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Dessers Keen To Make Super Eagles’ AFCON 2023 Squad

Dessers Keen To Make Super Eagles’ AFCON 2023 Squad

Cryriel Dessers says he will keep working hard to make Nigeria’s squad to the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Rangers forward has been overlooked by Nigeria head coach Jose Peseiro for over a year now.

With the likes of Victor Osimhen, Victor Boniface, Taiwo Awoniyi,Kelechi Iheanacho and Terem Moffi ahead of him in the pecking order, making the squad will be an herculean task.

The 28-year-old insists he is keen to beat some of the strong competition for places.

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“The last few times I was in the Nigeria pre-selection squad, but not in the final selection. If you look at the other strikers and the form that they are in, I can understand that,” Dessers was quoted by the Daily Record.

“We have a few players competing to be the third or fourth striker and then it depends on form. The competition in Nigeria is absurd. I could have chosen to play for Belgium, but I am very happy with my choice.

“I have already experienced fantastic moments. My first international goal, in front of a hundred thousand spectators against Mexico in Dallas, is a moment I will never forget.”

Dessers was eligible to represent Nigeria and Netherlands, but opted to play for the latter.

He has scored once in four appearances for Nigeria.

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  • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

    Dessers is a very technical player that knows how to use the ball like Boniface, I hope he starts scoring the goals for Rangers to help his claim of making the Afcon even though his chances are slim after the emergence of Boniface and most recently Moffi and Chuba picking up form again. Gift Orban is another player that can hit form and create serious debate as well, and me not forgetting Awoniyi plying his trade in EPL. 

    • @Chima Samuels Well you have said it all.

      • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

        Yes o he is only going through his own trials and might comeback stronger to the one who starred for Feyer.

    • Golden Child 7 months ago

      The fact that you would use the word technical and dessers in the same sentence is absurd. Dessers is not on boniface level and the stats when they played in a top 5 league suggest same. Let us stop hyping players with limited ability. You can not win major honors with average players.

      Man played in Italy and struggled tremendously, he is even struggling in a farmers league like Scotland.

      • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

        How many goals did Boni score when he was at Belgium compared to Dessers when he was also at Belgium? It is not everything that will create argument but take it or leave it Dessers is technical with the ball and only going through a phase that that every player goes through at a point in their career. I know Nigerians judge players well when they score today but the next day they forget and start downgrading the same player and mentioning the latest performer as better. I love Boni but before Boni was Dessers who also won the highest goal scorer award in European competition when he was playing at Feyernood. I love them both and attesting to the quality of Dessers that I know. If you don’t know a player don’t chastise him because he is not scoring today.

        • Glory 7 months ago

          @ Chima, I am clapping my hands and legs for you for this quality response. Dessers, anyone can take it or leave it, is, if not for this really bad phase of his football career, the next top 9 just below Osimene. I am talking about top 9 and not supporting striker, a position rightly belonging to any of these quartet presently; Nacho, Boniface, moffi, Orban and Akpom also.
          Dessers seems an unlucky fella though as his ‘time, chance and path’ seems to be at variance with each other, only if people get what that means. He might need some prayers in that regard.
          But honestly speaking, it’s going to take him to perform some huge miracle; by consistently banging in the goals aplenty to get a nod for AFCON. But this may just work out for him going into next world cup.

          • Glory,

            My only concern for Dessers is that Chuba Akpom may have leapfrogged him in the pecking order of Super Eagles strikers. Any criticism of Dessers low goal scoring stats for Nigeria is untenable. As of today, statistics hold that Dessers, Iheanacho and Awoniyi are currently 1 goal per 4 games strikers.

            Also, Akpom and Dessers are both out-and-out centre forwards (Nos 9). But the perception is that Akpom my be just sharper.

            If indeed Akpom gets invited to November world cup qualfiers and he makes a positive impact, Desser’s chances might further diminish.

            Good luck to them both.

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            Yes rightly said Akpom is sharper due to the calm temperament of Dessers. I pray something happens that he gets the chance to hit the road running for Nigeria because he is just too genuine as a sportsman not to get some credits.

          • glory 7 months ago

            Yeah @ Deo. I Honestly cant see Desssers making to the coming AFCON. But I will advice he keeps fighting hard as anything is possible to him that believe.

