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AFCON 2021: Blame Okoye For Eagles Defeat To Tunisia –Aghahowa

AFCON 2021: Blame Okoye For Eagles Defeat To Tunisia –Aghahowa

Former Nigerian forward, Julius Aghahowa has blamed Super Eagles goalkeeper, Maduka Okoye for the team’s 1-0 loss against Tunisia in the round of 16 of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

The game was won up just 63 seconds into the second-half when Youssef Msakni was given all the time and space he could ask for as he took aim from 25 yards.


His bouncing, dipping shot caught Okoye off guard and his weak parry was unable to prevent the ball from nestling in the corner of the net.

Reacting to the defeat, Aghahowa, who was a guest analysis on AIT AFCON Coverage, said that he was disappointed with Okoye’s poor judgement of the ball.

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“Okoye should have saved that ball because he saw the ball coming towards his direction,” the former Shakhtar Donetsk striker said.

“I am really disappointed and feel he should have done better. This was a game we don’t deserve to lose at all. But it has happened and we have to accept our fate.”


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  • Chibuike 4 months ago

    Yes I blame the keeper, always badly positioning and that’s why they started shooting from outside 18yard box. See the type of goal he concieve. Ozoho would have parry the ball

    • Jide Dola 4 months ago

      Even if keeper fuck up, so we can’t score. I reserve my comment till tomorrow

    • michael 4 months ago

      Uzoho is far better and experience than okoye he has been to world cup .that keeper is useless

  • I blame okoye too o, but what is done is done no need for all this pointing of fingers. But okoye is poor o

  • Blame Okoye?? What of the wonderful save he made? Even if we blame him for the goal, do we also blame for not equalizing?
    Some people are saying it is karma, because Rohr was wronged. But that is not true. There is nothing like Karma here. It is all about tactical prowess. Some have argued that the team didn’t prepare well. But is also wrong. We didn’t prepare well but we won Egypt and all our group games.
    To be candid, there was no time I was convinced that Eguaveon was better than Rohr despite the good results.
    Yesterday I took my time and drafted a line up and formation that will win today’s game with full analysis and posted it here yesterday. I proposed that Iheanacho should play the striker’s role while Iwobi should play number 10. I also advised that Moses should be instructed not to dribble or attempt to dribble anybody throughout the first half. Anytime he gets the ball he should either pass or cross, but no dribbling. Then by second half, he should be unleashed. Furthermore, I analysed that Awoniyi should come in by second half. To be honest, there is no need for Sadiq to win the game based on my analysis.
    When the chips were down, that was when Eguaveon started doing what he should have done abinitio. Bringing in Iwobi after we were already on the verge of losing the game was actually more of a panic decision than a tactical decision.
    In my opinion, Pinnick and his cohorts at the glass house should honourably resign. Then, Rohr should be begged and brought back. The devil I know is 1Million times better than the angel I don’t know

    • Rhor ko bonfefre ni

    • Chidiomimi 4 months ago

      You have not said anything, you just wasted space.

    • Ralph 4 months ago

      RHOR should be brought back ? Seriously ? I cant believe this, the main reason Pinnick and his gang should resign is for keeping RHOR on the seat for that long before they realised he’s got no business been there.

  • DeSTAR 4 months ago

    Would you all stop blaming the poor goalkeeper; did he made himself N01 goalkeeper? Why sparing the clueless Rohr that him N01 goalkeeper? Why sparing corrupt Agu goalkeeper Trainner ? even Eguafon can’t be blamed because there is no difference between Okoye and the rest with John Noble the worst ;

    You don’t give what you don’t have ; the current set of average goalkeepers are what the erstwhile clueless Rohr could give us in his almost 6 years directionless football

    • MuYiwa 4 months ago

      Stop being ridiculous. Is it also Rohr that fielded him in the 3 matches he played. Why didn’t u say this when he saved Salah’s ball with his shin the other time? If Rohr made him no. 1 is there a Constitution that states that he must stay like that under Egu?

