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Super Eagles Drop In FIFA Ranking; Argentina Stay Put, South Africa Slip

Super Eagles Drop In FIFA Ranking; Argentina Stay Put, South Africa Slip

By Johnny Edward:
Nigeria’s Super Eagles dropped nine places from 41st to 50th in the latest FIFA world rankings released on Thursday, Completesportsnigeria.com reports.

The Super Eagles also dropped 50 points as they are now on 671 points from their previous 721 points.

The latest ranking, which was published on FIFA’s official website, places the Super Eagles in the eighth position in Africa behind Senegal who recorded their highest-ever position on the monthly ranking moving up nine steps to 23rd.

The Teranga Lions are now the top-ranked African nation, having leapfrogged Tunisia in 27th position (second in Africa) and Egypt who dropped one place to 31st. Congo DR are in fourth while Morocco,Burkina Faso and Cameroon all finished above Nigeria.

Zenith Ziva

The Eagles’ drop comes after they drew 1-1 with Algeria in their final group game of the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign and defeated Argentina 4-2 in an international friendly in Krasnodar, Russia.

Seychelles, who will host the Eagles on matchday two in Group E of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers next year, dropped one place from their 188th position last month to 189th.

Group E leaders, Bafana Bafana of South Africa, also dropped to 81st from their 74th position from last month. Libya, also in Group E, moved up 10 places from 87th to 77th in the ranking.

Meanwhile, in the top 10 ranked teams, Germany are number one, Brazil are number two, Portugal are in third position, Argentina remain in fourth and Belgium fifth.

Spain moved up to sixth position, Poland are now seventh. Switzerland moved into the top ten bracket and are now eight while France and Chile complete the top ten in ninth and 10th respectively.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 21 December 2017.

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  • Yes, the ranking is right because we are in pot4 in world cup group

  • yeye ranking.
    so beating Argentina now is a sin abi?

  • Nonsense, the pot 4 had nothing to do with November rankings…

  • FIFA with their crazy ranking, by the way who ranking help?

  • This is the reason I don’t like these FIFA rankings. Untill FIFA states clearly the criteria for the rankings it will continue to generate controversies!
    After the last 2 matches of S/Eagles I was expecting a jump upwards in our ranking but instead we drop 9 PLACES!!! Imagine that….

    • The criteria is clear and open to all who endeavour to know. Nothing hidden, it’s our knowledge of the game we need to update.

    • Nigeria is ranked higher than Algeria and Cameroon and Nigeria couldnt beat them in their last two match, Algeria and Cameroon is expected to go up in their ranking whiles Nigeria goes down in its ranking.

    • Why don’t you enlighten us Mr. Olayinka? I’m sure there are many people who will be grateful for ur response

    • Simons leave DAT guy in group of four country we qualify beating Zambia without losing a match also went ahead and defeated Agentina yet those countries naija defeated are still ranked ahead of us????to me FIFA ranking is a big scam imagine Switzerland and some weak European countries ranked ahead of us bullshit Ranking.

  • This their ranking, nawa oo

  • Technically, fifa is right!!!!
    The ranking slip is sequel to the draw against Algeria, and d win against Argentina is not competitive it’s simply a friendly match.
    The rule is once a team below u beat u or held u to a draw in a competitive match, u expect a slip.

    • Fifa consultant i hail thee

    • lols Samuel Ishau Niyson

    • Wat about Cameron that we beat why didn’t they slip nine way down

    • Babatunde… You have spoken the truth, those who dont know anything about football will begin to insult you now, like this Samuel up here^

    • Nicolsen 4 years ago

      In that case Burkina Faso and Cameroon who failed to win and qualify for the world cup should not finish above us.. This rankings lacks credibility and objectivity.

    • oga make ur research well… a friendly match is inclusive and very relevant in fifa ranking

    • Chiemerie… Nigeria did not beat Cameroon in its last match, infact Nigeria has not won any of its last compititive match because you have an unstable, panicky, fearful goalkeeper called Ezennwa at goal who continue to cause us penalty.

      • The win against Zambia is not competitive. You guys don’t know the rules and it is better to keep watching. How could you say such that we have not won any competitive match. We won against Zambia before the draw against Algeria. Receive sense

    • But Ghana held Egypt to a draw too.
      Did they slip?

    • Debbie 4 years ago

      Stop justifying this nonsense pls. There is no iota of sense in this ranking.

