be hired to work hand in hand with Siasia.I believe these duo will make a very big mark in Eagles.While the present flying Eagles coaches should be on standby .Also,The NFF should ensure that the present under 23 and flying eagles should be drafted to Eagles after the world cup.