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2026 WCQ: Super Eagles Get Lifeline As Rwanda Beat South Africa 2-0

2026 WCQ: Super Eagles Get Lifeline As Rwanda Beat South Africa 2-0

Bafana Bafana of South Africa lost 2-0 away to Rwanda in their second Group C game of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, completesports.com reports.

First half goals from Innocent Nshuti and Gilbert Mugisha earned Rwanda their first win of the qualifiers.

Nshuti opened the scoring in the 12th minute before Mugisha doubled the lead on 28 minutes.

For Bafana, it is a first defeat after two games played so far.

A win for Bafana would have moved them four points clear of the Super Eagles and maintain top spot.

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In the group’s other game, Lesotho were forced to a goalless draw by Benin Republic.

After the end of matchday two Rwanda, on four point top the group, South Africa occupy second spot on three points.

The Super Eagles (two points), Lesotho (two points), Zimbabwe (two points) are third, fourth and fifth respectively while Benin Republic are bottom on one point.

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  • Chibuike 7 months ago

    Hmmm this world cup qualifer is not child’s play. Nigeria football should wake up with selection of players and change coach. It will get tougher next year

    • TALK UR OWN 7 months ago


  • This is really a lifeline. This group is turning out interesting results from the very beginning. While the result is an exciting one for Rwanda, it’s good for Nigeria. South Africa, whom, we are playing at home, next on match day 3, are just a point ahead of us. But the present form of our team is shambolic. A lot must change before June next year or the heartbreaks will continue. NFF must quickly know what they want with the present coach and take immediate action. After all it’s no longer news that coach Jose has applied for Zamalek’s job. Isn’t that a breach of contract? Can’t that lead to sack. If this information is true, then NFF shouldn’t have to wait till after Nations cup to terminate his contract. I don’t think our coach has what it takes to bring out the best among the talented crop of players in Super Eagles.

    • onwajunior 7 months ago

      The idiots at the glass house haven’t even paid the coach anything for a while. They’re owing the man and you expect him not to keep his options open? I don’t think applying for another job constitutes a breach of contract. I’m all for foreign coaches mainly because our local ones are easily influenced, but in the case of Peseiro mehn….let the guy go abeg! He’s not it at all. Let’s pay him off and get someone else to take us to AFCON.

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    Nigeria must win all remaining 4 home games! Period!

  • Ndubest 7 months ago

    Thanks Rwanda for throwing this group open. South Africa is not fantastic afterall. The question is, can we capitalize on this result to get things right. Yes we can if we get rid of this site Engr. This is goodnews though Rwanda wants to be at the world cup but i dont see them beating Eagles in their home the way they blown South Africa away. We can be a different team entirely by June likewise other teams. I see also us edging this group,remember our away form will count in our favor. Guys let’s wake up everything is doable.

  • The business should have been handled properly from UYO, to avoid this mess; Lesotho, Zimbabwe, all sharing same two points…….speaks HUGE VOLUMES to the quality of the Manager!!

    • Footballfanatic 7 months ago

      Very true if we had handled business we would be 6 points up and have a home game against SA but now we gotta be grateful for this lifeline lol…

      • Wetin pain me pass be say, Lesotho and Zimbabwe dey follow very closely with two points…..pressure ti pọju oohh, pressure at the top, pressure below, all because of initial recklessness….. hmm

  • We will scale this group and qualify, I’m not advocating for peseiro sack as we can’t get anybody better than him with our yeye NFF, let’s free him to do his work till after the AFCON then we decide, he is even yet to fail his pre contract agreement yet, considering we miss ndidi, chuzkxy and VO, I will continue saying this, the major problem with this team is the GK.

  • JULIET 7 months ago


    • Edoman 7 months ago

      Good talk. God Bless you. As soon as we have Uzohu basket and fraudster Paseiro, Nigeria shall never go anywhere.

  • Larry 7 months ago

    Which Lifeline.. Who told you Rwanda is not interested in going to the WC. The case of 2006 came to mind when Angola beat us to the qualification despite having better players.
    It was one popular local coach who was in charge then. If we have to fire and replace Mr. Excuse Passairo with a local coach, it has to be any of those who have European coaching training and experience, not one ex-international turned landlord in the secretariat, or one overhyped ex-international who could not qualify us for U-20 and has no made any progress in many years but his village people will be pushing for him.
    Otherwise, let’s go back to dutch, we recorded our vest years under them. Oliseh who did well in holland can be joined by any of the Dutch, Rijkaard, Cocu, and Van Bommel.
    Oliseh reminds me of Keshi, great leadership, highly disciplined strong belief, open mindedness. He is different in the fact that he can’t be bribed. Keshi didn’t do that well with Benin in his first experience but he qualified 2 countries for WC, won AFCON, qualified for WC second record.
    Of all the coaches we have hired, Keshi till date has the best record!
    Oliseh with the support of Cocu or Rijkaard can fo the same !
    Just my 5 cents.

