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AFCON 2023: Ideye Blasts Peseiro For Naming 25 Players In Super Eagles’ Squad

AFCON 2023: Ideye Blasts Peseiro For Naming 25 Players In Super Eagles’ Squad

Former Super Eagles forward, Brown Ideye has blasted Jose Peseiro for including 25 players in his final squad for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Peseiro had the chance to include 27 players in his squad, but instead opted for 25.

The Portuguese has now been forced to reshuffle his squad with injuries to the trio of Wilfred Ndidi, Victor Boniface and Umar Sadiq.

Ideye expressed disappointment with the composition of the squad.

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“We’re just unlucky that we have most of our key players injured, that’s one reason CAF ask teams to submit 27 names because they know things like this can happen. But what we did? We went with 25, we literally shot our self on the foot,” Ideye wrote on his X handle.

“Kelechi Iheanacho is not 100% fit they know that before submitting the list to CAF, Umar Sadiq came to the camp injured they know that. But you can still back up all this injured players by submitting 27 to 30 names some will be on standby just in case of injuries.

“Some of this players they’re calling to join the camp don’t have nothing to offer the team, they’re there to replace a injured player so the mindset is not the same as a player on the 25 mans list they submitted to CAF, so don’t expect miracles from them.”

“You want to put all your hopes on one player, don’t forget football is a team sport and he will need the team to assist he to have a very good tournament, He can’t do it alone.

“Someone wrote me yesterday that we can’t go pass the group stage, i don’t believe that. i just feel we can’t win it this year because we don’t have all what it takes to win it this year.”

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  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Ideye must keep quiet and not distract the team. Does he want Iheanacho to be dropped ??? Why is Okocha and Jay Jay creating tension prior to match day????

    • Jide Dola 5 months ago

      Which match day, make everybody just dey play. They don waste another afcon for us now. If it’s not goal keeping problem, it will be nff wahala, if it’s not nff wahala, now is coach and goal keeping problem. For this team to go beyond quarter final it will call for testimony lol.

      We love to romance ourselves emotionally, we already know what to expect but always hoping for miracle.

      It is a petty to say this is how we think in this country, We should learn how to put things right to get what we desire. We should stop leaving our lives to chance and luck.

      For a coach that has been loosing against minor opponents is there anything to expect from him. And don’t come here and start telling me how the team was loosing friendly matches and came good in the competition bcos this team has been loosing more than friendly matches, in short is like that of a team that has no clue on what to do. Even though you think the team can come good, that’s still leaving your life to luck.

      We need to be serious, for example we have been talking about keeper issue for long and till this time nothing was done to effect change.

    • TALK UR OWN 5 months ago


    • Papafem 5 months ago

      Why do we shout our ex-players down when hey air their opinions on critical issues?

      All the world, ex players of clubs and countries speak when they see things going wrong. I’ve noticed that a lot here and it baffles me. If you read that tweet well, Ideye was talking from the point of pain, just like many of us have very been very emotional on this platform with the nonesene the NFF and Peseiro have been doung in terms of team list, preparation and the likes.

      Do we really think the NFF reads CSN to know how we feel? And if they do, let’s not be deceived; they don’t care about what we say here. But f someone like Ideye speaks like he did, it will definitely attract a kind of attention from those idiots in Abuja, and suoervising agencies like the national assembly and the sport ministry. And if in the end the team fails, they will know who to hold responsible. The big stick can come in the next election where Gusau can be schemed out of office through the influence of the FG to save us from another set of embarrassment that may come in their next tenor.

      We should allow them to talk. I’m expecting more ex-internationals to talk too. Sport administrators, sports journalists, what have you should condemn this useless attitude of the NFF mad the coach in its totality. It’s so shameful that these people deliberately go out of their way to embarrass us with senseless and stupid decisions. It’s just so annoying.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Peseiro was very dumb to call up twenty five players initially instead of twenty seven… there could easily have been space for Nwakali and Akpom… such a pity we let a dude who wasn’t even a good apprentice to a coach like Mourinho take charge of our national team…

