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AFCON 2023: Rohr Gives Super Eagles Tips On How To Beat Cameroon

AFCON 2023: Rohr Gives Super Eagles Tips On How To Beat Cameroon

Former Nigeria head coach, Gernot Rohr, has given the Super Eagles players tips on how to defeat Cameroon in their round of 16 clash on Saturday.

The Indomitable Lions would be looking to secure a first AFCON win against the Eagles since the 2000 edition co-hosted by Ghana and Nigeria.

Rohr was in charge of the Eagles when they beat Cameroon 3-2 in the round of 16 at the 2019 AFCON.

At the 2004 tournament, the Eagles came from a goal down to beat the Lions 2-1.

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Speaking ahead of the big clash, Rohr adviced his former players on what to do against Cameroon.

“They should believe in their strength, they can do it like they did in 2019,” Rohr said in a video interview posted on former BBC reporter and Guardian writer Osasu Obayiuwana’s X handle.

“Cameroon had problems, it was not easy in their first two group games. Their match against Gambia was a crazy one because at some point you will think it’s finished when they were down 2-1 with five minutes left.

“At the 2021 AFCON they were down 3-0 against Burkina Faso and in 10 minutes they came back to 3-3, which means the Cameroonian players never accept defeat, they still believe, they are strong mentally and they have fighting spirit.

“But Nigeria also have fighting spirit just like we did against Cameroon in 2019. Even if you are down by one or two goals you can come back and win. It’s possible, it’s a question of the spirit, a question of mental strength, of discipline, solidarity, fighting spirit.

“Most of the Nigerian players I know them very well they have these qualities and can do it, also they have the best player in Africa and I’m sure they will qualify.“

The German, however, admitted that it would be a tough encounter for the Eagles.

”It will be difficult because Cameroon is becoming strong again especially in the win against Gambia in the final minutes but they still have problems, defensive problems, also problems inside the group, goalkeeping issue.“

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  • John-1 3 months ago

    I won’t lie, I criticised Rohr during his reign but he earned bragging right over Cameroun. He totally destroyed them in Nigeria. In fact, it should’ve being home and away if not for some dubious officiating in Yaonde. Peseiro should take lessons from Rohr. That’s if pride will allow him!

    • Yes dubious officiating, eagles also l missed few scoring chances

  • pompei 3 months ago

    I laugh when pipo say Nigeria has been “winning ugly”.
    My response to them is simple. Would you rather lose beautifully?
    Eguavoen lost beautifully. Under him, the SE played what some would call attractive football. But it ended in calamitous defeat twice. First against Tunisia in the Afcon second round. Then against Ghana in the world cup qualifier.
    I prefer to win ugly than lose beautifully.
    If you think winning is ugly, try defeat.
    What makes football attractive? What makes it beautiful? For me, it’s 2 things. Scoring goals and GETTING RESULTS.
    Strong defense is what has kept us in the competition. That is the foundation of this present team. We don’t have the individual talents we had in the past. At the 1994 world cup for instance, the individual ability was the strength of the team. Now, it’s the defense.
    Don’t change a system that’s working. Make adjustments, but keep the foundation intact!
    If the strikers start scoring, that’s a huge plus. Then the team becomes even stronger.
    There is always a probability that we might lose. But if we play the way we’ve been playing, that probability is low. However, if when we throw caution to the wind because we want to play beautiful, the probability of a negative result is high. It was like that in the past, and it still holds true today.

  • zuka chris 3 months ago

    @Pompei my guy, just a straight question to you. What is the current style of the SE?

    • pompei 3 months ago

      Peseiro used to be gung ho with his 4-2-4 system.
      After a few negative, even embarrassing results, he now knows that with this squad, he needs to tread more lightly. He needs to proceed with caution.
      His cautious approach is evident in the way he’s been lining up the team. He wants a team that is solid defensively, but also potent going forward.
      We do create chances, we just need to start putting them away.
      Hope I answered your question.

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    GENERAL ROAR is a man with good heart! I mean he is always giving his former team tips and advice on how to defeat their opponent and always saying nice things too about them even though they treated him badly

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    And please only GENERAL ROAR disciples are allowed here o.. don’t comment here if you are not one of us…we know ourselves..

  • Yeah Rohr has no say he Betrayed his Main catalyst of his Cameroon Demolition Victor Moses special shout out to Mikel Obi.

    Now Rohr is giving Tactics on how to beat Cameroon yet he is the reason we are stuck with Musa as an expeperienced head. MOSES was Keshi’s best player and Rohr’s bezt player albeit the latter in his early days as SE manager. Yet When the Government imposed Musa as him he didnt push for Moses i can Catagorically say that, without Victor Moses and Obi Mikel we would have not navigated qualivation from that dangerous group od Death in 2017 for WC 2018

    For this fact Rohr should keep quite he co tributed to SE football falling to where it is today. Victor Moses is the player who can lead this team funny enough he is on form for Spartak Moscow. Why not Pet him instead of Musa show him he is needed but Nigeria being Nigeria I could have not expected Better treatment of Legend like Victor Moses from this NFF and all Managers but not like this.