    • @Larry, spot on!
      Oliseh is a very knowledgeable coach. The reason I have been suggesting he get hired a long time ago. As much as I like Mr. Eguaevon, I would not have hired him. The NFF never seem to have a good back-up plan at any point.
      Oliseh can rescue us from this situation. His major short coming is his temperament. I can assure you that if we had a Nigerian coach, we would have more than two points at this stage.
      Nigerian coaches know the mentality of Nigerian players more than foreign coaches and that is a huge advantage in this dispensation.

      • You guys seems to forget last AFCON easily, oliseh and other Nigerian ex players turn coach have gotten there chance to coach the team and they all goof, I wonder if we have two oliseh while reading how you praise the oliseh that ran away from his duty not too long ago and send our best GK in history into premature retirement.

        • Steve O 7 months ago

          @Femi don’t mind them , Oliseh the coward that jumped ship when Nigeria needed him most !!.. Abeg leave Oliseh alone , I did rather go for Amuneke and any of the experienced dutch coach !!

        • @Femi Thanks a lot for your response to some of us about this Sudden out of place Sunday OLiseh Noise & Am shocked at short memory of our people particularly after @ Larry comment hhhhhmm.
          Look Folk’s let’s be clear on one thing here. I made a post earlier here and a recommendation of Emmanuel Amunike paired with one of our best foreign base coach & Vincent Enyama Combo as Goal keeper Coach why because Amunike has the experience at the top levels and has proven it with lowly rated Tanzania National team and Qualified them to there first Afcon in there history just like Keshi did with other Nations right then Enyama in the other hand is still the best in our recent history as far as Super Eagle goal keeping is concerned but shockingly An Oliseh who tear our Super Eagle apart with his hot temperament, high handedness & Forced premature retirement of our best players & Keeper’s out of Super Eagle and later Abandoned the team and ran away? hhhhhmm The Funny thing is that he later claimed that upon all what transpired in his unfortunate exit was that he’s having spiritual attacks & he can’t breathe properly anytime he’s with the team in training,Isn’t ridiculous enough people? If you have a health issues after spending many years in Europe why not say it than reducing it to Spiritual Attacks.Look people are entitle to their own opinion but i find it difficult that we are still here mentioning Sunday OLiseh for Super Eagle Job really. Peace

      • SEGUN 7 months ago


    • Chibuike 7 months ago

      Larry thank you very much you get sense

  • Larry 7 months ago

    Which Lifeline.. Who told you Rwanda is not interested in going to the WC. The case of 2006 came to mind when Angola beat us to the qualification despite having better players.It was one popular local coach who was in charge then.
    If we have to fire and replace Mr. Excuse Passairo with a local coach, it has to be any of those who has European coaching training and experience, not one ex-international turned landlord in the secretariat, or one overhyped ex-international who could not qualify us for U-20 and has not made any progress in many years but his village people will be pushing for him.Otherwise, let’s go back to dutch, we recorded our best years under them. Oliseh who did well in holland can be joined by any of the Dutch, Rijkaard, Cocu, and Van Bommel.
    Oliseh reminds me of Keshi, great leadership, highly disciplined strong belief, open mindedness. He is different in the fact that he can’t be bribed.
    Keshi didn’t do that well with Benin in his first experience but he qualified 2 countries for WC, won AFCON, qualified for WC second record.
    Of all the coaches we have hired, Keshi till date has the best record!
    Oliseh with the support of Cocu or Rijkaard can fo the same !
    Just my 5 cents.

    • John-1 7 months ago

      You dey mind the clueless journalist?. The Rwandan team I watched today can thrash Nigeria anywhere. They’re very organised with 100% cohesion

      • DON'T MIND THEM 7 months ago

        ** What a good and technical match!!!

    • Mr Larry, you funny die! Who told you Philipp Cocu, Frank Rijkaard and Van Bommel are interested in your corruption-ridden NFF? Nigerians una can dream big! No serious-minded coach can accept the Super Eagles’ job. The truth must be told even if it’s bitter.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    Is this result call for celebrations if NFF AJĘWOMASAN putting their house in order? It is a shame wanting someone downfall before you rise up. That is not good kę.

