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2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Draw Against Zimbabwe

2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Draw Against Zimbabwe

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU rates the performance of Super Eagles players in their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture against Zimbabwe at the Huye Stadium, Butare…


The Omonia Nicosia goalkeeper was at fault for the only goal conceded by the Super Eagles in the game.


The right-back struggled on the artificial turf of the Huye Stadium, Butare.The Nottingham Forest player was replaced by Bright Osayi-Samuel after the break.


The centre-back stood up to the challenge of the opposing defenders. An above average performance from the West Brom’s man.


Proved to be a good partner for Semi Ajayi once again. Pushed up to support the midfield as well.


The left-back was one of Nigeria’s best performers in the game.


Struggled to control things in midfield. The defensive midfielder was replaced by Kelechi Iheanacho after the break.


An above average performance from the Southampton midfielder.


The Fulham star was not at his best in the game. He couldn’t cope with the artificial turf.


Not a memorable debut for the versatile winger. He was replaced after the break by Victor Boniface.


The captain provided the assist for Nigeria’s equaliser scored by Kelechi Iheanacho.


The forward missed an half chance in the first half. Not a good showing from the OGC Nice forward.



Pushed up to support the attack after replacing Ola Aina in the second half.


The Leicester City star scored the equalising goal for the Super Eagles. A lively performance from the versatile forward.


He injected life into team’s attack following his introduction after the break.


Took the place of Terem Moffi 13 minutes from time. He didn’t do much following his introduction.


A late replacement for Bruno Onyemaechi.

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  • Maybe this time the coach will say because our president tinubu removed subsidy that was why we drew…lol…

  • Ndubest 7 months ago

    Mr coach 0/10. I believe he has come to the end of his lovely romance with NFF and Uzoho will definitely go with him for now until he rediscover himself. World cup qualification is not over until is over. South Africa will drop points too

  • Nigeria has been conceding too much under this coach with his useless faith in uzoho.

    Nothing stop us from winning with alone goal. But as usual uzoho must concede and five years down the line, to belive we are still saying uzoho needs to improve haba.

    This coach and His keeper can’t take us to promise land. Nigeria will qualify from play off ni las las.

  • Coache 7 months ago

    Abiodun Baruwa will feel cheated because of only one mistake against Yugoslavia and he never kept for Nigeria again. Uzoho has ruined his career and with another coach he might never keep for Nigeria again.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Abiodun Baruwa who punched a harmless cross into his own net vs Jamaica in Kingston…?

      Or is it his blunder when shooting stars played Zamalek in the Sekou Toure cup, as it was called then, that we should talk about…?

      Baruwa makes Uzoho look like a superstar.

      Keep on listing Goalkeepers and we will give you dossiers of their moments of
      weakness too.

      I am really feeling sorry for anyone who’s gonna man the post for Nigeria going forward, especially with this coach and these bunch of defence we are parading.

      Ezenwa – Bad
      Akpeyi – Bad
      Uzoho – Bad
      Okoye – Bad

      Even GK is bad these days even when the strikers cannot score goals to save their lives….LMAOoo

  • fOOTBALanalyst 7 months ago

    CAF should be advised to put these matches on hold till Osimen recovers. It’s obvious Nigerians are being cheated or without Victor Osimen, SE can’t score more than 1go. That’s all

  • You see Jamilu, Sadiq Umar……these guys are the DEAD WOOD in that team; Ola Aina own sef dey shock me because this is NOT the Ola Aina I used to know again……kai

    I haven’t seen a defender yet who can fit into the shoes of the likes of Uche Okechukwu, Taribo West, or even Godfrey Oboabona sef! These men were ROCK-SOLID; what we have now, are just headless chickens running around for 90+ mins

  • Larry 7 months ago

    At this point, I’m withdrawing my support for Pesseiro.
    it’s a bit tough because i dont trust the nff to make an incorruptible decision. If they sack Pesseiro, they will start looking for one of the hungry and woeful ex-internationals who could use the national team as a money making venture or turn it into his village team (Eguavoen, Amuneke, Alloy).
    If the nff really wants to proof that they meant well with a Nigerian handler, they should consider one of those who have recently coached in Europe or have experience managing in Europe or top club in Africa (Egbo, Oliseh, Olofin, Emenalo, Utaka, etc.)
    Otherwise, a top affordable European manager i prefer dutch: Frank Rijkaard, Koeman, Van Bommel, and Van Bronchorst.

