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AFCON 2023: ‘We Take Full Responsibility’ –Nwabali Reacts To Eagles’ Loss To Ivory Coast

AFCON 2023: ‘We Take Full Responsibility’  –Nwabali Reacts To Eagles’ Loss To Ivory Coast

Super Eagles goalkeeper, Stanley Nwabali, has appealed to Nigerians to forgive the team for failing to overcome Ivory Coast in the final of the just concluded 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Recall that William Troost-Ekong had put Nigeria ahead seven minutes before the end of a cagey first half when the centre-back rose highest to powerfully head in from nine yards out following a corner.

Franck Kessie nodded in the equaliser in the 62nd minute when he was left unmarked at the back post from Adingra’s corner before Sebastien Haller netted the winner.


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Reacting after the game, Nwabali in a post on his Instagram, expressed disappointment and frustration with the outcome of the result.

He also said that the team takes full responsibility of the loss to Ivory Coast and appealed to Nigerians to forgive the players.

“A disappointing and frustrating end. I deeply apologise to Nigerians.

“I was once a fan, still a fan and I understand how it feels giving you a disappointing night. We take full responsibility. Thanks for the whole support till the end. I love you all.”


Photo by Ganiyu Yusuf

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  • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

    “…Set pieces into the 6 yard box are yours to claim, Set pieces outside your 6 yard box are your defenders’ to clear…”

    One of the most basic and fundamental rules of goalkeeping that is taught from academy level

    But no, one empty barrelled loud mouth who calls himself toni was coughing out blood here when a lesotho player headed in a corner unmarked at the backpost in the WCQ in Uyo looking for reasons to call a dog a bad name to kill it.

    Nwabali, decent goalkeeper, good discovery, awesome addition to the team…..but say whatever you like, I will only start rating him when we cease parking the bus in defence with 7 men.

    • John-1 1 week ago

      Dr. Dre – You need to stop. This is now pure hatred. None of the goals conceded were his fault.

      • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

        Of course. None of them will be his fault…LMAOoo.

        Getting caught in no man’s land during set piece in a crowded penalty area is my fault…LMAOoo.

        It saying things as they are is hatred to you. So be it.

        • Chidi 1 week ago

          Ekong was one of our best players in this tournament, but he lost Haller for the second goal, and it caught GK and Defender by surprise. Most GK in this world can’t catch the Gk so he can be like I told you guys. Piece of shit person.

          • Chidi 1 week ago

            The narcissist was waiting for Nwabali to mess up the whole tournament, he waited long and couldn’t find a reason to mess the guy up now we lose the finals, and he comes out of his smelly shell.

          • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

            Hahahaha…..which one pains you more, that your messaih isnt infalliable and you were fooled into believing or that he droped a hanger in the full glare of the world….LMAOoo

            dumb idiot is trying to run away for the goalkeeping error that led to the first goal in the first place.

            The wise stay quiet at the cry of the owl, the fool raises dust.

            Empty barrels indeed make the loudest noise….LMAOoo.

            Because Nwabali is the goalkeeper now, nobody must talk about his frailties or errors…nobody must talk about his overconfidence, nor his repeated punching of balls back to the feet of the opponent, not his inability to deal with one-on-ones….LMAOoo

            it is those of other keeper that must be made headline news….LMAOoo

            You should look yourself in a mirror and ask who the real narcissist is….LMAOoo.

            Relax little boy, You have not yet reach the league of those who can gag the world yet….LMAOoo

            I’m sure you just added that word “narcissist” to your vocabularies lately….LMAOoo.

            I didn’t need to wait for anyone to make mistakes….it was bound to happen….and it won’t be the last of it. So better don’t run mad yet.

            He will make more and we will talk about it…if it pains you that we talk about it please go and drink rat poison

            Dumb fool.

        • JimmyBall 1 week ago

          @Dr.Drey… haba! Why are you like this brother? Why do you just hate players that are not favourite… Nwabali has an outstanding tournament. Really? You blame Nwabali now? How about Zaidu Sanusi picking his man Frank Kessie and not ball watching ? Common bro… your comments about Nwabali is unfounded!

        • John-1 1 week ago

          Not sure we watched the same game. He rushed out and still back-tracked quickly to meet Kessie’s header. What was Zaidu and co doing? Who were they marking?. Oga, you can throw all the unnecessary dust all you want but Uzoho and Okoye aren’t fit to were Nwabali’s gloves. The whole Africa saw it.