    • Ikeben 3 months ago

      @Ugo, don’t twists facts hear. Rohr SE defeated Cameroon home and almost away before 2018 World cup,(if not fishy away draw) yes with the help of Victor Moses. He defeated Cameroon again in 2019 with the master class of Ighalo and Musa. Not forgetting the World class chest assist of Musa and Ighalo’s brace in the round if 16.

      For the Record’s he was Cameroon destroyer.
      Victor Moses voluntarily resigned from the Super Eagles after the World Cup. So what has Rohr to do with that. Let’s be careful to be factual.

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Hahahaha…..Ikeben, leave that dog alone let it continue doing its job….which is to bark.

      I guess after Mikel and V.Moses’s retirement for the SE, Rohr stopped winning matches and stopped qualifying for tournaments….LMAOOoo. Musa was not a part of our 2018 WCQ I guess….LMAOOoo…he never contributed anything to the national team during that period or after.

      Just see how the bigot tactically ignored the 3-2 win at the 2019 afcon in the jargons he just vommitted, just because that one involved that world class match-winning chest assist from Ahmed Musa.

      Let the chronic liar continue to twist facts and tell us cheap fat lies….as if he was brain dead when Oliseh derobbed Enyeama and made Ahmed Musa SE Captain back in 2015, before Musa willingly gave the honour to Mikel to rather be a Vice Captain when Siasia took over, before subsequently regaining the position after Mikel’s retirement.

      He must have been in coma too when Rohr repeatedly and publicly stated that V.Moses is very much welcome back to the team whenever HE CHOOSES to rescind his retirement decision.

      The loudmouth thinks he can re-write the history we saw with our own eyes….LMAOOoo. A player who keeps quitting the SE and returning whenever it pleases him is his own perfect candidate for the position of national team captain…..LMAOoo.

      Rohr has bragging rights over Cameroon, if it pains you, go and hang yourself.

    • Bolaji 3 months ago

      We don’t even need his boring tactics or advise. Let him go apply it with Benin republic and win with games to spare. Lets see how far he will go

    • Edoman 3 months ago

      Ugo, why are you so annoying? Why do you deliberately tell lies about our Oga ROHR? Why and Why? Why are you like this now. Ugo, please tell Nigerians the truth and nothing but the truth at all times. Never allow a guy like Monkey post to know the truth better than your good self. l am not to revile the lies you just told Nigerians, l expects you to look at yourself, from bottom up and do your own self corrections for your own goodness’s sake.

  • Liberty 3 months ago

    If not carefully handled, 9ja will lose this game cuz I don’t feel the fighting spirit. Cameroonians are so strong mentally. Yes they may by 2 goals but never think you have a hold over them even with just 5 minutes more cuz they enjoy playing under pressure.
    This recent squared of Rigoberto Song can do anything under pressure.
    Remember they qualified for the world cup 2022 against Algeria at the last second of the game.
    They came from a 3-0 defeat against Burkina Faso to win the 3rd place when they hosted Afcon in 2021
    They also came from a 2-0 defeat at the world cuz against Switzerland to make it 3-3 in their 2nd group stage game.
    They scored and defeated Brazil 1-0 at the final minutes of their last group stage game at the 2022 world cup.
    They had a must win last game to qualify for the AFcon which they comfortably sailed through against Burundi.
    They used 5 minutes to change a 2-1 score line to 2-3 against Gambia in a final must win group stage game at the Afcon.

    Nigerians should not get carried away by their past glories against Cameroon cuz this current Indomitable Lions are stronger than the Eagles mentally in every game.

  • Aluta Africa 3 months ago

    If the Super Eagles win AFCON, will the price of fuel come down?
    Will your security improve?
    Will the price of food stuff fall?
    How does that impact or improve the lives of nigerians living in Nigeria?

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    Coach Paseiro should have himself to be blamed for not taking Dessers and Nwakali to Afcon.

    Did anyone see a solo goal of Dessers? Kolawole can’t be compared to other strikers in the Super Eagles, but if you are in doubt, please check the goal. I’m talking on YouTube and come back here to testify to my point of view

    For sure, we will miss Nwakali and Dessers against Cameroon. These two players would have made a significant impact in tomorrow’s match, had the coach putting his ego aside and selected the best for Nigeria.

    Hmmm. Are we not enjoying seeing Nwabali in this tournament so far?

    That should tell the coach we fans are better than the coaching crew of the Super Eagles.

    He wanted to use Uzoho and the former world class coach Oga Rohr also backing Uzoho to be the number one for Nigeria but the pressure was too much for Oga Paseiro and later on, Oga Rohr have confessed that Nwabali is better than Uzoho.

    Now, the former world-class coach is giving Super Eagles advice on how to beat Cameroon.
    Can we beat Cameroon if we have Uzoho on goal post? This Oga Rohr is very funny.

    Funny enough, no matter what he says, his followers will accept and keep following him wotowoto lol.

    You that kept faith in Akpeyi that failed Nigeria against Algeria because you used Akpeyi, but we warned you but did not listen.

    Instead of focusing on his Benin team but he still wants to coach Nigeria again. Mba.