  • May be we shd try utaka and Olofinjana combo with enyeama as GK coach, and for @Dr Drey so you asking peseiro even if he is to continue to stick with uzoho or what? Are we suppose to blame defender for commuting a foul that far from goal again? Last time u said the goal/corner wasn’t uzoho fault, so you telling us that today goal could beat any suppose senior national team GK? 

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      That goal can beat ANY goalkeeper in world football.

      Any shot to the top corner of the goalpost is capable of beating ANY goalkeeper in the world. Even the best of the best of them.

      It was an expertly taken freekick, simple and short.

      And before y’all start mentioning Enyeama, he conceded worse from freekicks too. The ones he conceded vs Angola and vs Kenya are still fresh in out memories.

      Uzoho is about 1.9m and at full stretch he couldn’t still reach the ball. Every goal post is 7.3m wide. So even if the boy stood at the middle of the goalpost, there is a limit to how much of the remaining 3.6m of aerial space he can cover even at full length.

      Nigerian’s are fond of looking for scapegoats just to release their frustration. I wonder what you guys wanted him to do in that situation. Maybe he should have become Inspector Gadget or Spiderman in order to reach a ball that was beyond him.

      The other day, y’all also scapegoated him for a free-header of a goal as if he is the one to also mark the goalscorer and at the same time block the full.

      Was Uzoho also the reason your midfield and attack have been impotent for a while now…?

      Those who said he was “badly positioned”, they should come out and tell us where he should have stood, lets even see if they know what they are saying…..LMAooo

      • Ahhh you this man, at this rate the only way u can fault uzoho is when he use his own leg or hand to throw the ball in his own net, bcos it’s obvious he can’t do know wrong, so are we gonna keep comparing uzoho back to back to back calamity after 5yrs with the senior team to enyeama one or two error? I belt if the NFF replace peseiro today, uzoho shd forget NT, he shd be ashame of himself for letting the coach down, I commend the coach for backing him but has uzoho justify the coach believe in him? Uzoho won’t have be in goal today had it been ndidi play against Lesotho bcos uzoho is a mistake away from seeing the other side of ndidi after that stupid mistake against Saudi, we saw how benzema and mendy ask vini if he is playing for the team or against the team and we saw the result and transformation in vini play after that, I feel the senior players shd ask uzoho what’s his problem, bcos this seriously Nt looking ordinary, he almost cost us the match today towards the end of the match, what happen to keeper saving his team? 

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Hahahaha…Enyeama’s one or two errors….LMAOoo

          Enyeama’s one or two errors cost us a world cup ticket (2006) and sent us crushing out of 2 world cups (2010 and 2014) at the peak of his powers. Not to talk of others that would have put us in difficult situations if not he fact that our striker responded to salvage those situations.

          That is to show you even the best are not immune from mistakes

          Uzoho has not committed any errors in the last game nor in this one. He conceded goals that would beat ANY Gk in the world.

          Unless you are Dino Zoff or Peter shilton, a free header in the 6 yard box in the opposite direction will beat you hands-down. Same way a direct freekick dipping into the top corner will.

          The commentator said “…In truth he wasn’t at fault for that goal…”
          Even Naijabias that is as biased in his analysis as anything else admitted that 2 uzohos wouldn’t have stopped that goal”

          You are just calling a dog a bad name to kill it.

          At this rate, Uzoho will still be blamed if a game ends in a 0-0 draw. That’s how much y’all detest the boy.

