The Premier League Is Starting To Get Thrilling

The Premier League Is Starting To Get Thrilling

Not since the year Leicester won the Premier League have we seen a competition this thrilling. In most cases, one team is just going to dominate the top of the table. In fact, we probably would have predicted Manchester City being the walkaway winners this year, but plenty of teams have managed to nip that in the bud, and even though we still have about 6 months left of the season, the excitement of who will take the title is already starting to set in.

Manchester City and Liverpool are sitting on level points right at the top of the table. Of course, Manchester City have a superior goal difference, but closing up a 10 goal difference is not a mammoth undertaking over half of a season. Honestly; we think that if one of these two teams ends up taking the title, it is going to be level right until the end. The winner will likely be whoever wins in the January fixture between the two (Liverpool have already beaten them once this season). This is going to be one of those games you want to be watching on your live cam sites for football, because even though plenty of other games are going to be taking place that day, this is going to be the real thriller.

These teams don’t quite have the win ‘sewn up’ yet, though. There are three teams below them in the league table (Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham), each of whom are sitting on a decent 21 points. All it takes is for one of those to win and either Manchester City or Liverpool to lose and the whole top of the table is going to be shaken up. With the way that these two teams are playing right now, there is absolutely no doubt that they are going to stay in the mix until the end of the season. This means that for the first time in a long while, it is feasible that there will be five teams in the mix to take the title, at least until the last few matches of the season.

Beyond this, competition is not quite so hot. There is little chance that 6th placed team Bournemouth is going to catch up with Tottenham. There is absolutely no chance that Manchester City, normally a contender for the title but now sitting in 10th place, is going to catch them up either.

Even the tail end of the table is a bit competitive at the moment. Newcastle are sitting on just 2 points with 9 games played, so it is likely they are going to go down. Huddersfield the same. But after that, any one from Burnley downwards could end up being relegated. Brighton, if they continue to play the way they have done so for this season, are likely to stay up. They have most of their ‘harder’ matches out of the way anyway, with a win over Manchester United being one of the highlights.