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

      the same rohr ring a change in second half to defend cameroon when he SE were down in first half. it is a shame that you lack the liver to blame the coach rather blaming a man that was insulted and thrown out of the post after meeting all his target. was rohr that ask egu to depend only on moses, or it was him that ask the coach to lack the ability to read game and know when to change formation, was rohr that ask the coach to select toothless bull dogs as strikers and droped experienced once, or it was the same man NFF claim they sacked to avoid disaster that ask egu not to mark his midfield to be creative by playing. continue o, dont repent, karma is coming for all of you

    • You and Agahowa is The same as thing. You are always senseless. You bury your head in Shane because las las the man won. That is Karma. Where is that idiot Petersude Idah too in fact you are many we warn you but you wouldn’t listen enjoy your good football has you are coming home after breakfast tomorrow

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    I won’t blame Okoye that much but goalkeeper trainer Alloy Agu. That man should be fired. Agu have failed to produce a world class goalie almost six years of his services in charge of the Super Eagles.

    I know he have a big men behind him. Wether Agu like it or not, he have to go this time around. Coach Eguavoen have stepped down just now after the Tunisia match today. Who will be the next coach? Local or foreign coach? Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • MuYiwa 4 months ago

    You can blame Okoye all you can but what about the defender who misjudged the ball thereby allowing the Tunisian guy to get the ball and have all the time to shoot at goal. Aghawonder earlier said that the team packed creativity and that’s why we are out. Apart from Sadiq’s goal, all other goals we scored came by individual brilliance and not thru any fantastic team play. Even the one against Egypt it was a poor headed clearance by the Egyptian defender that made it possible.

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

      Aghahowa, hmmm. know wonder you were toothless the moment you left Shakhtar Donetsk. so it was the goal keeper that held awoniyi, sadiq and olayinka legs from scoring, it was the goalkeeper that stop the coach from changing formation 30mins into when its clear that tunisia has cracked his tactis. how can you play 4-4-2 against tunisia that yu know that are very trickish, what happen to 4-3-3 that change to 4-5-1, or even 3-5-2. was the goalkeeper that ask the coach to drop Amoos and pick nwakali, desser to pick olayinka, bassy to pick Ndah, tell me or it was okoye that encurage the coach to take four goalkeepers. to nations cup. Aghahowa, Aghahowa, Aghahowa, hmmmm.

      • JimmyBall 4 months ago

        @Ufuoma… you be very big mumu. Go and sleep we have lost…

  • Diran 4 months ago

    I believe that Nigeria still needs the service of the newly hired foreign coach – Jose Peseiro. Austin Eguavoen tried, but it was not good enough as the Tunisians used tactical discipline and the clipping of Nigeria’s wings to win the match, and also benefitted from a goalkeeping error. Nigeria still needs Ighalo and Osimhen and even Cyriel Dessers in the Super Eagles team. Also Maduka Okoye should not be the no 1 goalie for the world cup qualifier play-offs against Ghana Black stars. It might be wiser to use Francis Uzoho as the no.1 goalie. The Super Eagles lost to a tactically more superior Tunisian side and due to the careless goal-keeping error by Maduka. In addition, Emanuel Dennis will still be needed to give more attacking bite to the attack. Also, a new goalkeeping coach is needed as I don’t believe Alloy Agu is the best for that position. The local consortium of home-based coaches as shown they are not that tactically efficient for the task. Wish the Super Eagles all the best as they tackle the Black stars for a world cup ticket to Qatar in March. Thanks


    • Footballfanatic 4 months ago

      Well said.

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

        so the disaster you and yur co hunt has cost the national team is not enough, you people want to do more. bring a new coach to handle the team against Ghana, hmmm. its like yu people dont learn from past mistake

  • Ako AMADI 4 months ago

    Blame Pinnick and the Sports Ministry for sacking Gernot Rohr without h8s entitlements, a month to AFCON

  • Blame the fans for having fetishes of Okoye. They want a white or biracial people to play for Nigeria so bad. And he is cool because he is tatted. He had the hand on the ball before it went in the goal, he was poor, he should of put more power to stop the goal. But Tunisia played well, they had good defense.

    • benakay 4 months ago

      You really are a dunce, aren’t you? Why don’t you go and keep and try and stop that shot. Damn, you Nigerians could really be daft sometimes.

      Who are the ‘they’ that want a white or biracial person to play for Nigeria so bad? Are they not Nigerians? When your people decide to go abroad and then born pikin with white woman, are those pikins not Nigerian? If those pikins then become good footballers and want to align with their ‘roots’ and decide they want to honor Nigeria, who the bloody hell are you to say they can’t?

      If you don’t want biracial people on your team, then sit your dumb arses at home and don’t go abroad and born pikin with white women.