    Super Eagles is the most strongest team on paper, but in reality, Super Eagles is the weakest team on the pitch of play.

    Kai. Due to NFF, the debtor AJĘWOMASAN no worries attitude, Super Eagles is nothing to write home about.

    It still baffles me while Amaju Pinnick hasn’t been arrested yet. The current NFF members are not even capable of doing the needful, and Nigeria as a country looks like falling apart. Where can we start from here, my people? What brought us to this level?

    Everyone is doing what is suitable for their own needs, but we are all good at one thing. We complain too much without talking action.

    Paseiro will eventually sink Nigeria team with the support of the Nigeria Football Federation.

    I watched the first South Africa match. They were struggling as a team and not superb at all.

    This Oga Paseiro and his employer will continue from where they stopped when the Afcon starts. This is a rare opportunity for NFF to rally round to payoff the gaffer and move on, but they will not do that because they are sharing the money with the coach.

    This is the best time for Amunike, Egbo, and Manu Garba to take over the Super Eagles and take Nigeria to the next Afcon and World Cup. With the inclusion of Enyeama and Ikeme or Peter Rufai, we will have a solid coaching crew and a better understanding of the Super Eagles. But the way it is now, no hope, shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @Omonja Valid Points but will they listen hhhhhmm. Its unfortunate how low we have sinked as a people.

  • Sonny 7 months ago

    The team still need to regroup, sack this current clueless coach and call up better players.

  • The Era of the calculators are back. All our making. Good luck to the Super Eagles.

  • John-1 7 months ago

    They didn’t get any lifeline. The Rwandan team I watched humiliate South Africa can beat the current Nigerian team home and away. Except lazy journalism didn’t allow you watch the game

    • Papafem 7 months ago

      No two teams are the same. Rwanda simply had an answer to SA’s style of play. This may be different with Nigeria. In fact, I see us having more difficulty beating SA than Rwanda.

      I don’t see any team in that group that the SEs can not beat home and away. But when you have a coach breft of ideas and an FA who are not only broke and lack ideas about how to use national team brands to make money, but are also corrupt and greedy, it’ll be difficult to achieve anything meaningful.

      Why is it taking this coach too long to fix Nigeria’s midfield problem? Or is he blind or on a mission to destroy the team? We need players with the grit, skill and agility of Etebo and Onazi. Players who are not only strong in tackle but have the strength and power to drive the team – not this ajebo kind of football these guys are playing against African opposition. His 424/442 isn’t working. Yet he keeps on using it, like he knows no other formation to deploy in matches.

      I see most African countries coming to Nigeria packing their defense and midfield like Lesotho did, knowing the kind of attacking players we possess. But does Peseiro have an answer to this approach? No!

      He keeps on inviting Francis Uzoho, even with his bundles of calamitous performances dating back to the match against Ghana. Our hearts jump to our mouth anytime there is a set piece. Yet, oga Peseiro enjoys that tension because it is not Portugal who could miss the WC.

      These are the problems and they make me sick and tired each time I watch the team. Where do we even go from here? Honestly I don’t know.

      • John-1 7 months ago

        Na that Nigerian mentality. Instead of being humble and seeking for solution to salvage the situation, you’re underrating Rwanda. Anyway, good luck to una

  • Bobby 7 months ago

    Yes, with better players and coach, we would defeat South Africa at home. Nigeria quickly get another foreign coach and convince the current clueless coach to go to Egypt.

  • Benjamin Leye-Philips 7 months ago

    But why is it that they couldn’t beat Zimbabwe in their own backyard.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 7 months ago


  • Comoros are leading Ghana again, are you surprised?

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 7 months ago

    I agree with Omo9ja on this one –

    I never really suggest managers and coaches because I have always hoped that those doing the selection and hiring would have an inkling of what’s appropriate and have a heart for Nigeria to do well, but after the last debacle and after seeing the real Pasenrio, I have to concur that it seems like the next best thing now would be a combination of Amunike, Egbo, and Manu Garba and yes with Enyeama or Ikeme or Peter Rufai or maybe a combination of all 3 if the guys can work together as goal keeping coaches to take us to the Afcon and then attempt to still make the WC –

    Pasenrio will mess the SE and Nigerians up! A person who is heartless enough to foist calamity frank on the nation, knowing that it can only lead to and end in heart break is an agent of darkness and should be driven far away at all costs!

