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2026 WCQ: We Can Beat Super Eagles — Zimbabwe Midfielder Munetsi

2026 WCQ: We Can Beat Super Eagles — Zimbabwe Midfielder Munetsi

Zimbabwe midfielder, Marshall Munetsi believes the Warriors can post a good result against the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Baltemar Brito’s side will entertain the Super Eagles in a 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture at the Huye Stadium, Butare on Sunday.

The Warriors held Rwanda to a 0-0 draw in their opening fixture on Wednesday.

UBA Super Savers

The Super Eagles are the overwhelming favourites to win the contest, but Munetsi insists they can shock the visitors.

“It’s going to be a good challenge against Nigeria and I’m sure it will be a game of fine margins,” Munetsi told the Herald.

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“They played on Thursday and didn’t have much time to recover so we can use that to our advantage.

“Obviously the team has big name players but even then if they don’t have time to recover and all the travels it might be difficult for them to adjust. We just need to be confident and have a good game plan for us to get maximum points.”

The Stade de Reims player also called on the country’s supporters to keep supporting the team.

“People were expecting a win against Rwanda but they must know that this was the first time we were playing together as a team. Some of us are doing well at our clubs and the supporters obviously expect us to do the same for the national team so we are trying to make sure that we try to get to the standards of winning these kind of games,”

“Our supporters need to be patient, we will keep on doing our best to make sure that we try to win the game against Nigeria and ultimately try to qualify for the World Cup”.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • of course with these eagles ANYBODY WILL BEAT THEM, because even we Nigeran don’t know what is going on, with all our football talents even in Nigeria not to even talk about outside Nigeria wrong people in the wrong position, to utilize it, the sports minister, and NFF president, the coach, thEsE are not the right people to be in that positionS the only thing that unite nigeria together they put sadness to it.

  • Oakfield 3 weeks ago

    Every tom, dick and harry now feel they can beat the super eagles now. This is what happens when u do not do what you are supposed to do. Tell me, if we had given Lesotho a dose of their lives, would these dude have the guts to say they can beat us??? Person wey carry termite infested firewood and put on his head gave an invitation to termites to feast on and make merry of his body, so an Igbo proverb says.

  • Not not fault at all. Let’s wait and see if you can. 

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    From “any coach can win AFCON with these players in 2 weeks” to “anybody can beat these Eagles now”…..LMAOoo

    How did we get here….?

    Those who brought us here deserve to be made to face a firing squad….LMAOoo

    • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

      Ahahaha this man, this is why they hate you on this forum, Nigerians naturally hate anyone that says truth.

      They thought we’re stupid for supporting Rohr. Wetin man eye don see with this NFF employing average coaches, mouth no fit explain. From Egauvon and Siasia to berti vogts, lagerback, olise, Bora you will understand why someone will have a coach that is qualifying team with games to spare. Anyways some of you just started following football and the ones that had being following football for long are quick to forget but you people will remember by force now.

      You will need to go and clean your calculators and go get battery from Aboki Hahahaha nigerrians the funniest people on earth.

      • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

        @Dr.Drey = @Jide Dola… those wey know… know. Lol… kai some people ego ehn! So Samson Siasia is an average coach now? Rohr has a job right now so stop whining about him. He Rohr, also was no saviour but an opportunist journeyman white messiah coach who is a fraud himself. Where are the likes of Ahmed Musa, Samuel Kalu and Ighalo that he likes to promote in his time at the helm of affairs. A coach who always maintained that players like Osimhen were not ready and he went back recalling retired spent forces and inactive players at clubsides… he started the downfall of our football and laid its groundwork

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

        Animal what is Rohr doing with his dishonest life now? Is it not South Africa that is making a fool out of him blind followers!!!

        • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

          I’ve come to realize that people relate with people base on what they can see around them. You most have a lot of human being that behave like animal around you. Is it not foolishness to call people names. If you are someone that have regard for yourself and people around you, you will respect other people. Rohr has been loosing games and paseiro was loosing games before nff hired him. You know loosing games is not good but your nff hired someone that was couldn’t win a match on is formal job. Then, you’re concerned about what is happening with Rohr performance on his new job.

          Wouldn’t it be reasonable to start analysing your team coach and his performance from where he started and up till date.

          Hypocrites that are more interested in proving unreasonable point than the progress of the team. Since Rohr left has this team made any progress?you better repent your ways. @Drey asked simple question, what happens to anyone can win matches easily with this crop of players, constructively defend your point you are cursing. When the brain became empty, they will start cursing.

