Troost-Ekong Wants Super Eagles To Face Brazil At World Cup

Troost-Ekong Wants Super Eagles To Face Brazil At World Cup

By Ayomide Osipeju:
Super Eagles defender William Troost-Ekong says he will like to come up against Brazil and their superstar Neymar at the Russia 2018 World Cup.
Bursaspor star Troost-Ekong was in action on Saturday as Nigeria beat Zambia 1-0 in Uyo to seal their play at the World Cup.
“We will probably meet some stronger teams because of our place in the FIFA ranking and it would be nice to play Brazil or England for example,” Troost-Ekong, who was in the Nigeria squad that won men’s football bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics, said in an interview with Voetbal Zone.
 “At the 2016 Olympic Games we lost in the semi-finals and then I was looking forward to playing in the final against Brazil. So it would be nice to get that chance at the World Cup yet. “But the idea that you’re at all to play at a World Cup is very special to me.”
Troost-Ekong has formed a strong partnership with Leon Balogun in the heart of the Super Eagles defence as the team conceded just one goal in their last three African qualifying Group B matches.
Nigeria will be facing Algeria in their last game of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers next month.
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  • One needs to be prepared for anything. Its the best amongst the best

  • cool down abeg no now make we go worldcup first

  • Abeg no talk am again sir.


  • Who ask him to speak on behalf of the team, hope he can tame neymar, jesus, paulinho, coutinho, marcelo and dani Alves..

  • If he really said it, I appeal to Brazil to ignore & forgive him: ‘cos he is carried away by the euphoria of qualifying for the world cup.

  • Abeg oo. No play that expensive joke oo

  • U should know our usual opponent: Argentina not Brazil but if una meet Brazil is a work over for Brazil, so shut ur mouth cos u guys re playing absolute rubbish. Professionals who re not able to control or pass ball very well

  • I love his moral and high spirit dats what we need..

  • Be careful what u wish for son.

  • Brazil, forgive him, for he knows not what he is saying 🙁 🙁

  • Body dey catch this boy

  • So that he can come back on time or what? Did he forget anything back home

  • Is it Iceland that England couldnt beat? Island deffence is very strong. They will beat Eagles 4-0

  • Good challenge, you can stop Neymar.

  • Even though very strong Nig is no match for Brazil… u have fgtn Neymar, Willian and co abi

  • U just typed my wish Iceland I dey tell u

  • Is that wat u think Ben? I laugh at u

  • Hmmm he can stop Brazil …sha

  • Guy u dey play with fire abi?

  • Mehn! Plis u guys shud 4give him(troost Ekong) Cos his learning comedy

  • He wants to swap shirt with Neymar I guess

  • Ordinary to beat Zambia, it was war. Now you are talking about Brazil when we manage to escape Zambia

  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 1 year ago

    It will be wise for NFF to organize friendlies for Super eagles against opposition like Brazil, Germany and England before the world cup proper.

  • baba you are asking for too much

  • nah u dey brainless nah.. mumu

  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 1 year ago

    Are Brazilians not human beings? Are they not flesh and blood? What is special about them? To be at the world cup is to play the best as you are one of the best to have qualified. Give us Brazil in thesame group. Why the fret? Ekong, l pray your prayer is answered. I agree with you. The bible says what 2 or three have agreed together here on earth, it shall be done. Brazil for Nigeria! !!

  • Abdulrazak 1 year ago

    So the Super Eagles are supposed to win the FIFA World Cup without playing and beating any of the football super powers abi

  • beat which Brazil the one i know or another one ogar forget that dream Abeg and follow the truth wake up and watch football is like u no dey watch ball

  • U Re supporting ur brother

  • I hop you can back up that comment or do you want to give Neymar an edge at the world best

  • Sure!.We can beat anyone.

  • Troost Ekong means friendly match. That is what he meant to say. Typographical error. Read between the lines. Common Zambia they were sweating and some of us Nigerians have been sweating it out with the Zambian populace defending the dubious goal they scored and was offsided by the referees. He wants to play Brazil in the group stage or at what stage. All teams want to avoid Brazil but Ekong wants them as revenge or what. We do not pray to play them or the big 5 of Germany, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, and France. We will not complain if we are grouped together with England, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Mexico and Uruguay We will pray to be grouped with Russia, Panama, Iceland, Costa Rica, Columbia, Serbia, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia. The last group we can manage but not Brazil. So Ekong should know what he is doing.

