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England Fantasy’s Derby Challenge Makes A Comeback!

We surprise you with an English classic: Liverpool vs Manchester City!

Derby Challenge, all the fun and excitement fused into one game mode! You create a team for a specific game, with limited choices and 90 minutes of pure adrenaline.

We bring you England Fantasy’s 3rd Derby Challenge, a duel between the last two english champions: Liverpool vs Manchester City!

Build now your team at:

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City is widely known and even more so in recent years as they are the two best English teams in present times in terms of sporting results. So what is the current situation of the two clubs?

Liverpool is in 4th place. Their nickname, The Reds, comes in handy ironically, because whoever looks at their statistics in 2021 sees red all over it, while the green of victory is short in comparison. In this period, they collect 2 defeats and 1 draw in the Premier League at Anfield, without having scored yet any goal. Their 40 points can be intimidating to those below them, but the 3 clubs that look them up and down from the top of the scoreboard are not impressed. There is a silver lining, as they play against the leader, and maybe this is exactly what they need to turn the tables.

On the other hand, in contrast, despite having started badly, Manchester City is currently at the top of the table with 47 points and one game short. They owe this to the streak of 13 wins in all competitions that impose respect for any team. In 2021, the Cityzens have already scored 10 away goals in the Premier League, against 0 of their opponents at home. There is only one throne and The Sky Blues refuse to share it.

No one can predict the outcome, and we can still be surprised. Is this a David and Goliath situation, in which the underdog wins? Or will Manchester City’s stats and current form have too much impact to miss out the victory?

Who will score the most in this England Fantasy’s Derby Challenge?

  • Liverpool or Manchester City?
  • Alisson Becker or Ederson Moraes?
  • Andrew Robertson or Rúben Dias?
  • Mohamed Salah or Raheem Sterling?
  • Roberto Firmino or Gabriel Jesus?

Everything will be answered in due time, on the 7th of February at Anfield Stadium at 4:30 pm (GMT)!

Start your engines! Victory will be yours if you bring your A Game! Create your team at:

Is the Derby Challenge a stranger to you? We’ll introduce you! Follow this link and get to know each other!

Derby Challenge — the new game model by RealFevr

Good Luck,

The RealFevr Team

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