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4-Nation Tourney: Why Falcons Lost To Jamaica – Waldrum

4-Nation Tourney: Why Falcons Lost To Jamaica – Waldrum

Super Falcons head coach Randy Waldrum has explained why his team suffered a shock defeat to Jamaica, at the four-nation Summer Series tournament in the United States.

Despite going into Thursday’s game as favourites, the Falcons were shocked 1-0 by Jamaica.

The Jamaicans would have won by a wider margin but Tochukwu Oluehi in goal for the Falcons, saved a first half penalty.

And in an interview published on the Facebook wall of the Falcons media officer, Waldrum said:“I was really proud of the second half performance. I felt like we showed a lot of fight and a lot of heart in the second half. The first half was too slow, disorganized not like the way we wanted to play. So we have to learn next time when we come out on the field we start from the beginning.

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“There are some positives to take away and again a lot of new players we haven’t seen. So it was a good opportunity to see some of those players.“

Ahead of the team’s next game against Portugal on Monday, Waldrum said there will be changes in the starting eleven.

“Now we have a little understanding and idea of the players we have in camp, after seeing the game and performances so there will be a little bit of change in the line-up because now we have a better idea.

“And I will expect we come out to play right from the beginning try to impose the way we want to play and I felt we didn’t do that (against Jamaica).”

And on the goal conceded by the Falcons:“The goal we conceded, I think it had to do with us having two new defenders out of the back four. So I think the goal came as a result of the disorganization at the back, not being aware of the second ball after Tochukwu Oluehi made the first save.

“But I thought Tochukwu played fantastic, saving a penalty kick, she made a huge save after the penalty to keep us in the game in the first half. She played well but I think the back four are young so we have to take sometime and get it organized especially since we don’t have (Onome) Ebi, (Osinachi) Ohale here, the anchor of the backline, we just don’t have that right now.“

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  • Larry 3 years ago

    A very legit response from an intelligent coach. Friendlies are meant to give new players opportunities, test new tactics and fix areas of needs.
    Randy gave new players opportunities with enough time to display their skills. To those who are hell bent on comparing Randy wwith GR, let’s not forget that this dude has already won a trophy for falcons within 6 months of engagement. I have no doubt that he is more ambitious than a rigid, technically bereft and trophyless Belmadi’s boy that invites new players and plays them for 0-15mins. GR that will prefer to keep slots for underperforming players.
    Since his contract renewal,SE have been on descending level with many bad records;
    1. First time SE failed to win a single match throughout a year.
    2. First time SE lost a 4 goal lead.
    3. First time SE lost to Cameroon in normal duration in 32 yes.

    It is very obvious the law of diminishing return has already loaded on GR. If he is being owed as reported. He needs to speak up and I will advise him to start making plans to get his outstanding salaries starting from now because he may be dumped before the conclusion of next year’s AFCON.
    Current nff is a sham!

    • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

      May this platform never be empty of great Thinkers like Larry, Chima, Omo9ja and Jimmy. Together, we shall be heard. The days of Dr Drey and Ayphylidegrate dominating the narratives have effectively come to an end. We shall not be bullied into accepting mediocrity. The views expressed above by Larry are very valid and cannot be just swept under the carpet. Pro-Rohrs might claim that these are irrelevant but I have news for you, your views are irrelevant. YOUR ONLY SAVING GRACE IS THAT ROHR MANAGED TO QUALIFY FOR NEXT AFCON WITH GAMES TO SPARE. For this, I give you 1-0. But you cannot close your eyes to what can be regarded as indifferent performances of late by Gernot Rohr. To deny this will be to lie to yourself and your conscience.
      We Anti-Rohr rule the platform. Anyone who wants the progress of the Super Eagles should join us in the fight to rid the Super Eagles of Gernot Rohr once and for all.
      He did well in his first term and we are grateful, it is now time for him to go. Ariba!!!!!!!!

