Egbo’s Tirana Lose To Red Star Belgrade, Crash Out Of Champions League

Egbo’s Tirana Lose To Red Star Belgrade, Crash Out Of Champions League

Ndubuisi Egbo’s KF Tirana have crashed out of this season’s UEFA Champions League, after they lost 1-0 to Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade, in the second round qualifiers on Tuesday, Completesports.com reports.

The only goal of the game was scored by Tomane in the 62nd minute which was enough to send the 1991 Champions League winners through.


To get to this stage KF Tirana beat Georgia’s Dinamo Tbilisi 2-0 in the first round of the qualifiers.

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Victory against Red Star Belgrade would have secured KF Tirana a place in the third round.

And progress from this stage would have seen them advance into the play-offs, which is the round before getting to the group stage.

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Egbo’s side featured in the Champions League qualifiers after they were crowned champions of the Albanian League last season.

By James Agberebi 

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  • chinedu 2 years ago

    Wow, where are your supporters club, all the noise-making about being the African- Guardiola, as if you will beat anything that comes your way. Guess all the hype has being brought down to earth. Bros you still have a long way to go. All the best in your future endeavors

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      … What is wrong with you. Do you realize you are kinsmen? Such a pathetic hater. Bug off man!

      • chinedu 2 years ago

        When am not a fly, where i wan bug off. Please did you read my last statement, my message is clear to those it applies to. When your local coaches and ex-players were being rubbished, were they not fellow kinsmen. What a hypocritical statement to make

      • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

        Hahahaha….don’t mind this jealous bum.
        All the while when Egbo was blazing the trail. They were quiet and hid in their covens….now that he lost a match(albeit narrowly) to a team of higher pedigree and quality…they come out to jubilate. Perfect description of haters….lmao. Even the real Guadiola needed the best players in the world to be a serial winner. One could hardly tell which team was obsure Tirana and which team was former champions League winner Red star Belgrade last night. That was how gutsy Egbo made his team. Give him Messi, Xavi and Iniesta and he will beat any team that comes his way.

        Ndubisi is the real African Guadiola…he is the first black man to win a league title in Europe…..he is the first black man to lead a team to the UCL….go and hang yourself if it pains you so much. Tell your noisemaking exinternationals to go and achieve what he has achieved….till then Egbo is far ahead of them and we will continue to celebrate him ahead of them….. Hahahaha.

        • Glory 2 years ago

          Good talk @ Drey. Just unbelievable how some people wish that others should fail. Egbo has done absolutely brilliant not a pinch of doubt about it. He’s got the ingredients to manage any top team and sure to perform. If you don’t like him, go gbadu with a wet transformer.

          • Chinedu 2 years ago

            Is that how your village transformer works, guess it has to be wet before it operates. Please get busy and save your data if you have nothing interesting to say.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Notwithstanding what the likes of Chinedu have to say, Coach Egbo has accomplished something and etched his name in history.  What he has done is nothing to snub ones nose at amd more importantly he has blazed a trail that will hopefully open the door for other African coaches.  We are behind you my broda.  Carry go!

  • Kenny 2 years ago

    Coach Egbo will come back stronger. It’s a learning curve.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with some Nigerians, Egbo has done well we should celebrate the guy, no wonder that country is being govern by bunch of smelly Fulani terrorists. You came here to celebrate the ouster of a Nigerian coach doing so well in Europe, I tire oooo

    • chinedu 2 years ago

      Uncle Sunny, abeg why are you reading my message backwards now. At least i wish him well in all his endeavors. My issue is to those with hypocritical comments and excuses being made on this forum. Abeg make i no waste time with all you noise makers.

      Will like to see him come and coach one of the national teams.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    You have done very well nwanne. Beyond the skies is your limit. It’s a learning curve, it can only get better. You are the greatest amongst your peers as long as coaching is concerned, keep ur head up and move ahead while others would be waiting for the govt to come and develop them.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Chinedu, my brother, lets hail the guy, He has done well, bro, there’s time for everything, for now let’s continue to applaud the guy. I know u wished him well, but your first sentence could’ve been written better. No qualms we learn everyday.

    • chinedu 2 years ago

      Thanks Sunnyb, at least you view where am coming from. Honestly, i appreciate his achievements and wish him well. But i hate the idea that some people will be making noise about he is better than this ex-player, he is the man for this and that. Well the same UEFA licence didn’t send him to the next round

      • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

        Hahahaha.. fake well-wishers that will hide in their covens wen a man is doing well but will jump out the moment he stumbles to laugh at him.
        Omo9ja come and carry your twin o.
        May God deliver us all from such fake wellwishers.

        • Oakfield 2 years ago

          He maybe our african guardiaola (who has been mute since Egbo started making waves) hiding behind the curtain, u never can tell…….

  • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

    Ndubisi Egbo is the Best of all contemporary Nigerian coaches….HE REMAINS THE ONLY BLACK MAN TO HAVE WON THE LEAGUE TITLE WITH A CLUB IN EUROPE….HE IS THE FIRST BLACK MAN TO LEAD A TEAM TO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND WIN A GAME. Till another Nigerian will achieve that feat he remains the true African Guadiola and continue to be celebrated to the highest heavens. Anybody wey e pain make e go hang insef.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    where is Deo by the way? i miss dat brother’s comments. anyway i think frank richkard is the first blackman to win the uefa champions league. maybe drey meant to say first egbo is the first african man to win a championsleague match, it is a big honor to us and to Nigeria. chinedu if it was you i believe dr drey will celebrate you desame way he is doing to Egbo. so dont get it twisted. coaching is not a small job oh expecialy in european football where alot of racist eyes are watching. meanwhile samson siasia is the best nigerian coach on earth, the records are extra ordinary olympic silver and bronze and also u20 silver. i just hope he gets fifas pardon to resume service. amunike is also a wonderfull coach too, i will advice NFF to keep eyes on mr Egbo he could be the best replacement for our goal keeper coaching department which i feel is very necesary to replace. it will be another way for him to understudy rohr.

