Are Megaways Online Slots A Scam

Are Megaways Online Slots A Scam

Megaways slots are high volatility slots with multiple ways of winning. This slot type has over 100,000 ways of winning. First produced by Big Time Gaming, the slot type has spread far and wide. Other StarSlots game developers like Red Tiger Gaming and Blueprint Gaming have joined the train.

Since 2015 when the first megaways slot game was developed, there have been so many other megaways games from different developers. These games are attractive to players looking to win big. There have been some speculations that Megaways Online Slot is a scam. How true is this?

Myths about Megaways Online Slots

Since the arrival of megaways in the slot games industry, many people have had many things to say. There are numerous misconceptions about this slot type. The most popular ones are:

  •         No Big Wins: One reason you might look at Megaways slot games as a scam the notion that it does not offer a big win. This is not true. The big win on these kinds of games depends on the paylines and how much stakes you placed. Indeed, it is not easy to win big on megaways but it is not entirely impossible.
  •         Losing outweighs Winning: In slot games with hundreds of thousands of ways to win, anything is possible. This includes losing. This doesn’t mean that megaways was designed to give players the illusion of winning and then make them lose. There are many opportunities to land a winning combination. These include Free spin features, Multipliers, cascading reels, etc.
  •         Not many winning combinations: People still believe that there are very few winning combinations in megaways. This is not true. You might not make a big win from many winning combinations but this doesn’t mean that those winning combinations do not exist. When a game developer tells you that a game has more than 100, 000 ways to win, it is because it does.
  •         The Games are not worth all the Popularity: You might have tried out a game that you wish you hadn’t wasted your money or time on. Some people will try out the same game and love it. The fact that you didn’t like the game doesn’t make it useless. It isn’t just your preference. This is also true for Megaways Slots. While a game or two may put you off, it doesn’t make the whole idea of multiple winning combos bad. And it certainly doesn’t make that particular game you tried bad either.

Are Megaways Slots Scam

They are different from other slot types because of what they offer i.e., multiple ways to win. However, this slot type is highly volatile. While there are multiple winning combinations, you will not win them all. Even when you do win, most of your winnings are going to be small. Does this make the slot type a scam? Not necessarily. It only means that like other slot type, megaways slot still require a lot of luck to hit big. Unlike many slot types, the possibility is always there. Hence, you can hope that one day, you’ll hit jackpot.

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