        • Golden Child 7 months ago

          Sentimental fans, I did not want to this but you left me no other option. Anyway here are some stats of their time in Belgium.

          Victor Boniface USG 2022/23 season.league goals= 9

          Same season Europa League
          Goals= 6 Assists=1

          Cyriel Dessers Genk 2022/23 season.

          Goals=3 assists=1

          I would not bother to display stats for this season as that would further widen the gulf in class between these 2 players.

          You are welcome!

          • DiMastta 7 months ago

            Just so pathetic with your stats.
            Dessers scored three league goals in Belgium 2022/2023 season BEFORE he moved to Italy’s Cremonese at the start of that season, where he scored 6 league goals for Cremonese.
            Using UEFA coefficient for 2.0 for Serie A and 1.5 for Belgian league, that gives Dessers (3×1.5 + 6×2 = 16.5) and Boniface (9×1.5 = 13.5).
            So according to your stats, who is the more rated striker?

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            LMAO @GoldenChild it’s obvious that you’re missing something, Cyril scored 3goals in 3matches and 1 assist before he left to Cremonese where he added 7 goals. I hope you know 3 goals in 3 matches is 1 goal per 90mins? Before these feat he scored 20goals in 41 matches at feyenood where he led them to Conference league final, and was the maiden highest goal scorer In the European Competition. You think an average or less technical player can hit these heights eh??? And please we all love Boniface but not to the detriment of another precious talent that has scored goals all through his career before the emergence of Boniface.

          • Golden Child 7 months ago

            Who is this? Read before you respond. The topical issue was the Belgian league and he was making claims that he was not sure of.Also your argument is watery, so if we were to use the same coefficient this season , where will dessers be? What is the coefficient for europa league where boniface was the highest goal scorer with 6 goals?Did you add that in your comparison? My issue was that he said he is a technical player and not so much a striker. A technical player is all encompassing , with deft ball control, passing, dribbling and a high football iq. I do not believe dessers possess these features.

          • Golden Child 7 months ago

            @Dimastta, I also noticed you were quiet on the Assist column.

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            I am not paid to hype him but Dessers is a complete striker with good feet, close ball control, possess fantastic ball usage characters and can shot very well with both legs if given an inch opportunity. Please check him on YouTube to see because so far as I know he has more club career goals than Boniface. Boniface is new in the business of scoring dating back from Bodo glimt of Norway at that time Dessers has already made name for himself that Nigerians were hoping he will pick us over Belgium of which he did. Please refer to his clips on YouTube before you further this conversation and be honest on your assessment after viewing his highlights.

          • DiMastta 7 months ago

            On the assist issue, it does not matter except players are tied on goals coefficient. A player with 10 goals and zero assists will top another player who has has 9 goals and 35 assists.

            Also, we do comparisons on apple to apple basis.

            Since Dessers did not play in Europe 2022/23 season, it would only make sense to compare on league basis.

            Besides when Dessers played continental with Feyenoord the prior season , he was sole top scorer with double digits as against Boniface’s single digit last season.

            Also recall Dessers had been top scorer (though joint) in the Holland league in the COVID season.

            Brother, facts like Shakira’s hips do not lie.

    • TALK UR OWN 7 months ago


      • TALK UR OWN 7 months ago

        @ TALK UR OWN What you said is true. IN TUNISIA ’94 AFCON, AMOKACHI didn’t score a single goal in that competition but he was highly IMPRESSED & RATED with good performance, believing that he will 100% sure to score goal in world cup & subsequent matches due to his fighting and commitment on the field of play.
        SO COACH PASEIRO NEED SUCH A PLAYER LIKE THAT (i.e player that can fight & committed on the field of play), AND NOT TO BE CARRIED AWAY WITH CLUBS PERFORMANCE ALONE

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      @Chima E Samuels, you won my heart with your response to each question thrown at you. This is what we want on this forum. Kudos to you. Ire o. God bless you more. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Larry 7 months ago

