Swansea Coach Insists ‎Moses Is A ‘Cheat’

Swansea Coach Insists ‎Moses Is A ‘Cheat’

By Johnny Edward:

Swansea boss Gary Monk insists he has no regrets for calling Nigerian winger Victor Moses a 'cheat' last season.

The Nigerian international while playing for Stoke City last season on loan from Chelsea was accused of  diving to win a penalty for the Potters ‎in the encounter that saw the Welsh side lose.

Moses has since left Stoke and is now with West Ham on loan from Chelsea.

But ahead of Saturday's fixture between Swansea and Stoke at the Britannia stadium, Monk has refused to back down from his claim.

"I have no regrets, that was how I felt," Monk told Walesonline regarding the Moses 'cheat' claim.

"But we have moved a long way‎ from there and I'ts not even in our thoughts now.

"We are focussed ‎on moving forward. We have had some good games against Stoke so hopefully we can put on another display in front of our fans."