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Bournemouth Star Danjuma Won’t Rule Out Playing For Super Eagles

Bournemouth Star Danjuma Won’t Rule Out Playing For Super Eagles

Bournemouth winger Arnaut Danjuma is considering his International future, with Nigeria keen to secure his services.

Danjuma, 24, has played for the Netherlands twice at senior level.

The Cherries star featured in a UEFA Nations League game against Germany and scored in a friendly against Belgium.

A new rule approved by FIFA in September means players can switch nations, if they have played no more than three competitive games prior to them turning 21.

The Sun last month claimed Danjuma would be able to represent Nigeria. Danjuma was born in Lagos to a Dutch father and Nigerian mother.

And the Cherries forward revealed the Super Eagles may be “interested” if he continues to be overlooked by Holland.

He said: “I’ve heard some bits about Nigeria but I can’t say too much about it though.

“My mum is Nigerian and my father lived 23 years in Nigeria as well.

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“The culture is still within the family, so it’s not disregard for the Nigerian side. It’s a choice I will think about but I need some time, obviously.

“I think they are interested but obviously I play for the Dutch national team already, I scored for the national team already, so I’ve made that decision.

“With the choice, I would like to represent Holland as well but then again I’m not being called up at the moment.

“So on the back of that, maybe I need to make some decisions.

“I’ve played for Holland at senior level. One cap in the Nations League and one against Belgium but that wasn’t an official match. They have changed the rules so, if you have one cap, you can still change.

“It isn’t a decision I can make just in a split second. I need to think about it.

“To be fair the club is the most important thing for me at the moment.

“I just want to make sure the club gets back into the Premier League and whatever happens with the national team that’s secondary to me to be honest.”

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  • God gum your mouth there. You guys use the name of our dear country to attract interest to your profile just to be noticed. We are what? A second choice to you ba? Have you seen the plethora of talents available to us and you think you can stand a chance of even being on standby list? My friend Kpachara anya gi ooooooo. We DONT NEED YOU, PERIOD. Too much attacking talents is disturbing this generation of SE not to talk of someone that wants to use us as a bait or second choice. Don’t confuse thunder biko, you need to stay in one place for it to be directed properly towards a certain direction, you know what I mean. Nonsense talk. Think about it ni. Mmmmtttccchheeeww

  • footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Who be this one wey dey form……With all due respect bro we don’t need you. Good luck with the orange boys.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Strange new coming from this one that can not even come close to our team D strikers. LMAO your market value will drop after fans yab you finish. You can not even compete with Anayo talkless of uncapped moffi smh!

  • Sammy 3 years ago

    Omo strikers too many. He actually stands a better chance of playing for Holand if Bournemouth is promoted to the Premier league than if he switches to Nigeria. He can’t even make our standby list at the moment.

    Come to think of it, we actually have far-better striking options than Holland. It’s unbelievable.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    He knows the super eagles have a good track record of inviting biracial/mixed players and Nigerians love biracial players, they were all over Dessers social media advising him to come

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Are Bi-racial players not Nigerians…?? Are Bi-racial players not entitled to playing for the SE…? Are you more Nigerian than they are. What is bad in inviting bi-racial players to the national team if they are good enough and merit a place on the team. FIFA was not stupid when they made the law allowing foreign borns represent their countries of origin….even if its their grandparents that originated from such country.
      Ive noticed you have a strong hatred for foreign born players. The level of your racism and xenophobia deserves plenty sympathy for you.

      • Shuma 3 years ago

        Thank gosh you not a coach for super eagles. You would sell the native ethnic born Nigerians for for mixed players. Sit your ass down. I said Nigerians have a fetish and a track record for mixed players suddenly its hatred. So typical, get off the internet. People wont be happy till the whole team is filled with one tribe and or mixed players.Dessers, Okoye, Akpoguma, Balogun, Ekong, Ebuehi. Please educate yourself because you are stupid. Because what im saying is facts

        • GLORY 3 years ago

          @ Shuma, can you please educate this forum on why you think you are more Nigerian than those biracial nigerians? Cos if you don’t understand how offensive your comment on that is then you can atleast never in your life accuse the west of rasicm. Absolutely disgusting to hear a nigerian promoting marginalisation against fellow nigerians simply because of colour. If you don’t know, there are loads of nigerians with black skin in Nigeria but of different race yeah.If you don’t understand your comment to be born out of pure/ deep lying wickedness, then there must be a different definition of wickedness.

