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Should The NFF Retain Keshi As Super Eagles Coach?

Should The NFF Retain Keshi As Super Eagles Coach?

The executive committee of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, will hold a meeting in Abuja today (Thursday) with the future of Stephen Keshi to be discussed at the NFF Secretariat.

Keshi’s contract expired after the World Cup in Brazil and has not been reviewed. The former Eagles captain is one of the contenders for the job of the South African national team and could be named as the new man in charge of the Bafana Bafana on Saturday.


Do you think Keshi should continue as the coach of the Super Eagles or should the NFF turn their attention elsewhere?

Who do you think would make a good national team coach for the Super Eagles if the NFF decide not to hand Keshi a new contract?

If Keshi opts to take chsrge of the South African national team, do you think he will be successful as much as he was with the Super Eagles of Nigeria with whom he won the African Cup of Nations and took to the Round of 16 of the World Cup for the first time since 1998?

Send in your thoughts and opinions using the “Leave a Reply” field at the lower part of this page. Please, provide your authentic email address in the required field before posting your comment. Your comment will show here in few minutes after the moderator has approved it. Have you say now!

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  • alex jatau alfred 8 years ago

    so far I think Keshi has done a great job with the Super Eagles and I think he is the best man for the job. I support totally that his contract be renewed for the sake of continuity.

  • ajinwambada 8 years ago

    pleasemy peoples i belive that Keshi’is the best for us after year he now put new joy to our maind again please keshi is the best

  • Sunny Ahukanna 8 years ago

    for me Keshi is the best thing that have happened to the national team and should be allowed to continue what he started, give him a chance to put up a solid teamand defend he title he won in afcon last two years

  • In my opinion, I think Keshi has done undoubtedly very well as the coach of the SE. He may have made some mistakes in his world cup selection but in just two years winning the AFCON and taking the team to the round of 16 is obviously a mean feat. It took Clemence Westernhoof four years to achieve same. Moreover, his achievement also includes the CHAN bronze which arguably the SE would have won convincingly if not for penalty shootout against Ghana at the semis, remembering that it was the first time the SE qualified for the championship and Ghana had been there on all the previous editions still with no success to date. He is the only Indigenious African Coach to have such an amiable record.
    Lastly, for continuity sake Keshi should be left alone with SE, in other words reinstated as the Coach of the SE. The qualifiers for the next AFCON is around the conner, take note and I think Keshi should have learnt some further lessons with the just concluded world cup. He should be left alone to complete his rebuilding the SE exercise.
    He (Keshi) has my pass mark of 70% to date. The ‘devil we all know’ I think is better than the ‘angel we all do not know’!

  • Nzekwe Asugha 8 years ago

    Keshi could be considered, but he should be given key performance indicators {KPI] . At the same time, NFF should equally make provision for a good working environment that will enable him perform his duties diligently. Keshi should also humble himself to know that he has superiors that appointed him and should be ready to take instructions and eschew insubordination. If you can not tolerate dissent from your players, you should also show respect to your Employers. Respect should be reciprocal for the two parties in order to maximize the best of talents that we have in Nigeria. God should help them to take a wise decision that will be beneficial for the interest and progress of Nigerian football.

  • EMMANUEL OMOTOSHO 8 years ago


  • Jobito 8 years ago

    I think he has not done badly except for the weak bench he had at Brasil plus omitting some players who could have helped our course.I will suggest he is given another chance to prove himself and let’s see what happens.
    He actually has the interest of the country at heart and having played for the Eagles in his playing he will feel happier to be with this team than working for South Africa or any other country as manager.

  • Fasuyi Ariyo James 8 years ago

    Keshi has done well in the last 2years,but he needs to work on his bench. For now he doesn’t have a bench, matches are won at times from the bench. He should also learn not to be too rigid on his players a good manager should be able to manage his players very well, he should remember he is a father to them and should forgive when necessary. That is what makes him the manager. He should be allow to continue.

  • I think to reclaim the name African Giant again.. we need someone that’s more tactical modern than SK. I think im my opinion ! Oliseh is a good choice

    please, let him be for continuity sake, as it is obtainable in foreign countries were things work.

  • Thank u 4 giving me d opportunity to comment on ur website. A square peg should be in a square hole. Keshi does not need introduction in world football. He won the AFCON in his first attempt as Nigerian coach. He qualified the super eagles to the world cup, he got to d round of sixteen with players that went to the world cup 4 the first time except 4 few that. Tested action in past events. Keshi should be allowed to continue what he started. “Don’t start what u cannot finish” since d Nff gave him d job to coach d super eagles and he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is capable, the Nff should allow his finish d project

  • Samson OBS 8 years ago

    Keshi, has no doubt done the incredible. We believe in him and we got results. However, Keshi should not be forced to stay. If he decides to stay back and continue as the coach, it is good for the players and Nigeria as a whole. But if he wants to leave, he should be allowed to go on good terms. There are always better hands who can fit in.

  • Well to me i will say kechi should go becuz his too selfish he does’t listen to others advise,When we av the best players that can do well kechi will not allow them to represent us he will be counting on uchebo,Gabriel nd sola nd co.we av aruna lookman,joel obi who can form a solid midfied he wil not let them,so i think i should go.

  • Lucky 8 years ago

    NFF should please, save us the trauma of starting all over again. Keshi,( like any other coach in the game) has some areas to improve upon and should be a better coach after the world cup experiece. NFF should give him more chance with more conducive working condition. He deserves it.

