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Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World And Their Worth

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World And Their Worth

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World And Their Worth

With this list, you are able to discover which football club are the richest, and how much are their worth. You have incredible teams here, so you can get to know them better, especially in the financial way.

  1. Manchester United manchester united-arsenal-iwobi-bournemouth-premier-league-completesportsnigeria.com

This team is worth £581.2 million. It has topped the Money league for the 2nd season, which is the 10th time since records began. The 12 deals regarding the team’s sponsorship and also the broadcasting contracts were essential in making the team improve its revenue from £515.3 million to £581.2 million.

  1. Real Madrid

It’s only obvious that this team would be between the top 10, so here it is, as the second one. It’s worth 579.7 million. This team has been ahead in the Money League since it had an increase of its commercial revenue that passed from £33.32 million to £259 million. Its success improved mostly since it was the first team to get the Champions League title from UEFA, in its modern format.

  1. Barcelona

One of the most known teams in the world, FC Barcelona, is worth an incredible £557.1 million. This club has been one of the Spanish people’s favorite, and there’s no wonder why. With Neymar and Messi on the team, their way is only one: to success.

  1. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is worth an outstanding quantity of £505.1 million. It’s the club that generates the most commercial revenue of all the clubs. It account, last season, an outstanding revenue of £295.1 million, also one of the highest numbers ever. Although the team won Bundesliga for the 5th time, it failed the Champions League, creating an impact on its revenue, that decreased.

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  1. Manchester City sterling-manchester city-completesportsnigeria.com

This club is absolutely incredible, and many thought it wouldn’t be where it is. Worth £453.5 million, this is one of the top 5 Deloitte constituents, because due to the commercial and broadcast revenue growth, it’s the second season it has been on that place. It is on course for the Premier League, so it could rank higher for the next season.

  1. Arsenal FC

Worth £419 million, the total revenue of the club is a record. It had a great turning, winning the third FA Cup in four seasons. However, the club still failed to quality for the Champions League, which could make it drop from the Deloitte ladder next year, which can result in a drop on its revenue.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain

The French club is worth 417.8 million. However, it lost the title of the Ligue 1, last season, it has been doing very well financially, since it has signed Neymar for a word record transfer fee of £200 million, and also loaned Kylian Mbappé, with the goal of buying him. Deloitee says that these signings “reflect a clear desire for the team to regain its superiority in France and to win the Champions League.”

  1. Chelsea FC

The club is worth £367.8 million. It has been on a steady trip, especially by winning the 2016-17 Premier League championship. A new deal regarding sponsorship boosted its commercial income to an incredible amount of £139.8 million per year.

  1. Liverpool FC

Worth £364.5 million, the team had a record overall revenue during 2017. It had an income rose on broadcast due to a new TV deal, but Deloitte affirms that there’s so much more for Jurgen Klopp.

  1. Juventus

This team is worth £348.6 million. It was on the Champions League for the second time in three years, this was last season. It won Serie A, the Italian season for the sixth time in a row, which is a total national record. It is one of the highest-ranking teams on Italy.

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  • Lord Stark 5 years ago

    This information is wrong. The figures quoted here are the annual incomes (from TV, Merchandozing, match day, endorsements etc) of the listed clubs and not the value of the clubs.

    Man U, Real Madrid and Barcelona are each worth in excess of 2 billion dollars. Editor please take note.

  • Obozuwa 5 years ago

    who them help! this is the new millennium, i am surprised that with all the development that has happened in football/telecommunication/entertainment this clubs still do not have means of giving back to their fans.


    Arsenal is one of them
    but they have won EPL for the past 14years

  • Gbatar 4 years ago

    With all what these clubs generates,the fans are benefiting in any way.

  • Sports lover needs information

  • Efionayi Richard 3 years ago

    Hw cum arsrnael is still toping Chelsea they av nt won d EPL 4 ova 14 years