    As I said a few days ago, if Super Eagles fails to beat Cameroon tomorrow, then many of our players should be replaced, including the coach. I’m not impressed with his his work so far. He has turned Super Eagles to a boring team. This is even worse than the kerewa kerewawa style that Eagles has played in the past. Fingers crossed. Good luck to Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      I guess Nwabali was the one in goal when Rohr hammered Cameroon home and away in WC qualifiers and at a neutral ground in an AFCON tournament.

      If Super Eagles fails to beat Cameroon tomorrow, people like you should be held responsible. You are one of the unfortunate beings who brought this disaster we are experiencing today upon us.

    • Dr Banks 3 months ago

      @Omo9ja, I thought people should become wiser as they grow in age but your own case defied logic o.

      Was Akpeyi not in goal when Rohr beat Cameroon 3:2 in AFCON 2019? Don’t forget they were the defending Champion at that time

      Was it not an ordinary Ezenwa in goal when Rohr mauled Cameroon 4:1 in Uyo and drew 1:1 in Younde? So Rohr definitely have a bragging right against Cameroon for sure and surely right in giving advice to his predecessor on how to beat Cameroon.

      Rohr made use of what best GK was at his disposal at that time and got us fairly good results with the likes of Ezenwa, Uzoho, Akpeyi and Maduka Okoye

      Till date, no one coach has gotten close to Rohr’s record in SE ever since he was sacked.

      And stop flattering yourself that GR still has his sight on coaching Nigeria again, he is only talking about SE because of his love for the Team and the players he built up into a winning team painstakingly. Do not forget that Olise and Siasia left a tattered SE team for him to tinker when all other Foreign coaches were running away fro taking up the job.

      I agree with you that Dessers deserved a call up especially after withdrawal of Sadiq instead of *Onuachu Longus* but Nwakali is not a SE material at this moment. What did Nwakali achieve in AFCON 2021?

      You and your cohorts of destroyers like Segun Odegbami need to cover your eyes in shame for destroying our dear SE of Gernot Rohr.

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Rohr is actually a pundit for a French Tv station for the AFCON tournament, so its his commentaries while on that job CSN are publishing.

        Nobody can stop him from talking about the SE or doing his job.

        As bad as anyone would want to paint him, it will remain on record till eternity that the NFF sacked him because they felt he could win the next afcon and become too difficult to sack.

        And having won Cameroon 3 out of 3 times in competitive matches at a time they were defending African champions, he has got every right and qualification to lecture anyone on how to defeat Cameroon in a competitive match. His transcript shows A+ in that regard.

        And all these cry about Nwakali is what I don’t understand….as if he’s some kind of a messaih.

        He was part of the u20 team that failed to qualify for u20 AFCON
        He was part of the u23 team that failed to qualify for the olympics
        He was part of the SE team that posted our worst AFCON since 1982
        He is battling relegation for the 3 consecutive club, his last got relegated to the 3rd division.
        He cant boast of combined 10 goals and/or 10 assists in the past 3 seasons played mostly in the lower division

        Like really, is he supposed to be some magician that will end the current troubles of the SE all by himself. He was at the last afcon under the tutelage of his godfather, Mr total nonsense Eguafailure, and he still couldn’t make the SE 1st team under him…….LMAOOo

        So once again, what ado about Nwakali..?

        • Edoman 3 months ago

          I Challege omo9ja to response to our ‘learnt Dr Drey’ above with immediate effect if you, omo9ja, is to retain any credibility left, if at all.

  • According to Scorenigeria.com.ng, Peseiro’s philosophy is now called ‘Economic football’. It centres on sitting deep, soaking pressure and hitting opponents on the break with swift and effect counter attacks.

    This for me is sharp departure from what I want to call his initial ‘Extravagant Football’ with its high press, expansive, front-foot attack attack philosophy.

    Also, if media speculations are to be believed, Yusuf will start from the bench and Iheanacho will still not taste action as a punitive measure.

    To be honest, whether Peseiro elects to be economical or extravagant, he just needs to win tomorrow. At least that will be an improvement on the last Afcon.

    The irony of the matter is that Peseiro hasn’t strayed too far away from his prior philosophy in some sense. His midfield still accommodates just two players and his strike force has just one less player. Yes the Super Eagles started out sitting deep against Ivory Coast and Guinea Bissau but as the match wore on they pressed higher at times.

    The most significant departure is having 5 players when defending.

    But we have to be economical. Yes I along with many Super Eagles fans would love to see a more expansive and vibrant football. But I guess Peseiro has done his risk-vs-reward analysis and concluded that it is way too risky with this bunch of players to position less than 5 players in defence. Also much extravagance has yielded results.

    In a way, the proof is in the puff puff as the only game we conceded thus far in this tournament was the one we played 4 defenders. Conversely, it is in the only game we played ‘Extravagant Football’ that Osimhen scored with a great header.

    That said, the Economic Football has to somehow resolve the austerity we are witnessing in our attacking sector. For without goals, there will be no prosperity.

    • Correction:
      *** Also much extravagance hasn’t yielded results. ***

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