  • Even when Nigeria were winning at group stage.i was still of the opininion that Amunike and oliseh remaims Nigeria best coaches tactically and technically. We lossed todays match because Eguavoens poor reading of the game and his team set up. NFF and pinnick should swallow their pride, appoint any of them with free hands to thinker the team.They know our playerss very well, no needs for any half baked white man, that our own are better off. Beside march is around the corner. Nigeria can still qualify for world cup with our own.less kearn from our past mistakes. The damage is done, super Eagles need to move forward.My submission.

  • Four four two 4 months ago

    Before Blaming Okoye blame aina first. He was with the guy that score and escorted him from midfield only for him to free him close to the box. Why must he do such an elementary error? Why didn’t

    He bring down the man in the midfield instead of just escorting him and later left him to shoot. I don’t blame Okoye one bit. That shot can beat any keeper. Our midfielders and defenders expose the innocent keeper

    • Have you forgotten your saying players are using out of position. Are you blaming Aina SEBI Rohr used to play them out of position. Guy you and your likes should bow your head in shame. Honestly I didn’t blame Egu but rather praise him but some of you fans confused him. Your sentiment and hatred caused this for us. I can bet my ball Rohr team wouldn’t have lost to this Tunisia team at this stage if he were to be in charge

      • Never. Rohr definitely wouldn’t have lost to a full-strength not talk of a half-strength, Tunisian team

      • Steve O 4 months ago

        Shut up your mumu mouth !!..yeye man !!..Rohr this , Rohr that !!..but your stupid Rohr lost to CAR , Madagascar etc !!

      • Rhor n’a jamais gagné un match contre la Tunisie

  • Marvelous 4 months ago

    Nigeria settle the wages of a coach who did them no wrong.

    I put this blame on the sentimental fans like @jimmyball, Omo9ja, christian ministry,Chima,etc. Who pushed whole heartedly for Rohr sack, after that man qualify us for this tournament.

    People think tiki taka can win a tournament, Rohr was playing a purpose driven football that was producing results. But yeye fans wanted a fancy football that produces nothing.

    Equavon can never be better than Rohr even in dream land. Rohr wouldn’t have gone out in the round of 16. He defeated this same Tunisia and carry bronze.

    According to NFF, we sacked Rohr to prevent a disaster. But what do we have now?

    • JimmyBall 4 months ago

      @Marvelous… Bronze burn your head there. I rather exit first round than win anything called bronze. Eguaveon this… Eguaveon that… was it Eguaveon that told Iwobi to stamp a players leg… overrated player who cant even nurse his club career properly… Even Rohr was clipped by Algeria. How many times Algeria beat Rohr since 2018… make we heard word abeg. Rohr who converted Victor Moses to defender and the dude vex leave Super Eagles… same Rohr almost killed Moses Simon. I will still repeat… Maduka Okoye,Iwobi,Ekong, Iheanacho, Musa, Aribo and Frank Onyeka are not players to depend on…

      • Perhaps, I watched a different match. Are you insinuating that we were winning Tunisia 1-0……and when Iwobi stamped on the opponent’s foot, the referee gave him a red card and also deducted the goal we had scored and transferred it to Tunisia. You really need to buy a new TV Sir.
        With the exception of Musa, Okoye, Ekong, Aribo, Iwobi and Iheanacho did so well. Apart from defensive duties, Aribo was also saddled with the responsibility of assisting Iheanacho in play making. Aribo actually acquitted himself well. However, his penchant to attack, cost us the goal.
        That was why I had canvassed for Iwobi to start. If Iwobi had started, Aribo would have been more defensive than he was. Because, in his bid to push the attack, he left a gaping hole in the midfield. The Tunisians exploited that. That was why the dude had all the chance to take that shot without much challenge. If you watch the replay critically, you will discover that Aribo tracked back to stop that player from shooting, but he a tad bit late

    • Heart break. Pinnick and that yeye Sports minister in a sane country they should have resign now. I heard Egu has resigned poor man with a good heart they just disgrace him they thing coaching na moinmoin

  • One careless moment of mistake can lead to life time regrets. We were not good enough today and that’s it.

