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Eredivisie: Okoye Helps Sparta Rotterdam Secure First Win Of Season

Eredivisie: Okoye Helps Sparta Rotterdam Secure First Win Of Season

Maduka Okoye was in goal as Sparta Rotterdam secured their first win in theEredivisie this season, after defeating Fortuna Sittard 3-1 on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

Going into Sunday’s fixture, Okoye’s Sparta Rotterdam were winless in their opening three games (two defeats, one draw).


But it was a different ball game against Fortuna Sittard as Sparta got off the mark.

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Zenith Ziva

They took the lead in the 21st minute through Bryan Smeets before Lennart Thy made it 2-0 on 29 minutes.

Fortune pulled a goal back through Mats Seuntjens on 49 minutes but in the 73rd minute Emanuel Emegha made sure of the points after getting the third goal for Sparta.

The win saw Sparta move out of the relegation zone to 14th position in the 18-team league table.

Up next for the Sparta is another home fixture this time against NEC, on Friday September 17.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

    This one too how he won best goalkeeper Last season remains a myth to me when he can conceed cheap goals like basket. He used to be good but Akpeyi corrupted him with jittery attitude.

    • hope with time in national team will be better,check his saves as gaol keeper on you tube for clubs he is quiet good.

  • I think I have seen enough from Okoye……..enough to comfortably analyse his stewardship as a goalkeeper for the SE, his club or wherever. He is very good and assured with crosses, up balls, corner kicks etc unlike Uzoho who can fumble even a harmless cross or up ball. Also, he is relatively good with one on one. But his problem has to do with positioning, reflexes, and pressure. A lot of times, he doesn’t get himself into the right position to boost his chances of making a save. Similarly, before he dives, he usually makes this springing moves, which makes him not to dive immediately the ball leaves the opponent’s foot. This was exactly what led to the goals scored by Cameroun and even the one by Cape Verde. That free kick Uzoho parried against Lesotho, could have been goal straight away…….if it were Okoye in goal. Due to his the type of goals he has been conceding especially for SE, he is under immense pressure to win the confidence of his team mates, the coaching crew and of course, Nigerians. He is well aware that he has been given a long rope by the coaching crew and that there are alternate options in the bench, who could even be better than him. That is why of late, he appears a bit shaky and nervous………unlike when he first started with us.
    Okoye’s continued retention as number one is down to three factors. Firstly, good looking individuals are treated better than homely ones in virtually every social situation, from dating to trial by jury. These were the words of Mary Beck years ago, but still very valid till date. Secondly, Uzoho and Akpeyi had been given lots of chances to have the number one shirt for keeps but they couldn’t. For a long time, the shirt recycled between Akpeyi, Uzoho and Ezenwa but none of them were consistent enough to pin down the shirt. In fact, if they had done so well, the chance of Okoye becoming number one would not have arisen in the first place. For me, Uzoho had done better and is more reliable than the other contenders including Okoye, but his problem is lack of play time at club level, and even the quality of the league.
    The last factor working in favour of Okoye is that he is in a decent club and plays regularly. Based on this last factor, there is a great possibility that he will come good in SE and his club, sooner rather than later

  • I still feel Adebayo Adeleye of Hapoel Jerusalem should also be given a chance to stake a claim.

  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    Most of you are just blinded by Okoye love because he is a fine boy and a mixed individual… the guy quality never reach being number one for us.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Exactly my thoughts in the time of Vincent Enyeama Okoye will be number 3 just for training materials.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hehehehehe….”In the time of Enyeama”.

        So what happened to the Enyeama now….LMAOOOo….how did he end up becoming 3rd choice at Lille before eventually becoming clubless and forced to retire.

        Sensible people know that there is time for everything in life….a time to crawl, a time to walk, a time to run and a time to be carried about like a baby once again.

        The same Enyeama was flapping at crosses, misjudging shots, dropping harmless shots at the feet of opponents when he was still a young kid like Maduka. His howlers vs Malawi, Ethiopia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ismaili etc back then as a young goalie are still fresh in our memories.

        Maduka hasnt even had 10 SE caps yet, he hasnt even committed any major blunders yet, compared to the ones Enyeama committed even at the peak of his powers vs Ethiopia in 2014 WCQ and vs France in 2014 WC and just 21 but can already boasts of 5 cleansheets and mumu is talking about the “time of enyeama”. Why not tell us how many clean sheets Enyeama had in his 1st 10 SE caps and if he ever won goalkeeper of the season in his 1st 3 seasons as a professional goalkeeper.

        You will tell us if Enyeama just became a super goalkeeper overnight without being given the opportunity and latitude to grown into is role as a national team goalkeeper……LMAOOOoo

        “The time of Enyeama”…….LMAOOOoooo. What about “the time of Emmanuel Okala”…..LMAOOooo. Imbecile.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

    Maduka has only conceded 1 goal in his last 5 competitive matches for the SuperEagles. I don’t know any sane coach who will drop a first choice goalkeeper at Sparta Rotterdam in the Eredivisie baring injury or he lost his place at his club for the ones in Cyprus, Israel or South Africa. Maduka is currently Nigeria’s undisputed numero Uno.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Hehehehe…dont mind them. If Rohr had kept Okoye on the bench till date, same set of confused people would have been the ones crying about “most inform” goalkeeper who was best in Eredivisie being placed on the bench…LMAOOOooo

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      @Aypilly All the ones he conceded in his club I was the one who conceded it for him. I wish you were in front of me I will give you one dozen of slap just to correct your Motherfucker brain. Idiot!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

        Look at this Molue Driver. How can I ever even come across a lunatic animal??? God forbid. It is never possible for me to meet a hungry Danfo driver like you Lmao!!. It will take you and your entire miserable generation a lot see to ever see me in person. Do you think it is that slum you call home in Kumasi that you will see someone like me? You better think again. Brainless ashole. National team and club is different idiot. Even if he concedes goals in his club he’s still their number one. Why can’t you go and remove him from the post at his club now. Cow brain murtherfucking lunatic. Chima saki monkey.

  • How can any one be mentioning Okoye’s name when talking about Enyeama, common men don’t stain Enyeama’s jersey. they are not in the same league. If you like okoye so much and you are saying we should give him time to grow one will understand but bringing Enyeama’s record to disrepute just to praise okoye is not only disrespectful but also very very insultive.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Nobody is bringing Enyeama’s record into disrepute. Learn to read in between the lines. But I will mention a 21 year old Okoye’s name when talking about a 21 year old Enyeama ANYDAY ANYTIME.

      The point is that Enyeama did not earn his record as a Super goalie in just 10 caps, nor in just 1 or 2 years. Enyeama was not even the best goalkeeper in the Nigerian league when he started out in the SE….the likes of Ejiogu and Sam Okoye towered above him season in season out. Enyeama earned his name overtime…he was allowed to grow into his role. But the FACT remains that Enyeama’s first 2 years as SE no 1 was outright unconvincing….quote me anywhere….video evidences abound on the internet.

      If I’ve lied point it out. Otherwise deal with the TRUTH of the fact that Enyeama’s howlers in his early days as SE are still fresh in the minds of some of us. Or did he not commit a howler vs Malawi in Abuja and later blamed it on the rain..? Or vs Ethiopia in Abuja…? or his misjudgment of crosses vs Brazil (2nd goal) and spilling of shots into the path of Adriano (3rd goal) and many others goalkeeping blunders when he was still finding his feet…??

      QUOTE ME ANYWHERE ONCE AGAIN….there is currently NO Nigerian goalkeer ANYWHERE that will come in now and become an instant Enyeama…..because even Enyeama himself was not an instant hit. Every new goalkeeper will come in, have 1 or 2 good games, then start his own cycle of shaky performances all over again. When Akpeyi debuted vs Egypt, we thought he was the one….When Ezenwa debutted vs Cameroon we thought he was the one…..When Uzoho debuted vs Argentina, we thought he was the one. We were the ones who rushed Rohr into throwing Okoye in the deep end when he was still trying to take his time with the kid…..some poeple did not let us have peace here when they say Akpeyi in goal vs Benin and Lesotho at the beginning of 2021 AFCON qualifiers. The okoye has not even had 10 caps and we are already crucifying him despite having 5 cleansheets in 9 games.