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Waldrum said:“I was really proud of the second half performance. I felt like we showed a lot of fight and a lot of heart in the second half. Exactly what i stated but people who didn’t watch the match joined the bad wagons to haul insults on themselves. Watching the second half I saw a coach who knew what he was doing and the new players given enough chance to express themselves…. Unlike Rohr who will not give new players enough chance. I just pray Markus and co will survive this terrible coaching. Ringmybell well said but wait and see what this naysayers will come up with as they’ll surely pick out the negatives from this news to talk down their perceived enemies.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        I find it hard to believe that Rohr doesn’t have the technical prowess to change a game that is going against him. The falcons coach showed a champion character even though we lost. Rohr is always at the loosing end when it comes to changing the complexion of games, he can’t scream instructions he just keeps a tight lips like a dullard waiting for a miracle to happen and take the glory. A smart coach will show strong character and yell out instructions to players and see out matches even in defeat he looses well. But my coach will clap when a players makes a mistake what does this tell you? And to crown it all he takes out good players and brings in a joke. Many people are playing blind I will keep referring them to South Africa match yesterday where we had 85% debutants do the job of a brilliant comeback yesterday after quick substitutions even with only 5 players composing of a goal keeper in the bench of a depleted by injury and Covid. Yet the coach has no excuses but executed the match with much bravery in the absence of his senior coach and vice. Nigeria which way? Excuses upon excuses!

        • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

          Well said Chima. None of your points is debatable. All Pro-Rohrs have all of a sudden developed boil in their mouth. We are here for them whenever they feel bold enough to show their pitiful faces. We will tear them limb from limb with superior arguments.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha…Rohr’s saving grace was qualifying for AFCON with games to spare……LMAO. That’s not grace…That’s intelligence man. That’s wisdom. The coach knows which matches to win and which matches to play kalo kalo with. He knows which matches are important and which one have no repercussions. He knows which matches can cost him his job and which matches cannot no matter how much hater and liars gnash their crocked teeth….LMAO. Unlike your “tactically sound” guadiolas who can win the friendlies world cup but not qualify for ordinary AFCON….LMAO. When somethin happens once its accidental, twice is coincidence, 3 times and above is through strategic planning and execution….LMAO

        Tell you drunken master up there to also add that to the list of his records that Rohr is the 1st coach EVER to qualify Nigeria to a major tournament WITH TWO GAMES TO SPARE.

        And since we are talking of records tell him to also add it to his list of records that that was the 4th consecutive time he will qualify with games to spare……Remember he also qualified from his 2019 AFCON group with a game to spare and still had the luxury of throwing away our game against Madagascar…LMAO. The man sure knows when to get serious and when to toy around.

        And incase y’all have also forgortten….that dumb belmadi’s boy hold the RECORD of the highest win ratio by ANY SE COACH EVER……LMAO

        Jot those Trivia facts down in somewhere in your brains……LMAO

        Rohr doesnt have the technical prowess to change games…maybe it was your village people that changed the 4-2 win vs Argentina, the 1-0 win vs Burundi at AFCON, the 3-2 win vs Cameroon in the Qfinals of AFCON or the 2-1 win vs Benin. When we equalized vs Argentina at world cup or vs Algeria in AFCON semis (games we eventually lost to individual brilliance) I guess it was the witches in your village that swung the tempo of those games in our favor to get a chance at equalizing. Maybe its every coach in the world that gets to win ALL games from losing positions. Even Deschamps lost at home to Finland of all countries ….LMAO

        All the yelling and substitution that your Waldrum that you are praising since yesterday did vs Jamaica we should have won the game 3-1 na…LMAO…since he is your newfound tactical genius.
        We dont want to hear silly excuses against Portugal. A team that has only played in the UEFA womens championship once since 1984, crashing out in the group stages in their only appearance, is not a team the SF cannot beat and beat silly.

        This one is not the kangaroo tournament where they were given riffraff teams like Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to play…..LMAO

  • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

    Dr Drey, your statement above is absolutely astonishing and totally disingenuous. How can you come out to an open space to disparage the importance of friendly matches? It is you Dr Drey who will always flaunt Rohr’s record of taking us from 70 to 30 in Fifa rankings. Are you saying that wins in friendly matches (like the 4-2 against Argentina and the 1-0 against Poland) did not contribute to that rise? If so, should you not be worried that Nigeria haven’t won a single friendly match in like 2 years now?
    Listen, I will not waste my time to argue with you about Rohr’s first tenure because I think, by and large, he did well. But there were cracks. So much so that the NFF hesitated to renew his contract, so much so that the issue of his contract renewal polarised the nation. We are where we are as the disgraceful NFF bottled the opportunity to get a far better coach.
    Now for this tenure, friendly matches are no longer winnable matches for Nigeria and you Dr Drey are willing to settle for this? On the one hand you boast about winning Argentina (in Rohr’s first tenure) on the other hand you now claim the same friendly matches are inconsequential (kalo kalo) matches. For this very reason, I put it to you that you are playing on the intelligence of millions of Super Eagles fans and I will not let you do that to me.
    He just about managed to beat Lesotho and Benin in the first 2 qualifiers only to fail outright in defeating Sierra Leone at home and away and you tell me there is no fire on the mountain.
    Dr. You are being economical with the reality of this situation and you know it. Keep making yourself believe all is good when you and I know that Nigeria has arguably the most incompetent coach ever to manage our national team at the moment. He did well in his first tenure but the second tenure , he is being found out and there is nowhere else for him to hide.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      So did winning Argentina 4-2 help us to qualify for the R16 in the world cup…? Did it stop us from losing to them when it mattered most…? Will you not gladly have swapped the friendly win with the world cup loss…? LMAO.

