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AFCON 2023: North African Teams – The Only Threats To Super Eagles At AFCON 2023 —Odegbami

AFCON 2023: North African Teams –  The Only Threats To Super Eagles At AFCON 2023  —Odegbami

Legendary Nigerian winger Segun Odegbami has said North African teams are the only threats to Super Eagles’ ambitions of winning the AFCON 2023.

Odegbami, winner of the AFCON in 1980, stated that the likes of Ghana, Cameroon, champions Senegal and AFCON 2023 hosts Côte d’Ivoire, are not as strong as the Eagles.

“I’m going to AFCON fully loaded to join those that will come back with that trophy. If you ask me why, I really don’t know, I can’t justify it but I have a gut feeling that it’s going to happen,” Odegbami said as a guest on Nigeria Info’s programme, Game On

“The other teams are not very strong, the stronger teams are the North African teams but they are coming to meet us in West Africa.

“Senegal are not the team of two, three years ago, Côte d’Ivoire are not the same at all and those are the strong teams from West Africa that could give us a fight. Not Ghana, not Cameroon.”

Odegbami noted that the presence of reigning CAF Player of the Year, Victor Osimhen, will give the Eagles the advantage over the other teams.

“We have the psychological boost now in Victor Osimhen. It is not that Victor is best player in Africa for nothing, it is because he has earned it and he is going to show it. And you need that kind of presence in your national team. That person that can make the difference, to separate you from the team that will do well and not win.

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“He is going to do well and win for us and based on a few of those things and we have good players but they haven’t blended as a team but now they will have a little bit of time to blend a little.

“The other teams are not very strong and we have a Victor Osimhen and I pray they remove Francis Uzoho in goal, if we do all of those things we are going to come back with the trophy.”

The last time the Eagles won the AFCON was at the 2013 edition held in South Africa.

It was their third continental title since landing their first on home soil in 1980.

The 2023 edition which will run from January 13 to February 11, will see Jose Peseiro’s side face Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau in Group A.

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  • Stop the mouth-mouth! Teams from West,South,East etc have beaten your weak super chickens in recent times. There’s nothing so special about that super chickens. Teams weaker than Ghana,Senegal,Cameroon have beaten you. I also have the gut feeling Nigeria will come home very early.

    • ifeco 6 months ago

      sure tournament is different from qualifiers and friendly

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 6 months ago

      Eagles will pray and fast to beat Comoros and Madagascar if they are there not to talk of guinea Bissau.

      • Pls did your prayers and fasting work against Lesotho and Zimbabwe? Lol

        • I don’t know you but whatsoever country you are supporting none of them is as complete as super eagles

    • Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon are not strong, but your team is strong? What kind of logic is this. Mr Odegbami, I respect you a lot cos I read a lot of your excellent write ups and you appear to know a lot about Ghanaian/African football. You should know that any Ghanaian team on a good day will easily beat that super eagles team. In fact you admitted in one of your write ups how good Ghanaian football was during your time and spoke about their Brazilian skills and all that. In fact we beat your team any day during that era. I don’t know how anyone who claims to be an expert in African football will discount Cameroon and recently Senegal in an afcon tournament. I will forgive you and consider it a nationalistic “gut feeling”. Wish you a safe journey to ivory coast. Also making a road trip across the boarder with some friends. Hope to see you there.

      • Super Eagles always beat Cameroun except in the final and that was during Hayatou time. I know say Ghana always lose to Cameroun regardless

        I can tell you for a fact of those 3 times, 2 were rigging

        • You didn’t talk about ghana always beating Nigeria? Or you run out of ink?lol. So the two teams always rig against Nigeria? What a joke!

          • What has Ghana won in recent times. You always say Ghana beat Nigeria as if Nigeria don’t beat Ghana. When last did you win afcon. Can you compare Nigeria record in African football to Ghana. Stop the shameful talk that Ghana always beat Nigeria. When last did any of your players win APOTY. Common stop talking in this forum. I will even listen to a Cameroonian or an Egyptian. Not even Senegalese because Senegalese records can’t even be compared to Nigeria record.

    • Why am I not surprised?