          Infact Uzoho should be blamed for your strikers inability to score goals. Between all the strikers invited for this game, this season they should have a combine 20 goals or more, but they only managed 1 in an entire international window facing countries like Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

          Let me shock you, any coach that comes in next after Peserio would still invite Uzoho….and if he does better in training that the rest, he will still man the post.

          But if I were him, I will borrow a leaf from that intelligent boy Maduka and find excuses not to come, let your Super duper Inspector Gadget goalkeepers who can streght beyond the full lengths of their bodies have their turn in goal too, lets see the GK who doesn’t concede goals.

          Put you emotions aside and stop looking for offences where there are none. I am sure if it were Ama or Ojo that streghnt as hard and long as Uzoho did, yall would be saying they tried, it is not their fault, the way y’all made excuses for the 2 goals Adebayo conceded in Freetown.

          No senior players can kick Uzoho out of the national team because even the senior players have been big time flops of late. Uzoho is not the reason your midfield is non existent and your attack unable to bite the likes of Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

          If Uzoho concedes a goal that his fault, a goal that I know no other keeper can concede, I wish lash out at him, but if he conceded goals that Ive seen beat even the best goalkeepers in the world, I would not let my hatred for him becloud my senses.

          Please what did he do wrong with today’s goal that make him at fault…?? Or maybe who should have hired a crane to lift him higher to meet the ball midflight…LMAooo. or he should have come out of his 6 yards box to claim the ball like your acted video-watching ignoramus of a friend was suggesting the other day….LMAOoo

          So please tell us what he did wrong.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago


            CSN pls bring back our edit button.

          •    I ask what abt GK saving there team? Yes todays goal can beat GK and a whole lots of GK will surely save a that far from the goal, so why can’t our own GK for once save us? Why do we have to have our hand in our head each time he man the goal post? We’ve seen situation where the GK won the MVP of a match that his team lost, I’m not sure uzoho have been rated above average in almost our last 6matches, he need to give himself a break, for his own sanity and all.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Has your entire team been rated above average in your last 6 matches…?

            Has Uzoho made zero saves in the last 6 matches…?

            Yes, we’ve seen situations where a team lost and yet the GK was MVP…..now guess what, Omonia Nicosia once lost at Old Trafford and Uzoho….yes….the same Uzoho was MVP of that game.

            When you expect the GK to be saving our SE against the likes of Lesotho and Zimbabwe, while we parade strkers who between then have netted over 20 goals in their clubs this season already, then there is a problem. Your angst and frustrations are highly misdirected.

          • Legendary 7 months ago

            Cries… Dr Drey just dey give them dey go. Dem no sabi anything. Just dey give Dem back to back abeg.

            Who get mind blame Uzoho for that goal? Better goal.

      • Uzoho is mediocre and should be nowhere near the SE. Apart from the goal, he also fumbled a cross, and Zimbabwe should have slotted into an empty net if they had the quality upfront.

    • Olofinjana isn’t a coach, though. He has been in football administration. Utaka has no hands-on coaching experience except as an assistant in the Montpellier U-19 team.

  • William the conqueror 7 months ago

    I’ve said it after Ghana bundle us out of qatar 2022 world cup, that uzoho and okoye have no business in the national team. How many chances are they going to give this bench warmer in cyprus league? The worst goalkeeper in the local league can’t perform any worst. My two kobo.

  • Do you all know that this is Paseiro’s longest staying job? He has never stayed longer than 6 months in any job before being fired. What is NFF waiting for?

  • The way Dr Drey argue his points and positions is becoming irritating and annoying whilst I concede that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    I am not an ethnic chuvanist but I believe that Dr Drey is an igbo man trying all he could to defend his Igbo brother and defray attention from him.Thank God Uzoho is not from the north, otherwise, we would have been hearing qouta goalkeeper or from the south west, we would have been hearing,they are playing him to please Tinubu.

