United May Land Bargain £75m Ronaldo

United May Land Bargain £75m Ronaldo

The weakening of the Euro against the Pound could yet help Manchester United pull off a bargain deal for Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.

The 30-year-old winger has been heavily linked with a return to the Premier League at the end of the season after a recent drop in form at the Bernabeu.

And the move could end up being great value for money because of changes in exchange rates, according to James Ruddiman of Audere Solutions.

Ruddiman claims that Real Madrid could make a huge profit on Ronaldo simply by selling him to United for what they paid for him in 2009.

He told the Mirror: “The initial transfer in 2009 was at a rate of 0.8510 Euro to Sterling and the current market rate is 0.7350.

“If Manchester were to pay £80m (the same fee they received in 2009) for Ronaldo at current market rates, Real Madrid would receive €108.8m (£80m / 0.7350 = €108.8).

“Therefore, without taking into account his wages, Madrid would make a €14.8m profit from having the best player in the world for 6 years, in the prime of his career. Not a bad return.”

However, if Real were willing to accept a lower amount, both teams could technically make a profit on the deal.

Ruddiman added: “This would mean Madrid were looking for around €101m, so at current market rates of 0.7350 this would cost United only £74.8m (€101m * 0.7350), meaning they would profit by £5.2m and Real would make a profit of €7m, a win-win situation!

“In fact, if Real were to accept €94m, the same they paid for him in 2009, then United will only have to pay £69m (€94m * 0.7350).”

Ruddiman also believes the fall in the Euro could make for an interesting summer on the transfer market.

He said: “Foreign exchange movements can effect any business but the recent fall in the Euro could make the summer transfer market very interesting… it is likely many UK clubs will be buying players from Europe because they will be getting more value and bang for their buck.”