The Best Real Money Online Casinos in Malaysia 2023

The Best Real Money Online Casinos in Malaysia 2023

Looking for a trusted online casino site which accepts Malaysian players? We are here to help you. Given the restrictions around gambling in Malaysia, we want to make sure you enjoy your experience with the very best and most legitimate operators. Our personal favourite is BK8, but make sure you read this article to see which online Casino site is best for you.

Malaysia’s Top 10 Casino Sites

  1. BK8
  2. 1xBet
  3. Me88
  4. Maxim88
  5. 96M
  6. Dafabet
  7. 20Bet
  8. Bet365
  9. MD88
  10. 77Bet

What we love about Malaysia’s Top 10 Real Money Casino Sites


  • Asia’s leading gambling and casino site 
  • Free signup and easy to claim welcome bonus
  • A lot of promotions, bonuses, and offers
  • Easy to Download App
  • Malaysia’s leading VIP program

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  • Most trusted and the best online gambling platforms
  • Customer support for 24 hours 
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Mobile friendly
  • Offer promotions and bonuses
  • Well-known live casino brand 


  • 288% Welcome Bonus up to MYR 2,880
  • Secure and reliable site
  • Live streaming and sports and esports


  • Offer promotions and bonuses
  • Easy to use and enjoy 
  • Live gaming deals and sports betting 


  • Download 12Play App and get free MYR12
  • 100% welcome bonuses
  • Easy signup and registration process


  • 100% welcome bonuses, which is equal to MYR 500
  • Popular football player as ambassador
  • Live casino and gambling events 


  • Famous betting site for odds and gambling games
  • Promotions and bonuses 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Famous betting site for odds and gambling games
  • Promotions and bonuses 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Famous betting site for odds and gambling games
  • Promotions and bonuses 
  • User-friendly interface

How to Get Started with Online Gambling in Malaysia

Because of many scams and duplicate sites, it’s not easy to start online gambling in Malaysia, and the issue becomes more critical if you are new to betting. BUT DON’T WORRY, YOU CAN COUNT ON US TO GUIDE GUIDE YOU.

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In this section, we’ve provided a complete guide on how you can start online gambling in Malaysia:

  • The first and most crucial step is to find a reliable and trusted betting site which offers multiple options to play (above are eight top-rated sites, and you can select one of your choices)
  • Now find the signup or registration option on the site you selected 
  • Fill in the correct information and complete the registration process
  • Now search the specific odds and betting options to play 
  • Place bets according to your budget and enjoy 

Online Gambling Site Reviews

Top Rated Gambling Site in Malaysia: BK8 

With its mobile-friendly and user-friendly dashboard, this game is famous in Malaysia. An iOS and an android app are available to download and install smoothly. Mainly this website has all types of casino and betting games that one may like to play. Fishing games, table slots, table casinos, card games, and other reputed betting sports are available here to enjoy.

We highly recommend playing this game with a 150% welcome bonus if you are a great fan of online gambling games. Sign-up rewards are offered and a significant number of promotion rewards are awaiting you. Register yourself here and enjoy happy gambling in Malaysia. The site has 24 hours of online support; hence, they are ready to solve your matter in a short time if you are facing any issues. There are no cons to this betting site, but live-streaming options are not available here. 

So, if you want to get a place to enjoy live betting streams, keep reading this article. 

Best Gambling Game for Rebates: me88

me88 covers more than 20 sports simultaneously, including eSports, CSGO, League of Legends, Starcraft, and DOTA 2 as main gambling sports. You must be happy knowing you can enjoy live streaming based on your interest. If you are new to betting and gambling sports, sign up on this site and get a 200% welcome bonus for a match casino with a total worth of MYR500. 

me88 is an online and supportive betting platform which is very popular in Malaysia. It’s not much old but is getting a reputation rapidly. It’s included in the top 50 best online betting sports sites worldwide. Besides gambling games, almost all types of betting sports are available here. These include poker, slots, and lotteries. 

Moreover, it accepts all payment deposits, including E-wallet and cryptocurrencies. This site is free of all scams or inconveniences, which is a significant problem in many other betting sites. 

Best for Live Casino Games by Evolution Gaming: Maxim88

Maxim88 is an outstanding game for gambling fans. By joining this site, you can win about $100,000 and withdraws money weekly. It has a 5% cash-back offer, so we love and mention this site here. If you want to enjoy your time in fun rather than just getting money or coins, this site is highly recommended by us. 

Betting sportsbooks and esports are commonly played games here. You can enjoy live events and stream happening on the site if you own a strong internet connection. 

It is a certified and licensed gambling platform widely used internationally because of its reliability and user-friendly dashboard. All the gambling sports are provided here, which are arranged by the top online casino software providers. Moreover, it has a lot of space for people worldwide, and you can book a slot anytime. 