    As for those suggesting that we call up better players – there are no better players! Yes there are still one or two we still need to bring in and see for ourselves like Orban for one and a few others all around the world and in Nigeria too when thinking about goalkeepers, and quite a few more we still need to woo and extend invitations to but generally we have a very good team on ground and all we are really lacking is a good and competent goalkeeper, not that useless heartbreak kid aka calamity Frank Uzoho and a good and competent coach/manager or even a team of coaches as already mentioned.

    Honestly if things stay the same then something must kick off! and if Nigerians won’t get up because of their lack of back bone, greed and unhealthy respect for “senior men”, and “rich men” who are actually poor men in spirit and who will only continue to lead the country down a dark and destructive alley as they have been doing since after the 1st of October 1960 – then maybe the sacrifice must come from a small quarter because left to Nigerians at large, this wretched story will remain the same and NEVER CHANGE!

    As for SA – F**K those guys! If they take the WC spot then so be it but if the Real Nigerian SE’s stand up under the right tutelage and influences, those guys are, will be no danger to our qualification chances – In fact no African country will be!

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      Well spoken @Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob.

      I hope NFF will act fast on this issue. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • .. Peseiro Might Yet Turn A Corner..

    To all Super Eagles fans, why not let’s suspend these discussions on sacking Peseiro please until after Nigeria’s performance at the Afcon?

    I make that plea as someone not entirely expecting the Super Eagles to lift the Afcon trophy, even though nothing other than lifting it would make my day. But I guess I am trying to be realistic in managing my expectations.

    For those Eternal Rohr fans, even the German tactician played a cautious brand of football, reticent of the capabilities of our players. He never placed our players on the same lofty pedestal as we fans do, which makes me wonder whether – within the context of international football – these Nigerian players are really as good as we think they are.

    Peseiro appears to match fans assessment of Super Eagles players, so much so he would unleash them to bully opposition teams into submission. But so far, without being insulting, our players our proving to be pitiful paper Goliaths with many brave Guinea Bissau Davids on the continent bringing them back to earth severally.

    Love Eguavoen or loath him, he was unshakeable in his belief that these same players would translate his formation and tactical instructions in a manner that would bring victory against Tunisia and Ghana. He was proved wrong on both occasions.

    So, whether Rohr, Eguavoen or Peseiro, shouldn’t we Nigeria fans just be humble in what we expect of these players regardless of which coach is in charge?

    Even the NFF chieftain interviewed on X said this same Peseiro hasn’t seen one Kobo of his wages for several months, yet we Nigeria fans want Peseiro to perform miracles and make the Super Eagles walk on water.

    And when it comes to “performance”, yes I have often criticised Peseiro but he hasn’t been that bad and his Super Eagles haven’t been awful.

    Just like Eguavoen, his method is just missing one or two crucial components. If he can discover what is missing and then plugs it in place in his tactics, then performances will improve dramatically.

    Let’s start this way: there are no more minnows in world and continental football. North Macedonia knocked mighty Italy out of world cup qualification and Rwanda are topping a world cup qualification group which has more celebrated teams like Nigeria, Benin (yes Benin) and South Africa.

    Yet in the current climate – and despite being owed very many wages – Peseiro qualfied us for Afcon with a game to spare and record number of goal scored (against São Tomé and Príncipe: Ghana scored 4 goals and conceded 1 against this same team whereas Peseiro’s Nigeria scored 16 unreplied goals) and the Super Eagles are currently undefeated in the same world cup qualifiers that bitter rivals South Africa already lost a game.

    In friendlies, outside the match against Portugal due to Emmanuel Dennis’ petulance, Nigeria has only been defeated by our traditional 1 goal margin defeats.

    So, has it really been that catastrophic under Peseiro, if we are to be honest with ourselves?

    You read the reviews of very many fans on Facebook, X and this platform and you will think the Super Eagles are going through an apocalypse or are facing an existential threat under this Peseiro. Haba! my people, let’s slow down.

    I like what Peseiro is trying to do and the identity he is trying to slap on the team and how players are trying really hard to buy into his philosophy.

    But questionable goalkeeping, poor player arrangements, profligacy on the part of Chukwueze, Awoniyi and a few others and midfield shortcomings have all contributed to thwart Peseiro’s efforts.

    Also, I worry that Peseiro doesn’t seem to have a viable plan B and seems clueless in manufacturing corrective measures; even Eguavoen would revert to 4-1-4-1 if all else fails. But Peseiro seems to be one dimensional, having said that he has been remarkable with substitutions as Iheanacho, Simon and others have proven to be game changers.


    Left to me, Peseiro is decent enough to take us to the Afcon. The man is hungry for success with the Super Eagles and his players are fighting for their places and trying hard to buy into his philosophy.

