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Aisha Buhari Cup: South Africa Coach Ready For Tough Super Falcons Showdown

Aisha Buhari Cup: South Africa Coach Ready For Tough Super Falcons Showdown

Coming off a 3-0 victory over Ghana, South Africa are aiming to wrap up their international outing in the Aisha Buhari Cup in style when they take on hosts Nigeria on Tuesday, September 21.

Banyana Banyana trounced the Black Queens to secure their biggest victory in all nine meetings and also ended a six-match winless streak over their West African counterparts last Friday.


The comprehensive triumph gave Desiree Ellis’ side a huge confidence boost ahead of their showdown with Nigeria in their last match of the invitational tournament at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena.

The reigning African Women’s Coach of the Year has spoken up on how her side is aiming to approach the high-profile tune-up match against the Super Falcons.

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“We’ve got more footage of Nigeria playing other matches and we have to look at all of that to analyse because it’s different opposition. We have to make sure that we get the plan right,” Ellis CAFOnline.com.

“They got two late goals (against Mali), but we know what they (Nigeria) are capable of. They are not just the number one team in Africa for nothing and have shown the pedigree for many years. We have to remain at the top of our game and concentrated too.”

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On her possible line up, the former South Africa international vowed to put forward her very best legs in the bid to claim an upset win over Randy Waldrum’s ladies.

“We are always looking at playing other players and also win the game. We also want to put our best lineup on the field,” she continued.

“Our players are always ready to step up. It doesn’t matter who gets chosen. We’ve shown that over the last couple of years that we trust the players and their abilities which is the most important thing. If the player gets given an opportunity I am sure they will rise up.”

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  • Ako AMADI 1 year ago

    The problem with Nigerisn national teams? The Super Eagles are very young, the Super Falcons too old.

    • GLORY 1 year ago

      South female team seriously curing our falcons madness. Our falcon about to deliver triplets for South Africa. Can’t believe what I am watching.

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Lol…. Abeg take am easy with omo9ja gals…… Lol….

        • GLORY 1 year ago

          God punish devil. Broda, our girls are fighting back. Now 3 -2. O boy Lobi small disgrace e for be oo. South Africa impregnate our girls? Ee no go happen.

          • pompei 1 year ago

            Our teams, both the SE and SF, have winning mentality. They are fighters. Our biggest problem is NFF ONIGBESE. These girls are out here fighting hard. They perhaps are being owed bonuses like the SE. Yet they continue fighting. Can you imagine how they will perform if they are paid on time and if their welfare is taken care of?

      • GLORY 1 year ago

        @ Pompeii we understand. But they should not fill up their belly with babies because they are hungry due to lack of payment.

  • Coachie 1 year ago

    Where is omo9ja, this is the well-coached Super falcons. I saw the match against Mali and had to call you out here when you were giving folks a false report of the Falcon’s performance. Today the chicken has come home to roost. Let’s see what happens in the 2nd half.


  • pompei 1 year ago

    Just started watching. And boom. We score!
    The pitch is good though! I hope they maintain it properly.

  • pompei 1 year ago

    3-2! Another gal for Naija!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Wow…. Good!

    • GLORY 1 year ago

      Abeg Pompeii continue to use that eye follow this game. Our girls need that help. This is why NFF must start televising these live matches. We follow our teams with winning vibration.

      • pompei 1 year ago

        Hehehehe, I have brought them good fortune today. As soon as I start watching, they start performing 🙂

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Lol….. Abeg continue to use that eye watch the match abeg….. Lol…[email protected] just like Glory pointed out….

        • pompei 1 year ago

          Lol Oakfield!

        • GLORY 1 year ago

          Lol. @ Oakfield. Na true ooo. Just imagine 200 million eyes time 1.5 focusing on you during penalty kick or when u are about to trap some long thrust. I say times 1.5 because not everybody two eyes dey work well, reason fans no like Akpeyeques

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Just look at the pitch. So we can get it right if we want to. I’m impressed. It could be better, of course. But compare this to Teslim Balogun pitch, and the difference is clear like 7up.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Penalty for SA

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    4:2 for SA

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Oshola and opaeanozie offered little or nothing in this game in my opinion. The SA players are more skillful and fitter than our girls. They look younger as well. SA have been investing in female soccer for the past 5-10yrs and they are reaping the benefits of that investment.

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Congrats to SA. They were the better team today.
    Our girls did well. We’re proud of them!

