Carabao Cup: Aina Primed To Make Fulham Debut Vs Sheffield; Iwobi Targets 2nd Goal

Carabao Cup: Aina Primed To Make Fulham Debut Vs Sheffield; Iwobi Targets 2nd Goal

Super Eagles defender and Pulham new signing Ola Aina is set to make his debut for the Cottagers when they play host to Sheffield Wednesday in a Carabao Qup dash today at the Craven Cottage, Completesports.com reports.

Aina arrived Fulham in a loan deal from Torino where he had spent the last two seasons.

The 23-year old was not listed for Fulham’s first two games of the season that saw the Cottagers lost 3-0 at home to Arsenal and then 4-3 away against Leeds United in Premier League games.

Coach Scot Parker had said the games came too early for Aina but the gaffer is now set to hand the Nigerian international his debut after declaring that he has a full squad to pick from in his pre-match talk.

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“There is no injury really. We are at full strength. Everyone is good. So l’ve got a fułl squad to pick from,” Parker said during his pre-match news conference.

“As always, it’s about balancing which players need it and where they are in their fitness. So those are the decisions I have to make.”

It will be Aina’s 3rd League Cup appearances having previously featured twice while at Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Alex Iwobi will be gunning for his 2nd League Cup goal when he returns to action with Everton who travel against Fleetwood Town.

It will be lwobi’s Sth League Cup game for Everton (for whom he scored his only goal so far) and 16th overall from his days with Arsenal.

Iwobi had played his first game of the season for Everton in the 5-2 thrashing of West Bromwich Albion in a Premier League game last weekend.

By Sulaiman Alao

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  • Adisboy 4 years ago

    CS una dey write rubbish ooo. How can you come and print falsehood!! TORINO ARE STILL IN SERIE A!! THEY FINISHED 16TH LAST SEASON SO WERE NOT RELEGATED. Na wa for una ooo

  • Karshams 4 years ago

    TORINO ARE STILL IN SERIA A! CSN reporters should research well before making execrable error(s). They are fast appearing to me as bunch of unprofessional keyboard warriors. Mtcheew!

  • ANIETIE 4 years ago

    Cs u guy’s should try and be professional in ur reporting.this blunder is too expensive and up til now u guys have not edited the mistake.torino is still in seria A

  • lexander 4 years ago

    Its obviously a mistake, no need to be judgemental

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Lolzzz. CSN no longer give a hoot. It’s become, if you like, read, if no like, comot go Siddon for papa Talabi joint. Nigeria; who no go hail?

  • Dr Banks 4 years ago

    Guys we thank God for Iwobi, he has opened his goal account for Everton this season with a lovely 3rd goal of the game vs Fleetwood on 49th minute. That’s what we call good response to constructive criticisms from loving fans, more to come from him  as the season progresses

    • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

      Exactly. That is what I too call response to constructive criticisms. There was no point in patting Iwobi at the back when he playing poorly. He has one goal and one assist against a very lowly opposition today but a goal is a goal. Iwobi has done well.

  • I guess its plain to see that the coach of Everton still has iwobi in his plans.
    He played very well today. Good energy, great awareness, good passes, wasn’t afraid to shoot on site, scores a well taken goal and provided an assist. He was also getting into the box alot. This is the way we expect him to play week in and out, no matter the opposition. This is how he gets to the top and stays there. He is obviously very fit and we welcome him to the Super eagles to do what he does best, create and score goals.
    Weldone Alex, keep working hard!

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    Back at the right time(National Duties coming).

    Watched the match after getting to know that he’s in the Starting XI for the match and little wonder the Coach kept him on for 90 mins; Iwobi was on fire from Start to Finish. Apart from his goal and assist, he would have scored 3 today with one hitting the woodwork and he was unlucky to miss one. His Passes today weren’t with the usual fear-touches, they were very accurate coupled with a successful 4 dribbles out of attempted 7. Good one. Also, I think Coach Ancelloti wanted to give him the match time for him to Get more fit and also help him regain Confidence. Hopefully Iwobi won’t relent again from here. The Criticisms got to him. His Post-match address speaks volume. Welcome back Alex

  • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 4 years ago

    Iwobi tried today sha. Hopefully he can perform like this more consistently. Last season he didn’t do well.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    good to see my boy back on the pitch, the swagalistic baller. mehn see that classic pass! that assisted richalison’s goal. everton will add that combination to their diary. he also scored his trade mark goal(smack down). i can see you are no longer shy to hit the shit out of that round tin called football. keep it up bro. you are a king. alot of people think Eze will easily take ur place bcos of some good championship display, hahaha, i laf in abriba. who nor go nor know. eze don play about 4 games for EPL we havnt seen any magic. Edo nor be lagos(championship nor be premiership) i have decided to stick with the devil i know than some unknown angels forming to be a little god for a owl Naija super eagles . now to be more realistic Eze canot bench iwobi in anywhere. he doesnt even posses the speed,quickness,fast footwork, positioning and touches of aliandro. he still needs time to get there. he (eze) cannot displace ejuke or kalu from the left side of the midfield they will teach him how to dribble if he ever comes around the eagles camp. he should be competing with the likes of onyekuru and dennis. as for the cm position i think ejiara is more skillfull and effective than him in that position, also with unomah nwakali azubuike and onyeka (all are classic players) @ ugo. as you can see we dont really need your Eze our players are morethan his level. he can go play for england( i doubt if he will ever get a call up for england) and i also dont see him displacing anyone in cristalpalace first 11 this season, after watching his games so far. maybe nest season can be possible. meanwhile i still have my eyes on him to join us( becos if iwobi is not available he can step in his shoes with humility. and i will always pray for him to succeed in his challanges.
    but not with high expectations. he will come and learn from our dreaded eales. players like onyekuru, kalu, maja.etc. where once maradona’s in their previous leagues,(belgium and championship) untill they got to the bigest levels where breaze they blow well well foul yansh must definately open( i am still waiting for thier best, which have’nt been very eazy like mr eazy will expect.

    ajagun, idowu(ex golden eaglet DM) nwakal’s, lookman rabiu awoniyi etc these where players i could place my bet on at some time but that same time have thought me a lesson to value what i have so that i will not look like that popular drawing in primary test books. where a man carrying an elephant on his head yet hunting a arnt with his toes.

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      Man wey sabi football @ Collins Id. Thumbs up man. Even when you criticize, the player go perceive the smell of love in that criticism but others will disguise selfish interest inside their criticism thinking say them dey fool people but they will continue to fool themselves everywhere by forever eating humble pie.

  • pompei 4 years ago

    One of the things Iwobi brings to a team is helping with build-up play. He was involved in 4 of Everton’s 5 goals. One he scored, one he gave a direct assist (an exquisite backheel to Richarlison), and on two occasions, he gave a pass that enabled another player to make an assist.
    After his backheel assist for Richarlison, Ancelloti had an “I’m impressed” look on his face, and he walked over to his assistant Ferguson to have a little chat. No doubt, Iwobi has done his Everton chances no harm with his performance today.


    • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

      My goodness, see quality, see class. Iwobi really made fans and critics alike happy yesterday with such a convincing play. More of these please. Critics will only be too happy to eat humble pies so long as they are prepared from Iwobi’s delicious performances. More of those delicious humble pies please, I can’t get enough of them. I have been drinking myself to stupor yesterday since Iwobi’s game. I can’t get enough of it. Hahaha hahaha!!!!

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      Yeah I observed that quick conversation between Ferguson n Ancellotti @ Pompeii. It seems Ferguson who truly believe in Iwobis SUPER talent may have convinced Ancellotti to play him as one of the front 3 and after that goal was just telling Ancellotti,” I told you this lad is not a player to be sitting on the bench, hes got the keys to unlock defences” and Ancellotti nodded in agreement” oboy na true oo”. Anyway I m beginning to see a different EVERTON from what we used to know. Ancellotti is gradually transforming Everon from the old long balls ultra defensive playing style to a much more beautiful passing , continuous pressing team. If they carry on this way, they will surely go really far this season.

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    Word out there is that Nvidia might be out for 12 weeks if he needs surgery and 6 if he doesn’t……Rodgers overworked and over pressured this guy with all this switching positions and shit now he’s injured for National team duties probably till the end of the year but by God’s grace I wish him speedy recovery..

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Na so so laugh I dey laugh since yesterday oooo. Hehehe. …he. ha gugu du ha gu gu du ha gu gu du. Ha ga ga da.ha ga ga da..lolzzz.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Yeeeee, my head o.. !!!!!!!!! I no go laugh tire…. Oh my goodness. Iwobi has one good game against a lowly team, all of a sudden Everton has become Barcelona with beautiful passing game. All of a sudden Duncan Ferguson believes in him and all of a sudden, Everton is the right club for him. WATCH THIS SPACE O. TOMORROW THE REVERSE WILL BE THE CASE IF IWOBI PLAYS BADLY. Hypocrisy shall never depart from the door of some fickle fans who can’t even stick to their own original scripts. Well, having being failed footballers who are the only ones entitled to comment about football, I guess they are very skilled at ‘shifting the goalpost. I no go laff tire…… Haha hahaha. Now the coach likes Iwobi blah blah blah.. What a load of toss….