    That said, my Afcon expectations remain low because I am only hoping that he will be able to address shortcomings in his methods in a timely manner.

    But he has earned it, after all he did qualify us for the tournament.

    However, my trump card is this: we have a get-out-of-jail card with Peseiro. With the bar of expectations raised as high as Afcon semi-final qualification, why don’t we just wait for him to fail in Afcon so that the NFF can trigger his termination clause without any adverse financial consequences?

    After the Afcon, whichever way, we are sure to start from a clean slate: either with another coach for world cup qualifiers after Peseiro has been sacked or with a well rejuvenated Peseiro if he miraculously meets or even exceeds his Afcon target.

    Patience guys, just a little patience!

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      You fall my hand for the first time, @Deo.

      How would you suggest that we should let Oga Paseiro lead Super Eagles to Afcon?

      On what basis kę?

      I would rather bring back our own if that is the case as NFF.

      We should waste the Afcon ticket on Amunike, Egbo, and Manu Garba instead of Oga Paseiro.

      Why are we not like ourselves in this country?

      This is so sad. Well, that is your own opinion sha.

      We patriotic Nigerians are going for our own once again. We hire and we fire, period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Emecco 7 months ago

        @ Omo9ja, who do you think would listen to this your suggestions, in less than 6 weeks to Afcon??? You are just living under illusion.In fact you are actually an ENEMY of Nigerian football, Do you have the funds to pay him off after terminating his contact without him failing on his targets. As Dr Drey correctly said, You are one of those that don’t “know Jack” about football. You are passionate, yes we know, but you don’t understand the rudiments of the game. Which of Peseiro’s set target has he failed??? We have wait to see how he would fair at Afcon before discussing anything about his sack

    • Ndubest 7 months ago

      Thanks @Deo this piece is top notch. No minor again in world football. Senegal could not beat togo, cameroon drew with Libya and guess what comoros is leading in their group after beating almighty Ghana. We have dropped points and it would have been worst but if we can fix few things especially the goal keeping area with Ndidi and Osimhen coming back we are good to go. Based on their performances in their clubsides which they are yet to prove in national team we have good collection of players that may turn out to surprise us in Afcon 2023. Let us give them our moral support we can do well in Afcon and qualify for world cup.

    • Dear Wonderful Omo9ja,

      It’s been a while since we bounced ideas. You are always highly regarded.

      Be it Rohr, Eguavoen or Peseiro, it will still be these same players that will kick the ball on grass in the tournament. Despite several warnings to Ndidi, the Leicester City man still committed the last minute foul that brought the curtains down on our Afcon hopes in 2019. Iwobi would get himself red carded after Okoye had fumbled a long range strike following Ndidi’s half-arsed tackle against Tunisia in 2022 Afcon.

      These same players will play under any coach that will lead the team to Afcon 2024. Already the likes of Uzoho, Awoniyi, Boniface, Lookman, Akpoguma and chief culprit Chukwueze are already exorcising the ghosts of recent Afcon shortcomings with their current form in Super Eagles colours.

      Had Chukwueze and Awoniyi been more clinical, had Uzoho been more alert, had Onyeka, Iwobi and Aribo been more mobile in the middle, then today Peseiro could have been seen in more favourable light by a larger section of the Super Eagles Fanbase.

      Uzoho, Osimhen, Simon and Aina were chief culprits in Eguavoen’s failed quest to qualify Nigeria for the Qatar World Cup.

      The coach can only do so much, our players have played 4-2-3-1, 5-3-2, 4-2-4, 4-1-4-1 and 4-4-2 under Eguavoen, Rohr and Peseiro in the past 3 years with little to show for this.

      You now expect a Messiah to take over from Peseiro and lift the Afcon this time around!

      Okay o!

      • @DEO. I partially disagree with you.

        1. Yes, I have put most of the blames on the players and that is the reason I always say they don’t deserve to play at the world cup. I also noticed you mentioned how the players have been wasteful and irresponsible. But that’s where our agreement ends.

        2. I disagree with absolving pesero of the blame.

        3. A serious coach will not continue to take risk with a keeper who keeps messing up. He should have placed his risk on another goal keeper even a home based keeper. I believe if the new keeper messes up, some Nigerians will still praise him for the boldness to take such decision. Uzoho is low in confidence. The goal he conceded against Saudi Arabia was a national embarrassment. Yet you still kept faith in him. Pesero needs help.

        2. Ademola lookman has also shown he is not capable of doing much in the wings for us. He always miss golden chances. Yet the clueless pesero continues to start him.