    To be sure no one is saying that Uzoho is not a good keeper, he has saved us our blushes many times in the past, but at the moment, like all other players sometimes, He is in a bad run of form and ought to be given some time out to rediscover his best form before coming back.every players does that.But he is trying to use the national team to market his dying club career.He shone against Man U, yes, everyone playing against Man I would rather die because of the global audience but it has been a downward spiral since then.Please check this out, It is the consistency of the errors that his worrying:

    He cost us our Qatar world cup ticket, against Saudi Arabia, Against Mozambique,Lesotho and now Zimbabwe.All these within a single year.Haba.Enyeama errors that you gleefully highlighted are so far apart(some 4 years)

    The most embarrassing part of it all, is your justifying that the free kick goal was not his fault .Jess, From 35 meters out? truth is , he was badly positioned and once again misjudged the flight and timing of the ball.You argued that he did not stop the strikers from scoring, but have you considered that if he had saved that free kick, Nigeria would have won 1.0.? Did you see the cross that he dropped late on in the game where the inexperienced 19 years Zumbabawe striker hooked over the bar? These are games against minnows, what about if we are facing Senegal, Cameroon,Egypt, Morroco or Ivory coast that knows their way to goal?

    Truth is Uzoho might be silently going through some battles or simply age has caught up with him.That Man should be between 35 or 36 years old.Did you see Ndidi angry reactions when he conceded the goals against Mozambique and Saudi Arabia?

    Suggested way to go: rest(not discard) Uzoho, Sack the coach, sack the goal keeper coach.bring in Olofinjana as Technical Director, Enyeama or Carl Ikeme as goal keeper trainer and get a truly world class coach or bring in Manu Garba.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Weldone ehn….LMAOoo. You that is arguing without facts. I can see your own blind argument are making you feel like Cris Brown…..LMAOoo.

      Sorry ehn, Dr.drey doesn’t need to please you. You can even drink rat poison if it pains You too much.

      All of a sudden, Dr Drey has become an Igbo man because he say the truth….LMAOoo

      Continue to get irritated ehn.

      You obviously didn’t watch Vincent enyeama between 2002 to 2004 alone for you to open your mouth wide and claim his errors used to be 4 years apart.

      The only goalkeeping error uzoho has committed this year in a SE shirt was the one against Saudi Arabia.

      Go and watch the highlights of top league matches by the biggest goalkeepers in all the top 5 leagues in Europe this season and tell us how many keepers you see rushing out to claim outswinging corner kicks at the opposite edge of their 6 yard box…..LMAOoo

      Tell us how many Gks saved bullet free headers from the 6 yard box off an unchallenged 10yard run

      Tell us how many instances the GKs stood exactly on their goalline before a long range free kick was taken.

      When you have done that, come back here and tell us your fallacy that Uzoho was “badly positioned” again.

      I don’t argue with emotions, I argue with facts, figures and experience.

      Once again the only GK error Uzoho has committed this year was the goal he palmed into his own net vs Saudi Arabi. The 2nd Saudi goal was a deflection. The 1st against Mozambique was a mishit by the striker….every goalkeeper misjudges mishit shots….the 2nd was a free shot to the near post, how an oppents gets a freeshot in the 6 yard box during a freekick beats imagination. agaisnt lesotho, an apponent also runs 10 whole yards unchallenged and gets a free header in the 6 yard box too….Uzoho was supposed to be the one tracking the opponent according to your warped thinking while also guarding the whole of his 7m wide goal post….interesting. He was also supposed to stretch beyond the natural lenght of his body to meet a long range free kick coming in off the angle of the crossbar. Even the commentator said in truth the gk cannot be blamed for that goal.

      I repeat, when you are expecting your GK to save you against the likes of lesotho and zimbabwe, there must be a problem somewhere. Your Angst and hate is misdirexted.

      You saying the match would have ended 1-0 if zimbabwe had not scored that freekick once again gives you out as someone who knows no jack about football. Who told you the match would have ended 1-0…..LMAOoo

      I love it when people say nonsense with so.much confidence….it makes the look more of a bum than they actually are.

      Dr. Drey indeed is igbó. Only a person like you can open your mouth to say such on this forum….LMAOoo.

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