      So which goalkeeper in now the Enyeama that wouldn’t concede goals now…..Not even when there is no stability in the personnel chosen in the back 4. Today its one set of 4…next match another set of 4…..the 3rd match another set….and you expect consistency from the goalkeeper…? Even experienced goalkeepers struggle when there is constant fiddling with defensive personnel.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Frank leave this fools alone. Okoye that conceded multiple goals already in the dutch league leaving is team near relegation zone. These two idiots will not shut the fuck up for once I’m not even reading comments from anonymous names or no names. I just recognize some Joke i.d and walker pass. Okoye vs Enyeama only an idiot will even try to talk shi about the GOAT of African keepers. Okoye is a product of corruption to be No1 goalie of Nigeria football. Sending other talents that should be groomed to death.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Idiot….bloody born by mistake….na Enyeama no concede multiple goals when he was a 21 year old at Enyimba….? We still remember the number of goals he chop vs Ismaili o. I know you were still eating from dustbins those years so you never say those games….fool.

        Best goalkeeper in Eredivisie is product of corruption…LMAOOOoo..coming from the lips of a product of animals…..na you go use you 4 forex accounts money bribe them for Netherlands to name Okoye in their league team on the season….LMAOOOo. Enyeama wasnt even best goalkeeper in Nigerian league at the age of 21….LMAOOO. 2001 it was Etafia, 2002 it was Arugo Monkey, 2003 it was Sam Okoye. If no be corruption who was Enyeama when he first started in the SE….? As at year 2001/2002 he wasnt even first choice at Enyimba yet.

        Useless Idiot.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

          Dr. Drey are you minding the Molue driver in Kumasi who spend over $100 on gas every week?? The stupid Chimpanzee Samuel is no longer complaining about Rohr it is now Okoye he has a problem with. The people who voted him best goalie last year don’t know what they’re doing in the eyes of Lunatic fools

  • But why do we reason like this. Okoye is young for goodness sake. There was a time eyeama was young. Okoye will develop and he is developing. It was like that with enyeama, rufai, shorohimu etc..

    Let’s stop condemning everything just because rohr likes it. Let our criticisms be constructive..uzoho is good contender but his inactivity and the type of league he plays in is an issue. There is also the injury problem he had. I don’t even reckon with akpeyi – he has failed to take his chances.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Dont mind them…who knew Rufai in his early days in 1982 or thereabout in the green eagles…? The greatness of rufai that we know today, is it not the rufai of the 90s…? That’s after about 8 years in the national team. Who knew Shorunmu in his early days under westerhoff…..The shorumu we call great goalkeeper today, is it not the greatness of shorunmu of the 2000s…..That’s after about 8 years in and out of the SE too.

      Enyeama wasnt even given any chance when we were heading to Tunisia for the 2004 AFCON….journalists said we were going to AFCON without a goalkeeper…they said we should have recalled Murphy Akanji or gone with highflying Sam Okoye or Arugo monkey….only for the boy to emerge as 2004 AFCON goalkeeper of the tournament. Was it not around 2008/2009 Enyeama start growing from just being the usual goalkeeper to becoming a great goalkeeper…?

      They should let these boys be and let them grow. We stunted Uzoho’s growth just because of 1 blunder vs Seychelles….we threw away a golden opportunity to allow the boy develop further at Egypt 2019 because of our bad mouths…..now we want to turn on Okoye again, and the boy hasnt even committed any blunders yet…..because there is one supposed super keeper in Isreali league……LMAOOOoo…..Ngwa make the boy come na….make him sef come learn lesson…..LMAOOOoo. He easy to be SE goalkeeper na…make the boy come, na here he go meet the rest of the boys.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Starting from the match against England after Shoromu was dropped Enyeama has been excellent. That match we drew goaless and he did well plus every other match Enyeama keeps I am always confident not these panic clowns of late. You guys should have sense for once on this forum.

      • Oga, you just they talk to everybody anyhow, and na you no get sense in this discussion. You’ve been repeating the same thing over and over again, without looking into people’s points of view. You must be very intelligent.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

          Abdul gambo danland or clone u miss road abi? Berra fuck off the clowns I’m educating know themselves.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

          Abdul don’t mind the nonentity. As you can see he’s repeating the same stuff over and over again. That tells you how ridiculously stuck on stupid he is. Abeg help me ask the miserable moron who he’s educating?? Someone who needs serious help trying to educate others. Better go and educate your miserable lost generation first bloody scumbag.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Imbecile…So Enyeama became a great goalkeeper after 1 match….LMAOOOo.

        So what happened vs Malawi, Ethiopia, Brazil all in Abuja National stadium….or the friendly vs Venezuela in London or in CAF CL vs Ismaili in Ismailia…? Why where harmless balls falling from his hands unto the legs of opponents. The goal he conceded vs Angola in Luanda in the WCQ 2002 was it not worse compared to the one Okoye conceded vs CapeVerde……..LMAOOOoo. The freekick vs Angola in Kano that crept under his body into the net for Angola’s equalizer that eventually denied us a place at 2006 WC….was that one too “Excellent” goalkeeping. Please tell us how many clean sheets Enyeama had in his first 10 senior caps for Nigeria. I know you were still in your slum and couldnt afford a TV set to watch SE matches at that time so you cannot even remember those howlers….LMAOOooo.

        You get sense true true….LMAOOOO…no wonder you car dey consume 100L of petrol in less than a week….LMAOOooo

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago


        For dumb fools who were wearing rags and eating from dustbins in the early days of Enyeama as SE goalkeeper….here is one of his “excellent” performances in his 1st 1-2 years as SE goalkeeper….LMAOOOoo.

        This is even a worse goal to conceede compared to the one Okoye conceeded vs Capeverde than is making all of them to bite stubborn grass all over the place…..LMAOOOO.

        Wretched fool…!

        • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

          Thank you @Dr. Drey for your excellence as usual, the video above truly exonerated Okoye. The people blaming him have never been between the goalpost in their life but they know better than the coaches on GK’s best positioning.

          This is what we are talking, there has been no SE GK that became instantly excellent in their 1st 2 years as a regular, it takes time to build up the momentum and that is one of the reasons GK always get better and last longer with AGE. Even after becoming undisputed numero uno, there will still be some lapses here and then where fans will feel let down but will forgive easily and wave it aside as a bad day in the office thing.

          Please guys let’s rally around this guy, for now he is our best goalie who’s playing regularly in a reputable league in Europe and he can only grow better. Uzoho still remains his able deputy for now.

          I remember sometimes ago these regressives were all bashing GR and Alloy on why should they leave out GK Yakubu whom according to them was the best thing to happen to SE, forgetting that they were not present at the training to observe these GKs slugging it out at training hence cannot make any judgement on who gets picked amongst them……………..seeing his recent Howlers at club level now am sure they all agreed with the SE coaches.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

          Fool this is close range shot and can score anyone, you guys are dumbs I said keep looking for Enyeama shi and forget his brilliant world cup debut against England or other 99 plus matches. All ye masquerade coming out and mocking your idiot clownish selves.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

            Stupid asshole. It is the one conceded by Okoye that was played from the midfield or the other goalpost?? Bloody scumbag of the highest order. Go and remove him from Sparta starting 11 because he conceded 4 goals in the league bloody idiot. Molue driver Lmao!!

      • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

        @Chima E Samuels, it’s always better to get your facts right hen, Enyeama wasn’t that great until around 2009 at club level and 2010 AFCON where he only conceded 3 goals to Egypt and 1 goal to Ghana in all 6 matches played. Before then, the general confidence in him only grew gradually prior to that time.

        Enyeama had the Luxury of time to grow because we didn’t have any credible Europe based or Local competition for him, Aiyennugba was his Deputy during the Enyinba’s Golden era, Austin Ejide has never been convincing hence the Isreal based Enyeama Dominated during that Era and proved to be fully matured by the time he moved to France in 2011 and the rest is history. The 0:0 scoreline against England in 2002 was simply because it was a dead-rubber game for England who had already qualified before meeting Nigeria. So you can see that it usually takes about 6 to 8 years of being a regular National GK before gaining full maturity with enough confidence in Goal.