Best for Live Casino: 96M

You can easily access online baccarat, blackjack, and poker with your fingerprints. The platform offers all types of live casinos and sports. Welcome bonuses, offers, winning prizes, and many other options are available to make your gambling experience to the next level. More than 100 slots are always open on this site for gambling fans. 

This site has a clean and easy-to-understand interface, so one doesn’t face any hurdles playing this game. Twenty-four hours of online support is always there to assist you, anytime. Besides the welcome bonus, the site offers a 20% daily deposit bonus opportunity. We recommend you all signup and enjoy gambling games with one of Malaysia’s most trusted and safest casino sites. 

Best All-round Betting and Casino Site: Dafabet

Dafabets is one of the most trusted and secure sites that are getting reputed worldwide. It is one of our favorite sites because of its layout and easy-to-play features for newbies. Moreover, it’s a certified and licensed site, which is why we mention it in the top 5 lists. 

It offers lottery-based sports, betting and gambling, esports, football betting, and other live-streaming casino sports. 

With multiple sports and betting options, it also offers bonuses and prize bonds. Welcome bonuses and winning awards are expected. Online pokers and fishing games are other common sports which you can enjoy. 

This site is the best choice if you want not to be scammed by the site owners because of the security and high level of online support. In case of any error, call the license, and they will assist you without the time boundary issues.

Best New Gambling Site: 20Bet

With a 20% deposit match worth around 100MYR, this is one of the most exciting gambling sites famous among Malaysian. It’s a new site but is getting publicity rapidly and has almost all gambling sites, including slots, betting sports, and other vibrant live casinos. In short, if you want free bonuses, offers, and awards, we recommend this site to sign up and play. 

So, if you are new or tired of sites which don’t offer any bonuses, then join 20Bet today and enjoy a lot of prizes, awards, and welcome offers. You can get access to all types of live casino games, related softwares, and stakes. 

It has three sportsbooks and one esportsbook with highly efficient bonus options. However, one must remember that it does not accept multiple payment methods. So, firstly, check out the site and its payment method and proceed towards the registration process.

Best for Online Sports Betting: Bet365

Another well-reputed site that offers sports betting in Malaysia is Bet365. Football, Basketball, and Ice Hockey are the top sports you can enjoy readily upon completing the registration process. Signing up offers a welcome bonus which worth $500 in total. Enjoying live football betting games is another advantage of this game. 

Bet365 app is available on Playstore for all android devices, and one can also download this game on iOS because of its compatibility. Its user-friendly dashboard is another reason why many users love this gambling site. It is an international casino platform which everyone can enjoy sitting at their home by downloading and installing the app. 

Note: Here, you can deposit your welcome bonus and money anytime without any delay. 

Best for Live Casino: MD88

You can easily access online baccarat, blackjack, and poker with your fingerprints. The platform offers all types of live casinos and sports. Welcome bonuses, offers, winning prizes, and many other options are available to make your gambling experience to the next level. More than 100 slots are always open on this site for gambling fans. 

This site has a clean and easy-to-understand interface, so one doesn’t face any hurdles playing this game. Twenty-four hours of online support is always there to assist you, anytime. Besides the welcome bonus, the site offers a 20% daily deposit bonus opportunity. We recommend you all signup and enjoy gambling games with one of Malaysia’s most trusted and safest casino sites.  

Best for Live Odds and Games: 77Bet

It specializes in esports, betting sports, and casino games with multiple payment methods, including Neteller, Moneybookers, and Western Union. For sports, the deposit match bonus is around 50%, which equals 150MYR; for casinos, the deposit match bonus is about 100%, which equals 600MYR. 

It offers multiple odds options and using these odds; you can enhance your gambling experience easily by playing free and the next time you are eligible for odds. 

Moreover, registering and playing gambling sports here means receiving high payout rates quickly without spending extra cost. This site is releasing betting competitions soon in 2023, and if you are a gambling enthusiast, we highly recommend using this platform.

Legality of Gambling in Malaysia

In Malaysia, 61.3% of people as Muslim residents, and so far, it’s not clear if gambling is allowed and legal there. Still, millions of people play these betting and online casino sports daily. Moreover, there are a lot of debates and discussions about the legality of gambling in Malaysia. 

In short, gambling is not illegal now in Malaysia. Gambling is unlawful according to the Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953 and the Betting Act of 1953. However, it is allowed to play in Malaysia only in the places by the law and courts. For example, there are specific places and betting houses where you can play gambling and casino games. In Malaysia, any gambling, public marketing and advertisement are not allowed. 