      Before I got to the comments, I knew your bitter self would be here already. And I know you practically camp here every day and skip all the headlines and comments until the story is about Nigeria winning and boom you’ll be out. You’re a bitter soul cos I’ve seen and related with other Ghanaians.

      No worries, Afcon would soon start and I hope you’ll be here to keep the energy up and not disappear when we see if Odegbami was right or not. Argue all you like, when it comes to Africa, the average Nigerian fan only sees Senegal and Morocco. We really don’t see the rest as a serious hurdle. That’s why the sporting world reports it as a shock if the current Nigerian team draws with Ghana or Cameroun. Why do you think they consider those a shock result, and not the other way round? And of course, you guys celebrate it like a World Cup win, declare public holidays, and give Partey chieftaincy titles because of the shock, unexpected result.

      • @Kel, you see why I say Nigerians are rabble rousers? How can anyone call it a shock result when ghana or Cameroon beat your weak super chickens? Do you have a better head-to-head compared to ghana and Cameroon? Do you have a better afcon record compared to the two? Odegbami could have written his article without the sentimental comments cos he knows ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, ivory coast etc are not push overs in African football. He odegbami was beaten several times by ghana and the other teams during his hey days and knows how skillful Ghanaian players are(read his articles). In fact odegbami will tell you ghana was the feard team in the 60’s, 70’s, early 80’s and even the 90’s.(refer to ghana-nigeria in Senegal ’92). You can tickle yourself and laugh. My prayer is a ghana-nigeria game in the knockout rounds, and we will beat u again. Good luck to both teams till we meat.

        • Poropo emodefu 5 months ago

          Are you not ashamed that Ghana last win was in 1982. Over 4 decades you haven’t won squat. When you won your fourth title, Cameroon had won nothing. Now they’ve surpassed you. Nigeria had only 1 title when you won your fourth title. Now they have three one behind you. You ought not to talk. We been to more world cups than you. You celebrate to the high heavens wen you beat eagles does African football begin and end with eagles?

      • God bless you, I liken Ghanaian to Barcelona fans who would go all out to celebrate winning RM like they’ve won the UCL while RM priorities is winning titles, Ghanaians feel fulfilled winning Nigeria rather than trophies.

    • Glory 6 months ago

      Hahaha… Bragging right @ Yaw. Lolzz. I am with the Legend mathematical 7 on this one. You have every right to say Ghana will win it but we all gonna see what happens at last. Let’s just warm to great football and fun. Truly if our players can enter into that nigerian element, there is surely no stopping us. NEVER JUDGE A NIGERIAN WITH QUALIFIERS OR FRIENDLY MATCHES. INFACT WHEN A NIGERIAN TEAM IS DESTROYING TEAMS DURING QUALIFIERS/FRIENDLIES , THEN START TO GET WORRIED.

      • @Glory, but you can judge a Ghanaian team with a qualifier? Lol. What was the basis for odegbami’s statement?

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 6 months ago

      WhICH OLORIBURUKU is removing my comments???
      Abi dem LAMBAST for your father nii??

      Yaw – go and bury your mumu ghan head in shame!

      Jealous waste of space TURD! lool!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 6 months ago

      WhICH OLOSI is removing my comments???
      Shey dem swear for your papa nii??

      Yaw the agbero yawa man- go and bury your mumu ghan head in shame!

      Jealous waste of space piece of IGBE! HAHAHA!

  • I respectfully disagree.
    Nigeria national team as currently constituted is not better than those Sub-Sahara African countries mentioned above.
    Let’s be honest, this Nigeria team will struggle against Mali and even against the likes of Zambia and Burkina Faso.
    They are just good on paper.
    The two matches played so far in World Cup qualifying, none of which was played on our opponent’s home ground lends credence to this argument.

    • Thank you @ Tony, my namesake! We must all thread cautiously bit there’s nothing wrong being hopeful

      • So in your mind of mind you really think this your Ghanaian team without Partey and a coach you guys have no confidence in will do well in the Nation’s cup. Please wake up, because this your dream, e get as e bi.