        In contrast to Okoye, at age 21, he is already a regular in a decent club in Netherlands, he cut his teeth in Germany and has made tremendous progress since he was first spotted by GR. At age 20, he kept a clean sheet against Almighty Brazil for more than 30 mins when Brazil was desperate for a winner, became the best GK in Eredivisie 2020/21 at age 22 and he hasn’t really fared badly in SE shirt IMO, I still strongly believe that the 4 goals conceded against SL was a conspiracy by the players to register their unhappiness about the Non-payment of their Bonuses

        • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

          Nobody is saying Maduka Okoye should become Gordon Banks or Pumpido overnight.

          We are just saying he should not be starting ahead of more experienced keepers yet.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

            Are the more experienced keepers better than him in all ramifications at the moment?? You’re the one that complain about Akpeyi and you need to remind us when last Uzoho kept goal at his club. Experienced ones my foot. Just say you have issues with Rohr. All this bla bla you and your cow Chima are saying is just looking for talk to talk.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

    No wonder you’ll both be comparing Moffi to Martins saying shi that Moffi is better than martins because of good feet. Listen well the weapon of mass destruction does not only posses far better feet and control but he is also explosive who scores difficult goals YouTube will give answers so let the observers go on YouTube and tell themselves the Truth instead of blindly following these clowns here. Because of your reasonings this forum seems like some set of low IQ populated group.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Idiot…you that has ZERO IQ, comparing a 21 year old Okoye who is just starting in the national team with a 28year old Enyeama who had already played in the national team for 8 years….who does that except an imbecile.

      And you think you have sense…??? LMAOOOO.

      If you had any IQ at all, you would have known it is extreme for a normal car to consume more than $100 petrol in less than a week of normal commuting before coming here to tell us fat lies……LMAOOOOoo. Ewu

      Sensible people compare apples to apples….they don’t compare apples to cassava. Anumanu.

      Compare a 21 year old Okoye to a 21 year old Enyeama if you have sense.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

      Chima the baboon. Mr Molue driver. The same Martins who’s Serie A Nigerian scoring record was canceled out by Simy who is not even a regular in the SuperEagles. The same Moffi equaled Ikpebas record in Ligue 1 that had stood since the 90s. Maybe you can compare Martins with the Prince of Monaco. I don’t know where you see me say he’s better than Martins idiot that’s because your level of reasoning is beclouded by useless cow brain in your head. Comparing doesn’t mean better and who says he can’t be better?? He’s got the potential same with Maduka. Miserable moron is here trying to be foolish. Agbero Molue driver. Lmao!!

  • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 2 weeks ago

    I think we are being overtly unfair to a 21 years old boy. Let’s be honest with ourselves for once.

    A 21 years old turning out for a top 7 League clubside in Europe should deserve our commendation and not condemnations. How many 21 years old outfiled players do Nigeria have in top 7 Leagues clubsides let alone goalkeepers??

    Even the almighty Italians known for producing world beaters between the sticks cant boast more than 2 or 3 gaolkeepers in the age range today.

    Okoye without an iota of doubt remains Nigeria’s numero uno between the sticks today.

    Infact he’s made history as the youngest Nigerian goalkeeper in history to start for a top 10 European clubside at the age of 20!

    The great Enyeama only made it to Lille in his mid 20s, Peter Rufai became first choice at Lokeren in Belgium at almost 30, Shorunmu made it to Besiktas (inferior League compared to the Eredivise) at about 27, Agbonbasket was at Rayo Valecano at almost 30, Alloy Agu kept for Mvv Mastritch at 28 yrs or so….I can go on and on

    Infact barring injuries which we all acknowledged Uzoho’s would have been the obvious choice given he remains the youngest Nigerian goalkeeper to debut for a top 4 European club in history. But injuries and inconsistent club career has clearly affected his career trajectory.

    Fact remains based on form and prestige (club and league), our best bet for now remains Okoye.

    Stay blessed forumites.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Alampasu was better than him we failed to develop him until he fizzled out, the chances uzoho was given was the reason he rose up to first division at dutch league. If Alampasu was given same chance he will go further. Why did you think Ajax rejected Okoye despite wining best keeper award? For us to be a wining team of gold we need to be honest in every position.

      I don’t hate Okoye at this stage of SE we need a world class goalie like Vincent and Dennis onyango, I don’t care about club but I care about talent when it comes to goalkeeping. Enyeama was young when he started our third match in the world cup against England and from that day it’s no looking back.

      Okoye against Brazil was good but started to nosedive after that match, I am sure the sierra Leone 4 goals I conceded them or 2goals against Ukraine I was conceded them? We need improvement not backwardness we will play bigger teams soon by then your brains will be formatted if there’s no wake up call instead of this media promoting shi no wonder Akpeyi and Ighalo news is still all over the place now they’ll hear call them.

      • In all honesty and truthfulness, Okoye was lucky against Brazil. There was this goal bound effort from Brazil that was already on its way to the net, if not for Semi Ajayi. Funny enough, Okoye didn’t even see the ball……It would have just been a goal, no two ways about it, if not for the man from West Brom.
        But as I argued earlier, Okoye has a few things going his way that could make him come good for the SE over time. But there are a lot of rooms for improvement for him

        • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

          So there was no goal bound effort that was blocked by Isaac Okoronkwo and Joseph Yobo in the game vs England right…?

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahahaha….Alampasu was better than him…..LMAOOOO but he cant even tie down 20 league appearances in 8 years…..LMAOOooo. Are you still talking of the Alampasu of U17 world cup of 2013 in the year 2021….LMAOOOO……you must be an idiot. Tell your alampasu to still be carrying his U17 golden gloves about o….dont tell him to go and settle down and have a decent club career….LMAOOoo

        Was Alampasu not in Keshi’s team to CHAN 2014…? Was Alampasu not part of Sunday Oliseh’s team…? Was it not the same 30 mins or there about Rohr gave Maduka that he gave Alampasu in a friendly game in 2017 too….why didnt Alampasu go on to rise to First division afterwards…..LMAOOOo….Have we not helped Alampasu enough…..Bloody Imbecile.

        Alampasu couldnt tie down a first team shirt in lowly Latvia and is now clubless at the age of 25…….but he is better than the best goalkeeper in the dutch league….that’s the extent of your stupidity.

        Maduka played less than 30 mins vs Brazil, and quit his club for another club that was ready to help him grow…..he grew from Sparta B in the dutch 3rd division to Sparta A team to club No 1 before getting another chance in the SE….it wasnt Rohr that developed in from dutch 3rd division goalkeeper to Eredivisie goalkeeper of the season…the boy WORKED HARD…..QED.

        Stop being a filthy liar….Ajax did not reject Okoye….Sparta Rotterdam wasn’t simply willing to sell him anything less than 10m and ajax wasnt willing to pay that amount.

        Empty brained arrogant fool needs a world class goalie like a Vincent Enyeama of 2010 but has forgotten that there was a Vincent Enyeama of 2002-2009 before the one of 2010 emerged. Please tell us the Nigerian goalkeeper that is available now that is as good as the Enyeama of 2010. Empty brain…!

        Enyeama was good vs in a dead rubber game vs England but was calamity for 2 years afterwards. He was given time to grow. He wasnt world class over night. We game him time to grow because we knew he was young and will still serve us for years to come. The likes of Ejiogu and Sam Okoye were miles ahead of him…yet he was allowed to grow. Rotimi Sunday was even already in Israel b4 Enyeama…we had Murphy Akanji in Malta, we had Ndubuisi Egbo in Egypt or whereever (experienced goalies)….but we still tolerated Enyeama and his howlers….we tolerated his misjudging crosses….we tolerated his slippery gloves because we knew we will reap the benefits of our tolerance in due time. If it was by merit and if Christian Chukwu and goalkeeper coach Amusa Adisa wasnt patient at that time, do you even think Enyeama would have remained in the SE…? Nonsense.

