Siasia Celebrates 30th Wedding Anniversary

Siasia Celebrates 30th Wedding Anniversary

Nigeria U-23s coach Samson Siasia was pleasantly surprised on Thursday when players and staff of the team presented him with a surprise 30th wedding cake.

Siasia, 47, who is in camp with his players preparing for their 2016 Olympic qualifier against Congo, then took pictures with his wife Cassandra, the players and the special cake.

The pair got married in 1985 and have children together.

The pictures were posted on Twitter by the U-23s media officer, Timi Ebikagboro, on Friday.

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  • Where Nigerian Lie With Dia Age
    Let’s debate on these..
    The links below proves that he just celebrated his 27th year Anniversary

    According to wikipidia

    Samson Siasia is 47 yrs old (1967) and
    according to complete sport

    he got married at the age of 21 (1988) and now its all over the news that:

    Samson Siasia Celebrates 30th Wedding Anniversary You will find these on complete spot.

    So my fellow individuals do we care?

  • ejinaka John lawrence 4 years ago

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