Wenger Targets Early Goal Vs Norwich, Regrets Arsenal Title Collapse

Wenger Targets Early Goal Vs Norwich, Regrets Arsenal Title Collapse

santi cazorla
Arsene Wenger has stated that Arsenal's target against Norwich in their Premier League on Saturday is to grab an early goal.

Arsenal are fourth in the league table and will usurp Manchester City who are currently third, if they beat Norwich.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of the game, Wenger went on to express sadness after Arsenal lost out in the title race.

“Norwich is a team who play more so we have to stop them from combining well and for us it is important to score early to put them under pressure and to play at a high pace," Wenger said.

“I think this club has special values and we care about the club. The expectation is very high.

“It is very frustrating. We were in a position where we could compete for the title.”

Wenger added: “Our attitude has been impeccable from day one this season. We want to fight together until the end.

“We work together closely and have a good professional attitude. We have to focus on the next game.”

The French tactician hinted that long the duo of Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain might be involved against Norwich.

He also expressed hope that Arsenal go on to win the Champions League and the Premier League after his departure.

“One of the two could be involved. Cazorla has practiced for two weeks with the team, Alex for one week so one of the two could be. Santi has been out since november and Alex since Barcelona.

“It is good. Ideally the players injuries are accidental and it is good at least they have hope to go to the Euros.”

“I wish when I go the club goes higher up and wins the Champions League and championship every year.

“I will be the biggest supporter in the stand because I will feel I have contributed to that.

“You have to remember when we built the stadium we had five to seven difficult financial years. We had to be three years in the Champions League and have a 54,000 average attendance. We had to sell our best players and survive. And we didn’t do three years out of five we did five years out of five. During that time it was very competitive.”

And on criticisms targeted towards Stan Kroenka, Wenger said: “I don’t want to go into personal comment of my owners. Every club should work with the resources it generates and that is what we do.

“That is one of the values I speak about and that is what I speak about.

“He has never stopped me in the transfer market, He is very ambitious, we all are.”