  • My people always looking for skept goat’s to blame, i have read all this comments and its obvious that we haven’t learnt anything as Super Eagle fans. We have a world cup decider in in the next thirty day’s and somebody is talking about a foreign coach at this point?
    Coach Augustine Eguavon should be allowed and given a contract without delay to polish crop of players going forward with few additions then we are good to go against Ghana for the home and away world cup qualifiers.Our boy’s should be proud of themselves and improve on their performance even though must of the officiating referees in this year Afcon is really worrisome for me. Burkina faso v Gabon the Ref was terrible in most his calls against Gabon and the same apply to Nigeria v Tunisia match.How could that challenge by Iwobi be a red card Offence beat my imagination. Up Super Eagle , La cote irvoire 2023 is around the corner so let’s put this boy’s together.Finally no country has ever won the world cup with a foreign coach. Charity begins at home Nigerians think. Peace

    • JimmyBall 4 months ago

      The thing is that some of us warned that VAR decision room was populated by Arabs from North Africa and the funny thing was that until VAR called the referee for review… What he initially gave was a yellow card caution, how someone could overturn that and issue a straight red for a frontal challenge beats me… I just hope certain teams have not been marked for elimination before knockouts… If we think Issa Hayatou still does not have weight in CAF then we are joking… Ww had a chance in that game as long as we were playing equal strength… You are chasing a game and one man down… No tactics will work in that sort of high profile game… against a tricky customer. But going forward we must check over reliance on certain players… Everyone knows Maduka Okoye is suspect… has always been yet we had folks here who have continued to shout the dude is our best goalie. The only test he had to deal with in the games he kept eluded him… Pathetic.

      • MuYiwa 4 months ago

        You sha have this negative mindset it what they call I have no man to help me mindset. VAR room was packed with Arabs. Is the ref also Arab. Is Okocha who claimed that the tackle was dangerous also Arab? It was an unfortunate incident, fine but it only capped off a poor evening by the Eagles. Going down by a lone goal shd not make our players lose their heads. Nigeria yday played a team that had lost at least 12 players to COVID, injuries and suspension, including the head coach. Come on guy, find another excuse.

  • benakay 4 months ago

    Downright dumb to blame Okoye for the goal. That was a brilliant shot by the Tunisian which would have beaten ANY keeper.
    Watch this Analysis and that would help you people better understand:
    …start from Min 5:30

    • You’re a complete idiot if you think that shot(heading straight for the GK) could even go past even an amateur GK
      His bad positioning and weak attempt to save the ball just fucked it up, while the loss wasn’t entirely his fault he sure played most of the part
      Fine boy or not

      • The Landlord 4 months ago

        My friend, I am an amateur keeper and I wont even have seen the ball before entering my net, so sharrap dia

  • Ralph 4 months ago

    I thought as an ex player Aghaowa should know better. Blame the keeper? pleaseee.
    We see this happen in Europe all the time, a team is going down, the coach got fired, a new man comes in and the goes on winning streak because everyone wanna prove a point.

    The team has been rubbish all year and you cant tell me Eguavoen who only train the team for like 2-3 weeks is suddenly the missing masterclass act.
    We beat Egypt that struggle to score a goal against a Sudan and Guinea Bissau and we suddenly think we are among the favourite.

    You will know any organised team have a 60% chance of beating us , we have more than capable players both on and off the bench to win matches like this and we just need a coach to put them together. The team never took off under RHOR, how he lasted that long beats my Imagination, we play a far better football under KESHI than RHOR even with less quality players, and nobody see that RHOR will take the team to no where.

    I dont know what Eguavoen is doing as a Technical Director or is he Technical Manager or whatever, he should just go back to his office if the job is still open.
    It is difficult to point out what pattern of football the team played under Rhor, If the team play like that under a local coach he would be long gone, he wont last a year, and hearing Rhor was one of Nigeria longest serving football coach is incredible, though he is a good and talented coach but he just dont work with the eagles, and that is not a big deal, even the best coach in the game experienced such dilemma.

    Jose Peseiro is a good and knowledgeable coach, we just have to wait and see if he`ll get it right, the materials are there for any coach to succeed, this should be one of the easiest job for any coach to be honest, but we just have to wait see how this one will go, because i knew this will sounds crazy but i think we should be worried about the WC qualifier against Ghana, like Algeria they had a terrible AFCON, but do you think they are going to be walkover during the WCQ ? I dont think so, any organised team will trouble this current Eagles.

    The team has everything to go all the way in this competition, with all the momentum, the supports, everything, but they are on their way home, they never look like a team that can come from behind and snatch a win from a solid team, Imagine playing Ghana in lagos or wherever and they mistakenly grab a goal, that will be a good night, I`m talking as of today, I dont know what the new coach can inject into the team in this very short time, we just have to wait and see.

  • Baba changi 4 months ago

    Now I know why they lost.
    BOKOHARI APC Changed our Good luck to bad luck.

    Why did they bring him to address a winning team?
    Baba changi, sai baba!! Kai baba!!!!