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      @jimmyyou AKA Mr Let us fail with our own. I remember you and that clown partner of your called omo9ja saying any coach can excel with the super eagles except rohr. We saw how “our own” performed at the last AFCON. Let’s wait and see how this genius performs also.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        You fool… I know who you are. Why don’t you write with your real alias? Being loud on this forum always… You know nothing about football where people like me stand. Normally I will ignore donkeys who only comment with their anus…

        • Dennis 5 months ago

          @jimmyball stop crying. So,did we fail with our own? Did our own do better than that “mechanic”,Rohr? Qualifying for the world Cup was easy as ABC. How did our own perform? What a clown

          • 9jaRealist 5 months ago

            @Dennis, “mechanic” is a very apt description for Rohr…LOL!

            I refer to Rohr as a Reserved-for-Africans ‘coach’ who tellingly cannot get a paid professional job in his own country. SMH

        • KENNETH 5 months ago

          You get time replying that fake Dr. We all know he knows nothing about football. Abi no be the same person that said ball control is not part of the coachs job to teach his players. He is pained because it’s not his PE teacher daddy that is taking the team to AFCON. At least let us see what paeserio is going to offer.

          • Jide Dola 5 months ago

            What is this one saying a professional football coach should be training pros ball control. You better tell me you’re not referring to professional footballers. Ball control is very elementary in football. You don’t even teach JS3 student how to control ball, buh you people are very funny on this platform sha o. People that don’t understand football on this platform has been the ones with the loudest voice.

      • Omo9ja 5 months ago

        @Dennis, thanks for that title kę. A “clown” that told you any coach can build a team for Nigeria within two weeks of full training. You also forget to add internet coach to that title kę. So funny, lol.

        Did you not witness my with coach Eguavoen? You saw total football, right? Did you not enjoy the little Eguavoen gave to us compared to Oga Rohr that spent six years?

        If not because of Eguavoen’s selfishness, man who preferred money to his image.

        He selected his favorite players and the rest of his history now.

        I said it, and then a good coach must have planned a,b, and if possible, plan c available for every match.

        Nigerians are about to watch part two of Eguavoen in Ivory Coast. Oga Paseiro has no plans but one, and he is very predictable while Super Eagles might struggle in Ivory Coast.

        That said. When we are talking about a good coach, Oga Rohr is not a coach who added much to our football. He should that God and our players for his achievements.

        If the gaffer was that good, why he hasn’t he proven his worth in Benin just like Renard did with Ivory Coast and Zambia?

        Please don’t compare our own to Oga Rohr and coach Paseiro oooo. The difference is very clear kę.

        If NFF is transparent and trustworthy, they will hire indigenous set of coaches available and have rules and regulations that will guide those in charge of our sports from behaving themselves. But it’s quite unfortunate that NFF hasn’t that quality. They know nothing but money.

        They are also good at manipulating things. For example, did you hear any updates on Nacho yet?

        As far as I am concerned, Kele is injured and not fit to play for Nigeria, but the gaffer and NFF are lying to Nigerians.

        They are taking injured players to Afcon, and I won’t be surprised if Nacho sit on the bench all through the tournament while Dessers is fully fit, but they will call him.

        I read it now that Musa has been given a striker role. Can Musa be that effective in the team this year, Afcon? Let’s wait and see.

        Nwakali is waiting. They won’t get him involved. So am I still a clown? Hmm. Akoba gafara oooo.

        Paseiro’s stubbornness will come back to hurt him for taking 25 players to Afcon. The time will definitely tell. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Jide Dola 5 months ago

          There’s no need for plenty talks, Rohr didn’t need many matches to prove himself, he started with world cup qualifier. And the players were not strangers to eguavoen he knows the guys and thier abilities and that alone is an edge. You can insult me o, I don’t care we will keep telling you pple truth, if you say you will not take it , you will keep on leaving in dreams. Is very painful to me that pple are using the team situation to prove they know, if a coach could deliver even when I thought he couldn’t is it not a good thing that he ended up doing well, is it not for the good of the country. If I should call his success a fluke, I will be an hypocrite. My opinion doesn’t matter if any coach can perform, but to be calling mediocrity great that’s evel

          • 9jaRealist 5 months ago

            @Jide, our pal Dennis’ allusion to Rohr as a “mechanic: is very apt…LMAO!

