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2023 Revelations Cup: Super Falcons Lose To Mexico, Suffer Sixth Consecutive Defeats

2023 Revelations Cup: Super Falcons Lose To Mexico, Suffer Sixth Consecutive Defeats

The Super Falcons of Nigeria lost 1-0 to Mexico in their first game at the 2023 Revelations Cup in the early hours of Thursday, Completesports.com reports.

Kiana Palacios scored the only goal of the game for hosts Mexico in the 85th minute.

The Falcons have now lost six straight games with their last win coming against Cameroon in the quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco.

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In the starting line-up for the Falcons were Chiamaka Nnadozie, Ashleigh Plumptre, Osinachi Ohale, Toni Payne, Rofiat Imuran, Blessing Demehin, Ifeoma Onumonu, Rasheedat Ajibade Chinwendu Ihezuo, Francisca Ordega and Christy Ucheibe.

The Falcons will hope to bounce back from the defeat when they face Colombia in their second game on Saturday, 18th February.

Meanwhile, the first game of the four-nation tournament saw Costa Rica and Colombia settle for a 1-1 draw.

The Revelations Cup serves as preparations for the Falcons ahead of this year’s women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

They are drawn in the same group with Australia, Canada and World Cup debutants Republic of Ireland.

By James Agberebi

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  • chuks haifa 1 year ago

    They just need a new coach.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    It is time for NFF to replace coach Waldrum with our indigenous coach. Enough of this. I don’t follow people blindly. It is time for him to go. It is clearly shown that we have players, but we don’t have a sound coach.

    You tried your best coach, Waldrum, but we can not continue this way. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • GentleD 1 year ago

      Will you meshuonu there @omo9ja,

      I fit throw you cylinder from here.

      From his early days as Falcons coach, some of us here said it over and over again that this dude doesn’t have what it takes to lead the this team but people like you full of hypocrisy (awon anti-Rorh clique) were praising him to the high heavens that he’s doing what Rorh cannot do in 5years. This is a guy that should have been sacked the very day South Africa embarrassed us at the Onikan stadium (Aisha Buhari Cup). The kind of football the team plays since he took over has been horribly disgusting to say the least.

      Make I just stop here…

      • mikee 1 year ago

        There is nothing wrong in seeing the light. In fact it is commendable to have a change of heart when you see the light. It is cheer foolishness to stand by a wrong decision when all available evidences point towards a different direction like most of you Rohr believers are doing now. The harm Pinnick did to our football would take years to undo.

    • Abdul 1 year ago

      Egbon e gbadun….if you are not careful from now on, i will be cursing you madly on this platform. Right from inception, you were here praising this man here and there, and comparing him with Rohr. If you don’t understand, just shut up man.

  • Bright Okechukwu 1 year ago

    So there are no serious indigenous coaches we can settle for?

  • The outcome of the match is disappointing. It continues to appear that Waldrum is in over his head handling the Super Falcons.

    It is difficult to see this team achieve anything meaningful with this coach as helm at the World Cup but anything can happen.

    My bar of expectations was incredibly low going into yesterday’s friendly against Mexico with Waldrum not failing to goods of failure.

    There is a caveat though, his Super Falcons tend to perform slightly better as tournaments progress so I naturally expect better performances and more favourable outcomes against Colombia and Costa Rica.

    But this is scant comfort. The truth is that the Super Falcons have been woefully under Waldrum with his uninspiring brand of football, wretched team selection and arrangements and dreadful results.

    With the World Cup less than 6 months to go, the prospect of the team under Waldrum looks bleak!

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Deo please this is sickening for how long are we going to give this man? South Africa is mocking us of late, Morocco and even Zambia sent us home empty. This is not a coach, what are we playing??? Is that football you watched yesterday and for how long we will be playing and hoping that luck will come and a long ball will get to Kanu for opposing defender to make mistakes for her to score. The teams in this tournament are average teams and if we use this tournament to judge us towards the WC we will be making a big mistake. Yesterday’s match was another episode of disgusting movie even if it ended goalless it will only be like hiding a stain because this is not the falcons we all know that knows what to do with the ball. These girls can not pass from the back without making a bad pass or pannick play like underdogs. How did we retrogress to underdogs. Yes we might do well in the other matches due to the fact that these teams we are playing are fellow average teams but it’s a time bomb waiting to explode when we get to the World Cup where we will be humiliated and this coach will tell us that we were not good enough and walk away in the end. As for me I’m washing my hands because after the first half I just off gadget go do better thing.

    • mikee 1 year ago

      Your analysis is usually spot on, do you still have faith in this so called super falcons? don’t you think they need some overhaul, both in coaching and players. This team as it stand now cannot defeat any nation in their group.