          But wait o, are all these jibes because of Rohr? Lol

          • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

            Hahahaha….yea, we definitely didnt watch the same match. So things are not meant to be seen, especially when overridden with sentiments.

            I thought good goalkeepers are meant to come out and claim cornerkicks floated beyond their 6 yard box….LMAOoo….now you write a long prose of how Osama guillotined Ghadaffi just to paint a costly error in goalkeeping judgment in rainbow colours….LMAOoo.

            Thank God you just said it yourself that he met the header after “back tracking”….imagine if he didn’t let blood rush into his head and rush off his lines in the first place.

            Continue trying to run away from calling it what it is ehn….LMAOoo. The more the deeper.

            Please when Nwabali starts playing behind a 424 and no longer a 7man bus and then gets signed in Europe, let us have that conversation of who and who can wear his gloves again.

    • Chidi 1 week ago

      I said it the Dr bastard is a narcissist who will rot in hell. Your Uzoho will never smell that first choice for ever. Stupi bastard

      • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

        Hahahaha, the fact that your understanding of my position about the goalkeeping situation in the SE is that Uzoho must be first choice only shows it will be better to have this conversation with a downs syndrom patient than to have it with you. LMAOoo.

        I’m not here for an animal like you, I’m here for the person who claimed a good goalkeeper should come out and claim cornerkicks floated backpost outside the 6yard box.


        • Chidi 1 week ago

          Fact that you disrespect and condescend people with down syndrome goes to show the type of character you are. You are too full of yourself and people like you learn the hard way. Egotistical son of a bitch!

          • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

            The fact that you abrogate to yourself the sole right to call other people names but do not see yourself and your IQ worse than a downs syndrome carrier’s shows what a low life you really are….LMAOoo

            When you are done foaming in the mouth you will craw back to where you came from.

            Like I said, I’m not here for an animal like you.

  • great maturity and empathy from Nwabali in contrast to the uncouth uzoho, who displays his foolishness insulting fans

  • Bestsport 1 week ago

    I have always retained my opinion that coach peseiro and nff are an inconvenience and incompetent bunches! If we must lose we want to play ball and attack and defend not this outdated style of pack the bus! Like we are some division 3 club side, afraid to go toe to toe in all our matches! Always waiting for that only one chance like we are not a football country, it was an embarrassing site view to behold because some Nigeria people lost their life because of heart attack football me myself I merely survived o! Nff! Please tell peseiro thank you so much for his service and let him go peacefully without any amateur media drama ok! Get in EMMANUEL AMUNEKE ASAP… let him make little changes not much change and we will be OK… I enjoy coach eguavon Team more than this nonsense. Get amuneke now!!!

    • Helius 1 week ago

      U no sabi talk so if they ask u to chose round of 16 and runner up u go chose round of 16 abi?

  • He was partly at fault for that particular goal but he remains my number 1. I like Nwabali no vex, maybe Na because of the torture calamity Frank served us

    @Dre a person living with down syndrome isn’t less of a human. Me and you no better pass people living with down syndrome.
    You need to educate and expose yourself brother

    • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

      Please point out where I ever said a person living with down syndrome is less of a human being.
      Just copy and paste where I said that.

      • chuks haifa 1 week ago

        That’s what you indirectly said. We have to point it to you directly. You have to mind the type of words you use on others here. It’s becoming sickening.

        • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

          So others shouldn’t mind theirs right…LMAOoo. They reserve the right to theirs I guess, while Dr Drey does not.

          Is a mad man less of a human…? No.

          If I say I’ll rather have a conversation with a mad man than have it with you has it made him less of a human…?

          Pls kindly go learn the art contextual dialogue before getting yourself invvolved is these kinds of matters

      • Danurch 1 week ago

        @Dr Drey

        Yes, that’s exactly what your comment implies. It’s alogical inference. That expression of yours is so lowly. I think you should apologise.

  • Danurch 1 week ago

    Yes, that’s exactly what your comment implies. It’s alogical inference. That expression of yours is so lowly. I think you should apologise.

  • Iyanu 1 week ago

    This is my first time commenting here and I must say that Dr. Drey is such a big saddist!

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