Siasia Hails Eagles Despite Tanzania Draw

Siasia Hails Eagles Despite Tanzania Draw

By Sab Osuji In Brazzaville:
Photo By Ganiyu Yusuf:
Team Nigeria U-23 men’s football head coach, Samson Siasia, on Sunday  added his voice in commending the Super Eagles for securing a point in their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Taifa Stars of Tanzania on Saturday in Dar es Salaam.

“A draw is better than a loss, the team tried and we must not forget the fact that this present Super Eagles are still a new team under a new coach,” former Super Eagles coach Siasia told at the Games Village, Kintele, Congo Brazzaville.

“It’s important they did not lose, for sure they will get better.”

Super Eagles secured a point against Tanzanian in a match new goalkeeper, Carl Ikeme, singlehandedly kept Nigeria in the game with his string of saves.

The Super Eagles will confront Menas of Niger Republic in Port Harcourt on Tuesday in an international friendly match.

The Eagles will later meet Egypt in yet another AFCON group qualifier early next year.


  • Is Siasia sincere in his statement? Does Siasia realise that it is only one team that will come out of each group? Maybe I am wrong about only one team from each group. If I am right, as I am writing this, Egypt are beating Chad 1-3. This means that Nigeria will be 4 points from 2 matches and Egypt will be 6 points from 2 matches. In March 2016, we will be playing Egypt. Can we beat them? Can we beat Chad, Tanzania with this Super Eagles? I foresee disaster. So Siasia you are those praise singers who are only interested in one’s downfall. If we fail to go to the 2017 AFCON, Oliseh will be a hated man. Trust Nigerians. In fact it has already started.

  • Samuel Bukky 3 years ago

    In fact, we must praise siasia for his comments and that is one lesson Oliseh himself must learn. Sabotaging a partner is someone Oliseh must run for. When Siasia was the coach, oliseh made several negative comments. Now, he himself is there now. Should he be dabotaged? No, for the sake of nigeria football. But Oliseh must learn his lesson.

  • Tunexy4u 3 years ago

    In as much as I want to agree with the fact that this is a relatively new team, I still agree with djeniko that Siasia is not sincere with his comment here. We did not play well yesterday simple, let’s call a spade a spade. The coach will know that there is a lot of work to do, most especially our midfield and attack. We need Ighalo in the attack and Rabiu Ibrahim in the midfield.

  • sampson Osuji 3 years ago

    It can be one team from each group rather two but that does not give me the hope of qualification with this team Eagles need to secure with the best players and not testing players like Haruna and others,we know the best of Nigeria and they should be called to book for the Egyptian Game, Our Dear Coach should forget what happened in London and call them to order, I believe they will come because Nations Cup Tournament is the key to their career, Coach building is good but we do not need building for in Qualification, you can test players in Friendly and not in Crucial qualification, We have the duo of John Obi Mikel, Victor Holy Moses and Ighalo, Kelechi Ihenacho, Baba Tunde Michaels, Juwon Oshaniwan, even Sunday Mba all playing well in Good Team and Competitive Football out there, please add them to the team against Egypt, I hope they will add value in the Midfield and push the game forward, no paces for Ahmed Musa and our Midfield was open and we were struggling for ball, that is why the Defense became weak, Coach used to be our defensive Midfielder during his time so I believe he should be perfect in Defense. Good Luck

  • sampson Osuji 3 years ago

    Our Midfield is empty and the team struggles a lot yesterday,good enough we have an experience keeper, Coach please this is Qualifying Campaign and we need result,we can build team and test them with Friendlies and not competitive games like Afcon Qualifiers because this team I see yesterday can not beat any Good team, Look for Experience Players and put in the Midfield, John Obi Mikel, Moses, Youngster Kelechi can be called up for support in the next game against Egypt, I am happy we did not lose yesterday because I need clean sheet in your Career, remember yours days when Super Eagles were on Top of the World, please take us back to our winning ways. I condole with our Skipper Vincent for her Mum’s departure.Good Luck Super Eagles.

  • Beejay 3 years ago

    Thanks djeniko. I wonder why we lack sincerity in Nigeria. We say the wrong things when it’s obvious that there is a problem. And permit me to say this: Chief Onigbinde, Siasia’s and some ex internationals are indeed guilty of this. Up till now, I still do not understand the rationale behind some players invited by Oliseh- why igbohun or emenike when we could have invited Ighalo and Martins? Why didn’t we invite iigiebor and Ogu- bet they would have payed better than izu and obiora or haruna. The coach should better sit up or ship out. Nigerian are impatient. Grammer without action will end in disaster…..

  • paul kelvin 3 years ago

    The goal keeper was excellent.please no body should invite Hauruna Lukemon to SE again.That guy never leaned,just too proud, feeling in the pitch as if he is God.Please we dont want to see him in SE.I think Balogun is better than the guy that play right back for us.

  • Samson 3 years ago

    There’s no qualification for us with this team. I don’t see this team defeating Tanzanians here or Chad there let alone defeating Egypt home and away with their fire-brand attacking and water-tight defence. Egypt is not ready to drop a point with their present standard. Qualifications has eluded us already

  • Sandubz 3 years ago

    For who cares to reason, this is not the wish of Oliseh and if you do know football, you will appreciate the fact that it is not easy to play away matches as much as your opponent puts you under all sorts of advantageous condition to frustrate the visiting team. Not even myself is happy with the outcome of the match but I began to pray for the eagles as soon as I saw Ramoon Azeez, who had an opportunity to command shirt, fumbling, we all anticipated a convincing win against Tanzania but something went wrong somewhere, do join me to pray for success in our remaining matches. Siasia and co. knows what it takes to loss a match and will definitely encourage Oliseh for a better performance. Super Eagles is a team to envy any day any time. If a whole Spain can be thrashed any how then you should know that football is not 1 + 1 = 2.

