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Yusuf Filmed Allegedly Taking Bribe; May Face NFF, CAF, FIFA Sanctions

Yusuf Filmed Allegedly Taking Bribe; May Face NFF, CAF, FIFA Sanctions

Super Eagles assistant coach, Salisu Yusuf, could be facing the wrath of FIFA, CAF and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) if found guilty after he was caught on camera taking cash from men posing as football agents.

The footage captured by controversial journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in September 2017 – and has been broadcast for the first time by BBC Africa Eye.

In the video, the chief coach of the Super Eagles, and first assistant during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, appeared to have recieved $1000, (N360,000) to pick two players for the 2018 CHAN championship.

He was further promised 15% by the men posing as football agents of the players once they are able to seal a deal abroad.

In the the video clip posted online by the BBC, Yusuf was handed the cash with the agent saying,“ So if anything goes through and these players are able to get their contracts, you will get 15% of that contract,” one of the reporters posing as an agent told Yusuf to which he replied; “they will be in CHAN.”

​“You know in football it is supposed to be consistency and form,” Yusuf added.

The 56-year-old coach has also denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he did not promise or committed to selecting any player.

He also claimed that he never asked the reporters for money and that it was just offered to him. The coach also clarified that he received $750 not the $1000 claimed in the report.

He also claimed that he viewed the money as a trivial and symbolic value which falls within the gifts FIFA code allows for and that his influence over the players’ selection was never affected.

He also believes that he was never in breach of FIFA or NFF ethics code.​

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  • Victor 3 years ago

    OMG! Not Yusuf. Wow! This is pitiful. It shouldn’t have been, I feel so bad for him right now.

  • I wondered too how most of the CHAN players made it to the final team. Please NFF< fire this guy ASAP and replace him with Emmanuel Amunike. The Super Eagles will definitely become stronger and more fluid in playing style.

    • PapaFem 3 years ago

      And who told you Emmanuel Amuneke is clean? Have you forgotten how he assaulted Henry Gilliano, the agent Kelechi Iheanacho chose over the agent he (Amuneke) recommended after World U-17 Championship in 2013? Why would a national team coach be recommending an agent for a member of his team and even be violent with it, if there was no deal he intends to cut? Amokachi voiced the same sentiment sometimes ago and was attacked by many for speaking the truth. He wasn’t innocent himself, and knows exactly what he was talking about. This is one of the reasons we are clamouring for an expatriate coach because these set of people have made a name for themselves over the years, and wouldn’t want to soil it with one foolish momentary gain. We all saw what happened in 2014 when some strange names crept into Keshi’s list. How many of those players still play actively in Europe today? All gone! Yusuf is just one out of many in the national team, who have sold their conscience on the altar on materialism. There’s too much corruption in Nigeria football. People like Yusuf should have nothing to do with any of our national teams. If this leadership of this NFF is really serious about making our national teams strong and vibrant, they should subject our national teams to constant scrutiny and see to what those coaches do, from screening of players to selection for CAF and FIFA competitions.

  • Supatemmy 3 years ago

    African mentality…. why bribe? two championship final and you just threw your image into the gutter…. who will now vouch for home based coach? Iranu

  • Amaechi Ajah 3 years ago

    Am nt surprise of such news bt d truth is some of our local coaches handling any of our national team ar as corrupt as some of our politicians dat is y i wonder hw sm players get 2play for d national teams, our local coaches dnt always care of any tournament dey go weda 2mk name for demselves or nt what dey ar after is quick cash from one agent-player or d other, d history is dey for u. But den u ask urselves wat is d administrators doin, simple dey tend 2get der own cut frm d trade. That is y wen dey select der final players only 13 or 14 players ar d main players odas ar agents arrangement dat is y dey can’t call players frm der bench 2change d tempo of d game wen dey are losing. I WISH NAIJA WELL!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Bro…to took the words out of my mouth..!!! My exact sentiments too

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Typical of Local coaches…! Why am I not surprised. I listened to Brila fm online a few weeks back where Dudu Orumen (former NFA secretary) stated categorically that all local national team coaches collect bribe in what he tagged “Settlement”. Corruption is our biggest problem in Nigeria. Our local coaches only go to tournaments with 14 very good players….the remaining are usually products of bribery, settlement and recommendations from top politicians. That’s why I will not support local coaches handling the Super Eagles at least in the foresee-able future

    • stanley 3 years ago

      Did we really had a team for Chan. 
      Ask yussuf, who was his striker? 
      All local coaches always collect what Benins call, lalobo. 

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    750 or 1000 dollars,it makes no difference.You shouldn’t have accepted cash in the first place.
    Meanwhile,we are not sure the players selected for chan are the best the country has at that time.If we had won it would be a different story entirely but we lose and in a very embarrasing way which makes your competence for the job questionable.
    Honestly,you look a gentleman and I like your personality but with this development you have created doubt in me and the trust of our dream team a step to the super eagles in your care doesn’t look assured.
    I believe in second chance and forgiveness but the sensitivity of the job you have does not give room for this kind of behaviour and your employers most especially fifa and caf may unfortunately sanction you because this are international organisations that doesn’t give room for accepting unnecessary donations.
    However,what happens tomorrow, good or bad accept it as your destiny and learn from the experience going forward.

  • Lol people for their village don swear for Yusuf. e clear, Nija!