    • Lol… Wu sais friendly dont count

    • Our FIFA consultant said so Gbenga Hunthode Joseph

    • The problem with some people is that they want to look like people who carry out serious research and will therefore post a comment dat will make pple notice them. The best thing is to ignore dia comment bcos all dey want is to feel relevant.

    • That is not the rule. Both teams ought to benefit from the draw based on the criteria. See – http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/procedure/men.html
      The underlying assumptions do not favour teams like Nigeria. They are skewed in favour of certain teams by default.

    • Mt Babatunde u got it all wrong ….FIFA can’t be right in any way, d draw against Algeria cannot be a set back cos Algeria is better ranked than Nigeria before & after d game. How do u explain Algeria being ranked above Nigeria after d gross woeful performance they put up all through d qualifiers salvaging only 2 points in 6 matches. More so, pls be informed that high profile friendly matches like d one with Argentina counts in FIFA ranking. This is simply a grand plan & manipulation of d highest order just to get Nigeria into d group of death by d reason of poor placing in FIFA ranking, biko!

  • Most football fans doesn’t know the political criteria which FIFA is using to ranks teams. If you beat any of FIFA’s favourite team, FIFA would ranked the team low. All these African team that are ahead of Nigeria team in the latest FIFA ranking is a signs of hatred from fifa. And that show that during 2018 world cup draw, FIFA will deal with Nigeria but God is with Nigeria. Fifa rankings is political.

  • Is because of the draw against Algeria.

  • Yeah! Because you use poor goal keeper (Ezenwa) who was very very fearful and continue to cause us unnecesrael penalty. Now we gonna be droping points because this panicky goal keeper! Get this fearful, panicky goal keeper (Ezenwa) out of the super Eagles!

  • It is obvious to those who know the game well that Nigeria will drop since the draw in Algeria.
    Instead of abusing FIFA, we should update our knowledge of the ranking system.
    Nothing biased in it, that’s the system applicable to everyone.
    Algeria is far below is in FIFA rankings so a draw against us will increase their ranking while lowering ours.
    The win against Argentina cannot balance because friendly match don’t have same weight as competitive match…. shallom

    • So how come Cameroun is placed above Nigeria. Remember they drew against Zambia and didn’t play any friendly match as against Nigeria that drew Algeria and won Argentina

    • no be small thing my brother

    • Oga analyst what of Argentina that drew against lower ranked teams during their world cup qualifiers??? Why are they still where they are???

    • Honestly, I am always confused about this FIFA ranking. Is there anyone there who can educate people like me. Beating Argentina, to me. My thinking is that Nigeria will move higher only to drop down . Wole Olayinka, sir, if you know better than us , can you please educate us.

    • Thats not true bro. Algeria has always been ahead of us in ranking, at least for close to three years now

    • @Bello,on what ground should Algeria be always ahead of in d last 3yrs??…..better explanation sir.

    • Algeria that did not win a single game during the qualifying matches is ahead of Nigeria. Why?

    • A drew and a win against Cameron who is ahead of us. were those it take us to.

    • The ratings are malicious and very UN TRANSPARENT.

    • Fuck fifa ranking…. if dey like make dem put naija for last.. am still a full breed naija… xo Argentina get beta head pass us??? Y r dey still whr dey are after all dere draw in qualifier

    • Thanks for which information? How do u analyse Cameroon that won the Nations Cup and hardly won a match during world cup qualifiers, yet they are ahead of us?

    • That’s not true …a team like Italy at last year’s world cup.seeding weren’t in the top 7 despite always coming top of there group so I don’t think that’s the reason the training system is flawed

    • Forget that, when Ghana beat us 4-1 in a friendly match played in London some years ago Nigeria was 9th position what was the result of the ranking Nigeria dropped to 30+ position because of just friendly against Ghana
      So for d fact that we came from behind to beat Such team like Argentina then we know we can be ranked top 15 in the world I don’t care about what stupid ojoro FIFA put on paper

  • they da plan their corruption for world cup draw na.. abi whona nor understand

  • Just because we beat Argentina abi them demote us abi

    • Its not because of Argentina, its because you draw with Algeria and Cameroon in your last compititive match, friendly matches not included. If you draw with a team you are above in ranking, you will come down in ranking and that team you draw with goes up, that is how its done, remember you already drawn two match with teams you were supose to beat silly.