      For your information the 3-0 win against lowly Lesotho earned us more FIFA points than that 4-2 friendly win vs Argentina. The 1-0 win vs Benin earned us more ranking points than the 1-0 friendly win over almighty Lewandowsky’s Poland….go and do your personal research if it shocks you…LMAO. Those were games that matter. Yes we went from 70th to 30th and I can tell you boldly that points from friendlies that took us to that position weren’t more than 10%, the points that lifted us were from competitive games which have major importance. The last time I checked, winning friendlies has never qualified any team for any tournament, neither has any medal been awarded for that. And as long as Rohr continues to win games that matter and have consequence, as he has been doing, haters can even use their mouth to mop publics toilets…..LMAO.

      SO YES, IF WE LIKE LET US LOSE ALL FRIENDLY MATCHES WE PLAY, SO FAR WE KEEP WINNING COMPETITVE GAMES, WE ARE FINE. I would rather lose all our friendly matches for 2 years and win 2022 afcon. Oliseh went from winning Cameroon 3-0 in a friendly straight to struggling to a draw (thanks to Carl Ikeme) vs Tanzania and ran away when he has sunk Nigeria in 60th position in the world…LMAO. Im sure he would have gladly played a draw with cameroon in the friendly and beat Tanzania 3-0. That would have definetly put us in a better position than we were wen he decided to ben Jonson wen he saw failure and calamity staring him in his face….LMAO

      You claim Rohr “managed” to beat Lesotho and Benin in the 1st 2 qualifiers….LMAO….did he also “manage” to beat them in the last 2 qualifiers…?? Where the 2 draws vs S/L not enough to see us through to our objectives…? Which team won all its qualifiers in the qualifying series..? Not even Algeria the African Champions or Senegal the no1 team in Africa for close to 5 years now. Did they not also have small teams in their own groups…?? So why is Rohr’s not winning 6 out of 6 yet qualifying with 2 games to spare a source of life problems for hater..? Whn has any coach ever qualified Nigeria for any competition with 2 games to spare…? Or have we not also been having minnows in our groups before now…?

      Was it not Guinea, Ethiopia and Madagascar some people could not “manage” to beat in 2012..? Did some people “manage” to beat Swaziland and Tanzania in 2015/2016 when they were in charge…?? LMAO
      You and your cahoot should check yourselves definitely are the ones being economical with the reality of this situation and you know it. In one comment you claimed “Rohr is the most incompetent coach ever to manage our national team….” and then in one fell swoop, you still acknowledged He did well in his first tenure….LMAO. That is how God always confuse evil people…LMAO. Pls what has Rohr done in his 1st that he didn’t do in his 2nd..??…LMAO. He lost 2 friendlies in his 2nd tenure and so heavens must fall, whereas he lost 4 in his first…LMAO….that is why he must be sacked. Pls go and sack him for losing tightly contested friendlies 1-0 (from half chances) to the African champions of 2019 and 2017 champions/host of the coming edition.

      If Rohr is the most incompetent coach SE ever had and we have gotten to this point with him, from the gutter he picked us from, with the highest win ratio of any SE coach ever, then may we continue to employ “incompetent” coaches like rohr, rather than “competent tactically savvy” guadiolas who cannot qualify for ORDINARY afcon….LMAO

      There is great wisdom in choosing your battles wisely….LMAO.

      • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

        For he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day, but he, who is in battle slain, can never rise and fight again.
        I’ll be back, Dr Drey.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          I love that your quote “.. he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day, but he, who is in battle slain, can never rise and fight again…”

          Rohr is still alive today because he knows when to run away, concede defeat and comeback. The stealth of the tiger is not a sign of timidity. Rohr’s humility has been read as stupidity by his haters, but little do they know that is why he has lasted longer than the big mouth guadiolas who boast but never deliver…who win incosequential friendlies but cannot qualify for ordinary AFCON when it mattered most (Siasia won argentina 4-1 but couldnt beat Guinea when it mattered…LMAO…Oliseh won Cameroon 3-0 but had Ikeme to thank for saving him from being disgraced by tanzania when it mattered most).

          Little do dey know that choosing his battles wisely his what has made him graduate from $30k per month to $50k per month and can become $2m richer should haters choose to have their way. But guess what…? they can only bark…..but never bite….LMAO

  • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

    Again Dr Drey, I just picked up on something you said above. Rohr knows which matches will save his job (competitive matches) and which ones have no bearing on his job security (friendly matches). As a result, he takes friendly matches with levity. This is disgraceful and disgusting of the German and it demonstrates that he is not in tune with the instincts and inner yearnings of Super Eagles fans. If your Gernot Rohr doesn’t know, winning Cameroon in any encounter (friendly or competitive) means the whole world to Super Eagles fans. I don’t know about you but I want my Super Eagles to defeat Cameroon in every friendly match we play. Taking revenge against a team that denied us Afcon final is gold dust to Super Eagles fans. We would have thrown a carnival had we won Algeria in last year’s friendly. Yet your Rohr lost. So, under Rohr’s second tenure, what is the point of watching friendly when the German does not care about them? Since the outcome of friendly matches (like you say) do not affect Rohr’s employment, why should we fans look forward to them with relish and excitement knowing fully well that Rohr will lose or draw?
    This is arrant nonsense. No football nation will settle for the rubbish that you Dr Drey are willing to settle for. And if that is how low your support for Rohr has made you to sink, then don’t think the rest of all will sink with you.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahhaa…once again. There is great wisdom in choosing your battles wisely….LMAO. I love that part where you said Cameroon denied us AFCON 3 times. Let me also help you add to it that they also denied us a place at Italia 90 world cup. Were those the only times we ever played Cameroon, NO…..LMAO. They are not stupid, they loose to you at inconsequential times and win when it matters. Today they have the enviable record of being 5 times AFCON winners. Rohr came, beat them in WCQ, eliminated them from AFCON and stopped them from defending their title…..those where games with consequences…..not friendlies that dont lead anybody anywhere. Cameroon winning 1-0 and drawing 0-0 has not won them the 2022 AFCON, neither has it won them 2022 WC qualification. They weren’t even the better team in both matches. The best benefit they have had from the friendlies is to see who and who should prosecute their WCQ and make their 2022 AFCON team. Same as us…we now know Valentine Ozonwafor is a good back up in CD. We now know Iwobi is our most precious player that we have to protect jelously, we also now know Iwuala is there to enrich some people while Abraham Marcus is the real deal. We also now know that “goal demons” and “senior men” are toothless bulldogs who will seat on the bench once true senior men like Osimhen, Chukwueze, Sadiq show up. That is the best outcome of the friendlies you want to commit suicide for….LMAO.

      I’l rather we lose then friendly and eliminate Cameroon again or even win the AFCON in front of their home fans.

      A wise man chooses his battles wisely…..that is why you “intelligent” Guardiola never lasted, yet the “most incompetent” coach keeps meeting the target given to him by his employers. He was even wise enough to include a sack pay-off clause in his contract, something your “intelligent” guadiolas never do because of their desperation to get a job they aren’t qualified for in the first place.

      You cant hate a man for being wise my brother, neither can you plot against him for choosing his battles wisely, you will fail just the way y’all have been failing….LMAO

      • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

        Chai! Round one to you Drey but when I am back, you will find me too hot to handle.
        Chima, Omo9ja, Larry, Jimmy and my fellow warriors, we ain’t dead yet! This is just a setback. We shall return!

        • Lolz… Drey is good enough a general to destroy your rag tag army of losers… I guess u all need to take a chill pill and wait for the next round of competitive matches, but like we all know, GR will like old times put u all to shame… Lolz

          • @Q….. Don’t mind that young man called @Ringmybell….

