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Should Keshi Coach Nigeria Or South Africa?

Should Keshi Coach Nigeria Or South Africa?

The South Africa Football Association (SAFA) will today, July 26, announce the successor to erstwhile coach of the South African  national team coach, Gordon Igesund.

Nigeria’s Stephen Keshi who was coach of the Super Eagles until after the 2014 World Cup is among the frontrunners for the job of Bafana Bafana managerial position.

Only on Thursday, the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation decided to go into talks with Keshi for another stint as Eagles coach.

UBA Super Savers

Now with SAFA likely to prefer Keshi amongst other coaches on their shortlist after a long standing interest in his services, do you think it is best Keshi takes up the job as Bafana Bafana coach?

Would continuing as the Super Eagles ‘boss’ serve him best?

Where do you think Keshi would best be appreciated and respected by the Football authorities and fans: Nigeria or South Africa?

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  • Agapelove 9 years ago

    Let Keshi continue the good work he is doing for our football in Nigeria
    A coach who has confidence with our local boys, who has made the likes of Godfrey, Mba international materials.
    please stay in Nigeria and help the Eagles.

  • if he think is tired of the job,he should go,coach is not the problem of Nigerian we are bias,and secondly there is no free hand on the N FA,why most they interfere on the coach selection.he knows the best;on my own idea,we most not begin him.if he think is best ideal 4 him is to guite fine,by the way there is many coaches on earth,we have the resource to get the best coach.

  • Raymond Otu 9 years ago

    let keshi remain with super eagle. he know more of the eagle than any country. pls let he remains with us

  • keshi should stay as super eagle coach.because eagles have quality players than, south africa.to avoid keshi not to be disqualified as africa best coach.

  • Felix 9 years ago

    I prefered kechi stephen to remain as super eagle coach.

  • woghiren 9 years ago


  • kolawole aderemi 9 years ago

    keshi should continue as nigerian super eagles coach so that he will be able to finish the reorganization of the team to give its best in the next world cup come 2018-kolawole aderemi

  • precious Az. 9 years ago

    i beleive in what he has done to the Nigerai football within the short period he ….I think he should continue with coaching the Nigeria team. So as to bring out the best in both himself and the nigerian players. He will do well. That I beleive.

  • oluwabunmi fatimehin 9 years ago

    Pls will need kesh back in nigeria

  • Ezema sunday 9 years ago

    South Africa

  • sunday Abiodun 9 years ago

    In my opinion, keshi should continue with Nigeria. So far he has perfomed well as a local coach(Nigerian). However his demands with regards to entitlements should be well satisfied. A prophet is without honour in his own city, this should not be his case. As a country, we spent so much on foreign technical adviser except for westerhof, without anything to write home about them. Nigeria is a familiar ground for keshi to succeed more than an unfamiliar one that he will be starting all over.
    In addition,there is pride in our own man taking us to international competitions than a foreigner that will abandon us when we need them most. Also, I recommend further training for keshi to equip him the more with the technicalities of the game, which I think may not be enough for a coach of a country aspiring to be a world beater. Keshi also need to work more on certain department of the team that was found to be weak during the world cup. keshi needs to learn also that to’ err is human and to forgive is divine’. This relates to Uche that he refused to take to the world cup despite everybody’s clamour. His claim that the guy lacks tactical discipline is just an excuse to drop him. Train and constantly train individual otherwise they will forget. Would he say that all that played in the world cup adhered to everything he told them? The voice of the people is the voice of God. 120 millions Nigerians cannot be wrong at the same time. Our exposure to football, spanning several decades has enabled us to make useful predictions about what we see now, and what might happen in future. If not for our strong criticisms in the last Nation’s cup that have a motivational impact on our boys, perhars we might have lost in the competition at the early stage. Therefore, Keshi needs to listen to public opinion at times. He should take example from the U.S.A which he usually travels to where public polls has helped in arriving at a vital decision.

  • Miguel 9 years ago

    Nigerian Football Federation don’t know what they got until they will lose it.

  • Keshi should coach Nigeria SE and not Bafana Bafana of SA.

  • We don’t need keshi again because of his inconsistency in rebuilding. Appointed again he will hurt the soccer development in Nigeria by dropping young proven players as Alampasu,Ihenacho,Mba, etc on foolish reasoning that their time will come…..Now we need real new team of not above age 24 for 2018 worldcup

  • I think he keshi will b more respected in south africa than nigeria, is better for to go there,and keshi is using our national team to make money for himself.

  • we don’t need keshi again let him go he has done his best, he has nothing to offer again

    • Frank 9 years ago

      I need Keshi and Nigerians too needs Keshi most for obvious reasons. He is Cheaper to maintain, he understands Nigeria and Africa technical ways of Football which can put the Western world behind Africa in short time. And for him to roof the house he has started the foundation in good mood in a short duration.

  • adeyemi tosin 9 years ago

    Though keshi will be more appreciated in south africa but I still prefer him 2 stay with the super eagles to continue the good work he is doing.

  • If somebody does something gud he is to be commended than bringing in sentiment .We re proud n should be proud of keshi both as a player to nigeria n coach as well. If keshi is seen to be making money from dat seat,do u see him not doing de work?how many white men coaches nigeria and what was their achievement? Nothing!they were paying well with big cars n driver wt security.house food n everything which re nt happening wt keshi.highest none payement of salary to keshi.is he nt a coach?hw can u say he is rooting money wen even his wages re owned? To me if he want to serve his country fine,if he need respect n recognition of a coach like others he should go.to me he is de best coach in NFA history.God ll bless him

  • sammy 9 years ago

    Keshi has done Nigeria proud in both national, continental and intercontinental as far football is concerned. He has brought back discipline and commitment back to our football. Apart from these, for the sake of continuity our football progressively, he should remain to continue what he has started. I would also want the football body to give a free hand to operate and provide him with necessary tools that he need to operate successfully. He should be allowed to an assistant of his choice. Necessary courses in his field should often be arranged for knowledge and tactical upgrading,

  • Nasir israel Aletile 9 years ago

    Let Kechi continue the good work God is using for in Nigeria because he is still the best we have for now.

  • If he want to go,let him go jor….no be other coach de win world cup?…y e go de make shakara…let him go…another man will kum in abi e learn hw to coach from his moda womb…..nobody should beg jor….

  • Adebayo 9 years ago

    Kechi Is our coach let him continue.

  • Emmanuel steven 9 years ago

    I beg ,,,,,, keschi should stay becos he understand those boys & d best way to find d best out of d best is to give him free-hand.d only concern Nigeria is having is we lack organisatoin this is d same statement made by arsenal coach.most especially our so call NFA we say we have,they should try & fortify d house 1st & give keschi full support nd free hand let see whether he will nt perform ever den before.to me d man is d right man to d job……..

  • CHIDOZIE DANIEL 9 years ago

    KESHI is a good coach and he should decide if to stay in Nigeria or south Africa and more over he should also know that the caliber of payers we have in Nigeria is far better than the one they have in south Africa so his achievements will be more pronounce here than in another country.

  • idongesit nathaniel 9 years ago

    i advice kechi to stay with eagle if he dnt want his star to stop shining otherwise SAFA will quench his star. Pls take my word, it will deliver good to you.

  • adeyemo omotayo 9 years ago

    I am of the opinion that an actor should leave the stage when the ovation is loudest, especially in this part of the world where our criticism is never constructive but destructive. Let Keshi move on to SA if he is sure the job will be given to him. After all, even if a moving stone gathers no mod, it keeps on shining. I wish him the best.