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AFCON 2023: Peseiro Plays Down Super Eagles Friendly Game Loss To Guinea

AFCON 2023: Peseiro Plays Down Super Eagles Friendly Game Loss To Guinea

Jose Peseiro has played down the Super Eagles’ 2-0 loss to Guinea in a friendly game in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

The Eagles rounded off their training camp with the friendly with the Syli National which was their second in Abu Dhabi after earlier playing a local club side.

Chippa United first choice Stanley Nwabali was in goal while Raphael Onyedika and Alhassan Yusuf were in the starting 11.

Also in starting line-up were William Troost-Ekong, Moses Simon, Samuel Chukwueze, Umar Sadiq, Zaidu Sanusi, Bright Osayi-Samuel and Chidozie Awaziem.

Reflecting on the outcome of the friendly, Peseiro, described it as not that important.

“It is important to win of course, I prefer to win than to lose but the game is not important because we tried to use a new system,” he said in his post-match on NFF TV.

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“We tested the new system, 3-4-3 and we did well in the first half though we were down 1-0 but we deserved more. We missed a penalty, missed like three clear chances.

“The second half was more balanced for both teams I had to later change to 4-3-3 after losing the midfield. I changed the team I didn’t use all the players, I tried to manage the players in the two friendly games.“

The Eagles are expected back in Nigeria today (Tuesday) before jetting out to Côte d’Ivoire.

Unfortunately, they will be without Victor Boniface due to injury.

Their first game is against Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, 14 January.

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  • Useless country! Mtcheeew!!!… He acknowledges he lost the midfield yet calls up Moffi instead of a Midfielder if this man is not the definition of a brick head then please somebody tell me what the real definition is.

    • Ugo, Ahmed Musa is a versatile player. Hence he can be drafted to midfield if possible.

      Unfortunately Shehu Abdullahi was not considered in the original list. He too could have been suitable for the midfield as he is very flexible.

      • @deo honestly what more can be crippling to our already Crippled Tournament than Ahmed Musa slotting into midfield. I am sorry I don’t get you is that supposed to make me/us feel optimistic?

        P.s. lol what will he do there Hand the ball to the opposition for free?

      • @deo Shehu Abdullahi ke really we are not going for a kindergarten Cup this is AFCON with World calibre players even a Guinea should have reminded you guys of the kind of Calibre of Players we are up against.

        Shehu Abdullahi is not up to the level of players in Gambia talk-less of AFCON please bros if we are to suggest names let us suggest players that will actually add some bite and instill some sort of hope in the fans and fear in the opponent. Shehu Abdullahi does none of the above not even hope in fans

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 months ago

      After the second game of the group I wil check from his travel agent office if he has not booked a flight before eagles laßt game here in Porto…if he did I will tell everyone here .pls don’t let him aware of this right up so that he wil not buy ticket from another agent.

    • Hassan 5 months ago

      Can you blame him. He is now showing NFF pepper when he was asked to reduce his salary. It is obvious the coach doesn’t care anymore. He just wants to leave.

  • Instead of Calling up a good midfielder the only one that comes to mind being Nwakali he is wasting space on Moffi.

    When we were begging NFF chase Olise more aggresively dem no go hear word!! Nigeria You reap what you sow

  • Oakfield 5 months ago

    With just 6days to the start of afcon , you havent still yet known which system that should work perfectly for your team. For over 2yrs you have been in charge, u have yet to find a better system That works for your team. This is absolutely incredible and a very big shame! The disaster they had tried to avoid by pressing the self destruct button is already here with us. There was a time when prior to tournaments like the afcon, everybody brimmed with confidence about winning the cup bcs of the performance of the team and the kind of crew that led them but now unfortunately, the reverse is the case. Everybody feels jittery and less confident over our chances to even perform talking more of winning the trophy.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahahha…..They said Rohr was bad, but as bad as he was, they still had confidence in his team that it was solid enough to win AFCON even as at November 2021. The loud mouth sports minister even insisted his contract renewal caveat should be nothing short of the trophy. They even believed the team was so good, it could auto-pilot itself to the trophy…..worse still any coach could just step in and lead them to the trophy….LMAOOoo

      How are the mighty fallen.

      2 years after avoiding disaster, qualification from our group is what is dominating public discussions……LMAOOOo….thanks to that imbecile ugo ewu =-zimbabwe ewunze and his herd of rabied e-dogs

      What a shame…!!!