  • Glory 4 years ago

    lolzzz. their heart bleeds with pain as their evil plot continue to fail. lolzz. Iwobi we all know right from day one plays better against bigger team. he has and will continue to be a big time player. i said they will come in one way but flee in several ways, and just what is happening, now everywhere typing responses. how lauhable. lolz. Up up Alexander the king Iwobi.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Iwobi plays better against bigger teams, when, exactly? When his coaches like or hate him? When his colleagues like or hate him? When British media and Everton fans are being affable or racist towards him? Or when Nigeria fans are plotting evil schemes against him? Lolz… I ask again, in which of the aforementioned scenarios does Iwobi play well against bigger teams? Some people can so come out with a load of tosh. If shifting the goalpost is a key attribute of a loyal football fan, then Ostriches can as well be fans because their miniature birdbrain can also produce such erratic analysis.

    • @Igbegun Abo.

      I guest u started watchinng IWOBI of recent.

      Did u watch his first UCL match against BARCA at camp nuo?
      After that game, british media applauded him for marking MESSI toe-to-toe.
      Go & watch most of his UCL games mostly against bigger teams then u will know that young man has something in him.

      As of 2018/2019 when he was at ARSENAL, iwobi was among the top 5 players in EUROPE that plays more passes into opponent box….
      U can use ur friend(@ google) & check.

      Do you know there was a time iwobi displaced a whole OZIL from the starting line up such that most of arsenal legends started clarmouring that wenger should use iwobi as No.10 because he releases ball to strikers faster than Ozil that keep hanging on ball??

      Iwobi just lost the momentum, chemistry, rhythm he was known for when he broke into the main team of Arsenal.
      And i pray it should not be VILLAGE PEOPLE bcos.
      Let me just stop there shar….

      Don’t write him off yet. Ok!
      Iwobi & Nacho will one day resurrect; that’s my own submission…

      • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

        Very good submission @UBFE. I did watch many of those matches and I join with you in praying for Iwobi, Iheanacho, Isaac Success and the likes. It is the sort of form that Iwobi showed in those seasons that you chronicled that we missed in his first season for Everton. But, the talent is there. We are here to offer pass marks when he plays well and offer low marks when he doesn’t. Even the Ronaldos and Messis of this world have off days. Just because we highlight this does not give anyone the licence to call us all sorts of names or rain abuse on us.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Just shout aloud ALEXANDER THE KING IWOBI and a chthonic will box your dead brain into a quantum of correctness instead of constantly spewing rubbish. Alex Iwobi has nothing to prove to any such saddistic naysayers. Lolz

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      I honestly won’t waste time on people who struggle to stay awake to fight a course and also whose got no place neither here or there. ALEXANDER THE KING IWOBI n COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF DEFENCE BALOGUN HAVE ALREADY PROVED ME RIGHT. So no point wasting time here. A BIG RESPECT TO DESERVING FORUMITES, WHO TRULY DESERVES SOME PEACE AND DECENCY.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Ha ha ha ha… He he he he…. Ho ho ho ho ho! I no go laff tire. I will rather stay awake to have sex all night than exchange arguments with a witless fan whose greatest football attribute is shifting the goal post constantly. Furthermore, I fight my battles my own way and will not be dictated to by fools.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Iwobi still has a lot to prove o! He needs to prove to Everton fans that their financial and emotional investments in him will not go to waste. Iwobi needs to prove to Nigerians that he can carry forward his current fantastic performances in Super Eagles colours moreso as options are coming up left right and centre. Like I said before, if Iwobi listens to these sheep in sheep clothing fans, he will lose track and sink fast. We saw it last season. Iwobi still has loads to prove and he will come good. He is a good lad, very level headed, humble and hard working. But for his most rabid supporter to come out and say Iwobi has nothing else to prove only serves to show the limitations of the thought process of such a deluded fan. Alexander the Great, I laff… There are players who have won great individual and team accolades… Those are the truly ‘Great’ players. Alexander, you are not great yet o. Anyone who is saying that is deluded. Don’t allow their mendacity and duplicity to lead you down a blind alley. Iwobi has all the makings to be great but statistics, records and individual recognitions will suggest that he is not there yet… I WILL KEEP SAY IT, BLIND LOYALTY CAN BE DANGEROUS O!