Besides the above discussion, in some recent cities and countries, the gambling industry has become popular daily, many people bets and play casino games in betting houses. A betting house has games related to betting only, i.e. casinos, pokers, jackpots, and others. And if you are a person who wants to play and bet in the gambling field, we highly recommend joining a risk-free system and making sure not to do the things that are not allowed by gambling houses. 

Deposit Methods for Online Gambling Sites in Malaysia

There are multiple deposit methods for online gambling sites in Malaysia, including national and international ways. Credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, and other e-wallet deposit methods are common. Most people don’t rely on credit cards and can select different payment methods from a betting site according to the rules and regulations. 

Popular Deposit Methods at Online Gambling Sites

  • eWallets

An e-wallet is one of the essential types of digital and online transactions using a computer or a smartphone. An e-wallet is also called a digital wallet. Using this digital wallet program, you can make transactions and get rewards when it comes to know about online gambling in Malaysia. 

Some of the top e-wallets in Malaysia are Touch N Go and DuitNow.

DuitNow: It is an easiest way for online transactions and has access to Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, Bank Islam, and AmBank; you can use these banks for online transactions; if you don’t have a PayPal account, then you can use these banks and the DuitNow method for money transfer for gambling. 

Touch N Go: Touch N Go, on the other hand, allows money transaction options and helps to reload accounts and fund transfer ways. Bank Negara can be easily used for this method. Also, you need an android 5 or above device to implement this method. 

  • PayPal

PayPal is an easy and international payment gateway which you can use for online gambling deposits in Malaysia. It is a secure and reliable way as you can claim back your money in case of any issue. For instant deposits, PayPal is recommended practice. 

  • Debit or Credit Cards

Astropay, Visa cards, and debit cards are the essential methods most people use for deposits and transfers in gambling games. This way is easy to handle and doesn’t charge any fee. 

These are some essential and trusted Deposit Methods for Online Gambling sites in Malaysia. Before trying any method, ensure that the place where you deposit the money or currency is genuine and authentic. Also, see the bonuses and offers available on a site that can help deposit money based on percentages. 

Betting Offers for Online in Gambling Malaysia

Online gambling Malaysian sites provide many best offers and bonuses. These offers are based on discounts or many welcome rewards, and winning prizes are available. Some of the suggestions are given below, knowing which you can play a gambling game or betting sport in the best way:

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is an offer you will get upon first registration or signing up on a specific site. This type of welcome bonus is available in different forms, and you can use it to play the next betting or gambling game. For example, if you need to spend some money or coins, you can use this welcome bonus as an alternative knowing its worth. 

Welcome bonuses are not fixed and are available based on your interest and the site features. Not each of the sites has the same welcome bonus. And not each type of welcome bonus has the same worth. So you can check it from its facts and feature page of a site. Some standard welcome bonuses are BetIndi, Fun88, Parimatch, Dafabet, and Betway.

Match Deposits

A 505 to 200% match deposit is also offered by most Malaysian sites, which is an integral part of each betting site. It may be a welcome bonus or a match-win bonus. It is one of the best Malaysian sites for gambling offers which one can use for the sake of the following matches and competitions. 

Free Spins

Free spins are also available as the best gambling and casino offers in the Malaysian top gambling sites. These are available to win the next casino games and sports. One can use these free spins to play a betting sport or purchase the required prizes. 

Free Bets

Offers are available in the form of free bets also. These free bets are good to use for your next purchase. For example, you can claim a bet or a wage as an alternative to money. These free bets are also useful when selecting and reserving a slot for the next betting sport. 

Online Gambling in Malaysia FAQ

What is gambling?

Gambling is playing a game on the bet, i.e. in return for money or risk. In other words, it’s about risking money to get a heavy amount of cash upon winning. And if you lose, there are better hopes for the next time. The best example is spending and risking the amount of money in jackpots or bk8 games. 

How to stop gambling?

It’s not easy to stop gambling at any cost because many casinos and betting fans love to bet and win. The reason is that around 2.6% of people worldwide are severely addicted to it.

However, some tips and steps are helpful for everyone to stop gambling. Some alternative sports are enjoyable and beneficial to stop this addiction. Some cognitive behavioral therapies are helpful to stop someone from gambling. 

How to win at gambling?

The first and most crucial consideration to win at gambling is selecting a game, i.e. jackpot if you are a beginner. Set a budget according to your money range, and then play the game carefully. 

Don’t go into a rush for anything; take a proper diet, intake enough water, select smaller bets at the start and repeat. Another important consideration is choosing the bet offers with the relevant people in your field. 

What is real money gambling?