      • Was it not after Cameroon’s match that we beat Zambia. Or our match against Zambia is not a competitive match. Don’t be outdated bro

    • Friendlies are included but not as weighty as competitive matches so far substitutions are not more than 7 for any of the teams involved.

  • Nicolsen 4 years ago

    Bullshit Rankings.. Whats the justification for this?

  • Rubbish ranking, even countries that are not qualify for world cup are ahead of us. FIFA want to distract us, but we will remain concentrate and always be focused. Nonsense ranking.

  • They should eat the ranking as far as we’re concerned we are good

  • FIFA Rankin has nothing to do with Nigeria ambition in the World Cup come next year

  • may be Team perfromance should not be ranked by winning or loosing but overall efforts on the pitch

  • This fifa ranking self, what is even the criteria they use? As outstanding as the super eagles as been in recent times.

  • I don’t understand this ranking

  • To me, this ranking shouldn’t be our worries rather we should learn how to support our team to enable them make us more proud. Thank God we now have serious, focused and talented young set of players who are hungry to serve the nation and a transparent head coach. #teamsupereagles

  • Nigeria drew Algeria away from home in a World cup qualifying match and defeated Argentina 4 goals to 2 in a friendly match, and what do we get?. Dropped 9 places in FIFA ranking. FiFA ranking is a scam!!

  • Ayodele 4 years ago

    Fifa Ranking,Na wa ooo

  • Fifs ranking is shit, have lost faith in Fifa from the moment they placed Buffon ahead of De gea in the balloon d or award

  • I have decided not to pay attention to this FIFA rankings, it doesn’t reflect the result on the pitch.

  • Just bcos Nigeria is da 1st african country 2 qualify 4 world cup Russia 2018 also disgrace Argentina in a frndly match by 4-2 scores a pity to fifa

  • All of a sudden,Nigerians now takes FIFA imbecilic ranking/slanting very serious like heavenly ‘raptures’ The ranking will take the heat off Super Eagles n the underdogs will be underated @ everyone peril @mundial.

  • Let them rank Naija last, we go dey chop their father for pitch. Up Naija… Nigeria 4 : 2 Argentina.

  • Confused FIFA and their end time ranking. only God knows what criteria they re using. if country like Cameroon, Congo and even Switzerland that qualified through play off could be ranked ahead of Nigeria then something is wrong

  • @Babatunde if u said that what was Nigeria ranking after we beat Zambia and Cameroon? how many matches did Argentine won in their qualifying matches except the last match and yet they’re ranked number 4 in the word.Those European country that used to play minor countries re even well ranked. Super eagles current performance at the mome
    nt deserves to be among d first 3 in

  • I don’t believe in FIFA rankings..I believe in team performance..

  • Abeg, abeg, people trying to justify this crap FIFA ranking should shift, abeg. What criteria, biko? That nonsense criteria is wrong and should be changed ASAP. Can you even imagine countries like Iceland and Iran in Pot 3 ahead of Nigeria in Pot 4? What a laugh! Me, I know Nigeria will top its group in the first round, so far they give us a group like Russia or Poland (Pot 1), Peru or Colombia (Pot 2) and Iceland or Iran (Pot 3).

    • Calculation of points for a single match
      The number of points that can be won in a match depends on the following factors:
      Was the match won or drawn? (M)
      How important was the match (ranging from a friendly match to a FIFA World Cup™ match)? (I)How strong was the opposing team in terms of ranking position and the confederation to which they belong? (T and C)
      These factors are brought together in the following formula to ascertain the total number of points (P):
      P = M x I x T x C


  • pls fifa,are you using vote to decide the rank or u are using performance.because if it is performance,i think Nigeria does not deserve this. This is rubbish. FIFA rank means nothing to me.

  • Well i can say this ranking not base on this recent 2 matches,those 2 matches might be reflect on the next month Ranking,, Also i suggest FIFA might use our 4-1 lost to Ghana in WAFU Cup final to demote us to 50

  • FIFA has admitted it will review its ranking system after the qualifying tournaments for 2018 World Cup are finished.

    The system, which is based on each nation’s results over a four-year rolling period, is used by world football’s governing body to decide the seedings at World Cups.

    It is flawed, inconsistent and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • That is the true situation of things. The ranking is flawed and FIFA has admitted same.