        • Jones 3 years ago

          Smh @Shuma

  • Who be you? Who you be? Common go sit down somewhere, we are too big for your type of player, you gat chance with the Dutch team than this present set of talented soccer players we got at the moment.

  • He’s being polite. He said “I still want to play for the Netherlands” and didn’t want to wake up to headlines “Danjuma dumps Nigeria” or something of that nature. What is a player to say if he is constantly being asked about Nigeria even though he’s a Dutch international and wants to continue being that?

    I blame the journalist/hack who keep pandering and asking a question although they already know the answer. Next thing you will hear he is playing Nigeria against the Netherlands, just so someone can make a sensational headline about it.

    He is a left winger, and I doubt he is better than Moses Simon, Samuel Kalu, Ahmed Musa, Henry Onyekuru or even Anthony Nwakaeme who is seen as surplus to requirements.

    We need to stop and think about positions we really need options like DM and AM and stop running after players that will not get into the Super Eagles

  • Samchi 3 years ago

    Who else apart from me feels Nigeria needs to play a friendly with Holland with danjuma in attack for the Orănğės while we flank them in our formation with Ehizibue and Ebuehi..
    Hahaha wide thoughts tho’

  • Deee1 3 years ago

    We need a left footed center back, another capable DM to deputies for Ndidi, and an attacking midfielder/ball carrier and orchestrator! Shikena asides that, we are very ok like this o

    • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

      Esp the number 10 role which we need seriously.
      DM of course also necessary since Ndidi is the only best we’ve got and a central defender .
      I don’t know whether Tomori could be considered.

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Please leave all these guys who have no respect for Nigeria alone.

  • Fool
    where is holland in the fifa ranking?
    You will be talking bla bla bla mtcheww

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    Why all these insult on the guy..

    This guy was super honest..

    He had 2 options and he loves the two sides, he did nothing wrong playing for the Dutch side, mehn check the records of the Dutch team.. If it was you won’t you go for such side too..

    Allow the boy Biko..

    He is very welcome to the team.. At least he is better than those who used Nigerian to gain recognitions in other countries

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      @Ololo you still don’t get it, he is trying to use us to get a call up to Holland. He should stop that…..

      • Ololo 3 years ago

        I don’t think so.

        Rather he is trying to indirectly announce that he is filing for a switch soon. If he hasn’t already.

        Check the pattern of his words, he admitted he is love with the two countries and you don’t blame him for that.

        He is already a full international player for the Dutch team so what is he attracting them for again, if they need him they can always get him.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Blame yourself on this Danjuma. You had the chance to represent Nigeria then but you took the opportunity for granted.

    This is the reason why I’m shaking my head for Tammy Abraham and co. They should ask from Onuoha and Fashanu.

    If Dessers sees this kind of opportunity, he would grabs it with both hands.

    This is my advice, Oga Rohr should getting all the players involved when the world cup qualifiers takes under way.

    He should learn from what almost happened against Lesotho when most of our players were not given the chance for that match.

    At least if one player is not available, he can turn to other players.

    He should build the team around the players that will be useful for the team. The players that can turn things around.

    Let me stop here because too much of sincerity may cause unnecessary excuses and arguments.

    That is it for today. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mutum 3 years ago

    Dude d kolo walahi..so na naija be second choice abi.danjuma go sit down for dorty abeg

  • Danjuma has made his choice. The bus has left him behind. We dont need his services anymore, we have more than enough personnel in his position.
    What we do need is a creative midfielder or two, another defensive midfielder to support ndidi, a left footed centre defender and maybe another left footed full back although aina can fit in there very nicely. Then we are good to go.

  • Gideon S 3 years ago

    No second chance for you! You have every opportunity to play 4 SE when you’re in same club with Dennis, I love watching you then, but you disappointed me and go for Holland…

    Sorry nah your name..

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hahahahaha….I asked you @shuma a simple question and you are vomiting blood already…? I wonder what you will do when I decide to give you a piece of what you racist and xenophobic sorry self deserves…..LMAO.

    Once again, Are Bi-racial players not Nigerians…?? Are Bi-racial players not entitled to playing for the SE…? Are you more Nigerian than they are. What is bad in inviting bi-racial players to the national team if they are good enough and merit a place on the team

    Let me break this sorrowful news to you…..If I am the SE coach today and I find 23 Bi-racial NIGERIANS who are the best 23 footballers we can put together anywhere in the world, I wont think twice b4 selecting them. If you have any matter in your skull, ask yourself if there are better players than the bi-racials we have in the team currently….?? Name them and the clubs where they play. Ask yourself if the bi-racials in the current SE has made the team better or worse…?? Common fool.

