Terry To Arsenal: ‘Tippy-Tappy’ Football Won’t Win You Titles

Terry To Arsenal: ‘Tippy-Tappy’ Football Won’t Win You Titles

John Terry has taken a dig at Arsenal — insisting you cannot win the Premier League by playing ‘tippy-tappy’ football.

Chelsea, who face Leicester on Wednesday, need two wins to clinch the title following their goalless draw at Arsenal on Sunday.

Gunners fans sang “boring, boring Chelsea” towards the end of Sunday’s goalless draw at the Emirates, before Blues boss Jose Mourinho returned fire by taunting Arsene Wenger.
Mourinho said: “Boring is 10 years without a title.”

And skipper Terry added: “Possession and tippy-tappy football’s great, but if you are not winning games you’re not going to win the league.

“We are definitely not boring and if we do go on to win it, nobody’s going to remember the performances when perhaps it’s not been that exciting.

“We’ve dug deep and other teams haven’t done and that is why they are so far behind us.
“Possession is great, we could see that from the Manchester United game last week.

“Let’s not forget the first half of the season, up until Christmas, we were the best side by far.
“The football we played with Cesc Fabregas and his assists, the goal at Burnley from Andre Shurrle and goals after that. The play was different class.

“Things then went against us and the manager came up with the way to get us through games — and that’s where he’s at his best.

“Let’s not forget we were the best side up until Christmas and we have actually beaten the teams who have made things difficult for us.”