  • The ranking is a wishy washy.The formular should be manifest.

  • fifa drop super eagle of nigeria bcos of the upcoming world cup draw….country like germany?England?Spain?will play a low rated team?
    bull fifa bull….
    Right now Eagle fear knw team

  • Can this ranking give Nigeria 3 points at the world cup? absolutely no. Why killing ur self over it. Bcos I don’t know who this one help

    • Yes it can oo…this pot 4 Nigeria found ourselves is as result of previous fifa low ranking….we surpose not to be in pot 4… Now we will be made to face big big team at the group stage.

  • Am not interested in ranking, am interested what the boys can do in the pitch. After all we beat Argentina mercilessly. let forget the ranking

  • Yeye ranking

  • Mtcheeeew mk dem chop dia ranking na abi who ranking epp????

  • Unfortunately, this satanic ranking will play a part in the draw for the world cup, it may pitch us against tough teams. That ranking is a scam, big scam !

  • When you ask people who are 70yrs and above to work for you that is what you get.

  • chuddyl 4 years ago

    i tried going through most of the posts here and I must say that I am disappointed. anyone with a good knowledge of the ranking system will know that at a particular time, usually at the end of the year, the points are re based and what that simply means for CAF affiliates especially this year that happens to be an AFCON year is that the participants will be rewarded, because AFCON is a major championship like the tennis grand slams or the golf majors. any astute sports afficionado out there will understand this point. our non participation in the last afcon has come to the fore. of course, our draw with Algeria did not help matters. the victory against Argentina can only move our points a bit because we had more than 3 changes each in that match hence the drop in the value of the points we gathered in that grade A match. hope I have been able to shed some light on this our embarrassing situation. the lesson is that all major championships matter and we must take them seriously if we want our ranking to reflect our true soccer prowess.

  • Super Eagle qualified for the World Cup final in a difficult group without losing a match and on top of that beat Argentina in a grade A friendly match can someone tell me the criteria used in this latest FIFA politicize ranking?

  • Why are you confused. If you want your team to be in the first 10 then you work for it. Politics yes, but beyond that our team need to work hard

  • yes I love this if them like let them give us hundred position in the world but let us ne beating agentina and others


  • The draw in Algeria is enough to give us a better ranking rather than take us 9 places away. Argentina game was registered, so it should count.

  • Argentina is the worse team after Peru to qualified from the South America axis. They are 4th on the ranking. It is because of the accumulated points gathered over the previous plays. That is the flaws in the ranking system. Argentina from the days of Maradona has been playing world cup, confederation cup, nations cup, quality friendly matches and some other small small matches. It is like bank saving that you go to withdraw money to make ends meet when you are short of cash. Nigeria has not been doing that well ie to save points. We miss some nation cups, we miss world cup and when we attend we play only 4 matches but Argentina usually get up to the semi finals or the final and at this stage it is the best of the best in terms of quality and so high points. So there is no basis to compare Nigeria and Argentina. We are never in the same class with them. Football wise and in other areas of life like the economy. What is to be done is to start playing in most of these competitions and organise quality matches with the Chan Eagles since we cannot get the foreign Eagles to come in the non FIFA calendar. Let us gather all those small small points. Meanwhile I see no need banking on the ranking. The ranking is even deceptive. It can make you to underestimate or overestimate a team. Argentina underestimate us and we overestimate them not even remembering that they struggled to qualify from the South America zone. So let us forget the ranking and concentrate on how the teams in our group got qualified. After all Russia is hosting but they are ranked 68 in the October ranking.

  • Are they ranking us based on recession or football performance, make dem go chop shit jare.

  • Fifa ranking s subjective

  • useless ranking our government nor go bribe FIFA abi fever be dem name

  • i nor need dem ranking even senegal No 1 i laugh

  • FIFA is not sincere with their ranking. There is foul play in it.

  • Men’s Ranking Procedure(FIFA Ranking)

    The basic logic of these calculations is simple: any team that does well in world football wins points which enable it to climb the world ranking.

    A team’s total number of points over a four-year period is determined by adding:

    The average number of points gained from matches during the past 12 months; and
    The average number of points gained from matches older than 12 months (depreciates yearly).