        By the way, if you are not comfortable with our support for Super Eagles, leave this forum. Na Ghana we go support?

        • My boss@Alex, I didn’t write an article to discredit other teams

          • If you stop talking about ghana, I will leave here.

          • i think Ghana will suprise alot of people in this tournament and if lucky is on there side. the might go far. that is my feeling

    • I will never argue with ghanians cause they are bunch of failures

      • @Seyi, oh I see. Ghanaians are failures? How much is a litre of petrol in your country? Do you even get the petrol to buy at your pumps? Look carefully at your country before calling another country a failure.

        • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

          Petrol in Nigeria is 600/litre but selling for 12ghs in Ghana which is twice that of Nigeria when you convert 600 to GHS. I think you still find it hard to imagine that Ghana is child’s country economic wise, labour force and military ranking. In all ramification Ghana is behind Nigeria so show some respect before you speak.

  • ifeco 6 months ago

    even if super eagles win the nation cup, they will still struggle during qualifying. because is different

  • Mr sentiment mathimatical. How on earth is Nigeria team better than Senegal, Cameroon and cotedvoire judging by their recent outing. Even with their lacklustre performance this man is still boasting, well, time will tell anyway I wish SE well. So he is part of people singling out one player for the team poor performance. So once they remove Uzoho as the goal keeper the problem is solve? But he didn’t say the best person to replace him with. Can only Oshimen makes the difference? No wonder he couldn’t say anything when the team faulters during the last world qualifier. Supposing it’s Rohr in charge he would have call for his sack. I never see him supporting Rohr team like this. He is such a sentimental and bias person.

    • …And what did Osimhin do in your last qualifiers?

      • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

        Mumu he was absent due to injury, huh you lack information yet you come debating. What a clown!!!

  • Mr sentimental mathimatical. How on earth is Nigeria team better than Senegal, Cameroon and cotedvoire judging by their recent outing?. Even with their lacklustre performance this man is still boasting, well, time will tell anyway I wish SE well. So he is part of people singling out one player for the team poor performance. So once they remove Uzoho as the goal keeper the problem is solved? But he didn’t say the best person to replace him with. Can only Oshimen makes the difference? No wonder he couldn’t say anything when the team faulters during the last world cup qualifier. Supposing it’s Rohr in charge he would have call for his sack. I never see him supporting Rohr team like this. He is such a sentimental and bias person.

  • Respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

    One thing i have realized in life is that there will always be sentiments in football. A glass of cup half filled  and a glass of cup half empty are both the same thing but view from different mindset.  Uncle Sege has every right to feel Nigeria will win the cup and those saying the chicken Eagles will be disgraced  has right to conclude at such decision based on what they saw . But one thing i would not accept is passing insult to this great  son of Nigeria who has fulfilled his part to make Nigeria great . Till date no ex international is as intelligent, brilliant and educated as Uncle Sege. You all need to see his school of International College and Sports Academy a multi sport academy. The specialized academies are in football, basketball , tennis, and track and field.
    Personally i think Eagles would try be the best in this tournament. One good reason i love people criticizing this eagles his because they actually want our dear eagles to perform , it is easy to see loopholes in a team you are so much in loved with , just like when we were small our parents are always comparing us with neirgbour’s children and making us feel they are better than us.
    Don’t forget other countries when examined closely could be worst than eagles but because we don’t care about them we are not concerned 
    I have looked at every team in this tournament  four teams stand the best on paper : Nigeria,Algeria ,Tunisia and Morocco then Ivory Coast . The problem with Nigeria is we are not cohesive. We are kind of disjointed. If the coach can do something about this we might spring surprises.
    Let us continue to pray for them 