    • chinedu 2 years ago

      Kudos to the work done by Egbo, I appreciate his efforts in giving nigeria a name in europe. And looking forward to the day he will be approached by the NFF. Maybe after Rorh tenure, he might be considered. He doesn’t need to understudy Rohr, he is superior to rorh since he has a UEFA licence, so he is must than qualified to go get the job.

      Has for siasia, am hoping the accusations are false. But yet they will not get the praise because they don’t have the UEFA licence like they always make us to understand.

  • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

    Thanks for the correction my brother. You know most times when we say blackman we mean we the aboriginal blacks straight from Africa. As for Sia1’s U- achievements, while not taking anything away from him…I reckon less with those. Most of Our so called U23s of 2008 have well retired and disappeared into oblivion even b4 2014 WC. DiMaria,Romero, Banega,Messi, Otamendi, Garay etc are all still playing at the top level in 2020 (12 years after)…. what does that tell u about the so called U23s we used. On the flip side every Senior teams Siasia has handled have failed…..from JUTH (Relegation), Bayelsa Utd (Relegation), Heartland (finished bottom of their CAFCL group despite taking over after the team after they had already qualified for group stages and inheriting a team that only lost the trophy by away goal rule the previous year) and then not qualifying the SE for Afcon when we needed to just win on home soil. So will it be safe to conclude that Siasia cannot perform unless a team has U- in front of its name…or unless it is an underaged tournament where MRI cannot be used to screen out the 30-35 year olds in the team?

    Egbo took over a team in relegation zone in December and made them champions with 5 matches or thereabout to spare. And we are not talking of underaged competitions here, where the players where playing against their mothers last borns’ mates. We talking of a senior team in Europe where the tide is completely turned against him. Egbo himself said that opposition fans and coaches oftenthrew racial insults at him at away grounds and would rather want to defeat his skin colour rather than his team.
    Once again, while not taking anything away from the person of Sia1, Ndubuisi Egbo’s place in African history is forever reserved.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    @dr drey. sentiment aside i must admit you have made a point on the case of sia1. i can understand why you placed egbo above him. i havnt really studied his senior teams management. i wasnt really following his carea in the NPFL.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Good and modest submission devoid of sentiments @collinsid

    • chinedu 2 years ago

      Haaaaaaa. Tirana was never in relegation zone in december. Where on earth did u get such information from. Why are you presenting false story here. Na who be this man. Abeg get your facts straight. Collins please take time and do your findings a d stop reading all this lies.

  • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

    Hahahaha…. Beware folks….. some cowards have comeback to this forum with fake identities since their former Identity is now synonymous with stupidity…LMAO. But what they do not know is that you can never seperate the smell of urine from a he-goat. Since they came back they’ve been as nuisancical as ever.


    “…KF Tirana were last weekend confirmed as winners of the Kategoria Superiore, their 25th title. Egbo’s achievement was even more remarkable given that he only took over partway through the season, WITH THE TEAM THREATENED WITH RELEGATION…..”(By the way, Egbo was officially named the caretaker manager of Tirana on 9th December, 2019). LMAO

    So who is the liar now…? Who needs to get their facts right…? Who needs to learn to keep their gutters shut and stop making a fool of themselves with blind, senseless and stupid arguements….??? LMAO.

    I’m sure Mr “I too know” will comeback and start switching mouth from left to right to save face now…..LMAO

    People who claim to know more than BBC, ESPN and Wikipedia, people who claim to do their homework but still come to disgrace themselves in public with stark ignorance and empty brains are back here under the guise of fake names and true to their character, they have remained as senseless as ever.

    You can change names all you can, but your character is like DNA….it will give you out like a snitch.

    • chinedu 2 years ago

      Please who are the cowards. Me or you. And who is faking identity. Please let someone check tirana stats before egbo took over in December and come back and tell us how they were close to relegation. Its either egbo is not saying the truth of how he got the job because the previous coach was fired and because they were in relegation zone. So please don’t try to make yourself important

  • Dr. Drey. 2 years ago

    Hahahaha….I said it….true to his innate character…Mr “I too know” comes back with lies to save face…LMAO.

    As usual, you are looking for someone else to dig out facts for you because you are intellectually deficient….LMAO. You are the one who is claiming they were not in relegation zone, ngwa prove it na….LMAO…I thought you always brag that you do your homework well…ngwa give us the link where you did you lie lie homework na….why are you asking someone else to check for Tirana’s stats b4 Egbo was hired for you…who has time for your stupidity….LMAO.. Wikipedia can’t help you to embarrass yasef and display ya ignorance further kwanu…??? LMAO

    You don’t have facts yet you want to argue blindly as usual. You even want to stupidly and senselessly argue with Ndubuisi Egbo himself and CSN as a whole…sotay you are even accusing Egbo of lieing…..LMAO…Mr Sabi pass, E b like say you know FK Tirana more than the coach Egbo himself….You that knows the truth about how Egbo got his job more than him oya tell us na…..LMAO

    Your “too know” as even confused you sotay you are contradicting your own lies….lmao

    “…Its either egbo is not saying the truth of how he got the job because the previous coach was fired and because they were in relegation zone….”

    Abeg what sense is in this above statement….???LMAO.

    It is you who should stop seeking for attention by arguing senselessly about thing that you don’t know jack about and accusing people who know of lieing when actually you are the lair….Lolz

    Egbo is not telling the truth about how he go his job….lmao….na you give am the job abi….???LMAO

    Didinrin oshi…LMAO