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2023 AFCONQ: Osimhen Emerges Top Scorer Ahead Salah, Mane

2023 AFCONQ: Osimhen Emerges Top Scorer Ahead Salah, Mane

Victor Osimhen finished as top scorer in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, Completesports.com reports.

Osimhen shone throughout the qualifiers, scoring more goals than the likes of Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

The Napoli hitman netted a hat-trick as the Super Eagles thrashed Sao Tome and Principe 6-0 in their final qualifying fixture at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo on Sunday night.

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The 24-year-old scored 10 goals in six appearances.

Zambia’s Patson Daka, Louis Mafouta of Central African Republic, Mane and Tunisia’s Yasine Mskani finished in second position with five goals.

The Super Eagles finished top of Group A with 15 points from six games.

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  • MONKEY POST 9 months ago


    • Cristiano Ronaldo (whom most of y’all celebrate as GOAT today) scored a significant chunk of his international goals against “minnows” to emerge the out-and-out “record goalscorer of all time”…. You guys should stop being harshly hypocritical, dey criticise sofry-sofry abeg! Most of you who write these things can’t even play monkey-post soccer.

      • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

        Lol. So france that cr7 has scored 2 goals against is a small team abi? What about Germany? What about Belgium, spain,Denmark,Russia that he scored 3 goals each against are minnows abi?what about 4 goals against Netherlands. What about Switzerland 5 goals. How about playing against Ibrahimovic (god) sweden and outshining him having 7 international goals against them.. what about Croatia, wales(garet bale) etc these are all minnows right? Just dey play…

        And am a legend in the street football monkey post that’s the inspiration behind my moniker…

        • Just dey play…

        • Don’t mind them @Monkey post . They don’t know that the likes of Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, San Marino,  etc that Ronaldo had scored against can win World Cup. Yeye dey smell.

  • Is it not the same weak team that Salah and Mane played against?….. Why didn’t they outscore osimhen?….Since yesterday you have been so sad for this big win and trying as much as you can to discredit it…,… Brother I don’t envy your situation at all….it must have been a very difficult weekend for you.

    • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

      So benin republic handled by GENERAL ROAR is WEAKER OPPONENT COMPARE to your SAO TOME, LESOTHO, SERIA LEONE etc abi?

      Come on akp even if Rwanda, Mozambique is weak, they are not as weak as sao tome who are appearing for the first time.. and then lesotho is just making her second appearance..

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 9 months ago

    I know they are weak, but how come is only Nigeria that is trashing them in recent time, even Ghana and South Africa struggled against them. I need answers!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know what you mean by struggle thou or what you were expecting cos a 3-1 win by Ghana against sao tome in their last meeting to me is fair enough considering that the ghana team is the worst ghana team for over 2-3 decades…

      And for south Africa against sao tome their last encounter ended in 4-2 win..which to me is fair enough too.. I mean this is not the south African side like in the days of their benni McCarthy, steeven pienaar etc so you don’t expect them to thrash sao tome like the se a high quality side and that possess alot of high quality profile names

    • I don’t know what you were expecting from the worst ghana team in 2-3 decades. You expect them to thrash sao tome like nigeria a very high quality side? With OSIMHEN coming on the back of an impressive PERFORMANCE with Napoli. Look at awoniyi, CHUKWUEZE too etc..To me a 3-1 win by ghana over sao tome is a fair scoreline. So I don’t know what you mean by struggle there..

      And south Africa too played sao tome and won 4-2(most recent encounter). Which to me is also fair enough considering the fact that this is not the south Africa of their McCarthy and steeven pienaar era that was top notch

      • Why u Dey talk with both mouth and in process implicating yourself my guy? Ohhh now u finally agree we gat quality players Abi? But when we usually said it’s our quality players that help ur master win matches for us,you and @drey said otherwise now, kini wahala ee bobo yii, let the Eagles breath now habba. Ok Sebi Benin na top team? Make we sit down dey wait what we befall them with ur boss soon. Blessed week ahead and sorry for ur lost.

        • MONKEY POST 9 months ago

          Oga u are missing the point. No one talk say nigeria no get quality players. We only attacked you because you took GENERAL ROAR out of the picture of success of the team which is highly disrespectful!

      • @MONKEY ,, BABOON HEAD, Come Guy tell me What is your Own did you not want Super Eagles to do well or what?.. LOOK Guy Go and Support your Benin or you rather your country of Origin Ghana, because mehn your Sabotagging will no longer work Nigeria has woken up thanks in no small part to the new Sports minister who is obviously a avid football fan like some of us in this forum and understands modern football dynamics and understands quality and the benefit of playing in top teams in Eurpe he also doesn’t delude himself thinking NPFL players can match our best legs and I am sure he feels the same about NBA players compared to local Basketball players from a basketball point of view. So MONKEY Yansh nothing you can do if Nigeria continues to select our best legs and leaves the armband on Ndidi (As I kept suggesting years ago and I have been Vindicated as usuall) and Osimhen (VIce Captain or even Captain) Who is even England, Talkless of Minnows like your Benin and General Pohr / Poor. Abeg rest Joor go on your National Team Ghana page and continue to make your mumu noice Anumanu!

  • Respect is reciprocal 9 months ago

    Each time I see any post from monkey post I don’t really give it any cognizant. Sorry to say his contribution most times are irrelevant and out of context. It is a pity you guys are given him undeserved recognition. If it was Rohr that was in charge of our game against Sam Tomé I can bet it with anybody that hardly are we going to score more than 6 goals in the two encounters, and his excuse will be the boys are young and inexperienced. Osigoal is a threat to any team in the world , imagine if he is playing in a better national team like Portugal which are more organized and set up to deliver passes that can make him score goals . Besides this guy is a fighter and a leader. Gradually Super eagles are beginning to have leaders in all 3 department . In the forward line we have Osimein , at the middle we have Ndidi and Iheanacho and at the back Ekong can stimulate them.. this new crop of players are fighters . 
    Then I read it in the news that Musa says he wants to go one more World Cup . 

  • Drogo 9 months ago

    Nobody cares, go to the main tournament where it would matter.

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