  • Collins Id 1 year ago

    @deo, i try to ignore this situation for a long time but it is becoming un bearable, last afcon nigeria lost to morocco and southafrica, even with all the world stars, our players at this level should be able to take world last four position.
    They should go and recall that Nigerian lady that won the last afcon! She is more passionate than all these intersport white coaches, siasia should be recall to the super eagles too i think he is the choosing one

    • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

      Problem is coach, not players. What is his input? U20 women coach did better than him. Why not give the nigerisn coach the job? He is Nigerian and cannot deliver, but white ball boys can.

  • Supatemmy 1 year ago

    So the super falcons has successfully become a club that any team can beat under this guy call wardrobe?

    NFF I think you should have just leave our indigenous coach o… This is totally painful and unwanted.

  • Chudynak 1 year ago

    I watched the second half and was gasping for breath seeing what our ladies were playing. It has never been this bad! What has this man been building all these years that few months to world cup, you cannot beat your chest and say this is my first eleven and this is my second eleven. You have been under heavy bashing for not churning out results in recent times and you could not lineup a formidable team to at least prove your critics wrong for once. I know sacking a coach just before major competitions is not the best, it appears it will be better under this circumstance!

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      First half was worst, Nigerians is part of the problem because they drew 2-2 to Canada at certain time everyone went mad as if that’s an achievement. Common it’s a friendly match and big teams can slip but we shouldn’t forget this falcon team can not play anything when on national team but on clubsides they play with flair. The coach doesn’t understand his player and also doesn’t respect Nigeria because for how many years you still don’t understand your players because you don’t source like for example what Peseiro is doing. Even that one too is also not the best but God will heal our nation one by one soon.

  • That is what corruption results to. When the coach was about to be hired some of us raised alarm that he is inept. A college coach appointed to manage the best female national team in Africa.
    Now we are seeing the results.
    Since the sacking of Omagbemi Flo, the team have been regressing, and its unfortunate that with the abundant of good players we have, the man cannot do anything.
    Well he cannot give what he doesn’t have.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Guys* and man reeks of favoritism and and this is probably why Oshoala doesn’t like playing under him…..

  • Glory 1 year ago

    NFF/Gasau, please and please get rid of this bungling chatterbox. Just get rid of him right now for the sake of our dear Falcons’/Nigeria’s image. There is just no light at the end of the tunnel with this Wandrum, so giving him an extra day is purely a waste of time.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    The first half was total madness striker playing as wingback and Midfielder. Ordega can not even use the ball to do anything reasonable I am thinking this is the reason Oshoala doesn’t want to come and waste her time. This coach doesn’t understand anything about Falcons we have lost to Zambia and many other teams that in the past we have never lost to. Waldrum’ falcon is the worst in history even our local female Delta united will not play the way they’re playing. Yesterday on Facebook everyone who comments doesn’t believe it’s Nigeria playing because our players can not pass or make use of the ball. This coach should leave in peace let us start fixing our team else we’ll goto WC and collect 7 zeros for the first time in history. Pinnick dirty clothes must be washed now before it’s too late.

  • Alex 1 year ago

    NFF should let go Waldrum. Falcons is blessed with quality players but an incompetent coach at least from the results of recent. You watch our female team play and you wonder how they will be able to confront the English, French, Americans etc if we meet them in the World Cup. There is need for new ideas going forward.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Is this not the same waldrum that omo9ja, jimmyball, larry, chima, were paising to the highest heavens, some even said he should take over from rohr???? What is happening????? Hahaha… Now, they are beginning to speak from the other side of their mouth.hahaha. Ndi nmadu sef. Na so karma go dy judge all of una that pointed accusing fingers at an innocent man whilst turning a blind eye to the main problem bcs of jealousy, corruption, hatred and shear wickedness. Anyway, all i have to say is, the super eagles and super falcons are not in the best hands.For you to get Them back to glory days, u need to employ the best hands. It doesn’t stop at just sacking the coach but employing someone better. If you employ someone whom the former was better , then , you have just set a precedent for calamity and retrogression just like were are experiencing with the super eagles. Pessero, is not the right man for our boys. There is a limit to what he can do and nothing can make him pass that limit. Same applies to waldrum. He has reached his limit and hence, needs to be changed with someone better and not someone who is worse than him. If funds are the problem, then, they should solicit for sponsorship from corporate bodies to make sure that the best hands are employed to handle our teams irrespective of the costs. Football is business and can never be run by one entity alone. That is why all these major clubs in the world of football that are doing well today have corporate bodies that sponsor them. They might decide to single handedly take the responsibility of footing the bills of the coach thereby easing the financial burden off the shoulders of the nff. We once did it before during the early days of picnic with AETO Plc until he decided to begin to dine with The devil and his agents. Omo9ja, come and carry your waldrum o, no need for crying like a baby. Whilst your tears for the super eagles never dry finish, you don begin dy cry for the super falcons…hahah..na die u dy…hahaha

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    If I talk now, they will say omo9ja have started again.