          Fake fans everywhere now is the players that are playing rubbish is no more the coach. Do you think football is about playing ball around with no plan of how to break defence.

          All the attackers became useless bcos coach was clueless. Coach clueless, fans too clueless, bunch of clueless people.

  • Tongai Blessing Ndoro 3 weeks ago

    The 22 players on the field on Sunday is doing well at their clubs every where they are playing. It will be a matter of a good plan and psychology applied by any of the technical teams to win the game and no excuse.Zim’ defence and midfield has enough arsenal except for up front an area Nigeria dominates between the 2team.Only proper game plan is winning the game not names and media.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 3 weeks ago

    I want to put 10000 on Zimbabwe to win
    And 20000 on a draw
    And 5000 on eagle to win last last i will win something and remain in market. The last time I put eagles to win with 20000 money enter bush .. I just go borrow 35000 to stake this . If Zimbabwe win na 120k if draw I win 50k if Nigeria win na 37k … Zimbabwe pls help me.

    • Forget 120k. E no go happen. Na only for the past 2 AFCONS Nigeria don lose away game for Africa. Precisely 2 times in 4 and half years, unbeaten in the last 11 away games in Africa. Even if I no recognize the current crop, na suicidal attempt to lose to Zimbabwe because many of them no go smell afcon squad if them mess up.

    • SeanT 3 weeks ago

      @sportradio88.0, this is an eye opener o. Chai i no even reason am. Abeg which betting app u won stake abeg. If SE no fit make us proud, make we kuku cash out on their head. Abeg put me thru cuz i no sabi play bet

  • Hassan Tia 3 weeks ago

    Sportradi you will lose this bet , I think so, when Super Eagles stumbled they would return quickly, you are grudge against SE, so you have Ghanian bloods in your veins.

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    2nd min

    South Africa 1-0 Benin

    SA smelt blood, and they are going for the kill without leaving anything behind.

    This WC ticket is SAs to lose…!

    • Dcardinal042 3 weeks ago

      lol world cup qualification that will be played in 3 years span…SA will struggle against their perennial rivals Lesotho. this Lesotho reminds me of Mozambique prior to 2010 qualification

  • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

    Sure, is an easy thing to do. Not only you can beat them, I want you to beat them so that they can sack this coach. Zimbabwe please God will not shame you.

    Is better for the coach to be sacked now before is too late

    • What about wishing the coach and our dear SE a change in tactics and more determine in thetr play instead of wishing them bad luck just bcos u want the coach to be sack? You mean you would wish the entire plane to crash bcos you have one enemy on board the plane?

      • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

        You are missing the point, is better for the coach to be exposed now than when is already too late, we’re still playing Lesotho and Zimbabwe, the greatest embarrassment will come if we should loose 1 leg and draw 1 against South Africa bcos that’s the best I can see us getting against SA with this coach. I don’t see him do something different from what he has been doing for the past few months, then again, you can not give what you don’t have.

        Now, he will beat Zimbabwe and everybody will start believing in him but at the end he will go and disgrace the nation at AFCON.

  • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

    Ahahaha this man, this is why they hate you on this forum, Nigerians naturally hate anyone that says truth.

    They thought we’re stupid for supporting Rohr. Wetin man eye don see with this NFF employing average coaches, mouth no fit explain. From Egauvon and Siasia to berti vogts, lagerback, olise, Bora you will understand why someone will have a coach that is qualifying team with games to spare. Anyways some of you just started following football and the ones that had being following football for long are quick to forget but you people will remember by force now.

    You will need to go and clean your calculators and go get battery from Aboki Hahahaha nigerrians the funniest people on earth.

    • Let’s see if your grand pa will qualify Benin with game to spare this time now, guy leave story, that old
      Man reign is behind us already so we move.

      • Ako Amadi 3 weeks ago

        The outcome of tomorrow’s match against Zimbawe could be decided at the Supreme Court. The verdict is likely to be in favour of Zimbabwe

        • The outcome of tomorrow match will be crucial but nothing gonna determine anything yet, each team playing 10games each, 2games is too early to decide anything and I’m sure the Eagles will fly tomorrow.

  • SA leading Benin 2-0 in first half, Benin playing boring as expected from any team coach by @Monkey Post uncle.

    • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

      South Africa can easily buy this match!! South Africa is desperate to qualify to the wc and Nigeria should start to play mind games with them by FILING MATCH BUYING PROPAGANDA in the media to distract them!!