  • Sandubz 3 years ago

    Sorry, my targeted name is Haruna Lukman and not Ramon Azeez.

  • iforai -phc 3 years ago

    I totally disagree with all of you here saying this,b,cos this is not the first time this scenario has occurred.Egypt is ahead with 2 point , i bet you the SE will improve and win the group.this is what i foresee

  • Ikenna obioha 3 years ago

    I said it earlier, hw can someone dat hv no experience not even coach u 17 .oliseh dont hv the experience to handle dat task. We sincerely need a white coach honestly. I always tell people dat we dont hv experience midfielder like mikel obi. Look at how the midfielder was too porous, attack poor, no ordination, the defence was shaky, if not Karl ikeme we should hv been beating by the angry Tanzania. Pls oliseh invite inhalo, kelechi , salima, inform matins to add nutrient to attack, mikel, oga, ighiebor and rabid in the midfielder role..

  • Precious Noble 3 years ago

    @iforai, God bless you for your positive comment…WE WILL IMPROVE!
    Do you know that the camp of Egypt are very afraid of the Super Eagles despite our draw… We will beat the pharoahs in both legged matches – I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT.
    i recal in 2013, Nobody gave the super eagles a chance when they played against a fire-brand Elephants of CIV in an afcon semis, they won that game 2:1 and eventually went ahead to lift the afcon title that year…

  • oliseh should try and invite players like (obafemi martins ,uche,ideye ,osaze ,salami ,akpom ,moses , iwobi , Mikel obi and onazi )

  • papafem 3 years ago

    @Skinny, Olishe invited Obi, we were told he didn’t pick his calls. There was a problem with Salami’s passport, so couldn’t have made it. Akpom has not said he wants to play for Nigeria. Moses just came back from injury and still settling down in his new club. Onazi was suspended for that match so he couldn’t have played. We should always get our facts right before we criticize the coach. Let’s allow them to settle down. I believe we will qualify. At least we can go to sleep now whether Enyeama turns up or not. So the building is gradual.

  • Michael Omotor 3 years ago

    I agree with papafem.However, coach Oliseh need to invite ighalo for the Egypt /nigeria game.Ighalo is a prolific scorer and may he burst the net wide open with shots in our next game.

  • Tohluh Briggs 3 years ago

    its so surprising how we find it easy to judge with or without facts, a whole lot of this players invited are regulars in their various clubs, and some of them were expected to give their best, but it didn’t work out well, there was a time when we all wanted the head of Mikel, onazi and the likes, now they seem to be the new saviour, I will actually love if the coach can protect the career of players like Ihenacho and all of his colleagues so they don’t fizzle out before they get to the big stage due to youthful exoberance, yes some players don’t deserve call up for now, but there replacement should not be Martin’s, Uche, and let’s allow the likes of Ighalo to gain his grounds in his new club, injury might ruin his chances on a field like that of Tanzania, Mikel should work on his playing time in Chelsea else he stays back good for Moses and Ideye who left there various clubs cos they want first team shirt not 87mins, when people like akpom, Ibe, Dele Alli and the likes decides to switch allegiance, they will meet up with young ones too, and please which experience do you need to coach a team when you have always been in the setup as a player and administrator, please let’s give him a fair chance.

  • Onovo 3 years ago

    Well, we all know that SE can move from stumbling and falling to rising and standing. SE’s president Sunday Oliseh should look deeper into the wealth of experienced players we have that are still playing in their clubs and invite them. We should not fail to qualify for Afcon 2017, that will be a double shame. Egypt or no Egypt, SE should qualify and prove their worth with God helping them. I wish Nigeria a successful qualification, if we will work harder to earn the ticket.

  • The Super Eagles will qualify with an excellent result.

  • As Nigerians we are very short sighted. We expect drastic change within a very short space of time. Look how long the Keshi saga took. Oliseh gets hired a month or so before a major qualifying match. The coach only meets his new team a week before the match and we expect the team to gel and perform exceptionally.
    Oliseh needs time. This was his first match …..away from home.

  • olutunde adedeji trinity 3 years ago

    honestly, fellow analyst, olishe wil be a good coach, he would have learnt fron the tanzania match dat eagles is not for average players and no experimentation in d real match day. Pls d so called mikel shd be fgotten and look for a creative midfielder any where he is. D likes of igalo, moses, ik uche, onazi, obafemi, sunday uba amongst odas, are still needed. At dis stage, we need experienced players.

  • nosa edosa 3 years ago

    Wonder wats wit d mix feelin wit d result, Oliseh shuld try untested player only in friendly games to gradually infuse dem into d main team. He shuld luk outside of homeboys cos d best of dem always travel abroad, so to get d best for super eagles d coach shuld luk for dem abroad. Nosa Edosa

  • nosa edosa 3 years ago

    Wonder wats wit the mix feelin wit the result, Oliseh shuld try untested player only in friendly games to gradually infuse dem into d main team. He shuld luk outside of homeboys cos the best of dem always travel abroad, so to get d best for super eagles the coach shuld luk for dem abroad. Cos whr r d Ehiosu the uba’s of this world. Nosa Edosa