  • Coachie 1 year ago

    Shame, shame and shame.
    The Super Falcons couldn’t put 3, 4 passes together. The Super Falcons were as disjointed as @Omo9ja’s comments, who regularly will come here to inundate us with stories to tell us the coach has imposed a playing pattern and gradually building a world class team.
    Please, ti a ba ri erin, ki a so pe a r’erin. Do not let your hatred for Gernot Rorh becloud your sense of judgement.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Hahahahha…Omo9ja, Omo ale abirun omo

    Pls come here and sing the usual praises to Waldrum and tell us how he is 10 times better than Rohr….LMAOOooo.

    These were your lies less than a week ago

    Omo9ja 6 days ago

    “….However, the positive side of this tournament is that, coach Waldrum is using the opportunity to build Super Falcons.
    % He doesn’t relying on any player. He used the no1 goalie during the US invitational games and now using the second goalie. This is how you build a team in less than a year because Nigeria have players every where. (WALDRUM USED 1 GOALKEEPR FOR 3 FRIENDLIES IN THE US DESPITE HAVING 2 OTHERS ON THE BENCH….IN THIS TOURNAMENT HE HAS SWITCHED TO ANOTHER GOALKEEPER…..BUT IF ROHR SHOULD DO THE SAME YOU WILL BE CRYING THAT WE DONT HAVE A NO 1 GOALKEEPER FOR 5 YEARS AS IF ITS YOUR ANCESTORS THAT GUIDE OUR GOALPOSTS EVERY MATCHDAY)

    % He can count on his first choice and the second choice now. He is creating competitions among the players. It is hard to predict his first eleven now. That is what is lacking in the Super Eagles. If anything happens to the first choice, the second choice is on standby likewise the 3rd one. Bravo (BUT YOU WILL CLAIM ROHR IS A CONFUSED COACH THAT DOESNT HAVE A STANDING TEAM, BIKO WHICH CHOICE TEAM DID WALDRUM FIELD TODAY…? 7TH CHOICE ABI…lmaooo???)

    % The other things I noticed, Waldrum have pattern of play and he do not have room for excuses.(PLS KINDLY TELL US WHAT PATTERN WALDRUM HAS BEEN PLAYING SINCE HE RESUMED, TIKI-TAKA OR RONDO….GENGEN-PRESSING OR JOGO-BONITO….WINGPLAY OR DIRECT PLAY…..DEFENSIVE OR ATTACKING….???? lmaooooo)


    Before the next Afcon and world cup, with what am seeing, it will be harder for any team to beat the Super Falcons team in Africa and outside Africa. (HAHAHAHAHAHA……ISNT IT OBVIOUS YOU WERE ONLY SEEING AS A DRUNKARD NOW…??? lmaooo. YOUR FALSE PROPHESY HAS BEEN BUSTED WITHIN JUST 6 DAYS)

    This is a team that has been scrambling to win games under Waldrum….literally. Everyone else watched a terrible showing vs Mali last Wednesday with zero direct effort at goal for over 80 minutes…..Omo oloshi came here singing praises and telling us lies here as if the rest of us are blind.

    Im just fearful for the double header qualifiers vs Ghana coming up soon. We lose that, we dont qualify for both the AWCON in 2022 and the World cup in 2023.

    This loss to South Africa is a blessing in disguise. We were lucky to hold them in the last AWCON final because they were naive….a more relaxed SA team would have buried us long before the penalty shootout. Now they are maturing and are more gutsy….they have shown their 3-0 win against ghana was no fluke. I dont see us winning them again anytime soon under this coach. They have cracked our code for good now. And remember…this is not their full team o. They too now have a good number of players playing in Europe.

    Sychophants like Omo-iranu can keep praising Waldrum for struggling to even get as much as a draw against decent teams. Even Portugal that is not rated in European women’s football danced rings around us. Jamaica of all countries shaved our heads. Now its South Africa’s turn.

    Nigerians should better resume with fasting and prayers if they want to see this team at the Next AWCON. Because Ghana home and away will be bloody. Na ordinary Cote-divoire knock us out of Olympics for 3rd round…YES THRID ROUND of olympic qualifiers. Ghana is up next now. God help us. All the “who is who” in the SF played in this tournament and yet we are witnessing this crap….who else remain wey we go call up now…???

    Waldrum is really doing well.

  • Obest 1 year ago

    Super Falcons players are overweight, they need to shed some kilos,Again, Oshoala, you offered nothing all night considering your high standard and there was no seriousness in your play.Pls Super Falcons Handlers, go and teach these girls how to play simple passes.Falcons were taught a football lesson by these young south African Girls.Shame to the super falcons handlers, your team can’t stream passes together,