      Ghana did that mafia work in the last wc qualifiers and it swayed them off a little! 

      They intentionally accused us of buying matches and we returned the favour by FLOODING them with match fixing allegations upon allegations!

      Nigeria doesn’t know how to PLAY FOOTBALL POLITICS unlike your senior brothers GHANA! 

      Ghana knows all the tricks!

      We even sent a fake gfa member to tell Danny Jordan that, Ghana paid the Senegalese ref to award that penalty for us with receipts and they bought into it haha!!

      When they submitted those receipts to fifa, it was found to be fake!!

      Wake up Nigerians and start the wc politics now!! 

      Start planting fake SOUTH AFRICA matching buying on social media and distract them a little bit otherwise y’all in a rude awakening haha

      • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

        You guys have started swamping on our sports sites since we dropped points and with Ghana’s victory makes it all better for yous..
        Be honest you don’t want Nigeria to qualify for the world cup.Our poor outing on thursday was like victory to Ghana.Had we won emphatically i’m sure you won’t come to this site.
        i want to ask you this,why weren’t you on this site after your losses in the last international windows?

        • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

          As long as Nigeria isn’t in Ghana group, I want Nigeria to qualify to the wc!! 

          I don’t want South Africa to qualify to the wc on Nigeria expense! 

          I don’t support South Africa because of how they treat west Africans!!

          I want Nigeria to qualify to the wc and not South Africa!

          I want west Africa reps and not south or north!

          Those guys hate us and I will love Nigeria to qualify!!

          This has nothing to do with Ghana and Nigeria issue!

          If Nigeria plays good and wins, Ghana also becomes motivated to win too and that’s why I want Nigeria to perform so that we can tell our team to look at Nigeria 

          U don’t understand my bro 

          Do u think Ghanaians care about South Africa winning? 

          No but they care about Nigeria winning and leaving us behind! 

          U get it my bro 

        • SeanT 3 weeks ago

          Of course they’re beatable home & away but if you read my messages well. I mentioned that with Peseiro, SE can’t be SA home & away with his mumu game plan & tactics.

          Their is nothing special about SA but as we no get better Coach & GK nko. That Percy Tau have some trick and can cause damage to Nigeria defence line bcos i will be honest, pairing of Bassey and Ajayi is not the best for us and that’s what the Coach will give us with hin boy Uzoho. Except that changes which will be to fire the Coach.

          We need Igho Ogbu and The young defender from Luton Town to solidify the defence, look for 2 additional midfielders and get a good GK. If we’re able to do that, we will be in good shape

  • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

    South Africa 2 vs 0 Benin Republic… are we sure Greatest of All Time Coach… Gernot Rohr is still in-charge of Benin Republic?

  • Half time.

    South Africa 2 – Benin O.

    Does Rohr want to sabotage us? It’s obvious Lesotho are doing South Africa’s bidding and Paseiro played into his hands by underating and not understudying them first.

    • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

      South Africa ll surely buy some games with Zimbabwe and Lesotho! 

      Lesotho and Zimbabwe ll allow South Africa to qualify at the expense of Nigeria that’s why I was shocked Nigeria didn’t pass some green envelope to the central ref before the match against Lesotho!

      I know what am saying because we and South Africa were in the same wc group and they influenced the other teams against Ghana by making Ethiopia and Zimbabwe switched their venues to South Africa! 

      Along the way, Lesotho or Zimbabwe will switch their ground to South Africa!

      Nigeria should wake up quickly because is isn’t looking good!

      Ghana should SOUTH AFRICA PEPPER when they tried that tricks on us by playing a dirty game and after that, when they filed their complaint against us, we torn them into pieces with our savvy OFF GROUND football ethics haha!

      Nigeria is messing up and maybe doesn’t know South Africa very well!! 

      Can u believed, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe all played their home matches in South Africa?

      Is coming home now!

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago


        • Edoman 3 weeks ago

          l agreed as well. This world cup is not for us this time. The Nigerian coach is not good.

      • Wow, didn’t realize Ghana had to grapple with that level of football politics in the last WC qualifiers. I’ve never trusted this South African Patrice Motsepe guy at CAF.

        It’s an open secret how Motsepe is so much trying to cut down the size and prowess of West African football in favor of Southern Africa with all the dubious pairings at both the age-grade and senior levels. But guess who was his chief campaigner and installer? the notorious Pinnick. It still amazes me why he’s still walking as a free man with EFCC, probably cos his brother-in-law, former Delta Stata Governor, Uduaghan.