    No doubt about Desser’s ability but he will have to do more to break into the team.
    Considering the arrays of valuable strikers in top 5 leagues, it will be difficult for those that are outside top 5 leagues to break into the team.
    Besides,the current strikers who are highly rated in their respective top 5 leagues have demonstrated their suitability and selectivity for the national team with past performances.
    Among available strikers and considering a combination of Market worth, goals perornance for national team, and records in Europe and top 5 leagues, an unbias ranking will read:

    1. Osi
    2. Awo
    3. Mof
    4. Boni
    5. Nacho
    6. Gift
    7. Sadiq
    8. Adam
    9. Dessers

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      Honest list but for Sadiq Umar I don’t understand his style of play in the national team aside his Olympics heroics with Siaone. His shooting ability and ball retention is oddly amateurish most times, and then before you know it he pulls a world class movement, this always blowing hot and cold at the same time scenario has to be addressed by him. If I’m a coach I’ll advise him to look into these strange situation because he has always been like this since his days at Roma.

      From your ranking only 3 players have been effective in national colors and they are Osi, Nacho and recently Boni. So for me the rest has to sit up and take National team matters seriously whenever they get the chance, Moffi is already showing signs of improvement at national team in this regard.

      • Machaveli 7 months ago

        @ Chima.
        Absolutely spot on analysis Sadiq
        Awoniyi have had enough opportunities to prove themselves and yet have had minimal impact.
        The best among the lists for me are tried and tested Osimhen, Kelechi, Boniface, Mofi.

    • I’ll put Dessers at number 6 on that list. He’s not a very loud or aggressive player, but he’s technical, measured, clever, and calculating. He times his runs into the 18 and knows when to connect with a cross.

      I remember Desser’s debut game for SE in the friendly against Algeria, his impact was immediate. He also scored the first SE goal for Paseiro in the friendly vs Mexico, so I wonder why the gaffer just likes to snub him. I’m not a big fan of Paseiro either, still not convinced about his technocal ability. Just fingers crossed.

      And Sadiq in my view is last in the pecking order, I hope he doesn’t make the Afcon squad this time around.

      • Larry 7 months ago

        @Kel, being one of the most technically balanced contributors on this forum, I partially agree with your submission.
        On pesseiro, I reason with you but I suggest we give him our support like we did to ROHR in his first 3 years before Picnic turned him to clueless ROAR.

  • Larry 7 months ago

    The ranking is based on 3 or 4 factors. If National team performance is a major yardstick, then the top three remains Osi, Awo, and Nacho. You can not buy experience, Nacho is the most experienced striker in the nationsl team, he’s played in the WC and ANC. Based on statistics and number of goal contribution per match stats for the Super Eagles, Awo is next to only Osi.
    Considering all valuable factors, in my estimation the top 5 remains, Osi,Awo,Mof,Boni,and Nacho in that order.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      @Larry I agree with you 80%, it’s just that Awo doesn’t take club form into national team that’s the problem, yes Iheanacho has been very consistent in the national team from U17 to SE even when fans scold him myself and few guys here always retain our confidence in his ability. Praying Awoniyi translates club form to SE that is why I didn’t add him to top3, Moffi is on and off he has to be consistent because he much is expected from his good feet. Osi, Nacho and Boniface at the moment are the top3 that can help us win the Afcon plus a good GK.

      • Larry 7 months ago

        @Chima, can you provide me with the statistics on the number of starts, assists and goals for Osi, Awo, Moffi, and Nacho.
        Only osimhen has better performance metrics than Awoniyi in the national team.
        There is a unique reason why Osi and Awo are the only top 9 to have scored at all National team level. These two players with the addition of Nacho are well groomed from U-13 or U-15.
        Many forgot do soon that Awo performed greatly for an unrated club in the German League and doing the same in EPL.
        Let’s use data to support our comments and remove sentiments. This is how I come up with my list.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          At u17 Awoniyi was a top player just like Kelechi and Osigoal but at SE he’s yet to hit same height as Osi and Nacho I hope you’ll agree with me on this? Take nothing away from Awoniyi I like him but rarely see him scoring at SE as he does with Nottingham.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          Awoniyi has 2 goals so far in the SE from 7 matches, Kelechi has 14 goals in 38 matches for SE, Osigoal has 20 goals in 21 matches for SE and Moffi has 4 goals in 12 matches. My source is FotMob and might not be 100% accurate but maybe 90% accurate. I believe these guys aside Kelechi and Osimhen can do better because they mostly miss glaring chances when on national assignment that is why we should be pushing them to translate club form to national team.

