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“I Did This Since He Could Not Sexually Satisfy Me” Confession ….

“I Did This Since He Could Not Sexually Satisfy Me”  Confession ….

Confession Of A Frustrated Lagos Based Housewife

I had dinner with my lawyer friend recently and our discussion took us to how the rate of divorce is drastically increasing in Nigeria. The most shocking part of that discussion was when she told me the reason for many of these divorces. She said in 3months, she had close to 9 divorce cases and 7 of them were because THEIR PARTNERS COULD NOT SATISFY THEM SEXUALLY and 1 case was because THEY BOTH WERE NOT COMPARTIBLE ENOUGH TO BEAR CHILDREN. She went on to add that, ‘do you know that many Nigerian women actually forgive their men for cheating on them and continue in the marriage, but almost No woman can survive sexual frustration for a long time?’.

One of her clients who came to her for help and narrowly escaped divorce is a Lagos housewife by the name Chioma and here is her story in her own words.

“We have been married for 7 years and I was nursing a pain which eventually turned my marriage sour. I and my husband had it going good for at the beginning. After a while, I just became more and more sad every time we had sex, but it got worse after we welcomed our first child. Well, as a well brought up and very moral woman, I tried to talk myself out of the feeling of frustration I had, cause I thought I had to bear it as a way of showing I loved my husband.”

Well, cut the long story short…. Her husband, Dave, lost his job along the line, go into the tiring race of trying to get a new job. Since, that did not work out, he left it and started trying to start a business, and since Chioma was a full time housewife, they became dead broke and more frustrated.


According to her, “To add up to all these mishap, Our sex life headed for the rocks. I had to look for ways to avoid sex as I did not want those hopeless feelings creeping up at me since his performance was below par. He always cited excuses for his below performance, from tiredness, stress and lots more. I wept bitterly because I was sex starved. Whenever Dave entered me, he spilled even before three minutes. We talked about it and one of the divorce restraint I had was the fact that I saw him doing his best to help the situation to no avail.”

She continued saying “ shortly after I came to you to pour out my heart concerning the situation, I visited my childhood friend, Ireti at her home. She got married some years before I did and since I could confide in her, I poured out my heart to her in tears. She revealed a secret to me which left me speechless. I appreciated her kind gesture and quickly rushed home”.  You can read the Testimonials Of Other Men here

“Days later, one evening I decided to share the secret with Dave with detailed explanation. He applied the secret that evening and that same night, we made love and his performance improved a little  because it sure was better than it had been in the past years.” surehealthbenefits.net

“The wow thing was that by the fourth day, our sex life had greatly improved to the point of having several sex rounds. I was and am still short of words, there are times when I have to gaze at him for long to be sure I was in my husband’s arms. It feels now like he has a magic touch to his performance. Great part is the fact that his confidence has returned and he is now in control. Thanks to this amazing secret

“Thank God I did not give up on us when I was tempted to. Our sex life has been re-positioned and it’s a get relief as our marriage has indeed entered a new phase. If you want to have Dave’s Secret of Long Lasting Performances that God used to save my marriage, you can get it here as this was exactly where I got it from”.

I was so moved by Chioma’s story that I decided to write about it to help the multitudes of marriages today in the same situation of sexual dissatisfaction or childlessness. It just might be the miracle you are praying for. Please share this with as many people as you know. Let’s keep divorce at its barest minimum in Nigeria.

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