  • pompei 6 months ago

    This Yaw of a guy SEF. If anything good is mentioned about Nigeria, his anger erupts like a volcano. He is ready to go to war with anyone who is happy with Nigeria.
    Nigeria team are chickens, so he says. They lose to Ghana any day, any time.
    But what Yaw will never discuss is why Ghana, the so called African football powerhouse, has not won Afcon or any other senior trophy, since 1982, 42 YEARS AGO.
    Yaw, until you win a trophy, keep quiet where trophy winners are having a discussion. Go and win Afcon in it’s current format, not when it was only 4 or 8 teams. Go and win Olympic Gold, then come back and discuss with us.
    Nigerians don’t see Ghana as a threat in football. Even if you beat us 100 times, the 101th time, we will enter the pitch believing that we can beat your arrogant behinds. In most of our matches, we dominate possession and play much better. All you do is sit back, pack the bus by playing 9 or even 10 men behind the ball, and then try to hit us on the counter.
    The main reason you beat us is because of our poor administrators. If we had good administrators who hire the best coaches, invite only our best players, pay coaches and players on time, we would have been Africa’s only world cup finalist by now, maybe Africa’s only world cup winner. Our 1994 squad would have accomplished that.
    The world cup you beat us to in 2022 is a classic example of our NFF sabotaging our efforts. It’s definitely not your fault that we can’t get it right administratively. But if we did, we would be thrashing you guys on the regular.
    So Yaw, quit your bizarre obsession with Nigeria, and go and figure out how you can win a senior trophy. 42 years is a long time. Too long a time!

    • Did you say we beat you because of poor administration? Hahahahahahahahaha. Pls stop the joke! And did you say we defend everytime we meat you? Ah! Are you normal? I’m ready to go to war with anyone who try to talk ill about ghana. For your information we in ghana don’t look up to Nigeria for inspiration in football. If we are poor, your team is poorer. You only won your third afcon recently so stop running your mouth. You talk about Olympic gold, which Cameroon has also won, so what is special? Which African country has won the u20 world cup aside ghana? You should respect yourself and stop talking any how.

      • pompei 6 months ago

        Hahaha, U-20 trophy has now become something to boast about.
        Keep running your mouth, Loud mouth.
        If someone has an opinion that Nigeria is better than some countries in football, is he not allowed to have his opinion?
        As soon as you heard the name Nigeria, you came running. This is a Nigerian football website. We welcome friendly people of all nationalities, not hostile idiots like you.
        Begone from this place!

      • Poropo emodefu 5 months ago

        Old men that won. How many of them had decent careers apart from essien? I wish I could catch you in the physical form and wipe your goat mouth, silly boy. You can come and talk about age grade competition that everyone knows all African teams cheat. Imagine Comoros knocked you out SHAME ON YOU SILLY YAW GOATMOUTH MYBIGDICKINYOURSISTERMOUTH

        • @Poropo, you name sef dey show say your brain small. Emodefu! Lol. Essien was not in that team so use your brain

  • pompei 6 months ago

    BTW, note that world cup quarter final, although a good result, IS NOT A TROPHY.
    And Morocco has surpassed that. So only a trophy for Ghana will do now.
    Quit running your mouth and go and handle your business.

  • Is the site for your papa to ask somebody to leave? Has your papa built a lotto kiosk before? I will ignore your childish rants.

    • pompei 6 months ago

      Bloody idiot, face me. Leave my father out of this.
      Did I mention your father? He must be ashamed to have a spineless loudmouth as a son.
      Did your father train you to be insulting other people’s parents?
      Go and look for a trophy to win, and stop constituting a nuisance here!
      Get lost from this place!

      • Who are you for me to face? A nonentity? Go back and check if I insulted anyone here. If you don’t have the heart to engage in intellectual football debate and occasional trolls without insulting someone, then just shut up. In football argument you talk your own make I talk my own. If you call anyone an idiot, the person has the right to respond in equal measure. I’m being very charitable here. If you don’t refine your language, you will regret the next time

        • Oga odegbami stated his opinion and I also stated mine that your current super eagles or chickens team is not better than ghana, Senegal, Cameroon etc, that he mentioned. Can’t I also have my opinion just like him?

          • Have you checked the overall results of Nigeria and Ghana in afcon. Not the cups you won when 4 teams were still playing afcon. I mean number if matches played and won. Total medals won.

            Last qualifiers, yes we did not do very well but we did not lose. But you lost to Chickens of African football again.

            The super eagles have the best player in Africa. Have you forgotten. He has won highest goal scorers in back to back afcon qualifiers.