        Uzoho is not good….Okoye is not good. It is 36 year old Onyango you want….Idiot…! As if Onyango was a great goalkeeper when he was 21 years old. He jumped ages 21-30 to become a great goalkeeper at 36…..LMAOOooo

        You dont even know what to say again that you are now beginning to type rubbish. Mumu. Imbecile. Comparing 21 year old goalkeepers to 30 year olds…..LMAOOO.

  • Mr Hush 2 weeks ago

    We all know the goal keeping position is one that needs time in developing;Goal keepers mostly get better with age ( age in terms of experience rather than numbers).
    Though there are exceptions eg. Casias,Donnaruma etc.; the older in the trade ,the better the keeper.

    It is quite unfortunate at present, most of our goal keepers are quite young and just starting their trade in the game. The only exception, Akpeyi (as regards age in both number and experience ), doesn’t exhume confidence.

    With what we have available based on game experience and precedence; I would go for Okoye .
    Yes. He still have a lot to learn but knowledge is a continuous process, more so the goal keeping position.
    For me, he has all the attributes to develop to a fine goalkeeper and he is in the right environment, clubside , to develop even further; likewise Uzoho.
    So let’s see how it goes, hopefully , positively.

  • Lol some people no the understand English on Monday…
    Dr Drey is making a valid point..

    He is not trying to compare Okoye to Enyema..
    All he is saying is that the young man needs time to develop…

    But since Nigerians love comparison, I think it’s wise to compare a 21 years old Okoye to a 21 years old Enyema… Simple..

    instead of unnecessary arguments you can do well to engage your GOOGLE….

    lol at this point, if you don’t understand you need help…

  • Emmanuel 2 weeks ago

    Am so damn sure Jimmyball,Chima and Omo9ja are one and the same.You can see from their write ups the level of their stunted reasoning.No way can they deny it.

    Am sure Jimmyball must be more Inteligent than the Dutch football authorities to have awarded Okoye best keeper in the league last season.Because Jimmyball managed to watch the highlight where Okoye conceded 4goals,he jumped at it to condemn him.But I was magnanimous to have shared the facts of the full match with him where Okoye made 4daring saves, yet the sadist made it a ringing tone.

    It is Foolhardy to think a keeper is bad just because he did not do well the other day.If that is the case then David De Gea don’t have any reason to still be with Man United.Am sure even Eyeaman will be laughing at u guys stupidity for your very dumb analysis on Okoye.

    Anyways I know you have suddenly picked on Okoye’ s subject because there is nothing to say or condemn on Rohr this time,as he chartterd your expectations and hung your heart for the fishes to feed on.Otherwise, is it suppose to be an issue that a goal keeper who in spite of his young age has established himself in Holland but should be crucified cos he made a mistake?.For your information mistake is part of the game and great Coaches across the world will take you they don’t have a problem with it as they will over grow it.
    Jimmy and CHIMA, pls re-appraise your analytical mind and refurbish it,so it can reason soundly.

    • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

      Who is this one Emmanuel again… Go and watch EMMANUEL TV where miracles are constant and leave elders here.

      Even @Dr.Drey and @Ayphillydegreat know to always weigh their counters properly before poking me here.

      I have always stand for truth, merit and fairness here. I am not one to see red and call it black. If you know you started watching football before 1984, you can discuss with me, if not check yourself well before you lay banana peels for yourself.

      I have been around a while than most Messi and Cristiano football generation here. I played the game myself to a very mature level, I have eaten money from football so if I watch a player make two touches with the ball and I pass a judgement on such a player go to saturn and comeback it is on point with those wey know.

      If a goalkeeper continues to panick with inswingers, pullouts and cutbacks close to his goal with fright and confusion it is obvious such a goalie needs more maturity and time away from thick of crunchy games to build his confidence… Let’s hope Alloy Agu and Oga Rohr who pronounced Maduka number 1,even before the boy catch any better ball know what they are doing.

      Meanwhile @Dr.Drey… how far with brother Victor Nosa Ikpeba missing caps? Guy… I have given you too much time for that feedback o… walahi if in two weeks you don’t come up with the complete caps… just lose yourself here otherwise I will sweat you again… hahahaha.

      My people… How everyone the do? MADUKA OKOYE shouldnt be number 1 yet… but since he is preferred by those that call the shots… We will be here watching and praying for the lad. He has a large room still to improve but yes… he is on track. I don’t want to believe Rohr is deliberately not keen to involve men like Ejaria and Lookman because they will retire some people… Lol.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      @emmauel is a clone of drey trying to have a name or Ayphiwilly willy. Crazy niggas saying trash when it’s obvious they have been brainwashed by coach Rohr and Pinnick.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

        Miserable nincompoop. I’m sure your life has continued to be miserable since last Tuesday cow brain Lmao!! You and your clan are expecting to go gong ho if we had played a draw, but the gaffer has shut your miserable mouth that’s why it is now Okoye you can cry about despite nothing malicious from the young goaltender. Worthless internet scammer living a miserable luxury life inside a Molue in Kumasi Lmao!!

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahahaha….He is indeed. I’ll be happy its characters like Emmanuel who are considered as my clone….LMAOOo.

        Its way better than having filthy liars whose car consumes more than 100L petrol in less than a week as my clone.

        Idiot is even confused….how can 1 person be 2 people’s clones at the same time. Thats how mentally deranged you are chima eberibe samuel.


  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago


    Another “excellent” goalkeeping back then from a 22 year old Vincent

    • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

      That Nigeria forward for Etoile du Sahel is suppose to play enough caps for Nigeria but in the usual tradition of shutting the national team to some players just because they play on the continent… that guy was perpetually ignored and really never had the honour of representing Nigeria Super Eagles… a worthy attacker!

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Ogochukuwu Obiakor that refused to report to Nigeria U23 camp because he was eyeing Tunisian national team…?

        A player who only lasted 2 years at Etoile at the peak of his powers should have been in the SE ahead of Agali, Aiyegbeni or Martins…? Do you know what you are saying at all…? LMAOOOoo

        • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

          Are you really talking about Yakubu Aiyegbeni that exited national team with FIFA award for the greatest World Cup Muss… Lol.

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Yes, I’m talking about yakubu aiyegbeni the highest scoring Nigerian in the EPL and the 3rd highest scorer of all time for the SE. Not some nonentity who barely managed 2 seasons in etoile du sahel of Tunisia at the PEAK of his powers

        • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

          You too like to insult players and these same individuals fit feed you… It’s easy to be internet big boy Sha… Show your face make we see you fear no let you and na your mouth sharp pass… Person wey play reach Etoile du Sahel wey no club for Nigeria reach naim you the insult. You need help… bro. For your small mind person wey
          no play football for Europe no join. This Europe
          wey only begin truly integrate black players in numbers for their football only around mid 90s including giving opportunities and taking interest
          in African players… Go sidon abeg Zeus!

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Hahahaha…the ones you have been insulting all these while you fit feed them abi….lmao. Or because you recently got you first decent source of living since you were trafficked to Europe, you think everyone else is/was a scavenger and a squalor squatter like you…?

            Why e still dey pain you say you nor fit lay hands on my personal info…LMAO….every acknowledgment of Dr.drey pains you to your marrows.

            Person way reach EPL even become no 3 for all time scorer for Nigeria naim you wey nor play pass jeun Jeun football on the sharp sands beside river Benue dey open lying mouth insult too….?

            Bloody hypocrite. Always seeing the spec of wood dust in other people’s eyes before the iroko tree growing in his own eyes….lmaoooo.

            People wey play reach Europe carry 4 legs play their own football abi…..LMAO.

            You Ogochukwu Obiakor good reach naim he last only 2 seasons before moving to Algerian League…..? LMAOOOO.

            Europe only begin integrate black players in the 90s yen yen yen….. LMAOOOO…na for 1970s Obiakor play in own football abi…. Lmaoooo. The ones wey Europe integrate carry iron rod inside their legs… LMAOOOO.