        3. Pesero needs to let us know why iwobi always play deep. Why? @ Deo, can you give an answer to that.

        4. We may not have the resources to sack him now but he should go after afcon unless he wins it (which is not likely)

        The players are irresponsible. Missing golden chances show they are not responsible. Great players and great team bury golden chances.

        But pesero had brought lower the morale of this team. Unless we win afcon or do extremely well, this coach can’t get the best out of these players for world cup qualifiers.

        Finally, We should thank Rwanda for beating south Africa very well. It’s truly a lifeline according to the journalist.

        Yes Rwanda is also a threat but beating south Africa help Nigeria to reduce the threat against our qualification in the group.

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        Well, I heard you ooo Deo. But we have aboundant talent of players that the current gaffer can choose from, right?

        Why relying on Uzoho and others?

        Keshi built his team differently. He took home based and foreign based players to Afcon.

        But this time around, any coach can focus on foreign players as long as the players have what it takes.

        I will blame Oga Paseiro on this. I am not sorry to say this. The coach is not good enough for the Super Eagles shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Codex 7 months ago

      You do know he trialed an experimental 4-3-3 against Zimbabwe before reverting to type in the second half due to the fact that he was chasing an equaliser.

      He’s not as one dimensional as he seems its just that he needs to blood in athletic box to box midfielders to provide cover for his cavalier style of play maybe the 4-4-2 isn’t the problem but the tactical use of the personell at his disposal.

      Its just that modern football requires spontaneity and complexes before success is guaranteed plus international football is time consuming so you’re right on that one he needs to find the balance and time is not on his side.

      Once again I sincerely hope for the best at AFCON but I’m simply not convinced.

  • Wow wow wow, watch the Togo vs Senegal with keen interest and one thing is that the qualification won’t be easy for any team, like all this teams wanted to be at the mundial, Abi na bcos it’s gonna be in yankee and Canada niii? 
     @Dre I dnt know if you watch the match, if u didn’t I will ask you to try and watch the replay, start ur watch from the 85th minutes and see what a good keeper mean to a team, Togo misses numerous open net chances during this period that u will think the Senegalese suddenly went to bed, or are we suppose to call a back line of koulibaly,Niekhata and jacobs, Midfield of gueye,sarr,kouyate,Diatta and mane,ndiaye, sarr in 343 as a weak team? Watch the double save from Mendy and you will agree with me why team need depend on there GK sometime.

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    Corrupt illiteratesat at the NFF don’t seem to unders
    tand the new mode in African soccer. That with the increase in slots for the World Cup the smaller (“minnows”) have sniffed a window of opportunity. They are playing MUCH better and more determined. Ghana has just lost to the Comoros. Nigeria cam no longer take anything for granted and must stop the blame game and put its football house in order

  • Ndubest 7 months ago

    @Selfmade Super Eagle adviser how far, have you gone deft and dumb or are you busy advising Ghana team. Don’t mock Super Eagle again as your team is even worst.

  • Is it only me that kinda prefer 2 draw to 1win and 1defeat? I know it’s weird.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 7 months ago

    I said I wouldn’t respond to your comments anymore because the last time I did all I got was misguided disrespect- You really should be careful with that, I really am not one of those you should try that with.

    However, in this your last comment, you actually make some cogent points but also some far off the mark –

    I will try and quickly do diligence and break certain things down-

    Putting on my calm and rational specs – I can see where you’re coming from with the “no need to get rid of Panserio right now” and wait until after the Afcon for a couple of reasons – (1) He’ll be easier to sack then as he would have failed in his primary objective which was not only to reach Afcon but to win it – but if he somehow wins it then that in my book is some type of win-win – We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
    (2) We can use that time (by we I mean the NFF and the Ministry if it is them who do the hiring) to give their heads a little wobble and knock some sense back in so as to be able to conduct a better search and have enough time to do it and be able to find and hire somebody worthy of the responsibility – and if by then, we clearly see that Panserio has turned the corner (as winning the Afcon must suggest) then we can simply re strategise and possibly just continue with him but definitely minus Calamity Frank!

    If you are still advocating for Calamity Frank, then perish the thought! That ship has long sailed! He simply has not got it in him – In my own opinion, He never did even right from the start. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with him between the sticks and the sooner we jettison that sieve the better!