    Why wouldn’t I complain? So, many of you Oga Rohr followers still want me and other patriotic Nigerians to do what you guys were doing during Oga Rohr’s era, right? Mba. It won’t happen.

    Again, I don’t follow people blindly. This is Nigeria kę, not a private company ba.

    I love coach Waldrum, but that doesn’t mean I should not say the truth to his face.

    Something that you guys refused to do during our world best coach, Oga Rohr’s time.

    I know many of you are still pained that we asked Oga Rohr to go.

    I heard that Oga Rohr got a job in Benin or so, I wish him the best. However, let him prove his worth there first.

    @Oakfield, long time, my friend. How are you doing?

    However, please let’s put sentiment aside for now and say it the way it should be.

    You know I don’t joke about Nigeria. If NFF knew what they were doing, Oga Rohr shouldn’t have coached Super Eagles not to talk of Waldrum.

    They can’t just bring anybody to Nigeria to coach our national teams.

    Waldrum did well by winning a trophy outside Africa in less than fewer weeks or months, he started. That was why I saluted him.

    On the other hand, when you do good, it is good to say it and if you do the opposite, It is always good to tell you to adjust yourself. Is that not what I am doing?

    @GentleD, and Abdul, the more you look, the less you see. Nonetheless, both of you wanted me to support Waldrum, whether he’s good or bad, like you people supporting Oga Rohr ba? I’m sorry, it won’t work. This is why we, the patriotic Nigerians, don’t talk just anyway.

    Our indigenous coach is needed in the Super Falcons period. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Omo9ja 11 months ago

      “…I can’t stop loving coach Waldrum. Wise, technically sound. Smart, he’s tactically there…”

      Only 11 months ago, ‘you couldnt stop loving coach Wladrum’….Only 11 months ago, Waldrum was tactically up there…..Only 11 months ago, Waldrum was technically sound…..LMAOooo…..and you say you dont follow people blindly….???

      So within 11 months, all these attributes have evaporated abi……LMAOooo

      Shameless hypocrite.

      Your technically sound Waldrum has played well over 22 games with just about 6 wins and 3 labored draws (I stand to be corrected though) and well over 13 losses….but him and his about 27% win ratio has always been better in your eyes than another coach who had between 55-60% win ratio…..LMAOoo….and you claim you dont follow people blindly…..LMAooo.

      Like I have told you way before now, you are not only blind and lacking in sight physically and mentally, but also lack insight.

      Whatever you smoke obviously needs further refinement.

      I cant just wait for the world cup to come and go so that your daddy can pack his bags and never set foot on Nigerian soil again, because its just too late to replace him now.

      I wished we had done that earlier on, or never employed him in the first place.

      I still dont understand how a college coach became SF Coach when we have former super falcons players like Pepe Nkwocha and Maureen Madu with better CVs having coached in the Swedish and Norwegian professional leagues. Even if we wanted to settle for a college coach by force, a Mercy Akide isnt doing badly as a coach in the US collegiate structure at the moment.

      But dont worry, To whatever level you and you cohorts drag Nigerian football down to, with your senselessness and jaundiced opinions, we will come back and rescue the situation at the appropriate time.

      10 of your type shouldn’t exist in any country.

  • okponku 1 year ago

    Until Nigeria apologies to Oparanozie and give her place back nothing will work out for super falcons.

  • Codex 1 year ago

    I was right all along about this coach called Randy Waldrum and his abilities to lead the falcons,since he took over there’s been no discernable style of play in our beloved falcons which leads to the question “what has this man been doing all this while?” I know that in a FIFA window for international teams the amount of coaching time is very small but overtime if your principles and ideas are clear it will show. I’m beginning to suspect if this man is in control of what his staff are doing during training and if so then there is an inconsistency and lack of clarity with regards to ideas and plans and I won’t be surprised if he’s not in control,he might not even be supervising the training sessions led by his assistants. I’m only speculating but it is a possibility because there’s no coach worth his/her salt that will oversee a period of time on a given team without improvements on some/all areas in the team unless there’s a lack of detail,clarity and most importantly consistency.

  • mikee 1 year ago

    It is the same things all over again, doing the same things and expecting different results. Pinnick killed our football with his oyibo is better mentality. This man Waldrum could not even coach a division one college in America, he has to pedigree of any kind just like Rohr and this Perseio. They are all failing and would continue to fail. How do you buy so much failure with so much dollars?. We should go and bring back Ismaila Mabo if he is not too old now like Tinubu,or any young domestic coach. The under 20 girls could have defeated these set of falcons, these were basically the same set of players that came out 4th in Afcon and you are taking them to the worldcup?, disgrace and humiliation is waiting for Nigeria at the world cup since they choose to recycle old players and refuse to give the younger ones a chance just like our politics.

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