Is Dream11 Legal in India?

Is Dream11 Legal in India?

Yes, Dream 11 is legal to play across the majority of Indian states. According to the Public Gaming Act, games of skill, of which Dream 11 is, are legal in India, whilst Games of Chance are not. However, when it comes to regulation around online gaming, this is another grey area altogether, as there are no dedicated laws. Within this article, we’ll cover the legal status of Dream11 in India, including which States Dream11 is allowed and which States have unfortunately banned it. We’ll also provide you with a list of alternative sites you can legally use if you want to bet online with a sports betting site or casino, for example 1xbet, Parimatch or Casino Days.

Is Dream11 Real Money Gaming?

Dream11 is a portal for virtual sports where a user can play an online fantasy sports league and can win cash prizes. It is among the best fantasy sports applications running in India. This platform has more than 100 million users. Dream11 has been at the vanguard of the fantasy cricket transformation. It is the most used platform for online fantasy cricket. Dream11 offers everyone a genuine chance to win real money. Platform users set up their fantasy cricket teams and get points based on the player’s performance in each match.

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Can I Use Dream11 to Bet on Cricket?

Definitely, Dream11 is an Indian virtual sports game where you can become part of fantasy leagues. It gives fantasy cricket a try. This platform presented to us as a game of skill. Unlike conventional betting, where outcomes depend purely on chance. Dream11 requires strategic decision-making.

Dream 11 real money gaming

Alternative Betting Sites to Dream11

Besides Dream11, it is possible to find many other betting sites to take part in real money betting. We’ve showcased the most popular alternative betting platforms in India indicated below:

Games of Skill in India – Legal Status

Gambling laws in India are taken to be highly complicated. According to the Public Gaming Act, any game of skill isn’t going to be treated as gambling, unlike any game of chance that will be treated as gambling.

A game of skill is primarily determined by the ability of physical and psychological aptitude rather than by chance. It gives people the chance to test their prowess and it is considered to be one of the top advantages. Players should have the necessary skills and in-depth game knowledge to succeed.

The game of chance, on the other hand, is largely defined by a random element of some kind. Even if talent is used in the game of chance, winning is primarily determined by chance.

Dream11 Allowed States

You can safely play Dream11 in the States listed below:

State Legal
Arunachal Pradesh Yes
Bihar Yes
Chhattisgarh Yes
Goa Yes
Gujarat Yes
Haryana Yes
Himachal Pradesh Yes
Jharkhand Yes
Karnataka Yes
Kerala Yes
Madhya Pradesh Yes
Maharashtra Yes
Manipur Yes
Meghalaya Yes
Mizoram Yes
Punjab Yes
Rajasthan Yes
Tripura Yes
Uttarakhand Yes
Uttar Pradesh Yes
West Bengal Yes

Dream11 Banned States List 2023/20224

The accessibility of the platform is geo-restricted in some Indian states, even though the Supreme Court categorize it as a game of skill. These state laws keep anyone from taking part in skill games that need an entry fee.

Here are the states that have already banned Dream11,

Is Dream11 Safe and Secure?

There are only a handful of people in India who are not familiar with Dream11. However many players are confused about the legality of Dream11. A few games, such as rummy are on the banned list in some parts of the country.

Dream11 complies with the state and central legislation in India. According to the judgment of the Indian High Court, Dream11 contributes to a game of skill. Thus, the platform is exempted from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act.

Dream11 requires you to use your sports knowledge to live your dream of being the owner of a team. Thus, joining a contest and winning cash on the platform is secure, legal, and a whole lot of fun.

Reasons Why Dream11 is Considered Safe in India?

Dream11 is a major fantasy game brand in India. Let’s have a glimpse of why it is considered to be legal and safe.

Legal Status

Fantasy sports are considered to be a game of skill under Indian laws. The Public Gambling Act exempts mere games of skill from its provision. However, the residents of the above-mentioned states aren’t legally permitted to play Dream11.

Safety Measures

Dream11 ensures that players feel safe and secure while playing by using a 3D secure authentication for the payment gateway. It uses the bank and PAN details of users. Also, the platform advocates transparency. Competitor tracking is a feature that lets you monitor the combinations of other players during contests. You have to go through verification before you can place a withdrawal request.