        We warned Paseiro and the NFF several times on this platform about the politics that may be at play, but as usual they ignored us. Can you imagine the same Lesotho we dismantled 7-2 agrregate in 2021 (3-0 at home and 4-2 away with virtually same set of players) suddenly became a lion in 2023 cos SA is in the same group. Chai!

        • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

          Yea we played a DIRTY football politics with South Africa in the last qualifiers! The caf president came to Ghana in the middle of the qualifers for no reason whatsoever 

          And according to reliable sources, he came to cut a deal with Ghana to let South Africa qualify to the wc whiles Ghana host the afcon but we said no! 

          After the offer was turned down, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe suddenly switched their crucial home matches to South Africa to favored South Africa but we returned the favor by PLANTING numerous propaganda on social media of how fifa is trying to support South Africa that distracted them a lot!!

          In our last game against South Africa, we won the match with a DIRTY PENALTY and that was our revenge against the dirty works against us 

          They reported us but we played a smart political football game by shredding their court documents as not properly filed within the stipulated fifa allocated time without even touching on the real matter!

          We also tricked them by sending them fake info of Ghanaian fa paying monies to the ref with fake receipts and fifa found those receipts to be fake haha!

          Ghana man GOT BIG FOOTBALL POLITICS BRAIN because our football league is full of court cases and managed by LAWYERS haha 

          Nigeria is in for a real football POLITRICKS from South Africa and they should let the ENVELOPES show in their home matches otherwise South Africa ll beat u to this ticket at home 

          • Edoman 3 weeks ago

            May Almighty Lord continue to bless you for your intelligence info of what happened. Nigerian NFF is too weak and complacent to follow through any meaningful patterns to a successful conclusion. If we ever loose Sunday, 200 million Nigerians should completely abandon the simple idea of the next World Cup.

  • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

    Starting Awoniyi was wrong,i faulted the lineup.Aina has no business on the bench.I was thinking Aina will start.
    Awoniyi is always too quiet  on a super eagles duty,you’ll hardly notice his presence,he has no hotfoot or push sadly so,all this and more led to the unfortunate result.
    South Africa will claim six points east no problem,should we lose or draw against Zimbabwe then World Cup qualification will be a big catch-up race for the super eagles,it means we have to beat South-Africa home and away which is possible anyway but we need Osimhen,Ndidi and all important players to be fit all through the qualifiers to achieve that.
    It’s hard to believe super eagles at home can’t claim 3 points against Lesotho a team ranked 154 by FIFA,I was shamefaced!
    The next FIFA rankings won’t be anything to look forward to,not to a super eagles fan!

    • Yes the SE didn’t play what we expect of them but I’m not gonna write them off yet, Ghana won Madagascar with the last kick of the game yesterday and we saw how both GK stand tall in the end to end game, saving crucial goal bound effort from here and there, now it seems peseiro have decided to start Aina for bring, Bruno for Collins, Simon for lookman and Moffi for awo tomorrow, so it simply means we are still going to see uzoho man the post tomorrow, I’m beginning to suspect peseiro have beyond sporting love for uzoho, because trust me if we swap GK against Lesotho, we would have won that match, uzoho is my only problem and concern in that team, he is definitely down on confidence for now and best thing is for peseiro to give him some break.

      • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

        Ghana have that IS NOT OVER until is all over spirit! 

        In BABA YARA, is isn’t easy for any team!

        The things that are BURIED on that grounds, not be joke lol!

        Nigeria should find a TRADITIONAL HOME where the county SPIRIT RESIDES because even in the Bible, GOD wanted a HOME where his SPIRITS ll reside among his people!

        Ghana FOOTBALL SPIRITS resides in KUMASI and the players SIMPLY LOVE to play there!! 

        Nigeria should find their home now 

        • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

          Interesting you are preaching Juju on us. Shame no dey catch you now.

          • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

            That’s why u ll always be blind!!

            In the Bible, the Old Testament is full of RITUALS!

            To an African mind like yours, our rituals are PAGANISM

            Their rituals are sanctified! 

            When God told Abraham to leave the ASS with the servants and come alone to meet him, what did TOLD HIM and what did God performed for him? 

            U blind my bro!! Wake the hell up 

            When the high priest intercede for the people in the holies of holy with incense, was it a ritual too or paganism? 

          • Edoman 3 weeks ago

            l see nothing wrong with what King says. Do you forget that same Ghanaians & Edo people of Nigeria are one and the same people? The link and bond are so strong, my friend.

