Westerhof: Oliseh Can’t Take Eagles To 2018 World Cup

Westerhof: Oliseh Can’t Take Eagles To 2018 World Cup

-Ex-Nigeria Coach Says Team Should Be Beating Swaziland 6-0

 By Sab Osuji:

Former Super Eagles coach, Clemens Westerhof, has raised the alarm that Nigeria stand the risk of not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup to be staged in Russia with Sunday Oliseh in charge.

Westerhof, who guided the Super Eagles to Africa Cup of Nations triumph in Tunisia in 1994 as well as a second round appearance in the 1994 FIFA World Cup debut in the United States of America, said the Super Eagles' start to the qualifiers does not give confidence the team will win the race to Russia.

“Congratulations, you beat Swaziland 2-0 in the return leg match of the preliminary round of the qualifiers,” Westerhof told Complete Sports.

“But does that really call for celebration? Yes, there are no minnows in football but who are Swaziland to hold the Super Eagles to a goalless draw (in Swaziland)?

“The Super Eagles won 2-0 in (Port Harcourt) Nigeria but is it not a game the Super Eagles should be winning 6-0, 7-0 under normal circumstances?. What type of football do they play in Swaziland?”

Reminded that the Super Eagles are undergoing rebuilding following the arrival of a new manager, Sunday Oliseh, to take charge of technical affairs of the team, Westerhof said there’s no sign the team will get better.

“Swaziland is not the first match Super Eagles have played under Oliseh. There has not been any difference between their first game under him and the game with Swaziland.

“I’m sorry, with Oliseh, the Super Eagles may not go to the World Cup in Russia,” Westerhof declared.

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  •  I think Oliseh and his team are beginning to settle down,with more training time the team will gel.

  • Lucky 3 years ago

    I respect Westethof a lot, but I disagree with him on this. We all remember vividly it took him about five years to make the Eagles gel under him. My only worry about Oliseh is his not too sound state of health…. but if he believes in God, he will be well soon.

  • Westerhof should not prophecy in a haste. Football is a dynamic game

  • Let watch and see

  • I am afraid I have to agree with Mr Westahoff. I and I guess all football lovers have seen the Eagles under Oliseh play and it is nothing to write home about. They are not clicking!! I wonder when, when other teams are up and running. Check out all the teams that we have played. We should be beating these teams without stress and get ready for the big boys, but we are struggling. We just managed to beat Swaziland. If Nigeria are jubilating because we beat, Swaziland, we should take public holiday if we beat Ghana, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Congo, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Libya!!!!! With this kind of play, that holiday will never come. With this kind of play, we will not go the World Cup or the Nations Cup. I very much wish that Nigeria as my country go but I dey fear say with this team, my dreams will be shattered. Heavily and unrepairibly shattered. I totally agree with this concerned Dutch, Nigeria will not go the World cup( or the Nations cup) with this team. Call back Victor Moses. Invite Ideye. Use Iwobi, that kid from Arsenal fc. He is an hossler. Use Obafemi Martins. Study how Watford uses Ighalo for him to be the 2nd highest goal scorer in the EPL. Same goes for Martins. What is the magic ingredient that make these guys to score but when it comes to country play they are so ordinary. Non league is even better than them. Oliseh! Oliseh!! Oliseh×5!!!!! Please oooooo. I beg you.

  • Only if Nigerians can see the truth in what Westerhof just said,instead they will keep jubilating scoring 2 against Swaziland,his said it, we should be hammering Swaziland 6to 7 nil. And for those comparing Onobi to Mikel, woo unto you, Onobi should play in a big team week in week out before you judge, you cannot beat Mikel play. Guys take Westerhof's advice a word is enough for the wise.

    • Lucky 3 years ago

      There is something I don’t understand about nigerians. They are full of cursing. Must u say woe unto the other discussant for merely expressing his opinion? What tells u your own opinion on this issue is right? How would you feel if someone else used those unwarranted words on you just bcos you expressed your mind?

  • So, Mr Westherhof, who will take eagles to the world cup if not Oliseh? Maybe you would if you were given the job again. If we give the job to another person now do you think the person will really do better? It took you donkey years to assemble the team you keep bragging about now not 6 months. Go and ask Avram Grants of this world who have better players to select how they struggled against Comoros. There are minnows anymore. Even if you yourself manage the crop of players we have now you will fail woefully.

  • omo9ja 3 years ago

    The only thing I can say on this topic is that every team wants to beat Eagles to make name. Don’t compare Super Eagles to any of big teams in Africa. Even during the Keshi’s era, they were struggling. We should be ready for real fight but what we have to do is to stay calm and focus. It’s not going to be easy but with prayer and hard work, everything is going to be okay. God bless Nigeria!

  • Rufus Orindare 3 years ago

    Someone needs to ask Westerhoff what he has done since leaving Nigeria.  He was fired first at Sundown, a club in South Africa, then by Zimbabwe.  Only a country like Nigeria will hire journeymen as Westerhoff and Bonfrere. Will Holland hire Westerhoff?  Hell no. Bazuaye had the Olympic team in place before Bonfrere was brought in three weeks before the beginning of the competition.  Now, everybody wants to give him credit.  Bah humbug