      • Oakfield 5 months ago

        Don’t mind them @dr drey. Fly wey no hear word go follow corpse enter grave. It is already happening. From Lesotho to zimbabwe, zimbabwe to Guinea. Every sort of ugly bird is beginning to take a bite of our once dreaded team. They all feel they can do it. That is the level this site engineer, picnic, Ode (the ex cricket international) and some miserable godforsaken lads here have dragged us to. I hope they are enjoying the music now. For me, i take solace in the good old days that we had everything going for us during the time of rohr and keshi and other great coaches. I read on one sport website where this site engineer said that the resson we lost against guinea was bcs he used our 2nd eleven and not our 1st team. Hahahahaha! Just imagine the lame and stupid excuse coming from his mouth. May i remind him that if things were the way they should be, even our 3rd eleven would beat guinea black and blue. Our first team should be one of hell of a dreaded team that should not be used to toil with. Maybe, the team that lost to Lesotho and Zimbabwe were our 2nd and 3rd eleven respectively lol! When foolish people are in charge, you will know. Na sidon look mode i dy now nwanne.

    • Glory 5 months ago

      @ brodaman oakfield, me I no join feel jittery one bit. The cup is coming home. I honestly don’t count on friendlies or qualifiers. Na de big gbege naim concern me. Until after then, I am strongly in support of this team ; players and coaching crew. He may have only accepted to try that system in a friendly to satisfy few town criers but trust me, Peseiro knows his preferred system. ANY WELCOME BACK BRODAMAN. PLEASE WANNA HEAR MORE FROM YOU.

      • Oakfield 5 months ago

        Greetings @Glory. Good to hear from u guys once again. The turn of events with our national teams made me go awotol. Lol. It is heart wrenching where these idiots have taken our football to but it is well. Putting to much hope and faith in this team is at your own peril. I hope u don’t hurt urself at the end of the day. Do not expect much from them except mother luck leads us by the hand.

    • Onwajunior 5 months ago

      This right here is exactly my point. You nailed it!

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    He only has less than one month on the job. Nobody would employ him.

  • Papafem 5 months ago

    With what this man did in Venezuela, Peseiro shouldn’t be coaching any national team. Pinnick shot us badly with this man. It’s like we all offended him and he decided get personal, punishing us with this nonentity.

    So all the time he was playing friendly matches, wasting our time and resources, he wasn’t testing a new system. And now that the competition is around the corner, just 6 days, he remembered to test a new system. What a ashame!

    We strongly have to apologize to Genot Rohr. If he was bad (which I so much doubt), Eguaveon was worse and this bambie-on-iceblock is the worst of all. From player selection, to playing system to game management, team management, he should qualify as the worst coach ever employed by the NFF. And posterity will not forgive Pinnick and hs board.

    At least before you employed a coach, you’ll look at his credentials, his antecedents, experience, knowledge of African football and even the communication skills are absolute nonsense. Peseiro didn’t tick any of these boxes and yet they brought him in, just because he’s the most compromising of all other coaches and of course, the most corrupt and the cheapest. This is the result. We are the one paying for it. Nothing about this man gives me hope.

    And Gusau will be worse than Pinnick. He’s got zero managemnt skills. Gusau has made most of our national teams so distant from the fans. No pre-tornament friendlies to access our national team’s readiness and the useless matches they play are always behind closed doors. Falcons didn’t even play any before their first WC match. Our grassroot football is dead, the league is sinking too.

    I won’t invest any emotion whatsoever in this SEs, not for a million dollar. They are so absurd and notoriously poor.

    • Why are you people claiming selective amnesia lol? This dull coach was first courted before AFCON 2021 debacle by Eguadiola (in Dr dreys voice) and he turned it down only to still be pinnicks beautiful bride after Qatar failure!

      A coach turned down a whole nation and still was courted weeks later. How cheap can that nation’s football egghead be?

      Let’s Do It Again jare

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Peserio didnt turn us down o. He attended the 2021 AFCON and watched from the stands.

        NFF fell for the ‘any coach can win afcon in 2 weeks….our owns can do better’ propaganda here on CSN…..LMAOoo.

        After they failed at AFCON with their own, they engaged more of their owns to add ‘tactical sagacity’ to the team…..the result was ahmed musa and ighalo having to teach them match reading vs Ghana in the WCQ…..LMAOo

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    @Papafem, they brought in a 419 coach just to deceive us. The man simply does not know what he is doing and the result is there for all to see. Even with the talented players we have, he still recorded poor results. Less than 43% percent win. Amaju brought a man who was chased away in South America to coach the Super Eagles of Nigeria, one of the best teams in the world and was ranked 5th before. What a shame!

