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Dare: Joshua Will Present Belts To Buhari Soon

Dare: Joshua Will Present Belts To Buhari Soon

Anthony Joshua will present his heavyweight title belts to the country’s number one citizen, President Muhammadu Buhari at a date to be decided soon.

Laolu Akande, who is the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity , Office of the Vice President, made this known while briefing State House correspondents on behalf of the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare.

Akande addressed newsmen after the the Federal Executive Council meeting presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Wednesday in Abuja.

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“The Minister of Sports announced that Anthony Joshua will be presenting his belts to the President in a matter of days,”Akande stated.

Joshua gained revenge for his nightmare in New York earlier this year, when he fell four times in defeat to Ruiz Jr, by winning onunanimous decision in their rematch and claiming back the IBF, WBA and WBO titles.

Two scores of 118-110 and another of 119-109 meant the world titles returned to the Nigerian-born British heavyweight boxer who celebrated with his family after the highly anticipated fight.

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  • Darey 4 years ago

    Glory hunters!!! He is British not Nigerian 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Dont mind them..! Thieves.

      The Govt should focus on developing our own sports in the country and stop poking their thieving eyes on talents developed by other countries.

      Joshua most likely wouldn’t have reached these heights if he were to exist within the Nigerian system

    • AJ is about to commit a grievous error if he hands over the belts to Abuja. How have they promoted sports locally? Our soccer league is in shambles, suffering from chronic epileptic fits. Nigerians can produce ten hard-punching boxers to take those belts from AJ, but would they? Is the environment supportive?

      Though AJ has Nigerian roots, Britain will seriously question his loyalty if he allows Buhari to touch those belts. Britain may have taken the art of stealing from others to a higher plane, but she invested heavily to polish AJ into a fine boxer. Shouldn’t they take the honour? 

      The best AJ can do is to take his next heavy bout to Nigeria. That would be a gift to down-trodden Nigerian, not a spectacle for the elites. 

  • Fasasi 4 years ago

    Criticism is disease sometime.

  • On what basis will he present his title to Buhari? As what? I still don’t get our mentality in this part of the world, is this a political campaign or Buhari government achievement? Nonsense! The guy was denied representing us at the 2008 Olympics in China, probably asking him for bribe before selection. Now you want him to present a belt nurtured by another country to win to you. Yeyenatu.

  • Abdul 4 years ago

    Surely, many of us are not well informed.

  • Fasasi 4 years ago

    British would never complain if Joshua present his belt to Buhari. They do not lack maturity. Dogbe was a ghanian but when he won belt like Joshua he did the same thing in Ghana.

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    I don’t understand what the fuzz is all about.

    Why can’t Joshua be both? British and Nigerian!

    What is wrong in a man deciding to present the belt to the country of his root?
    We do know by presenting the belts to Buhari, Joshua is presenting the belt to Nigeria and Nigerians as well.
    It doesn’t necessarily mean he is promoting the non performance of government or such but just respecting his root.

    Yes.the Nigerian state has failed in all aspect and sports development is one. And stealing the part of the shine from AJ’s success is just simply cheap propaganda to cover up their failures.
    But we should look at it from the other angle.
    This might just be a way to spun the youths to aim to achieve to greatness.
    It could at least give Nigeria and Nigerians out there some positive stint.

    This is not only about Buhari,his government,the past governments, the Nigerian state and their failures.

    This might just be about Nigerians seeing one of their own get up there without the failed government support and could be a drive for them as well.

    Yes.the British would always have the say.AJ is theirs.
    But he is Nigerian and he is one who has always embraced that.
    Besides,he is a grown man.
    If AJ decides he wants to present his belts. He should.

    It is the shame of a failed father to look into the eyes of a son he abandoned to another to take up his responsibilities, especially when such son comes back with success.
    Let the Nigerian state and authority feel the shame(if they can).
    Let Joshua stand tall and let us ordinary Nigerians bask in this glory one of ours is giving us.

    • Glory 4 years ago

      Good one @ Hush. I sent my view n so shameful and laughable that CSN has refused to post it.

      • Glory 4 years ago

        Seems some one in CSN still suffering from mental colonialism is shamefully blocking my post. Lolz. Joshua just like Alli are proper men who identify with root instead of soil.

      • Mr Hush 4 years ago

        Respect @Glory

    • Ugwudede 4 years ago

      Come to think of it, a man has a son and abandoned the child leaving the child at the mercy of death but another man who does not have his on biological child adopted the child, cleaned him up, trained him and gave him everything to live on. Now the child has grown up and becomes successful it was then that the biological father who threw him away came wanting the child to recognise him as his father. Tell me if you were the child what would you and to whom will your loyalty be? If you are the adopted father how would you feel about the child? Look at what the ministry of youths and sports is doing to sports development in the country. Take a look at our soccer league nonfunctioning which has led to the shsmbolic outing of our teams in their continental assignments. Let them first take credit for destroying every sporting structure in the country

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

     Buhari should go and touch Boko Haram belt, nonsense, bunch of Useless people always likes to be associated with good things, after killing many joshuas with their retrogressive policies.Joshua should please takes the belt  to Sagamu.

  • Hey bro!
    You have been posting links, if you tried posting and it seems blocked you just triggered their anti-spam bot (askimet).

    As long as I know, they do no manual checking on comment.

    Please be guided accordingly.

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