        • Ndubest 3 weeks ago

          Very funny @selfmade believe me Mali will win that group if you like play your matches in burial ground their time has arrived.

          • Selfmade KING 3 weeks ago

            U ll see!! U can bet your naira on this!

            Ghana have that individual brilliance and we ll top the group easily 

            Watch and see

            We ll prepare for Mali and we ll win Bamako!!

            Wait and see!!

            Ghana have THE WC spirit with us! 

            U think this is the first time we playing Mali in wc qualifers?

            They always in our group and we always denied them and nothing ll change this time too

      • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

        Ghana would have scored another goal to win 2-1 if it were them in our position on thursday.We haven’t got that resolute in us.
        Whenever we needed a goal after 90 minutes i always turn off my telly because super eagles won’t score a late goal to save a life.

        • Like you forgot seniorman last minutes goal in our last friendly so quick.

          • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

            And what happened thereafter?We conceded a goal,did we go ahead to score the winner?

        • Ndubest 3 weeks ago

          I agree with you @Greenturf it was pathetic watching them playing dying minutes of that game as if nothing was at stake. Am done with watching any live match again unless i see changes. It was a terrible experience on Thursday. Never will i put my mind in their game any longer. One thing is certain tomorrow will define everything even some players future with the national team. Win and continue but lose or draw both the coach and some players will leave us for good.

          • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

            Well it’s good the game is on a sunday.I shall be in church,by time i get home the game should be over.It sure will save me the emotional anguish!

        • Edoman 3 weeks ago

          Agreed with you, my good friend. So-called Awoniyi, Lookman and Aribo played as if nothing is as stake. Uzoho lack concentration as a goalkeeper. Thats why his club don’t risk using him. l am sure he could be bribing the coach to play him to send a message to his club.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      NFF has never listened to us we made a list of Coaches but they went for another average coach like Rohr doing side business with NFF. I just feel for we Nigerian that loves Football.

  • SeanT 3 weeks ago

    SA are now favorite if they grab the 3 points in today’s match and avoid defeat in both legs against Nigeria.

    All they’ve to do is win the rest of their match and that’s all and i guess they’re capable of doing that not because they’ve better players but because they’ve a game plan, dedicated and committed players, good Coach & reliable Football Administration. SA always play with passion eventhough they’re just an average team.

    Also their is no assurance that the SE will win the rest of their matches. Also they can’t win SA home & away unless they sack the Coach and hire a competent Coach immediately after tomorrow’s match regardless of the result

    • Dnt tell me you judging SA and making them favorite bcos they leading Benin, this Benin look the weakest team in the group to me, and who said SA is not beatable home and away?

      • KENNETH 3 weeks ago

        Abeg tell them. PE teacher Rorh must qualify Benin republic with games to spare.

  • Ako Amadi 3 weeks ago

    Why do Nigerians not admit that their team is mediocre? The coach is 3rd class. And the NFF is very corrupt. Stop deceiving yourselves and face reality! Add this to a Sports Ministry that eats the money set aside to maintain National stadiums and you know what your country is all about

  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    For me it’s time to Trust our local coaches with Trophy Cabinet someone like Manu Garba to move a step up to manage our senior national teams. With total support maybe he will help us solve all this underachievements. Remember this man discovered most of the best talents we have in the country today!!!

    • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

      I am not in support of a local manager due to we’re very sentimental people,you can’t write that off.
      But if we must go local i will prefer Ladan Bosso.
      Meanwhile,Peseiro is hanging on a thread.Should we fail to win tomorrow,there will be a loud cry within and outside the country for his sack!

      • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

        Bosso has not won any gold for Nigeria he is very average and can be really corrupt.

    • Zimbabwe yes you can. You can definitely beat this team. I have said it – lower your expectations on these players. They’re not ready for the world cup. It’s not just about Lesotho game.

      Against Saudi you saw the nonsense they did.

      Losing very clear chances. Do they need nff and pesero to enter the pitch and score into empty nets?

      Great players don’t waste chances. In the first leg match against Ghana, they also lost some chances too

      During qualification for 1994 world cup. Eagles were not really playing the best of football. Cote D’Ivoire dominated the play in Nigeria buy eagles still won by 4-1.

      We had players who take their chances when the come.

      I am still very sad with ademola kookman. And I am surprised pesero keeps on starting him when we have a better player on the bench.

      Great players take their chances. The likes of aghaowa will just be laughing over these set of players.

      Pesro and nff maybe bad buy we would have won matches if the players had converted chances my old grand mother would have converted.