  • William d conqueror 4 months ago

    See where corruption leads us! God help Nigeria.

  • Aiwekhoe Omoba 4 months ago

    Thank you for talking nonsense… Rohr should be begged u said? I’m disappointed with that Ur word. Anyway mistake can make u lost All. If not for the Ref red card… Tunisia would have been at home Since… The Coach n the boys are better than Rohr’s Boy’s. I’m Proud of them…

  • Kenny 4 months ago

    Iwobi should be dropped from Super Eagles. Victor Moses is needed

  • Marvins 4 months ago

    I am really sad.I dont expect Nigeria loosing to a team as Tunesia…These guys were overhyped..anyway,the deed has been done…

    First,Aina costs us the game,have been saying it long ago Tyrone Ebuehi is better in that position….Aina overlapped without checking his man….he misjudged the ball and escort the Tunesian man before Ndidi was beaten.

    Secondly,Okoye was poor last night,he saw the ball coming,he lacks confidence
    Uzoro will have been better.

    Thrid,Our strikers are lazy and weak.Awoniyi,Ihenacho,Chukwuzie has no business in the team anymore…..Iwobi is also lazy…..Sadiq Umar,what a missed chance!

    I keep wandering how our players reason why on the field….at least they should be looking at the goal post before the ball get to them.

    Next,Omerou erra is over…..we need fresh blood….Thank God for Ndidi,we will hv conceded more….the guy is a machine

    Lastly,we need a foreign coach.

  • Emmanuel 4 months ago

    Good morning, to you all my dear brothers and sisters. I have read all comments by die hearted super eagles fans about their performance during their round of 16th knockout stage against Tunisia. Well is really disappointing seeing them bowing out of the competition at this level. But what I want football fans and Nigerians to understand is that, there a time everything;victory and defeats. I understand that there are situations we point fingers at coaches as well as the players. But in a nutshell, football has evolved as there’s no small country nowadays and the wish of every team is to win and no single country or team will reign forever. Because success will come, defeat is sure, history will be made because a child will not remain a child forever. Whereas, we saw in the bible as David defeated almighty goliath. So my humble opinion about this super eagles performance and coaches to Nigerians and Africans as a whole is that, nobody has monopoly over victory, no matter your name and size. always put in mine that defeats inevitable. We have seen in past years the fall of the mighty Barcelona even when the frank Rijkaad, Guadiola have all loose matches, the reign of the David Beckham, Luis figo,zidane, Carlos, Luis ronaldo all played for real Madrid, but where still beaten by small teams with little known players at the time. So please let’s keep emotions at ease and enjoy the bueatiful game. Because those victories,defeats, and other surprises makes the game interesting bueatiful. Cheers to us all..

  • Golden Child 4 months ago

    It is rather unfortunate that we do not learn from our experiences. Some people are still defending Okoye, at what stage do we realize that he is not good enough. He almost cost us the world cup ticket vs cape verde. Must he also cost us the world cup ticket before we realize he is not good enough.

    Against poor teams, the defense would protect him but against proper teams, he would be exposed. Nobody wins a tournament without a solid keeper, you may win some games but not a tournament. Even if we get past ghana, can you imagine okoye against world class players?

    At times life knocks you down and you experience setbacks but the important thing is to learn from it. Those who are saying that we should not blame the goal keeper are those that do not want us to learn from this experience. How many more times will the boy show you he is not ripe to be Eagles No.1?

  • MuYiwa 4 months ago

    For all those who have rubbished Rohr we can now see that palm wine is diff from water. At this stage the last term, Nigeria was down by 2-1. The manager tweaked his tactics. Iwobi and Ighalo combined well and finished off the Cameroonians. But yday against a team ravaged and weakened by COVID, we could not even register any shot on target. No creativity and discipline. Some criticised Rohr for dropping Aina and Zaidu. That’s bcos the coach is not as rigid as claimed by many here. He dropped Aina after his poor display against Cameroon in the aforementioned match. Dropped Zaidu Sanusi after his lethargic play against Sierra Leone plus lack of club football. What else do u expect from a dynamic coach? Changes. Chukwueze was poor from the beginning of the tournament yet u kept playing him. The formation refused to work yet u continued with it. I can go on and on. God help us.

  • Ako AMADI 4 months ago

    Sadly Julius Aghaghowa has started a flood of racial and tribal comments over Okoye. Nigerians are such a frustrated and poorly-educated people.