            Better shut up your mouth and go play your video games if you don’t have any sensible things to say…and let people who have sensible things to contribute hae their say

            Because apparently you are just looking for whatabouries to help you itchy lips…. Lmaoooo. The tables of this discourse is beginning to turn against you and your liar of a twin Chima is beginning to frustrate you badly as usual…. LMAOOOO

            Europe only begin “integrate” black players in 90s yen yen yen yen….. LMAOOOO. The ones wey dem don come integrate thus far get 7 heads and 10horns like Lucifer your master…..LMAaooo


        • Dr Drey Yakubu Ayegbeni cancelled any good work he did for Nigeria by collecting bribe to throw the Game against Greece away.. Fuck Yakubu Ayegbeni.. That is Why I said Dr Drey is not Nigerian you are from Republic of Benin or Togo.. Any die hard Super Eagles Supporter has not forgiven Yakubu just yet it is not in CSN that we will do so if we haven’t for over 11 years. SO this is CSN favourite Commentor abi a person, Who rubbishes Okocha, Kanu, Mikel Obi and Vicent Enyeama and heaps praise on Musa and puts Okoye on enyeama Level showing us video’s of Enyeama a player that achieved more at lille in his first 3 years as a goalie than his god Musa will ever in his entire club career. @Dr Drey you too get time to clone yourself because all these likes you get are either from Illiterates like you or mediocres who get thier so called yeye footballing Knowledge from the crap alot of people spew here. some Peoples favourite on CSN @Dr Drey hate our legends: Okocha,Kanu and Enyeama, be littles all our ex players that comment legends or not. but exonarates a Fucking fool that buys his way into the team now MUSA.

          Why didn’t you show this video of Enyeam BASTARD:::


          • And if your point is that you feel that vido depicts a young Enyeama also made mistakes but was given time to grow and Develope right Much like Maduka Okoye Needs now right?.. But yet you are in support of a Aged slow Musa retaining his place in the team, even if that is causing hinderance to some younger players growth whom would benefit from and need the exposure at AFCON 2022 and World Cup 2022 more than Musa.. Musa has had 2 and couldn’t do much bar 1 good performance per tournament Argentina 2014 and Iceland 2018 but faded the rest of the games both.

            I have come to conclude that @Dr Drey argues blindly to prove a point but forgets that all the time when he does prove a “so called” point he contradicts an earlier “so called” point he hopelessly tried to prove. like my above e.g.

            @Dr Drey you nor get sense. only illiterates or yourself (with clone accounts) are liking and seeing any sense in your counter productive reasoning and comments

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago


    More “excellent” goalkeeping from the world class 21 year old Vincent “In his time”

    I wish I can lay hands on other videos of his many blunders which I still vividly remember in his 1st 2 years as SE goalkeeper back then.

    If we had cut his head off with an axe then the way some racists want to do to Okoye now (and the way they did to Uzoho after Seychelles and before 2019 AFCON), maybe we wouldnt have had our world class Enyeama from 2009 upwards.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Ive not even seen Okoye concede any goals worse than those in the clips above yet o….LMAOOOoo.

      If Enyeama could rise above those teething goalkeeping errors to become what he ended up becoming in a SE shirt, I am 100% confident that Okoye will find his feet even before his 20th cap.

      Okoye shouldnt even DARE concede the type of goals Shorunmu conceded in 2000 AFCON final…….that one some people will even go as far as reporting the poor kid to arusi Abakaliki

    • Again This is Brazil and they are way more quality than Cape Verde.. Dr Drey stop this shit stop fooling your illiterates fans on this forum your reasoning and examples have no validation because as we all know football has levels and Denilson, Ronaldinho , Rivaldo all these guys are light years and Moons away in quality compared to an Island Cape Verde.. Dr DRey are you normal because you are really beginning to piss people off like me who understand the dynamics of football something you clearly fucking lack. this 4- 0 game in Abuja I watched live the whole team Played poorly you fucking Idiot.

      • again Dr Drey to prove my statement against how you contradict yourself down the line when you try to prove your “So Called” points…

        You are here showing us a video of a poor performance by Enyeama agaisnt A Whole Star Studdded Brazil in the early 2000s that, were either Reigning World champions or were about to be at the time and had a very strong team why, didn’t you point out that Yakubu (THE FUCKING SELL OUT SNITCH) played that game and was hopeless . but you also praised him now… (so I am confused) because surely like Enyeama he should be judged right or not?

        But you still turn around at every opportunity to condemn Francis Uzoho until today forgetting how well he performed against Brazil with Neymar, Jesus, Couthinio, Ferminio in that friendly we played not so long ago and drew but you have sworn he is not good enough to Play for Nigeria and Alloy Agu is a Tribal Biggot for selecting him. but to prove a point you show me a glimpse of sentimental biased way of reasoning by supporting ( Okoye/Enyeama ) and not supporting (Uzoho) the same situation only when it suits your argument hence I say you are a lunatic and a childish one at that.

        Now Dr Fuck head does this reaosning of yours sound balanced. and some people here (hence I say they are illiterate) say you talk sense. Man I am really tired of you seriously. and your cloned accounts making you look sensible yet sense you nor get 1 kobo.

  • Emmanuel 2 weeks ago

    An elder who cannot apply good analytical reasoning in simple argument is for sure still fooling around.You obviously have not exhibited a synthilla of sign to show that you have elder played the ball or have been watching for such a long time.

    This forum is very liberal,but yet is a ground for intellectually matured people.People who will come out with facts to buttress their point. Such people as Deos,Aphylydegreat, Dr Drey and my humble self and so many reapected others.You should not still be talking after Drey shot your bewitched mouth with the videos of excellent Enyeama in his young age.At that age he was still in the local league and at the same age Okoye is playing in Europe.

    It saddens my heart though, that we have to start making this kind of comparism between 2 of Nigeria illustrious sons.Eyeama with deepest respect to him was world class and served this Country with diligence and dignity.But no thanks to some good for nothing wicked curators who sees nothing in others but condemnation.The other day it is Rohr not making the right selection, but the old man silenced them by having 2 wins in 2 in spite of the difficult situation.Rather than just rest and gather some weight from the lost of appetite they have crawled out from their wicked places with Okoye’s topic.

    You said you always stand for the truth?How,when!!! Pls show us how many truth you have said since the inception of this forum?.If you are not careful I will exhume all your lies and how you have consistently stated false hood.

    Ex international my foot.Show us your track record.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

      Thank you @Emmanuel you’re highly appreciated. Their main issue is with Rohr, but since the gaffer have put their mouths in the coven it is the players they have issues with now Lmao!! They’re the same people that will tell us that if the team wins it is because of the players and not the coaches tactics Lmao!!! They have no draw results to celebrate again it is now Okoye who infuriates them. JimmyBall and his cow Chima. They will always meet us for here.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      @drey coming as Emmanuel keep fooling yourselves who dey buy shit? You guys will surely run mad about the truth and zero tolerance to false management coming from some few of us on here. Keep eating your disgrace together and thinking this is the best Nigeria deserves. Monkies!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

        Chimpanzee Chima. Brainless monkey. It is you that will continue bitting trees because Okoye is here to stay. You are the one that will drive that your Molue into the Lagoon because Okoye will continue to man the post for the SuperEagles as long he remains relevant for his club. Go and eat rat poison because of Okoye bloody scumbag nincompoop of the highest order.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahahaa….who is sounding like a mad man now…..LMAOOOo. I wish I can come back as Emmanuel. At least he is more sensible than you and your kindred put together.

        Your secret is beginning to come out gradually…..Born-fool its not by force to comment in English….If English is challenging you this much comment in your native language…..LMAOOOo. See incoherent nonsense wey person father vomit for public…..LMAOOooo

        Idiot is becoming frustrated because he is starting to bite the dust. If I didnt know better I would say you and jimmylie were conjoined by the waist at birth…..LMAOOOooo

  • Chairmanfemi 2 weeks ago

    Bitter truth remains UZOHO should be starting SE games ahead Okoye. The boy is growing, this and that, Are we saying the Super Eagle goal post is a place for Experiment?? How long do we have to watch Okoye concede cheap goals? The only blunder Uzoho has made since he started playing for us is against Seychelles. We can all agree the rest, he has been top notch. With him in goal, we would have reached AFCON final. We don’t have to wait till Okoye cost us big. Let the boy sit back and learn as our No. 2 goalie not First Choice. My humble opinion

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      But its still you fans who called for Uzoho’s head after the matches vs Libya away and vs Seychelles at home. Thank God CSN doesnt delete comments. Comments by most people who want to kill Okoye now are all over the place, including when they were clamoring for this same Okoye when Rohr still felt he should still be on the bench and understudy the “experienced” ones.