            It’s the most valuable team in Africa according to stats.

            It’s like you are blind to these records.

            Football all around in Africa Ghana is not near Nigeria at all. Yes you stopped us at the last wordl cup but we also stopped you from going to a world cup. Have you forgotten.

            Inferiority complex is the problem with you Yaw. You don’t talk to giant if Africa in every aspect like that.

        • Pompei 6 months ago

          Did you not ask me if my father has built kiosk?
          Is that not an insult?

          • What authority did you have to tell me to leave this site? I’m sure you understand that response? I did not mean to insult your dad if that’s how you understood it.

          • @christian min. Below is the afcon record of ghana:
            68…runner up
            70…runner up
            80…group stage
            84…group stage
            92…runner up
            98…group stage
            2006.group stage
            2019.round of 16
            2021.group stage

            104 matches
            57 wins
            14 draws
            33 defeats
            139 goals scored
            87 goals conceded

            10 afcon finals!

            Pls post Nigeria’s record let’s compare

          • A dottard goes to his bigger and richer neighbor’s palace with muddy feet, cussing and insulting everyone from the gate to the homeowner. The ill-trained loudmouth was rightly ordered out of the palace back to his shanty hut and he’s still asking with his bloodied mouth and face, “What authority did you have to tell me to leave this site?”

            This guy is impossible. What audacity! Senility taken to a different level. Just pray someone here don’t decide to track you down. You go understand the real scores.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Let me repeat.
    Even if Ghana beat Nigeria 100 times, every time we enter the pitch to face you guys, we will always believe we can beat you. Hands down.
    Ghana is very beatable. You are wives to Comoros, after all. So what is the behind the idea that Nigeria can’t beat you?
    Call us chickens. But remember, these chickens have achieved things in football that Ghana is still dreaming about.
    We believe we can beat you black and blue, and we will continue to believe that. Take it to the bank!

    • @Pompei, abeg leave the dolt, You’ve told him everything there is. If this was that online combat game, his player’s eyes would be swollen purple-blue by now, gasping for breath and your player urged to “Finish him!” But like a headless cockroach that continues living after yanking off its stinking, irritating head, it keeps prancing up and down until you strike it forcefully with a local broom a hundred times and its inside is splattered on the floor.

      Leave him. He’s suffering from a classic inferiority complex. Many Ghanaians are like that. I recently shut one down online who was trying to talk down Nigeria and he/she was silent forever. Being our closest English-speaking neighbor, they just can’t stomach the fact the world regards us much bigger than them in every respect. In fact, bigger than most African countries. It pains them too much, From sports to economics, military, music, and entertainment, they hate the domination of Nigeria. Tell me which major news site, from CNN to BBC, sports site ESPN to Supersports, political forum from UN to G8 mentions or puts Ghana ahead of Nigeria? How? Where?

      Their musicians gather to complain about Nigerian domination in their country. Camerounians, Togolese, etc have come to accept Nigerian natural talents and domination, but not small, 35-million Ghana, They are morbidly jealous. In power,m they generate 4000 megawatts for their small population and 2-city (Accra and Kumasi) country, and they won’t let us hear a word. We generate 22,000 (X 6 of theirs) with multiple cities. How does a $1-million capital base company compare to a multinational of $50 million? Do they have the same concerns, vision, or coverage???

      Militarily, we are X5 bigger than you in terms of personnel, capacity, experience, and global profile. And are verifiable talking hard facts. Economically, we are the biggest in Africa (IMF stats). Again, who mentions Ghana without having mentioned Nigeria over and over again 2 hours before? WE ARE SIMPLY BIGGER THAN YOU, YAW. ACCEPT IT. You provoked all this, but let’s talk football only for now.

      Their football fans shamelessly talk about being 4-times winners, when in fact, CAF should only be counting one as valid. They talk about the 2009 U-20 penalty lottery win against Brazil when Nigeria was in the final over and over again, the last one being 4 years earlier against Messi’s Argentina in 2005 losing 2-1. No penalty. How about the Olympics? Aside from winning it in 1996, we were in the final again in 2008. U-17, we are the maiden winners and hold the record title, 5 times, ahead of Brazil. Women football, we dominate. No question. But you hardly hear Nigerian fans saying all these things, because we don’t have an inferiority complex. I’ve told him too we don’t see Ghana. Only Senegal and Morocco. I don’t even know the names of their players, except Partey and Kudus.

