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TOP 10 – Which Sports Are The Most Dangerous

TOP 10 – Which Sports Are The Most Dangerous

Life without any risk is kind of boring but if you decide to allay your thirst of extreme, be doubly attentive to the extreme sports list from our article! They decimate lives as much as diseases! What is the most dangerous sport from all existent? There is no exact answer as we are all afraid of different things: height, obscurity, speed or being attacked. Bull Riding, Base Jumping, Cave Diving and many others notions wait for you on our list. Our professional writers may help you to create perfect college essay help online in a very fast time-limit.

1. Bull Riding or bull taming is one of the world’s most dangerous sport for men. The essence is that the rider must stay minimum 8 seconds on the bull’s back. Thus the phrase that these are “8 the most dangerous second in the world”. It sounds simple, but practically it is a horror of horrors.


2. Base Jumping

The recorded videos of base jumpers impress a lot. The sport which is about jumping from the high objects is barely the record holder of a high-risk sports medal.  And there are a lot of reasons for this: finally, in the delayed parachute jump, jumpers move at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour. And all this when the public is not afraid of the risk: base jumpers bravely jump in through passages of mountain peaks or they are ready to maneuver between the tree crowns.

Needless to say that there is no month without tragic news in this sphere: you can believe or not, but the Norwegian scientists analyzed more than 20 thousands of recorded jumps and arrived at a conclusion that the possibility to die during a jump is more than two thousand.

3. Diving. The most dangerous sports in water are diving and cave diving (see below). People are not Ihtianders, and under the water, they can breathe only with the help of Aqualung. Doing diving, the people become absolutely depending on the equipment. And God forbid something will go wrong with this equipment. That is why it is so important to check everything twice before the plunge and to have special preparations before deepening.

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4. Cave Diving

Classical diving after 3-4 month of diving school can be called safe with a great reserve comparing to this kind of sport. Cave diving is a variation of diving, but it is deemed to be more dangerous. 8000 victims every year! The difficulty lies in the fact that in the situation a diver must rise swiftly for some reason, it is impossible, like in Wreck Diving.

5. MotoSport

We would not surprise you by telling that motorcycles have always been dangerous and moto sport suggests injuries and lethal outcome.  In spite of the professionalism of the roadmen, the statistics of the death in this sport is quite frightening: one death to a thousand. Even if the trace is perfect and all the measures of the safeness, the accidents are not uncommon here.

6. Downhill skiing and Snowboarding

You can be surprised by the fact that the mortality rate of the winter sports is very high.  Yet, don’t hurry to take away a board from your child: the public trace manages without any serious incident for years. Almost all the fatal occurrences in winter sports are connected with ski jumping and Heli-ski.  And it is no wonder: firstly, you need to fly up more than 100 meters to ground after this. The second situation is even more difficult – you are jumping from a helicopter to a hill never before imprinted by the foot of man.

7. Rock Climbing

Summits assent may become fatal even for very experienced alpinist. Other issues that the climbers may face at height are hypoxia, hypothermia, and freezer burns. And to get a highly-qualified aid is impossible in the conditions of the mountains.

8. Rugby is one of the most aggressive sports. It is very popular in New Zeeland, Australia, and England. Comparing to a football, rugby implies frequent and sometimes very rough contacts of the players. In such situation, the risk to obtain an injury is rising. It doesn’t even make sense to tell about grazes and bruises – they are a norm for rugby.

9. Golf. It may be a surprise for someone that the golf is also a dangerous kind of sport as all think that this is a lazy game for aristocrat’s leisure.

As it happens, the injuries are very frequent for golf. In accordance with the statistics, every year near 900 persons die on the golf course from a stroke of lightning or a blow of the sphere into the head.

10. Equestrian sport is also an aristocratic one. Therewith it is rather dangerous as a fall from a horse may be finished minimum with a fracture. Moreover, the horse is always unpredictable, and every sportsman must find common ground with an animal. This will lessen the outpouring of the aggression of the animal.

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