      Lazy and irresponsible players we have. Well I wish them well. But for me – South Africa deserves to be at the world cup. I am fascinated by the way mame Lodi sundown plays in Africa. If they can translate that into the national team, they will beat the chicken eagles home and away.

      • Greenturf 3 weeks ago

        It won’t be the end of the world if we fail to qualify for the world cup.We shall carry on with our life and support any of our youth teams in tournament both male and female..

        • Ndubest 3 weeks ago

          Well spoken @Grernturf life goes on even if we fail to qualify yet again. We survived Ghana mocking last tine especially from selfmade and his gangs constituting nuisance in this platform. South Africa are not fantastic either lets wait and see.

  • i didnt watch the game against lesotho but later saw the highlights and what i saw was a team that had something but was without a pattern and proper coordination. everyone just seemed like they were doing their own thing and they hoped it will result in something. thats the fault of the coach, he doesnt know how to coordinate a team or strategise. i hate going back but coach Rohr was good at that, he knew how to manage a game to get the desired result the only issue that the team had under him was that we werent progressing beyond the level he had taken the team. so the NFF employed someone that was far worse than him and now that we have all these talented players, we cant churn out the desired result. in terms of team selection, when playing with all this african side, wisdom should determine that all those foreign born players or a least most of them should sit on the bench. that includes Ademola Lookman, calvin basse etc. play simon moses in that role on the left wing or move boniface over there. secondly, jamilu collins has been out of the team for about two (2) years, what made the coach start him above a player like aina i don’t know. that guy has not over impressed in an eagles shirt and should at most be in the standby list and not in the starting lineup. uzoho in between the post is bad as he always concedes goals. look for someone else from the local league or in the diaspora. this guy cant keep out goals at the Afcon. he needs to be replaced. also,if we are inviting players for qualifiers like these, we should consider players that bring alot to the team. what i mean by this is that inviting a player like sadiq umar (whom i have supported in the past) is okay, but right now we are playing african sides that want to qualify for the world cup and these sides are mostly filled with physically strong players who are ready to use anything and everything to win a game. our players are mostly from europe and are mostly bread and butter players who don’t usually use their muscles in games, they rely on their skills, trickery and pace. but we still have players who use their strength in games, players like ISAAC SUCCESS, whom i would have liked to be in this team playing from the left with boniface in the centre and iheanacho on the right. if we had used this attack with a formidable midfield comprising of iwobi(etebo), onyeka(yusuf), Rapheal(Aribo), i dont think lesotho would have escaped being put down. this team needs a Make over starting with the coach, he needs to go so that someone who has an idea of how the game should be played and knows the kind of players who should start a game can come in and do a good job with his team because i believe that with the right coach these players can do better than they are doing now.

    • Seedorf 3 weeks ago

      Rohr knew how to manage game but couldn’t manage the game against Algeria. He knew how to manage game but couldn’t not manage the game against Argentina with early substitutions. Abegii, pack well jaree .all of them be olodo

  • Respect is reciprocal 3 weeks ago

    Forget about politicking if NFF can do the needful Nigeria is not in the same rank with any of the teams . If you are talking about Egypt, Morocco, Senegal now i can say we need the act of politics to prevail. I stand to be corrected this team is not overhyped in any way. But nevertheless we might now qualify for the world cup and I don’t see us winning the Nation’s cup neither. 
    the problem with the team is NFF has no winning structure for the team put in place. No matter who coach the team the result wont be different and no matter the players invited it will till be the same old result.
    It took several years for Senegal to have this winning mentality structure despite the fact that they have always been producing top notch players . 
    No matter how good you are as a player in England you wont smell the national team  unless that winning mentality is seen in you and the spirit of die hard and most important toy consistently . Our players don’t have these prerequisite . Once a player score four goals consecutively in his club the next thing is for him to be invited. We keep saying British born Nigeria players are only featured once in English national team , this because they are not consistent . Tammy Abraham and Tomori would have cemented their place in Eagles if they chose Nigeria but they can not even pin regular shirt in England. It is not racism but due to complacency of the players. Nigeria players are not hardworking which is an ingredient that our national team need. 
    NFF need to wake up to their responsibilities. I see the NFF officials as opportunists . They are interested in stealing what can be stolen before their tenure elapses.  Was reading the news today that Peseiro has already been talking with official of Zamalec with the hope of becoming the coach of the club. See this coach doesn’t take us to be anything.
    The kind of die hard spirit we want in eagles can only be shown by local league player but unfortunately the league is not developed.