            I guess he’s a new wannabe…

            Dr.Drey will brush him off even with those names he listed above….
            We all know it…

            As per record, i’m still searching when last did any SE Coach qualified Nigeria with at least a gat to spare on 3 consecutive occasion……

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        … @Dr.Drey… Abidjan ’84 was clean for Cameroon 3 – 1 Nigeria. But Maroc’ 88 was daylight robbery after a “Hayatou-Induced” referee clearly denied Nigeria’s opener through Nwosu… I won’t talk about Ghana/Nigeria 2000 penalty shootout because that one was such that one can’t say the Cameroonians were favoured… It was fate smiling on them on the day… however Cameroon have only always had those cupa finals luck against us, they may have denied us qualification to Italia ’90 but en route that World Cup, Nigeria beat them 2 – 0 in Ibadan, while they won 1 – 0,in Younde with us needing a draw… but those games they won over us where they never outplayed us like Abidjan’ 84 always had the signature of Issa Hayatou firmly on it… Lastly, I did not see anything out of the ordinary that Marcus Abraham did in game_2 versus Cameroon. Iwuala did his best and impressed me nonetheless… easy to carpet Iwuala but the player labelled “flatly ineffective” on the day by all online rating forum including the revered goal. com may have been less objective than you because I am yet to see where you spoke telling how actually woeful Ahmed Musa performed… So, like some of us have always known… You like to criticize only those whose body of game, you think less of… objectivity will make your characterisation more worthy of taking serious… I am still waiting your assessment on our “Captain-fantastic-on-the-market” Ahmed “the nonplaying captain” Musa… Hahahahaha!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I think someone is finding it hard to understand the terms of past glory and the term “decline” if not they’ll not be mentioning Argentina friendly victory and leave out Argentina world cup loss which resulted from Rohr’s tactical blunder of bringing in Ighalo that saw us bow out of the world cup group stage, neither will they be mentioning Cameroon world cup qualifiers that has no relevance today compared with the just concluded one that will affect our FIFA ranking. If only we can be more objective and leave out debates then we will come to an agreement that will see our football house moving in the right direction knowing fully well that we all have national interest with no personal interest.

    • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

      It is not rocket science, Super Eagles are on the decline under Rohr’s second tenure. Terrible records are being set. This is undeniable. pro-Rohrs, you have no case on this matter. We Anti-Rohrs are winning the debate and we will win this fight. Rohr must go! Rohr must go! Rohr must go!


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Its like some people are also too dumb to understand that qualifying for AFCON with 2 games to spare….the 1st time ever in the history of Nigerian football is not a sign of decline. Its like their Intelligence Quotient cannot phantom the fact that 1 player can sabotage all your tactical ingenuity if he does pick up his opponents left back who is unmarked in the 18 yrd box with just 4 minutes to qualifying for the R16 of the world cup. Ighalo coming in wasn’t a tactical blunder, it would have been a stroke of genius if he had put us 3-1 ahead with the 2 chances he got when he came on just the way Idowu and Ahmed Musa came on in the friendly and help to take us from 2-2 to 4-2. But while Rojo runnning into the box with all in the time in the world to pick his spot with even his weaker foot, Victor Moses who was supposed to stop that from happening was “seniorman-ing” with just 4 minutes to go. Thank God the highlights are all there for everyone to see, before liars will come and tell us one big fat lie.

      Coaches get sacked for not winning a tournament or for not qualifying for a tournament or based on whatever deliverables agree with him by his employers. Ive never heard of coaches getting sacked for losing a friendly match or 2….LMAO…even NFF as useless and unprofessional as they have always been has never done that…..only dumb people conceive such ridiculous ideas….LMAO.

      Haters say we are declining since 2 years…LMAO, but we are ranked higher today than we were ranked after the last AFCON….LMAO

      Pls someone should explain to them in their local language that hate makes people more stupid than they appear…LMAO

  • ARABA 3 years ago

    Rohr isn’t worthy of my support anymore so I’ve withdrew sinx ,, we’re in d modern stage of football where fans wnt to c deir team play good football and still av a gud result …. Algeria beautifully won d afcon,,even keshi 2013 winning team played more entertaining futbal wit his unknwn players unlike Rohr wit European studs …..