      Honestly I am getting happy now seeing many people calling for Uzoho once again. Just as I am standing up for Okoye now I stood up for uzoho back then when he was being roasted because of just a few mistakes, but I was attacked and termed valiant. Now the chickens have come home to roost…..LMAOOOOoo.

      Okoye stays o. The same Experiment we did with Uzoho that is making y’all clamour for him now is the same Experiment we will do with Okoye. I dont know how people just dont understand that every young goalkeeper needs as many games as possible under his belt to learn and re-learn. Uzoho should even try to fisrt tie down a 1st team shirt in his club now sef. I dont see a becnhwarmer manning the SE goalposts anytime soon.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Femi leave this he-goats ranting shi and sharing rubbish videos that I can not even see errors just disturbing my eyes with nonsense invalid points when we all know Enyeama from the day one as the best until his exit from national team. Mumu is showing me eyimba champions league that defenders left striker to power header. Drey and Ayphilly are he-goats always looking for talk mate but I no get their time.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

        Chimpanzee Danfo driver. How can you see it?? You that was eating from dustbins at the time. How can you afford a TV at the time? Ashole who is still watching matches from a viewing center in Kumasi Lmao!! Bloody nonentity the defender left the striker to power header, but the defenders didn’t leave striker to power header when they eventually won the cup with Aiyenugba in between the post. Useless anumanu onye ara lunatic of the highest order. Your problem is beyond you bloody bigot.

        • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

          Hahahahaha….are you still talking to this mad idiot who was the only Nigeria who saw Awaziem at fault for the goal Cape Verde scored….??? LMAOOOo

          Idiot cannot see any mistakes in all the above clips….LMAOOO. Those are all examples of Excellent Goalkeeping that we should be using to teach young goalkeepers in academies…..LMAOOOo.

          Enyeama was EXCELLENT from day one in SE, that was why he was always flapping at aerial balls, misjudging crosses and spilling harmless shots back then. Anumanu

          When we say some people are stupid….it is not an insult, it is a compliment. Because they are worse than stupidity itself.

    • Chairmanfemi 2 weeks ago

      Have not been a fan of falling 100 cent for someone’s else’s comment be it Drey or anybody. Your write up is impressive…Good. I give mine as well if I have any and move on with life. So as for Drey or anybody looking for foe or followers. Am not in for that.

      My point remains my point. If you can get the site where we all made comments after Seychelles game and post here let’s see if I made any comment as regards casting Uzoho as our No. 1. I can boldly say am not one of the people you’re talking about cuz that could happen to any goalie and that was just his first unlike my good friend Okoye that has made loads within a short time of Manning the goal for Nigeria.

      Let’s tell ourselves the truth guys. All this club as point is invalid for me. Okoye should just thank his stars he was born abroad. I saw someone comparing Enyeama club vs Okoye club at 21.. it’s senseless for me. Why? Because we know being born in Nigeria alone is a Minus 1 if not for God’s grace. Okoye was born abroad hence his rapid rise in football and finding himself in a good club. Not until he even made his debut against Nigeria before he could leave a Division 4 clubside. So many Average ballers playing in the EFL in England presently… I do watch the League. I tell you they are just lucky to be born in England, compare what some EFL players play to raw talents on the streets of Nigeria still hopeless about finding a good academy sef. That speaks volume. So Uzoho clubside shouldn’t even be used as a determinant here.

      We’re talking about someone with a World Cup experience and we can all agree he never fumbled for once in the Big stage for that matter. Watch Uzoho again Vs Tunisia, Brazil and Ukraine…Class! that alone cement his place as our No.1. Had it been Okoye at the World Cup, Vs. Ukraine, AFCON and Brazil(the Big test was when Uzoho was still on), I bet you we would have conceded badly in all of them.

      Am not bad-mouthing Okoye here. The boy has the potentials of a good keeper and has age on his side. But what am saying is, He still has a lot to learn. He should do that by gaining much confidence in his clubside. Sit and watch Uzoho on the bench in the Super EAGLES. Then with time he should be tested in inconsequential matches. Playing Okoye in all our World Cup qualifiers especially when we meet the Big guys in the next stage and upcoming AFCON is very risky and might cost us big! We don’t have to wait till the time he will cost us Big like Akpeyi did at AFCON then people will really come out for him calling for his young head. That’s am saying.


      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hehehehehe….Okoye is in Sparta Rotterdam at 21 “because he was born aboard” What a flippant excuse….LMAOOoo. The goalkeepers Okoye met in Sparta, both in the B team and subsequently in the A team, were not born in Europe too, they must have been born in Ambazonia…..that was why Okoye displaced them all within a season. LMAOOooo.

        So Uzoho too was born Abroad right…? Yakubu was born abroad. Adeleye was born abroad. Alampasu was born abroad. Seydou Sy was born abroad. Idris Kameni was born abroad…? LMAOOooo.

        Cant you see all Nigerian kids born abroad are all playing for the biggest clubs in Europe simply because they were born in Europe…and not because they have talents to do so or work their asses off daily…? So when Enyeama eventually got a club abroad was it because he was born abroad or because he had proven he had the talent to play as a goalie abroad…? The way some of you always want to replace hardwork with racial or geographical sentiments sometimes is laughable. So when Okoye was named Eredivisie goalkeeper of the year, was it also simply because he was born abroad…?

        There’s no need for any further back and forth. The coaches have made their choice and will be held responsible for it. 5 clean sheets in 9 matches speaks volume. There is still no goal Okoye has conceded till date that anyone can call unpardonable or that anyone can claim he hasnt seen the greatest of goalkeepers conceded in similar fashion.

        There is no need expending scare energy any further, all these talk of Uzoho returning as no 1 will only be valid if he can snatch the no 1 shirt in his new club. If he does that, he stands a chance. If he doesnt then all these talk will amount to nothing at the end of the day. Lets pray Uzoho can rise to the occasion in these 4 months leading to AFCON.

        We forgot he had world cup experience before, when we started calling for his head because of just 2 or 3 matches where he wasnt his best. Next time before we call for the head of a goalkeeper, we will think twice about it that it might take years for us to see him back in the goal posts.

  • OmoEsan 2 weeks ago

    From my perspective Rohr & Alloy Agu have done a great job in the goal keeping department. This is a department that was in deep crisis during the early days of Rohr due to the sudden retirements of Enyeama and Ikeme ,thanks to Sunday Oliseh’s human management skills and illness on Carl Ikeme’s path.

    How many of us here knew Uzoho before Rohr brought him to SE & who amongst us knew Okoye until Rohr’s scouting team found him out. Both young lads have so far not disappointed , but of course there’s massive room for improvement for both.

    I can’t but salute Rohr’s competence in this regard , cuz no matter the pressure from the glass house and the media, he takes the right decisions and sticks with them. Bring any young goal keeper to the SE today, he will still go through the growth process that Uzoho and Okoye are currently going through , so there’s no need going back to square one and duplicating effort. Let’s allow Rohr and Agu continue their great jobs with these guys and long after Rohr is gone, we will still enjoy their services, hopefully as world class goalkeepers of their time.

    Okoye has shown tremendous improvement within a short period and his exposure to decent opposition in a decent league like the Eredivisie is one that no Nigerian coach will wish away, so Rohr’s choice of Okoye as number one is quite understandable. Cyprus, Israel, Latvia, Slovenia, South Africa or NPFL will not give you such exposure to decent opposition. What we’re seeing here is the typical Genert Rohr selecting whom he feels is the best in every position, so let’s cut him some slack please.

    Dear Dr Drey, I can’t thank you enough for the way and manner you did justice to this issue (in your usual manner), please leave the naysayers to their folly , cuz sooner or later they will discover the truth. If I had my way, Dr Drey will head the technical department in that glass house and trust me this statement isn’t meant to flatter you, it is what it is.