      Go to their very poorly designed ghanaweb.com and you’ll see them talk about Nigeria, but we don’t have the time to reply to them. But this nuthead is here camping 24/7, fishing for any post that praises Nigeria and his inferiority complex self jumps out of hiding to tell us about his Charcoal Stars team. Who even names his team BLACK???? What a name! BLACK STARS!!! (*SPITS*). A name, again, borne out of an inferiority complex. Germany or England should name their teams WHITE STARS, cos they’re the whitest of the Europeans. Rubbish. Dark stars ko, mud stars ni.

      A star is anything but black or dark. It’s meant to drive dark or black. A star means everything opposite of black. Why not name your team NEGRO STARS, since you’re more African and dark-skinned than other Africans and you need to project your inferiority complex to the world.

      Afcon will soon start. Be here and don’t run away. Because you only show up if Nigeria loses and go deaf and dumb otherwise. Foolish thing.

      • Jerkin 5 months ago

        @Kel,you nailed the scabbies infested flat head Ghanaian nitwit coffin and nothing more to add.
        They expect us to wish our darling super eagle team failure,infact why are they afraid of Nigeria’s success.?
        When you are big you are big, they are definitely questioning God .
        Thank you Kel and Pompei

      • pompei 5 months ago

        Hahaha Kel my dear brother, you don finish work.

  • Pompei 6 months ago

    What is the highest FIFA ranking Ghana has ever obtained?
    Well, these chickens have been ranked 5th IN THE WORLD.
    The highest rank by an African side to date.
    Somebody will skip dinner tonight because of jealousy.

    • What did you achieve with your 5th ranking pls? Or now ranking is a world cup trophy? Lol. That your class of 94 you always hail were dismantled by the Abedi Pele led black stars in Senegal 92. I will only be jealous about Egypt/Cameroon, not Nigeria.

      • Poropo emodefu 5 months ago

        You will soon be jealous of them when we win our fourth title. Ghana, children of hate. One title in 42 years I wonder why you think you a good football nation. Knocked out by Comoros. Mark my words Ghana won’t beat Cape Verde! I’m sure of that.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    YAWS – a chronic skin infection characterized by papillomas and ulcers. It is caused by the same bacteria responsible for venereal syphilis. A disgusting disease.
    Just like the disease YAWS, this nasty mouthed nincompoop has become a DISGUSTING, LOATHSOME presence on this website, with his hate-filled rhetoric, and total refusal to tolerate anything Nigerian. The irony is that the bloody fool is opening his rotten teeth to spew out rubbish on a Nigerian web site.
    If you are so disgusted by all things Nigerian, pray tell, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ON A NIGERIAN WEBSITE?
    Do yourself and other football lovers here a huge favor.
    If you stop your Nigeria hating, then you are welcome. But until then, what is a Nigeria hater doing on a Nigerian website?
    Jealousy and envy have twisted your intestines inside out, as you contemplate Nigeria’s achievements in football. You want to kill yourself before your time because of Nigeria’s Olympic soccer gold, and the fact that we have the highest FIFA ranking in Africa to date.
    You are a hypocrite of the highest order. Pretending to be respectful, yet you insulted my father with impunity! And refuse to accept that you were wrong, you rude, uncough lout!
    I repeat it again. Ghana can beat Nigeria 100 times. But any time we meet on the pitch, Nigeria will always, always, always believe we can take Ghana to the cleaners.
    Let it sink down deep into your empty, daft skull.
    Friendly people all over the world are welcome on this site. Nigeria haters like Yaw, GET LOST!

    • It takes an idiot like you to confuse Yaw with Yaws. What kind of education did you have. You lack emotional stability. What will I hate Nigerians for? I will rather hate Egyptians or Cameroonian not Nigerians. What have you achieved in African football with your loud mouth. Have you seen me comment on your useless local league? If you write an article discounting other countries credentials, those countries equally have the right to respond. Get that into your block head and stop the nonsense. If you want to insult, I will send you my personal number so that we do that back stage not here. The foolishness is too much!