  • I’m not here for Rohr I wnt to make my comment on a wonderful match jare …

    D coach is gud and am impressed..
    As new as he is new to d players he’s already showing us modern day football ..
    I love d way d team builds confidently frm d back and d way dey connect to attack …

    D Jamaica team av God to tanks for d unavailability of superzee ,,I saw so many laps in d attack , d young girl who top strike tried alot but wit oshoala in dat front we wud av scored goals, e too pain me … U can call it overhyping na ur tears b dat .

    Dropping oparanoze bcos she stood for her mate isn’t just .. oparanoze herself wud av made a difference in dat front ..

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder what goes thru these Rohr haters mind before they write their comments, do they actually understand what they were writing? Do they apply their mind at all before spewing trash on this CSN comment session or do they just wanna feel high just because they don’t have money to buy their hard drugs?
    GR lost against Cameroon in a friendly, a team who had won AFCON a record 5 times and all these haters were out there talking bagladash and berating GR even though the Nigerian team carved out many scoring chances but couldn’t score due to players profligacy in front of goal. Cameroon on the other hand scored with their only shot on target.
    However these haters now showed their ignorance and naive nature by bragging over Falcon’s loss to an ordinary Jamaican team who was nobody in female soccer history, claiming the coach is far better and more intelligent than GR for playing badly in 1st half and improve in the second half with nothing to show for their so called improvement…………….haba are you guys so intoxicated with burukutu that much that your brain couldn’t reason well anymore?
    What technical prowess does this clueless coach possess that made him lose to a nobody Jamaica but GR was called “Bereft of ideas” for losing to Almighty Cameroon?
    Keep on hating neh, while GR and his team will keep on progressing until we bring back AFCON 2022 Trophy to Lagos in February 2022.

    • Abdul 3 years ago

      Bro, its just their hatred for that man. I don’t know how on earth someone will blame our loss to Algeria or Argentina on the coach. Those loss were due to players’ lack of experience at closing games.
      In my perspective, the only mistake I’ve seen Rohr made was against Sierra Leone. But, this guy qualified with two games to spare, so, what is it to talk about.
      What you are seeing here, is the major problem Nigeria is having. Majority of the people don’t know what we want as people. Some of them find it difficult to fathom overal of an output, while the rest are just after personal interests.
      Imagine, how would someone not appreciate how much stability GR has brought to our national team in the last couple of years. No rows between players, qualification to tournaments with games to spare, influx of dual nationals, elevated national team ranking and so on. We lacked these things before Rohr came in. And if you think these are nothing, you can ask yourself why the age grade teams, (U17,U20,U23) are all walloping in failure in the last few years. The only difference is Rohr.
      I’m not asking some of you to agree with my points, but just acknowledge the facts or bring yourself to think about these things

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      They keep using the word hate when you highlight technical deficiency. No need to carry on with this conversation…. If I hate someone why will I find it hard to admit it? It doesn’t make sense anymore to continue this conversation. You can think what makes you happy, okay we hate him if that one will make you people sleep well.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Italy vs Turkey… Yesterday revealed the great tactical maturity of Mancini. He structured his team very well… Playing the popular 4-3-3 that is the de facto go-to system most astutely deep modern football trainers (coaches) like to adopt. Italy were dominant, yet patient… Waiting for their moment, Turkey on the other hand, playing 4-1-4-1 were stubborn, and laid-back… evidently frustrating Italy… but patience, like in all things will always pay and 4-3-3 known to be the “battering ram” in modern playing systems was always going to Crack up Turkey’s defensively frustrating and stifling system… before long, the crack opened up for Italy and the goals poured in… these is the sort of patience-trained-resilience we want to see with Rohr and our darling Super Eagles… Goodmorning and one love forumites!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Jimmy you hate Rohr!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      We must preach truth… because “truth” is as old as the “hills”… it never goes away, but it’s always there, whether we like it or not…

    • Jossylove 3 years ago

      Well spoken sir… I saw that game yesterday… It was if u read my mind… Mancini proved his tactical prowess yesterday especially in d second half.. a very resilient coach.. quiet but logical and intuitive… That’s wat Gernot Rohr must learn and do if he’s to win Nigeria’s heart again or gets more support from d fans..

  • Beryl 3 years ago

    Those that keep saying rohr team plays without tactics just click on the linlk is like you people did not watch the match.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      No be only Pep na Conte. Funny article! FIFA ranking is not far away or less I forget Mexico is waiting for our PepRohr. I hope they don’t cancel that match for any reason…..

    • @Beryl thanks for this link so much….