    My kind regards to all forumites.

    • Damilola 2 weeks ago

      Nonsense the goalkeeping department of today is the worst no wonder we loose matches to big teams and win or draw against baby teams. Dr. Drey is just bent on making blind argument most times and you all follow blindly most especially the gullible readers.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

        God bless Damilola I end my case here I won’t continue wasting my time with these clowns and their clone names.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hehehehehe…..the goalkeeping department today is the worst….the coach today is the worst….the team today is the worst…..yet they are about to qualify for their 4th consecutive tournament with games to spare…..LMAOOoo….despite being owed bonuses for 2 YEARS. What your best goalkeeping departments of yore could hardly do without sending those of us with BP issues on early visits to our doctors…..LMAOOOooo

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

          Hahahaha. What else do you expect from Kenneth/Ade/Chinedu? Did you see those names on the forum recently?? He has to come up with a different name to feel relevant. Big time Mumu Lmao!! Keep deceiving yourself Rohr has put y’all in a shithole since Tuesday. He think we don’t know his type dumb miserable monkeys.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Well said Omoesan, you aced it with this statement “…Bring any young goal keeper to the SE today, he will still go through the growth process that Uzoho and Okoye are currently going through , so there’s no need going back to square one and duplicating effort…”

      Those who have truly been around for long (not those whose uncles were hotwiring LNBs in 1995 to watch French league in 1993) know the trend of the performance curve of young goalies in the SE. Till today many still believe we would have won 1984 AFCON had Onigbide gone with a “better” goalie. The goalie who wasnt “better” then is the now legendary Peter Rufai. Ike shorunmu was neither here nor there when Westerhoff brought him into the national team in 1992….it forced westerhof to reluctantly recall Rufai whom he had exiled from the national team for long due to what he termed irreconcilable differences. Shorunmu till today remains a legend of FC Grasshopers in Switzerland. Wilfred Agbonavbare earned the nickname “Agbona-basket” in his early days too….same Agbonibasket was in goal for the most part of our successful 1st ever qualification for the world cup and has a part of Rayo Vallencano stadium in his name till date.

      The clips above are just a tip of the iceberg when talking about Enyeama’s bloopers in his early days as SE goalkeeper. I wish I could lay my hands on more, so that all these Nitendo generation people can shut up and let us have peace. The same Enyeama ranks today as one of the greatest…if not the greatest goalkeeper out of this continent.

      People want to reap in joy but dont want to sow in tears….that’s the common attribute of people of this generation. They want a world class 30 year old Enyeama-esque goalkeeper but do not want to give 21 year olds enough time to learn and unlearn. The truth remains that Rohr’s hands were tied to drop Uzoho just because of 2 or 3 games. After stunting the boy’s growth for 2 years now, they now want to go back to him and stunt the growth of another 21 year old who has 5 clean sheets in his 1st 9 caps and hasnt even committed any goalkeeping blunders yet that one can say is unpardonable.

      We will all have to wait and see if Francis can tie down a shirt in Omonia first, because the Brazilian goalkeeper who didnt allow him have the no 1 shirt before, that made him to run to their cross town rivals APOEL is still there o. And with AFCON less than 4 months away we will NEVER take a benchwarming goalkeeper to AFCON as no 1 ahead of an Eredivisie no 1…..sam sam.

      And if it is Adeleye Adebayo in isreal that people have seen and now want to cut Okoye into piece for, let him come…LMAOooo….let him come and learn lessons at international level….LMAOOoo. In eye go clear say international football and 2nd division for Israel nor be same thing…especially in africa where african footballers can take a shot at goal even from near the corner flag. The koboko wey these hooligans use flog the older wives (Akpeyi, Ezenwa, Uzoho, Okoye) still dey for roof. But as you said….Bring any young goal keeper to the SE today, he will still go through the growth process that Uzoho and Okoye are currently going through , so there’s no need going back to square one and duplicating effort.

      And as per your Technical Department recommendations…..LMAOOOoo….Thanks but no thanks. I wouldn’t touch it with a long spoon. Its a glorified errand boy position. All the previous Technical Directors what have they achieved…Nothing….because its just an empty office…..there’s nothing to work with there. The only office that functions in the NFF is that of Pinnick….he’s the marketer, the HR, the chief scout, the opposition scout, the PR manager, Logistics manager, stadium manager, the CEO, the everything. All the rests are just figure heads occupying space. That is why the FA cannot function today if pinnick is not available

  • I still maintain that the GK department under Alloy & Rohr is the most inconsistent I have ever witnessed.
    I have watched with disdain how this department has continued to limit invitation of GKs to the same set of GKs.
    Okoye & Uzoho were given opportunities at times when they were not even starters in their teams.
    At a certain time, Yakubu, Alampasu,and Osigwe were doing well in their respective cubsides but they were not given minutes in friendly matches.
    Alloy Agu has continued to favor GKs from his tribes at the expense of others .
    What is the rationale for inviting GKs ?
    If it is on current form, then Adeleye who has continued to shone like a star should have been invited ahead of a GK that is yet to play a single match this season.
    Okoye is not a bad GK but he needs serious competition to make him grow..
    The most inform SE players at each position should always be considered for SE.
    Inactive players should never be considered ahead of active ones.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Yakubu – 2nd choice at Sered by the end of the season.
      Alampasu – 3rd choice at Ventspils by the end of the season.
      Osigwe – 2nd choice at Lugano by the end of the season.

      Uzoho – 1st choice at APOEL by the end of the season.
      Okoye – 1st choice at Sparta by the end of the season and Eredivisie goalkeeper of the year.
      Akpeyi – Recovered from injury to reclaim 1st choice spot by the end of the season and best GK in CAF CL.

      The end they say justifies the means. Rohr and Agu were justified.

      I dont know (club or international football) where ‘most inform ignoramuses’ have ever seen goalkeepers chopped and changed like diapers every matchday in the name of competition….LMAOOoo. 6 different goalkeepers should have manned the SE goalposts in the space of 1 international calendar year…..LMAOOOoo…..that how competition is created…..LMAOOooo

      Once again the end justifies the means…… Next chapter please……LMAOOOOOOoo

      • There is no need to twist my opinion. Current form is completely different from the end of the season. When these guys were playing regularly, your demi-god did not give them a chance.
        Absolutely, the end justifies the means.
        By the end of January, it will be clear to everyone.

        • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

          Hahahahaha……LMAOOOo….now their opinions are being twisted…..LMAOOOo….. When facts and realities tie up their tongues, they claim their opinions are being twisted….LMAOOOo. Nobody is twisting your opinion….LMAOOoo…they’ve just been shot dead on arrival and now you are trying to duck your way out of your nonsensicality……LMAOOooo

          “…When these guys were playing regularly…” LMAOoooo…so what now happened along the way….LMAOOoo. Fuel finish for road…? They must have been riding in Chima’s car that drinks 100L of petrol in less than a week….LMAOOooo.

          The Demi-god invited all of them to camp when all the guys were playing regularly and he saw all of them firsthand and they were not a tad better than the ones we’ve been grooming all these while….LMAOOoo. Ok…thanks for coming, Go back maintain status quo in your clubs, you will be called up as time goes on.

          They all went back to their clubs and the technical crew were justified in the end….LMAOOOoo. Form is temporary, class is permanent. National team football isnt for trialists “who were playing regularly”…..LMAOOOO….It is for trialists who ARE and have to continue playing regularly. If you are hoping to break into the national team, just like a new businessman wanting to break into a new market where there are lots of competing products, you need to be CONSISTENT…..LMAOOoo. Its common sense…LMAOooo.

          A bird in hand is always worth more than 3 in the bush, especially when the ones in the bush are not bigger than the one in hand. Its common sense once again

          Consistency is what makes a man. Consistency is what makes internantionals….no international coach will throw away consistency for short-term wonders. Season form over current form anyday anytime. Whatever you have done in the 1st half of the season will be forgotten if you dont replicate it in the 2nd half….that’s professional soccer for you…..LMAOOooo

          The ones who were good for competition went back to become benchwarmers in their clubs….the ones who werent good enough for competition went back to their clubs to tie down no 1 shirts and win accolades by the end of the season.