Real money gambling is all about advertising and offering the game in return, of which a game owner receives the real money as wagered. People mix it with virtual gambling, where people get tokens, coins, or cash in digital form. In real money gambling, one receives real cash instead of digital media. All casinos, sports betting, and poker games come in this category. 

What is baccarat gambling?

Baccarat gambling is also known as banker gambling because of the central role played by the banker. It’s a card-based gambling game where two people deal simultaneously. It is based on guessing the cards, and the hand which wins receives the points. The cards with 2 to 9 points are the most worthy. It means if one wins the card with these numbers, he will get more points than other cards. 

What is crypto gambling?

Crypto gambling means betting and playing games using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. It is the opposite of real money gambling. 

It also uses US dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling etc., in crypto forms. Compared to other games where handling the currencies in actual structure is not easy, this crypto gambling is easy and smooth to enjoy. 

What is CSGO gambling?

CSGO is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is also called skin gambling. Skin gambling is a casino game where you receive the designs and costumes related to the skin, using which you can update your gaming characters. Hence, one can use virtual goods and items in the game instead of real money or coins. Nowadays, most gambling games are coming in the form of CSGO gambling. 

How to get a gambling license in Malaysia?

As gambling has been prohibited in Malaysia since 2003, the government ceased the issuance of a gambling license. The main reason is that most of the population is Muslim, and gambling is prohibited under Islamic laws. But still, the number of online casinos is growing day by day, that’s why the government of Malaysia is thinking to start issuing the license to casinos, but still, it will not allow any Muslim to participate in them due to Sharia law. That states no Muslim citizen of Malaysia is allowed to participate in gambling, whether in a physical or online casino. 

Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a Muslim country, so gambling is against Islamic laws, which is why it is prohibited in Malaysia. Operating an online casino in Malaysia is completely forbidden, but a vast number of casinos are operating illegally. 

The government faces problems in catching these criminals because the players participate via the internet. That’s why the government is thinking of giving licenses to casino owners to get taxes from them. But still, there is no way to legally get a license in Malaysia to run a casino. 

Are gambling apps legal?

There are many online gambling apps available for gamblers, but in the whole world, there are different laws for different countries. These apps are legal in some countries, while on the other hand they are prohibited in some countries. 

But still, people are using these apps illegally by participating in online casinos in those countries where these casinos are prohibited. For example, in India, these apps are not illegal, and people play the games in licensed online casinos. On the other hand, in Malaysia, these apps are illegal. 

Can Muslims gamble?

According to Quran, Muslims are forbidden to gamble. But still, there are so many Muslim countries that allow Muslim people to gamble in casinos. In Islam, there are strict rules that don’t allow Muslims to participate in any gambling activity, and there are hard punishments for people who gamble. 

But many countries are making their casino market strategies to attract Muslims to participate in it. For example, in Malaysia, gambling is prohibited for Muslims, but there are large numbers of online casinos in which anyone can participate. 

In Which countries is gambling legal?

There is a list of countries and regions where gambling is legal. These are:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Malta
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • North America
  • European countries.
  • Monaco
  • Kahnawake
  • Curacao

There are different rules and regulations related to gambling for each country and region. You have to play under these rules because there are strict punishments if you break these laws. 

In Which countries is gambling illegal?

In this modern era, there are some countries where gambling is still illegal. The majority of these countries are Islamic because Muslims are prohibited from participating in gambling. These are:

  • Cambodia
  • Brunei
  • North Korea
  • Japan
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Singapore
  • Cyprus
  • Qatar
  • Lebanon
  • Poland
  • Malaysia 

But still, there are illegal casinos available in which people can participate, but if they get caught by the government, then strict actions are taken to get them punished. 

Is online gambling safe?

There is a wide variety of online casinos, and some of them are fake to loot the people who play in those online casinos. So, if you want to play in an online casino, you should search for the most trusted and reliable casinos which have approved licenses by international online casino organizations. 

Then you can participate in it and play your favorite games to win and earn real money without getting worried about the reliability of that casino. 

Are gambling winnings taxable?

Yes, gambling winning is fully taxable, and you must mention your huge winning to the tax department. This is not limited to winning lotteries, casinos, horse races, and raffles, but you are also answerable for winning cash and prices such as trips and cars. 

This is because the government gives license to the casinos and make sure to keep an eye on them and apply proper tax on all the transactions made in casinos. 

Why is gambling prohibited in Islam?

Gambling is prohibited in Islam because Allah has forbidden it. Allah says:

“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, al-Ansaab [sacrifices for idols, etc.] and al-Azlaam [arrows for seeking luck or decision] are an abomination of Shaytaan’s handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful.

Shaytaan wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants (alcoholic drink) and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allaah and from al-salaat (the prayer). So, will you not then abstain?”[al-Maa’idah 5:90-91]

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