  • G Ekaba 8 years ago

    Keshi has done well. His contract if not yet renewed should be renew quickly. Take for example, the German, their coach has been with the team for a very longtime. that is reason of their excelling in the world cup. Let us give Keshi the chance to do his job. The Eagles he took to the world cup was assembled for only two years or less and see their performance. If they are to stay together for about three to four years they will perform wonderfully. Lets give him a chance.

  • bobby 8 years ago

    please there should not be no discussion of handing keshi a new contract…what develops any country`s football is discovering of talents ..I think Keshi is the only coach that did this after coach westerhof rout in USA `94…since it worked out like this for Keshi why cant he continue with the discovering of talents which Nigeria are blessed with ? It will go a long way to help the country in the near futurte!

  • i think keshi should be allowed to complete what he started, continuity is what we need at this moment, the reason why we failed to improve in football is changing of coaches always, keshi has done very well as far as i am concerned, he has attained the height where westerhop attained, with continuity, he will perform more, let the nff provide a good working environment for him, he will do well and if possible provide someone that will help him read matches to enable him know when to do changes and the right player that will replace the changed player.

  • Mr. okunbosa tunde olanrewaju 8 years ago

    big boss has done well for our country and made africa proud in the just concluded World cup. if Keshi has a better offer from South Africa, i would advise him to go ahead with the offer and let NFF look for another coach like Sunday Oliseh. Let’s us try him for once.
    Infact, Keshi tried alot for this country despite criticism from people. This is an opportunity for him to take South Africa’s offer.
    My words to him is ” Keepup keeping on”

  • As a Nigerian, I think we should let Keshi continue as the coach of Super Eagles, because he has done
    well. But, NFF should give him all the support he needs to suceed by sending him to a coaching course in Europe. So that, he can learn some of the tactical stuff he lacks, that way, he keshi can become a better coach.

  • Keshi lacks technical skill when it matters most to change a game.Let’s try something different.Olishe should be given a chance, atleast 7 months contract to qualify and take the team to nations cup.afterall is the most qualified FIfa coach in Nigeria.Keshi has tried, thumpup. But his too rude to is employer. He doesn’t accepts advise from proffesionals in the discipline and complains to critisism. Lacks fatherly character as coach for the players. Please Oliseh should be given a chance to show what he can do for Nigeria football.SUNDAY OLISEH ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Israel Akinlawon 8 years ago

    It is wise to retain Keshi for continuity sake as we have no much time again for rebuilding by another coach. Remember AFCON qualifier is closer to us than our jugular veins. Again, if Keshi should work with SAFA, he won’t succeed their this time around because Nigeria has been grouped with South Africa in the AFCON qualifier as it is sure that Nigeria will surely beat South African regardless of any coach we appoint. It’s better for him to stay here for now.

  • Michael 8 years ago

    TO NFF: Who do you think is a better coach (local or foreign) to handle the Super Eagles? It is either you fail to plan well or have planned to fail by contracting another coach apart from Stephen Keshi.Let me make this clear,Which expartriate coach will earn less than 10m naira per month? Convert the 10m to dollars or pounds and it is not up to 40,000 pounds/month.The white man will still require the services of our indigenous coaches to meet up his target.We have tested Lars Laggerback,Berti Vogts,Bora Miltunovic etc.It was only Westerhoff that equalled Keshi’s record to which we still applaud till this moment.
    It is either you retain Keshi or engage Daniel Amokachi (whom have understudied three coaches) Sunday Oliseh,or Samson Siasia.All of the list mentioned here may accept 5m naira per month but will not deliver what Keshi has delivered within the record period of two years.A word is enough for the wise.
    SPORTS MINISTER: Kindly reposition Nigeria football and dont allow the NFF to drag us backward.

  • lets go pls NFF should have another man i can’t believe peel is saying this thats keshi stay with nation team with those bad soft he ask been doing take money from those boys
    before coming to natoin team

  • pls NFF lets him go should lets holm go just bcos taking money fem those boys before coming nation team which is very bad pls lets go hear IDEYI DIDNT PAY him thats why he hasn’t go with them which very bad

  • pls NFF should have sunday oliseh chance even is 7 month contrite lets keshi go they have calling him for another job beside knw any couch went to word cup and stay with nigeria with bad attune he has been doing take money fem them before coming to nation team can image have a lot prayer should have been word cup just bcos don’t have money to pay him and star saying uche taye taiwo dele obagol will have a lot prayer they need in word cup this not keshi football league this word cup pls lets him go NFF

  • i disagree with KESHI to caoch Nigeria again because is full of discriminatinating,tribalism an is not good for the coach to doing all these all game that win is the asistance of okocha and Kanu an it didnt allow advice see wat apen in 1st game at worldcup and Nation cup all wat you are shouting about that keshi win is work of kanu and okocha

  • i disagree with KESHI to caoch Nigeria again because is full of discriminatinating,tribalism an is not good for the coach to doing all these all game that win is the asistance of okocha and Kanu an it didnt allow advice see wat apen in 1st game at worldcup and Nation cup all wat you are shouting about that keshi win is work of kanu and okocha 4get keshi as coach again

  • Akindunbi Emmanuel 8 years ago

    Well to me in my opinion, Keshi has done well in the last 2years,but he needs to work on his bench. Many atimes matches are being won from the bench. He should also learn not to be too rigid on his players as a father to the boys he should be able to manage his players very well, He should be allow to continue, because i dont seem him in South Africa. Even if he will do well in SA it wouldnt be so soon as in the case of Nigeria.

  • Hi webmaster, do you allow guest posting ???
    Please let me know, i am interested 🙂