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2023 WWC: Super Falcons To Get Farewell Dinner On Saturday

2023 WWC: Super Falcons To Get Farewell Dinner On Saturday

Nigeria’s Super Falcons will be hosted to a farewell dinner ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on Saturday.

The dinner is slated for the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

All the 23 players named in the team’s final squad for the mundial are expected to be in attendance along with the coaching staff.

The Super Falcons will have a 15-day training camp in Australia ahead of the World Cup.

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Randy Waldrum’s charges are drawn in Group B with co-hosts Australia, Canada and Republic of Ireland.

The nine-time African champions will open their campaign against Canada at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium on July 21.

The team will next face the Matildas of Australia at Lang Park in Brisbane before returning to Melbourne for the final group game against debutants, Republic of Ireland.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20, 2023.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Chima E Samuels 12 months ago

    Better eat well because after the wotowoto there’ll be no appetite for even bread. I would have wished the team well but I don’t want to fool myself yet I will still wish them well to surprise themselves and their college Coach.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago


    This NFF Guys wan use SCOPE NACK this GIRLS….


    Abeg make una no sha TOUCH my PLUMPTRE oo!!!

    • Don’t expect any magic from the super falcons at the word cup.
      The NFF and the coach are playing blame game at this time, leaving the ladies to individual skills and cheer luck to excel at the word cup.
      They can’t go pass the group stage.
      Anyway, as a patriotic Nigerian I wish them the best of luck.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    Hahahaha…..the NFF in its wisdom thinks a 15-day training camp is all that this Falcons team needs to qualify at least in 2nd place from a group that has hosts Australia and Olympics champs Canada.

    Farewell dinner for a team that has not started camping yet?!


  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago




  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    By the way where is DR BANKS?

    Another SMART MIND here…

    E don tey wey I read him SMART COMMENT..

    Abeg make we dey try think SMART o…

    E get WHY…

  • The super falcons has to be focus for them achieve the expected result require by them

  • I strongly believe the super can shoclaim the whole world

  • Greenturf 12 months ago

    Ireland has been busy with friendliness the past 3 weeks and Nigeria are yet to start camping wow strange planning!
    I can’t understand how the Nff thinks a couple of weeks camping will do it for the super falcons who are playing in the biggest tournament for female football and against some of the finest teams in the world I am aghast at this arrangement by our football authorities,I hope we don’t get disgraced.
    The same shoddy planning scuttled our golden eaglets preparations and led to their ill-fated campaign when a training tour of Germany was cancelled we went to Algeria ill-prepared and our World Cup dreams in tatters.
    I hope the training tour of Australia won’t be nixed.

  • These recent bunch of NFF personnel are a collection of brain dead politicians who are ever scavenging for what to eat. BUNCH OF WETIN WE GO CHOP PEOPLE. THEIR only motivation to participate in football matters has nothing to do with passion for the game but only because of the money thing now involved.
    But sadly, while other FA personnel around the world are everyday proving how equipped they are intellectually in making everything about football work in their country, ours are as DUMB AS A MASSIVE STONE, JUST FREE FALLING DOWN A MOUNTAIN.
    When you meet these mugus outside, is when you truly see, there is practically nothing about them that inspires confidence or makes any difference from the intelligence level of some of those proper agberos under lagos bridges. I said some because many of those we call agberos are the kings and queens parading the street that king Solomon of the Bible talked about. I FEEL ASHAMED WHEN PEOPLE STILL REGARD THESE MUGU LOTS. 15 DAYS TO TRAIN TO WIN WOMEN WORLD CUP LOLZZZ. THAT JUST ONLY CONFIRM LACK OF AMBITION, LACK OF INTEREST, AND WASTE OF TIME/ OPPORTUNITY. SHAMELESS BUNCH OF BRAIN DEAD IDIOT POLITICIANS PARADING THEMSELVES AS FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATORS.

  • pompei 12 months ago

    Their biggest problem now is how they will pay for the flight ticket of all these girls. That is why they started camping late. To save on flight ticket costs. Yeye pipo. Make dem kuku carry home based players go the world cup, so there will be more match bonus money to share.
    They want good performance from the team. Have the coaches and players been paid?
    Make the girls chop softly softly ooo. Make dem no purge. World cup is almost here.

    • I won’t be surprised that, if some one go on to properly investigate how Nigeria lost the case against guineas for using an ineligible player for the U-23 qualifier, that you will find out that either NFF didn’t file for the case or they played some politics with parties involved to work against Nigeria simply because they wanna save money to loot.
      Anyway, the way they went about that game against Guinea ; leaving out better players such orban and many others tells any right thinking person that these lots never actually wanted us to qualify, as qualifying will force them to spend money leaving nothing for them to loot. THIS ARMED ROBBERS MOTOR NIGERIA FOOTBALL COME ENTER SO, IF WE NO STOP THEM NOW, THEM GO DRIVE OUR FOOTBALL TO WHERE WE NO GO FIT LOCATE THEM AGAIN OR EVEN IF WE DO, WE NO GO RECOGNISE OUR FOOTBALL AGAIN.

      • pompei 12 months ago

        Na real ONE CHANCE we enter with this lot. How can we compete with serious nations, when our house is in total disarray? For a long time, the biggest problem of our football has been the administrators. But they just seem to be getting bolder and bolder when it comes to corruption. And the negligence and ineptitude is trending upwards as well.
        2 weeks camping to prepare for a world cup? With coaches and players been owed for months? Let’s hope for the best!

  • where is the lovely Ifeoma Onumonu I do not see her in this Pictures.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago


    You got me right there Glory.

    That was the exact thought that ran thru my mind. The NFF seems to have given up on these girls and hence does not want to “waste” money on pre-tournament camps.