    Calculation of points for a single match

    The number of points that can be won in a match depends on the following factors:

    Was the match won or drawn? (M)
    How important was the match (ranging from a friendly match to a FIFA World Cup™ match)? (I)How strong was the opposing team in terms of ranking position and the confederation to which they belong? (T and C)

    These factors are brought together in the following formula to ascertain the total number of points (P):

    P = M x I x T x C

    The following criteria apply to the calculation of points:

    M: Points for match result

    Teams gain 3 points for a victory, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a defeat. In a penalty shoot-out, the winning team gains 2 points and the losing team gains 1 point.

    I: Importance of match

    Friendly match (including small competitions): I = 1.0

    FIFA World Cup™ qualifier or confederation-level qualifier: I = 2.5

    Confederation-level final competition or FIFA Confederations Cup: I = 3.0

    FIFA World Cup™ final competition: I = 4.0

    T: Strength of opposing team

    The strength of the opponents is based on the formula: 200 – the ranking position of the opponents. As an exception to this formula, the team at the top of the ranking is always assigned the value 200 and the teams ranked 150th and below are assigned a minimum value of 50. The ranking position is taken from the opponents’ ranking in the most recently published FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

    C: Strength of confederation

    When calculating matches between teams from different confederations, the mean value of the confederations to which the two competing teams belong is used. The strength of a confederation is calculated on the basis of the number of victories by that confederation at the last three FIFA World Cup™ competitions (see following page). Their values are as follows:

  • Nobody should really take this ranking seriously, let our team ( super eagles) just prepare well for the world cup.

  • Let’s forget Fifa ratings. When Nigeria was in their last world cup and in the last 16 , they were ranked 34. Fifa get small ojo ro. However our super Eagle never get their team together. Their passes get as ebi. You can’t beat your chest for ’em.

  • This Fifa conspiracy theory, is it computer that does the job

  • @ Yusuf Ayodeji. Google fifa ranking over the last few years, Algeria has always been better ranked than Nigeria. Just like this new one, its fifa that can explain why the criteria. How for instance can fifa explain Cameroun being ranked ahead of Nigeria in spite of their poor run of result over the last one year. Algeria did not win any match in the just concluded world cup qualifiers, yet its ahead of Nigeria. I think its better to ignore the ranking

  • That’s is just EP. Enemies of progress. Nothing else to justify that ranking

  • davidson 4 years ago

    All dis ranking is just to make sur dat we r in pot4. The world cup will host 32 teams which will b divided into 4pots. Pot one will contain d 1st 7 highly ranked teams plus d host (russia) while pot 2 will contain d next 8 highly ranked teams after the first 7 in pot1 and so on. Bcos 9ja rankin is low so they will habe to be in the last pot (pot4). The implications of this is dat teams in d same pot can’t be in d same group in d world cup. Dat is during the grouping, they wil pick one team frm pot1, one frm pot2, one frm pot3 and one from pot4 to make a complete group. Wat dis means is dat Brazil or portugal or Germany or Spain or Argentina or belgium etc can not b in d same group. D just want to eliminate d so called low ranked teams first. Dats d fifa politics. So don’t b surprise wen u see naija in pot4 and see Argentina in pot1. But Al d same, we will shock dem.


  • This grading is another FIFA wonder.

  • When una team dey good in 1994 shey FIFA know rate una 3rd in d world now wetin una dey hala for

  • Ranking is not

  • A team that beat argentina few days ago is falling in ranks instead?? The ranking doesnt make sense abeg

  • Fifa ranking or no FIFA ranking EAGLES fly higher than any other birds

  • Am telling u bros..dey for not even go world cup

  • I think PMB needs to include FIFA in d fight against corruption…. I mean this is plain corruption…..just saying tho

  • This ranking is questionable and highly political.

  • What I will say is that if Nigeria win World cup 3 time back to back they can never rank us 1st in the world… So what we need is to go for gold in 2018 not what FIFA will put on paper… Let us support our boys I believe they can do it… Infact when I saw the kits of the boys I knew its sweet to celebrate the cup at the final. We may not have Messi or Cr7 but we have God

  • My people relax this is the kits we gonna use to celebrate the world cup in Russia forget about FIFA ranking… I knew after qualifying from group stage in the midst of two difficult team, they will bring team like Germany, Brazil or Spain God that handed over Argentina to us after 2 goals down will surely come against every FIFA plan to favour their favorite nation. This world Cup is coming to Africa this time around and no other place but Nigeria. In God we trust….