            There’s a reason that Reserved-for-Africans ‘coaches’ like Rohr cannot get paid professional employment in their own countries, however the problem we have is that the incompetent NFF seems to have replaced a “mechanic” with a “vulcanizer”!

            @Dennis, Keshi qualified Nigeria for both the WC and AFCON (after missing the previous AFCON), and proceeded to actually WIN the AFCON (not just struggle to finish third, while losing to the likes of Madagascar).

            Meanwhile,  Shaibu Amodu NEVER LOST a single qualifying game in the course of qualifying Nigeria for 2 WCs and 3 AFCONS. Accordingly, these are NOT accomplishments to be venerating the “mechanic” Rohr for.

        • Dennis 5 months ago

          @omo9ja so the matches we saw under eguaveon was sweeter than what we saw rohr do against Cameron, Algeria, Zambia, South Africa, Iceland etc? You clown. Eguaveon even lost the world cup qualifier against a Ghana coach that was playing his first competitive match. Eguaveon went with your darling Amunike. Stop making excuses. You said rohr did nothing for our football. You missed back to back AFCON and Rohr comes to finish 3rd in an AFCON that had more teams than the previous tournaments. How many competitions did he go 2 under 6 years? 2- AFCON and World Cup. Did he meet his targets? Yes. Did eguaveon meet his target? No. Don’t ever compare them again. Eguaveon took your darling ndah, nwakali,awoniyi,olayinka, Dennis,umar and flopped against a Tunisian side coached by their assistant. You should be ashamed

          • KENNETH 5 months ago

            When did 1-1 score-line become a lost. Some people are just so funny. Many countries didn’t qualify for the world cup, and yet still kept their coaches. Have observed that anytime our local coaches take the helms of affairs, the NFF is always quick to want to get rid of them. When not give them the same time you giving all this journey men.

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    God bless you, Edeye, for your boldness. NFF knows what they are doing. They are using the coach, and the gaffer have fell into their trap.

    NFF would never hire a coach that will step in their toes.

    Waldrum tried that NFF kicked him out of the Super Falcons.

    To NFF, Super Eagles is an avenue to loot amount of money. The two slots have been wasted for their selfish reasons.

    NFF officials have no interest of Nigerians in mind, likewise the government of ours. If you know, you know.

    Carry, go NFF, and coach Paseiro. All eyes on you people. Fingers crossed. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 5 months ago

      Ideye, I meant to say. Please, CSN. This is 2024. The edit button is very needed on this forum. I appreciate you. Please do something about it. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Jide Dola 5 months ago

      If they should give eguavoen ten years the result will still be the same, we should stop deceiving ourselves. He has gotten his chance different times is this same fork up he’s having every time. We should be doing trier and error every time, no that must stop. The only coach Nigeria has is Siasia and for him to do well, he needs to stop favouring some players ahead of some better players.

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    If Peseiro had insisted on 27 players, believe me, the NFF wouldn’t do anything about it. The days of Westerhoff and Jo Bonfere, the NFF would not tried that. The US coach also did not agree either and went as far as dropping a player who wasn’t good enough for the tournament and that’s the spirit and later he performed very well, even CAF and FIFA congratulated us. They could have won the Cup if not due to inexperience. And today, the same man is back. In life, if you do the right, some good-for-nothing people would hate but would later like you for the right thing.

    For me, Peseiro is not a good national team coach. For club? Maybe.He is.

    Nigeria would only get a draw on Sunday.

    • There is an article on Daily Post Nigeria as at 28th December 2023 with the heading:

      “AFCON 2023: Peseiro, NFF clash over final Super Eagles squad”

      Peserio, not NFF went for 25 players. NFF wanted 27.

      Nff is not at fault on this one

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    Edit button is very important on this website please.

  • KENNETH 5 months ago

    @jide Dola, now i know you know nothing about football, they probably bought you data to come here and spill garbage. So what is wrong in professional players being thought ball control, please stop talking like you playing monkey post. Ball control is part of any drill in soccer. Go back and ask the teacher that told you to stop at JSS 3. Nonsense

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