  • England 1:0 Slovenia.Kane scores in 90+4 minuTe…England 1:0 Lithuania Kane scored from the penalty spot.Who told you we can’t beat them?

  • Sleep of tongue or what, my brother take it easy know your opponents first, take one match at a time not just dreaming to meet Brazil.

  • Do you think all the best players in the world are in EPL?.He’s better than some of them.

  • flex 1 year ago

    bro! sit downnnn, be humble,… bro sit downnnn, b humble…

  • So someone cannot play with u guys? Haba! Ekong was only joking. @Neymar pls concentrate on ur PSG. It’s not ur Neymar he mentioned rather he meant Nnemma (his babe in Aba)

  • tayor 1 year ago

    there is no how we can avoid one of d big country in Europe or southern American in d group stage. count my word.

  • This guy is carried away by the joy of qualifying for world cup, he doesn’t know what he is saying

  • Remember Brazil wil came wt 23 man like Nigerian..

  • In football anything is possible even the weakest team can beat a strong team depending on the tactics they use
    U can ask Portugal in EURO 2016

  • So every player who doesnt play in the EPL is not a good player?

  • better no go wastes money abeg oooo….

  • Yes bring on Brazilian we’re battle ready

  • Person no fit follow una play ??? Why de insult ???
    No start wetin u no go fit finish ooooh
    Marcelo Na Baddo

  • Nigeria can beat Brazil

  • Nigerians’ should believe him dem self’s we can become wat would wanna be

  • Na Waoo for all these comments oh. Like say we never bit Brazil b4 even wit all their best players.

  • Ibi like say, ona don 4get d song berbeto con de cry wen Nigeria win Brazil.

  • Be careful what you wish for.

  • I sincerely n honestly concur with “sister” Martha

  • who said so for dreams or Wen

  • Not only facing them I I want the super eagles to win Brazil

  • Fowl won compare himself to bird

  • Brazil player av two head

  • Bros, stay clam be humble

  • Your wish will come to pass, but when it happens don’t tell us u are injured. Even if you are on crutches, u must play d match o.

  • Spirit of champion, carry go!

  • please don’t afraid Brazil square that we have now is very strong we can best them please don’t afraid Brazil


  • Guy U No Mention England U They Mention Brazil U Won Make Them Spell Our Name So U Won They Use M I I COMPERE N J C

  • I pity u …. for ur mind iceland nah small team

  • Brazil pls forgive him for he do not know what he is saying

  • So messi and Ronaldo are not good abi

  • nigeria can nt see brazil net even if brazil nt use goalkeper nig can nt gooal brazil please ooooo ekong is joking

    • Wadyu mean??? We don’t even need to win dem if we draw dem and win all others we are good to go

  • Not brazil biko

  • This guy no want make we even qualify for the second round

  • Brasil are not invisible, anything can happen within 90minutes. Brasil will never forget Atlanta ’96. I know brasil also does not want to meet Nigeria either.

  • U wan cause 5 penalty under 90 minutes. Pls Brazil na April fool joke biko

  • Mr. Jidauna G.G 1 year ago

    My brother at what level will you want Brazil? Come to think of it, the game against Zambia expose the weakness in our defense… Most of the areal ball were won or flipped to the fast attacker that was much of handfull for our central defenders to tame. Its just that he Zambia’s lacked an experience and prolefric attacker else we would had lost that game.
    Its no the issue of been carried away or overating themselves, however, he should be humbled enough to know that Brazil was among the first team to qualified with a lot of game to spare.! Perhaps if he is day-dreaming somebody need to wake him up.
    I believe the basis of arguement is on the current form and style of play of the two teams. A lot need to done in the Super Eagles squard if the team most make any impact at the world cup. Most especially, the recovery of Ekong in particular is rather slow…
    Rohr need to take a closer look on the Zambia match and to effect some correction.!