      • pompei 5 months ago

        Keep your filthy personal number to yourself!
        I don’t need the number of a deranged lunatic!

      • Poropo emodefu 5 months ago

        When did you win the last of your titles? In my lifetime I’ve seen my nation win 3 titles. Have you seen Ghana senior team hold a trophy in your lifetime?

  • pompei 5 months ago

    For the sake of Nigerians living in Ghana, I hope and pray that people like Yaw do not enter positions of authority in Ghana.
    Yaw will inflict the greatest genocide known to mankind on Nigerians, if he had his way.
    He will catch Nigerians and roast them to eat with shito sauce.
    A man so full of hatred for Nigeria and Nigerians. He hates anything Nigerian to the very core of his evil being. Just make the mistake of saying anything good about Nigeria, and Yaw becomes your enemy.
    Again, the irony is he chooses to fight his battle against Nigeria and Nigerians, by opening his disgusting, YAWS-infested buccal cavity right here on a Nigerian website. If he is so irritated by all things Nigerian, what is he doing here on a Nigerian website?
    So, does that mean Yaw now accepts that some things in Nigeria are good? After all, he wouldn’t be here on a Nigerian website, if the website was not good. HAHAHAHAHA!
    Bloody charlatan. Pretending to be a football lover, but his true identity as a Nigeria hater keeps coming out.
    Feel free to hate Nigeria all you want. Why you choose to express that hatred on a Nigerian website is what boggles the mind. Once again, GET YOUR RUDE, FILTHY SELF OF THIS SPACE.

  • Abdul Handsy 5 months ago

    Pompei may God bless you for taking that proud for nothing Yewe to the cleaners. An average Ghene people hates anything good about Nigeria but little did they know that Nigerian don’t bother about their existence unlike they bother about us.

    I hate them with passion! Ghene people are too Arrogant, proud and overrated for nothing!

    • Some people are just outright senseless writing all these rubbish even before a ball is kicked. I don’t know what anyone has seen to believe these present SE Team will perform. The highest of delusions. Can people please stop making mouth and use common sense?

      • If you are very familiar with football you ll know that Common sense sometimes don’t work. Common sense did not work in 2013. Let’s hope for the best. Remember this is afcon and not the world cup

  • Ndubest 5 months ago

    Well said @Pompei you chose your words well. The Yaw of a person is dying of hatred and the earlier we ignore him the better. The Afcon is days away lets see how both teams will perform whether we meet or not. Foolish idiot.

  • Patriotism wise I will agree with Odegbami but in reality I agree with Yaw on this.The SE of 2013 that won us the title have Mikel, Moses,Emenike, Onazi and Enyema who were all in their prime then and formed the bedrock of the team.The home based that was infused into the team were camped in Abuja for about 18 months with the late Keshi teaching them the basics.All the members of that team were born and bred in Nigeria, played in the streets of Nigeria and so understood the ruggedness of African football(Please see Emenike free kick goal against Cote D ivoire) Does this team has that characteristics? But nothing is impossible in football, let us hope

  • Jerkin 5 months ago

    @Kel,you nailed the scabbies infested flat head Ghanaian nitwit coffin and nothing more to add.
    They expect us to wish our darling super eagle team failure,infact why are they afraid of Nigeria’s success.?
    When you are big you are big, they are definitely questioning God .
    Thank you Kel and Pompei

    • Weak minds debate with insults. The more you insult, the more I resolve to put the record s before you and tell you you are big for nothing. Insults are like energy drink to me…lol. I put the afcon record of ghana out there. 10 finals! Pls bring yours and let’s compare.

  • Pompei 5 months ago

    Abdul Handsy my brother, we don’t hate Ghanaians.
    They are our football rivals, but we definitely do not hate them.
    It is hate filled people like Yaw that we can’t tolerate.
    The hatred Yaw and his type have for Nigeria, it’s coming right back to them, and them alone!

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