    If you had any education at all your useless self would realize Dessers, Okoye, Akpoguma, Balogun, Ekong, Ebuehi are Nigerians and currently amongst THE BEST NIGERIAN footballers we have in the world at the moment. Since I don’t have any education kindly educte me….Mr Educator Bona-fide Nigerian……LMAO. Educate me why those players dont deserve to play for our National team….LMAO.

    Balogun and Ekong remain the best CB pairing of the SE since the 94 era.
    Okoye is the 1st young goalkeeper of Nigerian decent to be 1st choice in a top league
    Ebuehi is far better than any “ethnic born Nigerian” rightback currently
    Dessers has been as prolific as any other Nigerian striker in Mainland Europe. If these ones cant be in the NIGERIAN national team, I wonder who else can/should

    France has won the world cup twice with largely BLACK (Native Africans) dominated teams……heavens have not fallen….they have not said no, we are not using Black players anymore. Algeria just won the AFCON after 30yrs with a team dominated by foreign borns…..heavens have not fallen….they have not said no, these ones are half-algerian and dont deserve to play for us. England had won U20 and U17 world cups the same year than had Nigerian born players dominating their youth team…..hell hasn’t frozen because of that. Teams all over the world are making themselves stronger with all their BEST irrespective of where they were born/raised or their skin colours. Bloody illiterate is here spreading racial hatred against his own countrymen in year 2021. If this is all your own education can do for you, then Im better of being illiterate……LMAO

    I never knew it was a crime to be born/raised abroad….or to have a white father or mother. Nigerians abroad and those with lighter skin are less Nigerian than those raised in Nigeria…..the mentality of a fool telling someone else to go educate himself…..LMAO.

    This isnt the first, second, third or fourth time you are casting aspersions on Nigerians of color on this forum…..I hope the hatred will not send you to a mental assylum soon….bcos more of them shall continue to represent their fatherland in all sports as the years roll by…..LMAO. That pepper that is burning your anus over bi-racial players playing for their fatherland has just started work…..LMAO…You hear.

    Mr Educator….LMAO

    Once again If I am the SE coach today and I find 23 Bi-racial NIGERIANS who are the best 23 footballers we can put together anywhere in the world, I wont think twice b4 selecting them….at least I am guaranteed they re using their right ages…..LMAO…not 35 year old masquerading as 19 year olds.

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    Let’s tell ourselves the truth, almost all if not all our foreign born players all played for their country of preference at some point either u17 or u23 or senior side before deciding to play for Nigeria.

    It is that simple, Nigeria is their second choice and You can’t blame. No one sees his favorite soup and take something else. Our football system here is poor, and no one would prefer a better option to something of lower value. We have to tell ourselves the truth.. Let’s stop complaining and channel our anger to the right sources.. Danjuma is no different from a victor Moses or balogun, if those European countries were really interested in them they won’t have ever played for Nigeria.. Plz free the guy at least he is showing love for our team.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Ololo okay let him go and do the changes and perform well on the field of play with his club. After this coach Rohr and we the fans will now have a look at him just like we have observed and acknowledged Ovie, Olise and etcetera. Until then let him leave the media in peace so we can continue our build up. For those us worrying about a competent back up for Ndidi we have Nwobodo who in my opinion will be an excellent addition to the SE and those who know him will agree with me that he is a super technical player and will pose a good challenge for a slot in the team.

      • Abdul handsy 3 years ago

        I concur with you bro. He has been nicknamed Essien in the Turkish league.

        Nwobodo is highly rated in the turkish league even more than Azubuike of Basaksehir.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Honestly speaking if I am the coach I will pick nwobodo or azubuike ahead of ejiara! Ejiara is good but since I have been watching him I seems not too happy about where he plays and he doesn’t show serious ness in play this days. Unlike holiseh who is a workaholic defensively and offensively. If ejiara don’t tighten up he might end up his carea in reading. Skills is not just enough, every clubs want to see mixture of teknik and ruggedity. Nwobodo nwakali azubuike are ahead of him in my own order.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Collins baba all the players you mentioned are good that is why they thumb you down. Lol naija is blessed Ejaria not only plays a different position but he is also technically more superior to these guys on his peak. I think he needs a bigger challenge to up his game as he is becoming too lazy and relax at Reading. Thumbs up for your view though……

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