The Nitty-gritty Of A Team

The Nitty-gritty Of A Team

From Charles Umeh :

You probably got yourself a team, but if you haven’t, that’s okay. The beauty of a team is hinged on the co-operative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together in the interests of a common cause. It shares the power of collaborative energy and demystifies the power of individuality.

One key that stands out about working with a team is that you figure out that none of us is as good as all of us. There is a Chinese philosophy called the Ying and Yang theory. It’s simply two halves that together complete wholeness. The Ying on its own cannot be optimum until it merges with its Yang.

One good way of making  team -work sink deep is referencing sports. For basketball lovers, there were two names in the NBA that rocked the court in their time and referred as  one of the greatest sports dynasties in history: Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.

Both were arguably the best duo in the NBA history. The good thing about Scottie and Jordan was that whenever they showed up everyone knew there was going to be an upset (if you were for the Chicago Bulls).

A school of thought believes there was no Jordan without a Pippen, and their reason made sense to them: Scottie Pippen had always brought out the best in Michael Jordan: however I, guess they were wrong.

Scottie Pippen was in a team and his role in the team was specific. The Ying and Yang must merge to form wholeness. Michael and Scottie both made wholeness with the Chicago Bulls while winning several laurels.

A team is made up of talents who bring in skill-set to the work space. Every talent manager's role is aligning each talent  considering  their strength and weakness so as to be optimally utilized.

It’s like playing football and deciding that a player like Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo plays on your team as a defender whereas the frontline is his acing spot.

As a rounded player, Ronaldo could defend to save  the team, but in the long run, the reaction would be frustrating if not well managed.

A checklist for every talent manager is aligning each skills-set on a team.


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