          • Larry 7 months ago

            @Chima, Awoniyi has 2 goals, 2 assists from 5 starts for Super Eagles. Osimhen has 20 goals from 26 starts, Nacho 14 goals from 34 starts, Moffi 4 goals from 12 starts.Just like I mentioned earlier, In terms of goal contribution the order is Osi, Awo, Nacho.

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago


          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            @Larry often times you people make submissions for personal reasons that is why you’ll add or remove facts just to create a false impression, sell a lie or ridicule an honest contributor. For the sake of my peace and saving my energy for relevant matters I don’t  like arguments but I hate lies, I don’t know where you got your facts but they’re false. Now according to transfer market here’s the true statistics as you have demanded. Taiwo Awoniyi has played 7 matches with a total of 349mins and scored 2 goals with zero assists for the super eagles of Nigeria and Kelechi Iheanacho has played 48 matches for super eagles with 14 goals and 7 assists making a total of 21 goals contributions.

            From the above stats Kelechi has played more matches for SE due to his Effectiveness at Both club and country compared to Awoniyi whom they both started from U17 tutored by coach Manu Garba where Kelechi cleared all the top award at stakes. The data not only shows that Kelechi has a better goal contribution despite playing more matches but he also has more assist than Awoniyi. I didn’t want to go deep into this but after seeing you making up stats for Awoniyi that includes false assists manufactured from an unknown source just to talk me down, then I had to dig into the transfer market portal where there’s no false data. I don’t know what you stand to gain when you lie but I won’t stoop low to lie just to make myself look smarter on internet front. I love Kelechi, Awoniyi and other SE players but the truth must be told at all times for the benefit of public information and the good of our national team at all times. I will not be commenting on this thread anymore because some of you on this page are just too disgusting to behold just as we also have Fantastic contributors. I had to be harsh because whatever motive makes you want to bring down a player for another with fake facts is demonic and can only be manufactured hatred.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          Since you’re adding assists plus goals to this criteria Awoniyi contributes 0.29 goals per match and Kelechi contributes 0.44 goals per match according to transfer market data. I leave it here and wish the players all the best at their endeavors.

          • Larry 7 months ago

            @Chima,it is okay to disagree with me logically but out of the line to make wrong assumption. Even using your statistics, Goal per match, goal contribution per match, your math still doesn’t hold up.
            I still rate Nacho despite the fact thar he is playing in the second division. I’m not sure if you would have rated Awo, if it was the other way round.
            Nacho has done really well for himself. He is not a top 9 but his goal record is exceptional.

  • Respect is reiprocal 7 months ago

    Of all our strikers I will only pick Iheanacho ahead of Desser in term of technicality . If we meet a team that is defensively resilient at the nation cup , our current players like Osi , Awo, Boniface  might find it difficult to penetrate , this is where players like Iheanacho, Desser and Ademola lookmanhave an edge . If you look at these 3 players I mentioned last , f you don’t study or understand their style it is easy to label them lazy players because they don’t really have that physical presence on the field.
    At a point in time Desser was the highest goal scorer in the Europa two seasons ago. His chances of making the list to Nation up is slimmer. 

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      Well spoken @Respect is reiprocal.

      Keep the comments rolling my people. I’m in love with your comments. Kudos guys. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    I have said a lot of Dessers, but some of us fans don’t know how fantastic Kolawole is.

    How can we compare Boniface, Moffi,Awoniyi, and Sodiq Umar to Dessers? How please.

    Coach Eguavoen took most of these strikers to the last Afcon, and we all saw the result ba. If Dessers played that Tunisia match, who knows, Dessers might score the last minute chance that Sodiq narrowly missed. Dessers is a world-class striker. We saw his goal against Mexico kę.

    During his stay at Feyenoord and before that, he ruled the world of football. Just that Coach Eguavoen preferred his troops that would pay him money, that was why he intentionally omitted Dessers name for the last edition of the Afcon.