  • Mykel 3 years ago

    I have always suspected this man, he went round the world cup without helping clueless genart rohr, just because he is eyeing rohr’s job, he made it clear that he wanted the job and he was very angry when rohr was hired. this man shouldn’t have been allowed to be in that team after that outburst but being a country like Nigeria where anything goes,he was allowed to stay and now this is the outcome, it’s now clear why we couldn’t make it out if d group stage, we took incompetent players to d World Cup, took many yeye players to Chan, this man should be sacked by tomorrow morning please

    • stanley 3 years ago

      Over to you pinnick. 
      Sack him. 
      Olodo coach. 

    • @Mykel, Incompetent players to the World cup??? Kindly name the Better players for all the 23 players we took to the World Cup. If you don’t have anything to say just shut up and read other Reasonable comments. The topic here is about Salisu collecting Bribe from players he Took to CHAN not World cup. Stop beefing Rohr and focus on your own life

  • emmexy07 3 years ago

    it’s really disheartening to hear dis news. no doubt abt it u collected a bribe, bcos dia is no hw an agent will give out monetary gift without u sensing a foul play…..mr man, u re corrupt….i mean, very corrupt…so shameful and painful

  • Jones 3 years ago

    Salisu Yusuf earns 3m a month but still implicated him self by collecting 360k naira bribe. How sad. This is how all the local coaches in Nigeria behave. 

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Vindicated at last, I’m not surprised. Bunch of useless monkeys .from under 17 to super eagles all these useless coaches are super corrupt.Expecially Amuneke and manu Garba.

    • Jones 3 years ago

      Yes Manu Garba and Amuneke are worse. Amuneke chose 6 of his academy players to represent Nigeria at u17. On Salisu issues, Salisu earns 3m a month but went ahead to collect 360k naira as bribe. It Show he’s not a very smart person. 

  • Corruption in football is not a uniquely Nigerian thing – it is widespread. It wasn’t that long ago that the FBI launched a massive investigation in the heart of FIFA itself.

    I, for one, will come down hard like a ton of bricks on anyone who suggests that this is uniquely a Nigerian problem.

    It wasn’t that long ago that England manager Sam Allardyce left his post amidst corruption related matters after a secret filming.

    Salisu Yusuf should have known better. He may now have tarnished his reputation beyond repair and worse may befall him.

    The truth of the matter is that everyone is a thief; it is those who get filmed and caught that my Hausa brothers will call “Barawo”.

    • Good point, deo. I always appreciate your on-the-fence, diplomatic-speak approach to discourses. But you didn’t follow up your argument enough by highlighting the fact the culprits you sited in England and FIFA were IMMEDIATELY dismissed!

      That’s the big difference between us and them. I’ve always known Salisu contributed little or nothing to the team and Rohr being a gentleman just played along. It was really “Africa”in the colours of France that won the World Cup. It shows African teams have the capacity to win the World Cup. You guessed right, the environment makes all the difference really.

      • Kel, correct me if I am wrong but this news is still relatively fresh.

        Even in England, the coach was not sacked “immediately”. Due process was followed. The matter was looked into and upon a determination, actions were taken.

        The focus is now on the NFF and how they manage this matter.

        But as we know, the NFF is in crisis at the moment….

  • Mykel 3 years ago

    @chairmanfemi,why are u embarrassing yourself publicly like this. Does it mean that u know nothing about football this much. Don’t u know that yusuf is the chief coach of the super eagles and he is involved in the selection of players that were taken to the world cup. Do u think that genart selected 23 players without the knowledge of his chief coach. I mentioned incompetent players that were taken to the world cup and we all know some of them. now it’s clear why those incompetent players were selected.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    @ Mykel, you have a point.
    Because despite Onazi’s terrible performances in our build up games leading to the world cup yet he was listed in our roster.
    Other suspects were Joel Obi and Echiejile.
    Meanwhile,I wonder why a player like Azubuike Okechukwu has been constantly overlooked in the national team.
    Well like you rightly said as the assistant to Rohr he must be part of the determinants of the roster.It is possible for him to influence a couple of players inclusion if that’s the case.
    Well we don’t know only mere speculations anyway.
    However,it cannot be ruled out all the same.
    It’s a shame this happened to him because I believe other coaches have done same but weren’t caught.
    This may help in the long run to bring sanity and transparency to football management in Nigeria.
    Long live federal republic of Nigeria.

  • Nicolsen 3 years ago

    This is d time to use salisu as a scape goat from d worldcup disaster and get rid of him…

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    The NFF disciplinary committee have already recommend him sacked with immediate effect. Pinnick and his board members are already bittered by this news. I’m not surprised anyway, most local coaches either collect bride, always want one or two of their relatives to be in the team. Mostly issues pertinent to African coaches. That is why an African team coached by an African coach can never win the WorldCup. Unless we want to keep deceiving ourselves. Someone that was already eyeing Rohr’s post what do you expect?

    Watch out for the second phase of rebuilding by Rohr. Now that he knows his team in and out. I’m sure the SuperEagles will take flight. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    We are living in a nation where corruptions reigns. If you don’t believe me, these are the examples in our Country. Corruptions happens at the banks, hospitals, primary schools, secondary schools and in higher institutions. Even, our political system is the foundation of corruption lobatan.

    We could see the reason why Nigeria failed in Russia?

    I have said it severally that this Mr. Yusuf has nothing to do with the Super Eagles. I’m not shocked with this news at all. I want to see the reactions of the Mr. Pinnick.

    I knew that. Yes, I knew it. I’ve told you guys that part one is gone already while the part two is loading. Hmm.. the distraction is too much. If we qualify for the next Afcon, we should thank God. At this moment, Super Eagles have no Coach. God bless Nigeria!!!