    I don’t know how you can say that Panserio is decent – being hungry for success does not naturally translate into actual success or excellence by any stretch of the imagination, and he definitely has not pulled up any trees yet to be saying that, also you saying players are trying to buy into his philosophy, would only make sense if that philosophy is based on any concrete formula for success, unfortunately for you, that man’s formula cannot be successful just going on precedent and posterity – Every man and his dog knows how important a goalkeeper is to any team- just ask Alex Ferguson, Pep, or even the goalkeepers themselves or great players of the past – Ask Maradonna or Messi and they’ll tell you just how important their respective goalies were to the teams they played in

    Finally – yes, there are no minnows in football anymore and these results prove it =
    Trinidad & Tobago 2-1 USA
    Rwanda 2-0 SA
    Togo 0-0 Senegal
    Libya 1-1 Cameroon
    and sweetest of all COMOROS 2 – 0 GHANA hehehe!
    However fyi North Macedonia have not knocked Italy out of WC qualification as Italy just scraped through by the skin of their teeth

    Also and finally, you saying our players are not that great is also wrong – the current set of players though not world beater yet by any stretch of the imagination can definitely be and all that is required is a good and competent coach.

    I’ll give you one example – Imagine if Unai Emery were to somehow take up the Nigerian SE’s manager’s job? Trust me, Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Germany and all other comers will have to watch out! A man like that will turn our boys (the exact same team as it is now) apart from calamity frank of course! into world beaters and I can guarantee you that!

    • Bolaji 7 months ago

      North macedonia played 0-0 with England yesterday, yes, their are no minnows in soccer anymore

      • Taaa San Marino will always be minnows lol but can Eagles even beat them?

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    I knew SA will mess up at some point I just didn’t know it will be this early Lmao!! God of soccer thank you OOO!! It’s now left to us to make amends. Hopefully the AFCON will open our eyes more to see which players can prosecute the rest of the qualifiers. We will surely qualify from this group I trust my SuperEagles to deliver this ticket. For those saying it’s not the end of the world if we don’t qualify. Yes it’s not the end of the world, but we will qualify from this group African football can be unpredictable at times. Im just not sure if we have the gaffer to make it happen. AFCON will determine our journey. 

  • Hassan Tia 7 months ago

    NFF must sack clueless coach Peseiro , hire World class coach just as French coaches Reymond Dommenech or Jaquette Santini cause French school has pedigree on defensive style which Super Eagles lack this style; the new coach should summon the old gaurds of SE like Victor Moses, Ahmed Musa, Odion Ighalo, Godfrey Oboabona , Ogeny Onazi in order to strengthen and reinforce SE for the coming fixtures, NFF can also hire local coaches like Emmanuel Amuneki assisted by Daniel Amokache, Ike Shorounmu, Manu Garba, Ike Egbo.

  • Respect is Reciprocal 7 months ago

    Please house members don’t listen to Omonaija and co advocating for the removal of Peseiro less than two months to Nation cup. As much as i want Peseiro to go the timing is wrong. This was how omonaija including myself clamored for the removal of Rohr few weeks to Nation cup ,  the rest is history. We Nigerians are arrogant to be expecting too much from these eagles. There is thin line between genius and madness. After watching all our matches again i have come to the conclusion that eagles is not as bad as we think. We have been creating chances upon chances just that the goals are not coming . The players are beginning to adjust to the philosophy of the coach, changing coaches all the time affect game pattern of any team. Peseiro has felt the heat and wrath of the fans so I believe now he would sit right.
    With few changes Nigeria can still perform well. Get a good keeper. Move Calvin from center back to wing back if possible. Get hard working midfielders or manage the ones we have by using two defensive midfielders and allow iwobi to move forward . That Tella guy is an upgraded version of Lookman and CHukwu, he can send passes and crosses well. 
    If the coach is a little defensive in his approach eagles will start excelling. 

    Or better still get good midfielders in the local league , these local players can put their life to tackle anything on the field. What eagles is lacking is players that are not afraid to mark , these our Oyinbo boys are scared of being injured that is why our midfielders are being bullied .
    Nigeria would make the greatest mistake to appoint Amunike  or any local coach. Apart from u17 which other success has Amunike recorded that you now feel he should be saddled with the responsibility of leading eagles. How many of our ex  players have the required experience , look at Yaya and Kolo . They are being seconded to a grade A coach to learn the act of coaching. The only Local coach i will suggest is Oliseh. He wont take shit from NFF. You need a coach that wont take shit from these cabals and it’s only Oliseh that can do that. Some people said he left the team when they needed him most , that is what makes him a man of principle. If you have dignity you wont be afraid to fail and mind you they (NFF) wanted Oliseh to fail so that they can hire a foreign coach as this will enlarge their pocket. People don’t understand that NFF intentionally make all local coaches to fail so that foreign coach can come in. Oliseh with Olofinjana are both intelligent and don’t take shit , so i will recommend them if we have to get anything Nigeria to coach Nigerian. But then that should be after Peseiro fails at the Nations cup.
    I only Office of The Presidency can support anyone as a coach , then NFF will sit tight. Westerhof had access to the Seat of Power was the reason he succeeded , he had direct link to Abuja and was a threat to NFA . All we just need is someone at the helm of affairs that really love football .

    • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

      I agree with everything you said until you mentioned Oliseh. Oliseh kẹ? Who put us in all these mess in the first place? Rohr came to steady the shop by qualifying for the WorldCup that everyone wrote us off for. Qualified for two consecutive AFCONs until we sack him unceremoniously and we crashed back to square one with Eguafailure. At least Peseiro qualified us for this AFCON. Abeg make we leave Peseiro alone to take us the AFCON and let him go after the tournament irrespective of our performance in Ivory Coast. Olofinjana is more of an executive admin than a coach. 

      The only local coach I will prefer is Daniel Amokachi. He’s probably the only one amongst all the names everyone are brandishing that is currently working on getting his CAF A license in Morocco as we speak. I’m surprised all the let us fail with owns are not even mentioning the Bull. He can be assisted by Finidi who is already with the team and maybe Enyeama can be called upon to be our goalkeepers trainer after the AFCON. 

      If we can’t afford a top coach from either France or Spain or the Netherlands give the team to the Bull. He’s tested and trusted, the only one always trying to improve himself as a coach among all our hallowed 94 members. 

      • KENNETH 7 months ago

        Please Stop watching the Eagles if you want Rorh Back, turn your TV. Let him go qualify his new team for AFCON and world cup with games to spare. He has 6 games under his belt with Benin and not one win, so what is the excuse. What happened to the magic wand he was using for 6 years. I know for sure if Rorh took us to afcon in cameroon we wouldn’t win shit. Even the world cup we wouldn’t have attended.
        Abeg Leave Oliseh alone, he wouldn’t be manipulated like the journeymen who are reducing their salaries to remain with the team.

      • Respect is rciprocal 7 months ago

        @Ayphilly. apart from Siasia Oliseh is the best coach we have. If you look at the build up of the few games super eagles played under him , you will noticed a balanced technically sound team. But for his arrogance and doggedness i see nothing wrong with him. Nff wanted to rubbish him and make him look like a bad ass coach .  If he is given another chance to handle the team by now he should be more matured to take eagles to where we deserve. Of all our coaches only Oliseh has coached  Eupean their sport director, coached Vervietois in Belgium, fortuna sitters in Germany , sv 19 straelen . Even Aliu  Cisse the coach of Senegal doesn’t have that CV . Lets us support Oliseh if we must have a Nigeria as a coach. Amokachie some people is corrupt as devil himself , said when he was the coach of u20 or 23 he bought swatch watch and mandated the players to buy five thousand dollars . Elegbete sport tv anchor said it live. 
        Oliseh is a no nonsense player and coach . If given necessary support he would perform .  We all know how Aliu Cisse  began with Senegal poorly and today Senegal is a class in Africa football.

    • KENNETH 7 months ago

      God bless you with what you said, the truth needs to be spoken. Even when they made attempt to manipulate keshi, what did he do, he walked out the job, it’s so funny how some people will just come here and be blaming our ex-players. They not blind and stupid not to know the tricks of the NFF. I see nothing wrong in firing Peserio now, i don’t see any player adjusting to whatever system he is bringing. Where is Kolo toure now? which team is he coaching. Coaching is not for everyone, i want to believe some ex are trying their best to get the necessary licenses to become a coach. Am not one to be making assumptions. After all the noise about Egbo and his exploits at Tirana, read he is an assistant coach in Kosovo.

  • Festus 7 months ago

    The rainy logged pitch wasn’t fair to south Africa. For me Rwanda was just lucky to have won that game on the sloppy pitch. Yes its obvious small countries are now catching up to the big named countries. Well it is now in our hands to win the group

  • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

    I can see that y’all have gone back to using your calculators. GENERAL ROAR saved us from all these bs. If it was him by now we would have been feeling relaxed with our 6 points…

  • Chibuike 7 months ago

    The only ex international local coach that can rescue Nigerians now is Emmanuel Amunike. Him get spiritual eye to discover raw talent and brush them up and he can read game as well and make good decision on time because his a dazzling player too. he has try his luck in other countries national team. Under17 world cup is there to prove a point.

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