      Those armchair soccer analyst are put to open shame……..

      This is a technical knock out from u sir…..

      They say Rohr is technically & tactically inept & bereft……
      But they never settle down to go through the tactics the man uses during games….

      Those that watched NIGERIA VS ENGLAND…. NIGERIA VS CAMEROUN (AFCON Q/FINALS) with plain and unbiased mind can detect how the ROHR outsmart SOUTHGATE, SEEDOF/KLUVERTEZ in the 2nd half of those matches.,…

      Except u have something in mind against Rohr which will never allow you to see the good in him, else to me and some sincere fellow he has done something Worth praising….

      It’s not easy to move from 16th position in Africa to 3rd….

      It’s not easy to leapfrog from 70th position to 32nd in the world….

      Abeg 3 gboss for BABA GERNOT ROHR…

  • Jossylove 3 years ago

    I think Nigerians are just hungry to win a title with this current squad … Let’s give Rohr a chance till next afcon and let’s see how he cares during d world cup qualifier in September…. For me Rohr is not dat bad but he must improve same with d players.. Rohr must be very ambitious in his approach, he must bring in ruggedness and doddeggnes to the super eagles.. his style of play must also be robust… He must put dat percent wining mentality in our players…. Nigerians can’t afford not to win d afcon in 2022 with dis set of good players.. alot of us are just frustrated… I’m sure if we win it nobody will be complaining again.. Rohr is a good coach.. he just needs to prove his doubters wrong…. He must really improve tactically and technically.. he has it but he needs to do more.. he has done well with d super eagles if u ask me. We Nigerians sef we like complaining especially about coach … We can not always get satisfied… It’s not easy for a man at dat age to work under d Nigeria factor.. kudos to Rohr.. let’s keep supporting him… Which indigenous coach can we put our money on now to be smart like Four working with d nff… Without no qualms. Rohr is just so smart and intelligent.. our boys also should opt Dere game deyre too relaxed in games…. We need a very good assistant coach too. Thanks.. one love.. one naija.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      … @Jossylove. If I get the summary of your submission above in simplistic terms… all you were saying is that coach ROHR needs to upgrade the totality of his coaching… I will say good advice, that’s why some of us who love him to be frank enough with the truth and not economical are advising this is the best opportunity for him to take that offer of a chance to upgrade himself technically and tactically advised by and to be on the budget of NFF a couple of years back… Let him proceed without delay after Mexico match. It could be a gamechanger for both himself and the entirety of Nigeria’s football community… I think it’s time… Who else agrees?

      • Jossylove 3 years ago

        Exactly my point sir.. well spoken sir… Nff don’t av d money to hire a top expatriate or managed such coaches… Thomas Denerby is a good example.. so dey av to make do of what dey can manage or manipulate…. After Oliseh left d coaching job in 2015 nobody wanna coach d super eagles even d indigenous coaches were running away.. but Gernot Rohr took d offer… Let’s support him pls… He just needs to do more if given more support… As a matter of fact d man Knows how to win important matches fir us we just needed a good outing next yr and a qualification to d world cup bf we judge him… If we can’t employ a top expatriate den it’s better we continue with Gernot Rohr and keep supporting him.. nff should also give him all d support and even more… Gernot Rohr can do it… He just needed a good structure in dat our midfield.. just a little tweak in dat team and we’ll all see d result.. he’s been trying in terms of keeping players for long term and also bringing in new players couple with giving Dem a chance once a while.. he just needs dat something extra from him and from d boys … D boys needs to talk to demselves and win something.

  • Friendly matches are organized for the managers to work on their tactics and invite choice of players that best suits coach’s playing style.
    Friendlies are important, if not, it wouldn’t be organized. The importance of friendly games cannot be overemphasized. With utmost sincerity, Rohr need to do more, i am Rohr’s fan, he’d helped to build the super eagles atleast to being an average team. But with the set of players we have now, he need to utilize them properly. By now I’m expecting Rohr to have a philosophy of his own style of football and invite players that can key into it. We need to start taking our friendlies as mportant games.

    Moreso i observe how people insult one another on this platform. It shouldn’t be , please my big brothers.
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, opinions can’t be same sometimes, please let’s tolerate ourselves and correct one another in love. We are all Nigerians! We are brothers!! We want the best for our nation!!! Super Eagles will be great again by God’s grace.
    You’re all my big brothers
    One Love❤️

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