    Moreso, when FIFA has even burst their bubble by stating that the girls will be paid their $30,000 worth of emoluments directly from FIFA headquarters. That seems to have knocked the winds off their sails and dashed their cashout hopes so severely, as they wouldn’t have enough to loot at the expense of the poor girls.

    Otherwise, How do you explain just 2 weeks of camping for a World Cup happening in the off-season…?? Even fitness drills alone for such a tournament would gulp all of 2 weeks. Not to talk of the tactical drills and the time required for re-calibration and fine-tuning using pre-tournament friendlies.

    Most people think we will finish 3rd in that group, but I doubt we will, going by these developments. We have just not put in enough work to merit a 3rd place in our group. Nature shouldn’t reward such laxity and nonchalance.

    The NFF just doesn’t want to be as daring as Sunday Dare by pulling out the girls from participating at the World cup outrightly. But their body language is screaming loudly that Australia/New Zealand 2023 is just going to be another jamboree for them again

    • @ Dr Drey. This thing just tire me. Passion for Nigeria and Nigeria’s football is just what is keeping most of us on this forum. But those dead brains are by their every action abusing OUR PASSION. THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD I PRAY TO INTERVENE. Sadly all of these nonsense are happening at a time we have been so blessed with talents. Really really sad.

    • pompei 12 months ago

      The great sports minister under who’s watch Nigerian basketball went into oblivion. We went from having the strongest female team Africa has ever seen, and the strongest male team in Africa, to completely zero.
      What a legend!

    • “Moreso, when FIFA has even burst their bubble by stating that the girls will be paid their $30,000 worth of emoluments directly from FIFA headquarters”

      You would have been completely correct but a “dinner” before “camping” smells like a deals table for me. So they would ask for their percentage or threaten not to call up “stubborn” ones in future.

      Glass house for the next 3+ years is hopelessly criminal. $30k is almost 23million Naira per player.

      NFF already planned sharing formula ahead of dinner. You can bet on that. It is their turn to loot.

  • pompei 12 months ago

    All they need to do is provide the account numbers the girls will submit, and voila, the money goes right into their pockets. FIFA will not question the account numbers the girls provide. So the push for home based players will likely get stronger in the future, as these will be more likely to “cooperate” than the foreign based.
    Even if FIFA issues checks, they will easily find a way around FIFA’s attempt to give the money directly to the players.
    If some players are not ready to “cooperate”, the next thing you will hear is that the players are being dropped for players that are ready to “cooperate”. The more you look, the less you see.

  • All the friendlies the SF played to some of us did not look like preparations, you see, after the strings of losses, the real team started evolving until a layman could clearly see who fitted into the team and who did not. Now we have a team not just calling a long list of players, but a core team, where all the tactics and styles of play will be incorporated.
    I would suggest they use energetic and fast full-backs and play Ashleigh in the middle or in front of the defence line. Echigini looks good to command a starting 11.Onome could come in for 15 or 20 minutes at most.

  • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

    This NFF would not even allow us lie against them…..LMAOO
    Super Falcons coach Waldrum kicks off storm before World Cup

    Score Nigeria Reporter by Score Nigeria Reporter June 29, 2023 5:37 pm

    With less than three weeks to the kick-off of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum has lashed out at the NFF over team selection, unpaid bonuses and the absence of his assistant.

    The Super Falcons open their 2023 World Cup campaign on July 21 against Olympic champions Canada in a difficult-looking first round group that also has hosts Australia and Republic of Ireland.

    Waldrum has stirred a major controversy after he alleged that experienced goalkeeper Tochukwu Oluehi was expelled from the team for demanding for the team to be paid bonuses.

    The drama continued when the NFF ordered the American coach to replace Oluehi with a home-based goalkeeper and when he refused, they made sure his assistant Lauren Gregg will not be at the World Cup.

    He reported: “After the loss in Morocco (WAFCON 2022), the players hadn’t been paid and so they boycotted training before the match against Zambia.

    “My backup goalkeeper (Tochukwu Oluehi) spoke to the federation about not getting paid and they didn’t like how she spoke and so they dismissed her from the national team. Eventually they let her back only if she wrote an apology letter.

    “They wanted me to pick a goalkeeper from Nigeria for the World Cup that I have never seen, has never been in one of our camps. I said no, that my contract says I pick my teams, so they retaliated that I can’t take my assistant coach (Lauren Gregg).”

    • “CAN Y’ALL SEE THE ANIMALS Y’ALL CALL YOUR FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATORS…..?”….. Proper animals. If I can people to hold their hands, I will use the biggest baseball bat to remove all their rotten teeth one after the other and then throw these idiots with their pants down into some show glass, for all well RESPECTED FA personnel of some of the smallest/ most remote African countries to come and entertain themselves.

    • pompei 12 months ago

      Imagine expelling a player from the team because the player requested for her entitlements, match bonuses she rightfully earned? Ziyech of Morocco that donated over $400k of his match bonuses to charities, why was he able to do that? Because he was paid his match bonuses! He would have nothing to donate if he wasn’t paid, unless he wants to dip into his compensation from his club.
      Well, Ziyech is fortunate that he is with the Moroccan FA. If he was with NFF, can you imagine NFF giving one player $400k in match bonuses? Hehehehe, heavens will fall first before that happens!
      How can Waldrum and the team deliver under these circumstances? Perhaps we can still do well with sheer determination from the players. But our better prepared opponents have the advantage. Adequate preparation usually trumps determination, so we are already on the backfoot even before a ball is kicked.
      It’s a hot mess, folks. Until we find a way to get proper administrators in the Glass House, the show of shame will continue.

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    Farewell dinner for Super Falcons is wicked and disrespectful if allowances are unpaid

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