    • they dealt the future of our Super Eagles for the $20k per month they get from Poseiro $70k salary and that is more important than anything else.. That’s just the deal and why we are where we are today…..

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago

    For me, it’s too late to cry over split milk. For those that believe in miracles, I reckon we start praying. We’re already in a vehicle with bad brakes and a distrusted driver learning on the wheels. Right now we are at the mercy of God and the drive of the players.
    As for Peseiro, I am just short on words.Though rational, I am a man of faith. I am hoping Peseiro proves me wrong but wouldn’t be holding my breath.

  • Mr Hush,

    Whilst it easy to be pessimistic about the prospects of the Super Eagles ahead of the Afcon tournament, I personally believe that this anticipation of doom is misplaced.

    I am not optimistic neither am I pessimistic, I am somewhere in-between – cautiously optimistic. And why shouldn’t I?

    We have a decent coach with a decent set of players who can produce decent outputs.

    Can we win the tournament? I think hubris and sheer arrogance will lead the fan of any country to answer “Yes” to that question.

    Ivory Coast expected to win Afcon 2013 before NPFL Sunday Mba proved better that English Premier League’s Yaya Toure. Belmadi’s Algeria were on a crazy winning run before last Afcon only for them to collapse in the tournament proper.

    Football is unpredictable and that is fact!

    But yes, other elements go into play, like solid preparations and a compelling tactically grounded approach, but at the end of the day, what works in the training ground doesn’t always translate on match days.

    Dare I say we Nigerian fans are arrogant. What gives us the effrontery to expect to win any Afcon tournament?

    Today, the powerhouses of African football are as follows: Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Algeria and yes Nigeria. Others knocking on the door are Equatorial Guinea, Burkina Faso, Zambia,Mali and Tunisia.

    I dare say that our beloved Nigeria arguably has one of the worst football adminstration and infrastructure compared to many of these countries like South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Ivory Coast. Yet we want to win the Afcon.

    Isn’t it a joke? Little wonder I chose to be a bit more comedic in my contributions these days.

    That said, I genuinely think we have a coach and a collection of players that can help to squeeze us amongst the top 8 footballing nations in Africa (i.e Afcon quarter finals) Anything outside that is icing on the cake.

    It will be a disaster to crash out of the round of 16 and obviously unthinkable to crash out in the group stages – Peseiro and the players are better than that.

    But to make it to the semi finals, Peseiro hasn’t given me enough to expect that outcome. The good thing is that he will be sacked and we will have time to regroup in time for world cup qualifiers.

    Good luck Super Eagles.

  • Bobby 5 months ago

    Yes, his contract would not be renewed. He doesn’t have the knowledge and capacity to coach a team like the Super Eagles. The man is not smart enough, if not he would contacted his brother in Roma so as to tell him how he would handle this team because he is arrogant and doesn’t know even understand the mentality of his players.

    He’s doomed already.The man who coached the Super Falcons at the World Cup is far better than him. Technically and tatctically.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    LOL very strange…unhinged characters full ground o! lol

    If you want a walking, talking specimen for the condition – Dissociative identity disorder, then look no further than here on CSN or at a cross section of confused Nigerians!

    Ah, God only can help us! And then they went and dug up probably the only self professing “football coach/manager” in the world who also displays the same split personality disorder in Pensario – somebody who dares not show his face back in his own country or anywhere that he has previously been and wouldn’t dare put himself forward for any self respecting job vacancy- And all this because of greed and there being no accountability in Nigeria to speak of!

    Cheii! Picnik- you no do well (at all) but don’t worry, you are not the first or the only one, In all the years that this “country” has existed, there has been only ONE regime/administration that treated this country with respect and had any form of dignity and decency and that was when Westerhoff and co were knocking about – since then, it’s been disaster after disaster – Well make una carry on sha I say, purgatory will have a higher proportion of “Nigerians” in it than any other world nationality – Gbabeski lalaji!!

    Wo! that slant head pinnick has a lot to answer for and he will do so both here on terra-firma and also in the hereafter – Mind you he is not unique o!, this has been the trend ever since the people of this “country” have started managing themselves and the country by extension and things have only steadily gone from bad to worse lol – A bunch of unintelligent wanna be airheads (mostly anyway!) Even graduates in Nigeria now cannot read, write or comprehend in any language at all! Not even their own native languages teehehehe – haba wahala full ground! Shangba fo! Ikoko agbo danu! Ah!

  • Sonny Loffy 5 months ago

    This short man is not serious 

  • Nigeria should go to the premier league to search for coach now this current coach is zero just sack him now epl Nigeria player are very good with premiership coach is not too late

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