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      @igbekun, what else do you want him to prove? Pray that he succeeds from hence forth and not saying he shined against a lowly placed team. We all know for a fact and truth that the young lad is very talented and gifted, he just needs to get his acts together and this seems to be a very good start for him. It will give a lot of boost to his confidence. The kinda of confidence that encapsulates a player whenever he scores a goal. (You’ll understand better the kind of confidence I’m talking about if you’ve played soccer)

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    I agree with you 100% @Oakfield. Your comments come from a place of wisdom. Answering your question whilst paraphrasing your statement at the same time, I think Iwobi needs to prove to himself first and foremost that he can get his acts together. The fact that he excelled against a lowly team is not meant to either diminish or disparage his output. It was meant solely to put into context the calibre of the opposition he faced on the night. Contextualisation is key in any analysis. For your information, I have played football before albeit at the basic amateur level. But, I think it is immature and maybe even disrespectful to imply that only those who have played football before can appreciate elements of the game. We have fantastic sport writers, bloggers, fans, observers and football enthusiasts, males and females, who have never played the game before at any level. Yet, when they talk about football, you know they know what they are talking about. All in all, I align myself with the bulk of your submission. You have neither made baseless excuses for Iwobi nor insulted those who have made unbiased observations. I applaud that.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Noted, one love bro..

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      I have always been a fan of Alex Iwobi.
      I have always believed in his ability as a footballer; but that doesn’t mean I would be lost to sentiment and clouded by bias in pin pointing the fact that he lacks consistency and that frustrates a lot of his fans. I put him in the same bracket of the likes of Anthony Martial ,Hakim Ziyech,Hakan Calnacoglu,Douglas Costa to some extent Kingsley Coman etc.(not saying they are all of the same level and ability); The talent is obviously there but they always lack that consistency to keep the momentum necessary to be recognised as the talent they are ..

      That said,to underrate the level of Iwobi is totally unfair to what he has produced in past games. Iwobi has always produced for the Super Eagles,his runs, assists and goals have come in handy; the match against Cameroon at the last Afcon comes to mind, as well as the last Afcon qualifier against Lesotho, not forgetting friendlies against Argentina and England at Wembley in addition to his all important goal against Zambia in Uyo which qualified Nigeria for the last world cup. Iwobi’s stride for the national team should never be undermined. Does he need to be more consistent? Yes! But has he generally underwhelmed? Far from it!

      And to undervalue his game yesterday because it is against a lowly team is totally unnecessary. In football you can only beat what is in front of you; the whole point is to produce positively no matter the team you are playing against. That’s the consistency we are talking about. Such games would drive the momentum he needs to keep performing at the level we expect from him. High. Hopefully, he gives us that.

      • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

        A round of applause Mr Hush. We have missed you and such balanced appraisals. I have nothing else to add. Like Sir Oakfield said, One Love.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Big thumbs up @ Hush and Oakfield as always. When you read honest criticism you will quickly feel it and every player Understand such,as such boil them up into waking up but on the contrary, there are those cynical criticism that comes with the smell to rubbish all the good work of certain players which leaves every decent minded person to ask WHY. That WHY gives such critics away as doing it for selfish reasons and I will never ever give in to such, reason yes I might see Iwobi not pushing himself, but I will turn blind eye and use encouraging words to lift him up because all the devil need is an open door to find a home but I n I will continue to shut that door. I care less.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Finally, help has come at last to the Batman of Complete Sports Gotham City.. Ha ha ha ha,,,, ho ho ho ho! Is there a Degree in ‘Deciphering Evil Satanic Criticisms’ Even if there is, I doubt this self appointed Guardian of Constructive Criticism will have the intellect to study it. I don’t know who gives a damn about what constitutes proper criticisms to you. You can buy into whatever you want to buy into but I will not buy into your goal post shifting bull shit. After failing as a footballer, I guess the next logical career path is identifying cynical criticisms…. Lol. Why criticise fans when you have no clue as to the angle of their appraisals. The only thing that comes with a smell of rubbish to me is making baseless excuses and bullying those with different opinions. It is absolutely fine for our analysis to come across to you as cynical but you have only one option which is to shut up. If give abuse, you will get abuse. I don’t give a rats behind what you think about my views. You and your own views can stand in front of a speeding bullet.

  • Glory 4 years ago

    Lolzzz. I will finish you, I WILL KILL YOU ,I WILL i will ……I am still riding on gidigba. Empty boast of behind the screen warrior, only confirming one of the attributes of a coward. The contents of their write up constantly giving them away as dog whose tail is now hanging between the legs with a face saving sound of one desperately begging for relevance.

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