    Kai. More so, the only striker, as of now in the Super Eagles that can play ahead of Dessers, is Osimhen, and the reason for this is that Victor Osimhen has been in the Super Eagles before Kolawole. When we are talking about the superiority of a striker, Dessers Kolawole is second to none in the Super Eagles. That is the fact.

    Dessers is just not enjoying his work yet. He needs luck, that is it. Please let pray for Dessers because I am very sure of this that if given the opportunity, Kolawole will put smiles on our face.

    Am I communicating, and if so, Dessers is very unique in his own way, and in fact, he is a complete striker that every good coach will desire to have in his team.

    Long story short. If coach Paseiro truly wants to win the Afcon, then he should consider Dessers and Nwabali. These two guys here are very crucial to Nigeria fourth Afcon trophy in Ivory Coast God willing.

    Lastly, I am hopeful that Oga Paseiro would consider Dessers and Nwabali in his World Cup and Afcon list. Dessers is the second striker after Osimhen because VictorOsimhen has been there for a while before Dessers.

    Not Awoniyi, Moffi, Sodiq, or Boniface even close to Dessers in terms of scoring goals, shikena.

    If you truly know all the qualities a world-class striker should have, then Dessers have to be in the Super Eagles for both World Cup qualifiers and the Afcon tournament period in Ivory Coast. Good luck to Dessers and aĺl our players. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • I love this your comment…
      What about the wingers…, who do you think are in the top 10 nigerian wingers at the moment ??

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        Many thanks to you, Mr. Omiko Promise for your love.

        You see, gentleman, coach Paseiro still has a lot to do. He has not given me what I expected of him yet.

        He needs to bring the best out of Lookman and Chukwueze.

        He has to create competition between both players. Doing that will make Chukwueze and Lookman more serious at the national team.

        For now, I will pick Moses Simon ahead of Chukwueze and Lookman.

        With what Simon brought into the team against Saudi Arabia, and if he continues that way, he should start in every match Nigeria. So long story short, Simon is the first in that department.

        For Lookman and Chukwueze, both players have big potentials but the two have to be more disciplined so that they can stay on top of their games.

        No1. Moses Simon
        N02. Lookman
        N03. Chukwueze

        Let me pick the three wingers for now because of the time frame. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • DON'T MIND THEM 7 months ago

    WE ALL KNOW THAT NOT ALL THESE STRIKERS WILL MAKE IT TO AFCON. BUT WHAT WE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT IS THAT: What is the business of inconsistent, irrelevant & bench-warmer players (like Onuachu, Aribo, Musa, Omeruo) are doing in that team. Though we appreciate them for what they have done in the past. BUT NOW, WE TALKING ABOUT PRESENT FORM.
    ** SIASIA was converted from SUPPORTING STRIKER to MIDFIELDER in 1994.
    ** YOBO was converted from STRIKER to DEFENDER. in year2000.
    ESSIEN from(4) to (2), MIKEL from (10) to (4) by MOURINHO. Also, V.MOSES from (11) to (2) by CONTE.
    *** IN BRIEF, A GOOD COACH SHOULD KNOW/HAVE ALTERNATIVE POSITION FOR GOOD & CONSISTENT PLAYERS IN A TEAM. NOT RELYING ON inconsistent, irrelevant & bench-warmer OLD EXPERIENCE players, claiming that they are giving advice/mentorship to young players.

  • JULIET 7 months ago

    Everybody know that Dessers is an all-round striker and a player who is perfect for the modern game.

    “He is very mobile around the pitch and he’s very fast. He is strong and powerful in the air, comfortable on the ball and can score goals with both feet.

    • Omo9ja 7 months ago

      God bless you, beautiful Juliet. You see, ma’am, you have said it all, and I hope CSN can get the attention of the NFF and coach Paseiro to this conversation.

      The gaffer can’t continue ignoring Dessers. He is more committed to the national team than most of our players. A rare striker like Dessers is what the Super Eagles needed for the World Cup qualifiers and Afcon tournament.

      CSN knows that whenever Dessers name pops up on CSN, Nigerians fans still have a lot to say about Dessers. Unfit Dessers is much better than most of our strikers period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Dessers should forget about the SuperEagles. He’s not good enough. Moreover age is not on his side. SuperEagles strikers and support strikers pecking order are Osi Awo Nacho and the rest if they’re all fit and in form. 

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