Easy Access

You can easily reach Dream11 through their website. All you need to have is the application downloaded on your mobile phone and have a chance to wager on fantasy times. It is only important to ensure that you have a working internet source.

Dream11 Account Verification Procedure

If you want to verify your Dream11 account, you will have to follow the steps given below. 

  1. Download Dream11 from the official site or the Play Store. 
  2. Now, you will have to choose the language you prefer. 
  3. Click on the option ‘Invited by a friend? Enter Code’, given at the bottom left corner. 
  4. Insert your mobile number along with the invite code. 
  5. Wait for a few seconds and you will receive a 6-digit code and enter it. 
  6. Ultimately, you have to provide your name and click on the option ‘Save Name’ and your Dream11 account will be successfully created. 

Dream 11 Account

How to Create an Account on Dream11 India?

Making an account with Dream11 is easier. The process is very simple, and in fact, it only takes you a few minutes to walk through the entire procedure.

  1. Download and install the Dream11 app on your mobile device. 
  2. Open the app and look for the option ‘Have a Referral Code’. 
  3. Next, you will have to click on the button ‘Enter Code’. 
  4. You will find a pop-up form and you will have to fill it up. 
  5. Verify your account by providing the OTP you receive. 
  6. It will complete the registration process on the site. 

How to Play Dream11?

Dream11 has a lot to explore. To play Dream11, here is what you have to do. 

  1. Start by downloading the app from the official site or the App or Play Store. 
  2. Register and set up your profile. 
  3. Once you are done creating an account, choose a match that you are interested in. 
  4. Pay the entry fee for the contest that you would like to take part in. 
  5. Use your knowledge and skills to create your fantasy team. 
  6. Next, you will have to put your team to test against other players. 
  7. Make sure that you keep checking the real-time leaderboard while the real-time match is taking place. 
  8. Compete with other users and enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports.

How to Deposit and Withdraw the Funds Securely on Dream11?

If we wish to play with real money in Dream11, we can log in to our account and click on the option ‘Add Cash’. To play free on Dream11, there is no need to put money. NOW, type the amount you wish to deposit next to the Transfer Cash button and finally click on Deposit Money. It is very easy to take a withdrawal from your Dream11 account, should you win any prize collection. These are processes you must follow.

  • Make sure that you have completed the verification process. If it isn’t done already, submit the required documents for verification. 
  • Click on the user profile and select ‘My Balance’. 
  • Then you have to click on ‘Winnings’ and then on ‘Withdraw’.
  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal.
  • You will receive a notification through email once the withdrawal has been processed.


Is the Mobile App of the Dream11 Website Legal in India?

Bingo, Dream11 is a legitimate company, yes, and it doesn’t fall under the Public Gaming Act of 1867. That is why you can set the application up on your smartphone.

Is it Safe for People to Use Dream11 India?

In Dream11 you unleash your sports knowledge as it is a game of skill and become like the owner of a team. This definition doesn’t apply to the games of skill and would not fall under the purview of gambling within the Indian laws. Therefore, playing in a contest and having to cash out winnings from the Dream11 is a legal and safe thing to do.

Are Indian Players Eligible for a Free Bonus on Betting in Dream11?

Yes, Indians can look forward to a bonus on Dream11. The Refer-a-Friend benefit is what you get when you refer a friend of yours and they register and deposit money Also, you will not miss the chance to take advantage of promotions when special events are organized.

Which Legal Documents Are Required to Verify the Dream11 India Account?

As a verification process, you need to submit any of the below documents to continue: chequebook, bank statement and/ or bank passbook. These must have your name, branch details, IFSC, and bank account number.


Dream11 is a legal and legitimate platform that allows users to participate in online fantasy sports leagues and win real cash prizes. It has full licensing and regulation, it is operating with a fair and transparent scoring mechanism and puts much importance on responsible gaming.

Nevertheless, one should be cautious and mature while playing with Dream11. The game involves financial risks and may lead to addiction. But, if you are just worried about the authenticity of the platform, don’t be, because it is genuine and you can as well put your money into it.

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