Why Should You Attend The Coconut Work Lab?

The template for work in the social era was completely a wing it yourself module where we kept working at it and those who got it right stood out.

So we choose to have a practical workshop with participants and facilitators from the different generations share practical knowledge on how their knowledge have worked and still working.

Specifically this class is for everyone who is very skilled and so good they don’t doubt their skills
This is for everyone who wishes to learn something new to be at par with the work place of the future

This is for the intrapreneur who is comfortable at his or her job and for the entrepreneur who would need to raise a team to help ace their goals.

Class would be on a first register basis participants and you shouldn’t miss it

register on the website www.breakingthecoconut.com @taxify.ng @breakingthecoconutafrica @charismaticcharles

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