          The end justified the means…..LMAOOOo

          Next chapter please…..LMAOooo

      • Dr.Drey with gun blazing for two weeks long. Bullet no dey finish ni? I’m enjoying this oh… Actor no dey die for film and that’s how we have grown up to understand life.

        Do I say more grease to your fingers and more wisdom overflow to you. All these zombies wey no wan die will continue to meet their nemesis in your spirit soul and body.

        Again I wish one of them will label me as ‘a Dr.Drey clone’, Brotherly, to be a clone of Dr.Drey in this platform is worth a gold medal oh.

        I lost count of how many times they changed the topic still, you are giving them GBAS GBOS, 3-1-1-2 combination with uppercut finishing, now you have ‘gunned these unknown men’ with 6 nuzzled guns (special for the 6 evil anti-Rohr Heads of Department) packed with unlimited bullets… I enjoyed the way you naked the JIMMY-Ninetendofoot-BALL Head of Dept.

        Dr.Drey when will you even request backup? Oh, I forgot… na you be the backup file code. If only they knew what they are up against, Baba you no be Doctor for mouth, you are the vaccine they need.

  • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

    What an elderly man seen when sitting on the ground, if young men climbed the tallest tree in the world, they can never seen a bit of it.

    Nonetheless, we don’t need to argue on this issue.

    It is very clear now.

    Let me break it down for those who believe they know it all but unfortunately, they know nothing or having ideas of what they talking about.

    No1. Who was coach Agu during is playing days?

    A world class goalie or an average goalie?

    Is he qualify to be the Super Eagles goalkeeper trainer?

    Since we can answer the questions by ourselves, I don’t need to go further on that.

    Point no2. How good is Oga Rohr when talking about coaching job?

    Apart from man management that keeping his team together over the five years, what other skills can we add to his skills?

    Is he an average coach or a world class coach we can rely on?

    What was his achievements in other African countries before Nigeria?

    I am not here bringing anybody down and I’m not here to lie or to deceive anyone but I am here because Nigeria/Super Eagles and I am here to call a spade a spade Shikena.

    Now, let me put all these questions together so that it can make sense to everyone of us.

    Why Super Eagles goalkeeping department have been shaky all this while?

    Are we less in qualities in terms of goalies?

    However, there’s no confusion about this kę.

    I will score Uzoho above Enyeama, Okoye and Akpeyi at their early days in the Super Eagles

    No1. Uzoho
    No2. Enyeama
    No3. Okoye.

    Why? I have a tangible reason for that. Akpeyi did not make the list because he had so many chances but he didn’t take the advantage of that to be a world class goalie like Enyeama did later on. So, I omitted his name on the list basedon that aspect.

    Hmmm. Furthermore, Uzoho is a local goalie that comes from no where to become a famous goalkeeper that still learning and improving every day.

    He is now a professional goalie that we can rely on. Upon not growing up with world best facilities in Nigeria, he stands his ground among the best in the world.

    On Okoye issue, his case is very clear and undiluted. Okoye is for the future and he can not be Nigeria no1 for now. There’s no arguments about this.

    He have what it takes to be a world class goalie but he is not there yet and I am wondering why Oga Rohr and Oga Agu handed Okoye no1 role.

    Okoye should be great than what he is right now because he grown up in a place where they have every equipment available for him to be successful but he offers less than what our local made could offered.

    He has potentials no doubt and I believe as time goes on, he will improve but the main issue here is, he is not good enough for that number role. For now, he he is far from that no1 role.

    I love Okoye and I want the best for him. For that reason, the coaches should take it easy for the young man to grow.

    Club football is totally different to national football ⚽️ kę.

    Long story short, are these the best the coaches can offer Nigeria presently?

    We still have other young goalies available for Super Eagles but why are they not be allowed to compete with Uzoho, Okoye and Akpeyi?

    Confusion every where though. The reason why the coaches brought Akpeyi back into the team tells a lot about them.

    They don’t know where they are and where their going to.

    An example of that is our president Buhari. They are killing the citizens every day and he can not find a solution to the problem and the best he and his wife can do is to host a football tournament in Lagos. The best the coaches can off Nigeria is this over the five years of Oga Rohr and Agu?

    We are seeing the next level of sai baba, sai Buhari and the next level of the coaches of the Super Eagles.

    Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu are bn caged while the bandits and the bad politicians are moving around freely.

    When we have incompetent people in charge of everything, this is the kind of the problem will be happening.

    We have the likes of Osagwe, Yakubu, home based goalie keeper that manned the post against Mexico and so on available for selections but these our coaches are not there to pick the best and we can see that happening with the coaches because they are rigid and doesn’t have enough ideas of what they are doing.

    We have so many things to talk about. Do we have pattern of play? The exposure of our players winning the matches for Nigeria not the abilities of the gaffers.

    The earliest we know this the better.

    From goal keeping department to other areas of the team, we just have individual talents not as a team.

    You can not say you ok with your team and no room for others. Who does that kę.

    As long as there’s no room for competitions in the Super Eagles, this is what we will be getting from our coaches.

    We have Osagwe, Yakubu, Alanpasun and others waiting for a call from the coaches but they can not give what they don’t have.

    Lastly, Okoye doesn’t have the abilities and the qualities to be the Super Eagles no1 yet.

    That is the fact and we should stop comparing Enyeama to Okoye because Enyeama started here in Nigeria at that his age then and with the inability to have world best facilities in Nigeria and also the main
    thing, “exposure”, he stood his ground in the end and his level of training he had can’t be compared to Okoye. Plus our league can’t be compared to abroad.

    For these reasons, our coaches have to wake up from slumber and find a young vibrant golie if the likesof Alanpasun, Uzoho, Osagwe, and Yakubu are not good enough too choose from. Why inviting them to camp then? Enough of excuses. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

      My mistakes. I mean to say to not too and I am here because of Nigeria. Sorry for my typos.

      Anyways. Fellow Nigerians, let join hands together to make Nigeria and our Super Eagles great once again.

      I am here for the betterment of Nigeria and we the citizens. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Oakfield 2 weeks ago

        Who cares about your mistakes? ¿ you’re a mistake personified.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Agbaya….I’ve been waiting for you to come and dump your refuse here as usual

      Pls who wrote this…?

      Coach Rohr is like president Buhari.
      Buhari keep putting people in the prison yard while coach Rohr’s fans kicking against anybody that saying the coach is not confident enough to take a risk. Chai, too bad.

      You are building a team without a solid foundation, is that possible? This is Okoye’s time. Akpeyi is not the kind of keeper the coach should have in that squad. That is why I said this is a digital era.

      If truly this Oga Rohr is technically sound, Okoye would have bn in goal post for today’s match.

      I’m not really concerned about coach Rohr’s fans because they are one chance fans that putting the love of the coach ahead of our nation. It so sad that we are seeing this happening.

      Oga Rohr was a bad coach for not playing Okoye. Oga Rohr is still a bad coach for playing Okoye…..confused drunkard.
      Alloy Agu was not a world class goalkeeper….an African goalkeeper who kept goal in Europe from 1990 – 2006 (16 years) was not a world class goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who won Silver, Bronze and Gold at AFCON consecutively was not a world class Goalkeeper. Apart from Essam ElHadary tell us any other African goalkeeper that won 3 consecutive AFCON medals

      Omo ale oshi.

    • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

      Aisinle ologbo, Ile di Ile ekute. This is very interesting.

      “an African goalkeeper who kept goal in Europe from 1990 – 2006 (16 years) was not a world class goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who won Silver, Bronze and Gold at AFCON consecutively was not a world class Goalkeeper. Apart from Essam ElHadary tell us any other African goalkeeper that won 3 consecutive AFCON medals”

      This shows that you know nothing about Nigerian football.

      I have told you to have pen and paper ready, so that I can teach you Football wella.

      You can brainwash your fellow oga Rohr followers but not me.

      If i can ask you Dr.Drey, were Agu on actions when Nigeria won those medals? If yes, how many times he was on goal post?

      Some times, it’s hard to know quality and raw talents. Is it hard to tell when you see one abi?

      If Agu was that good, he would have bn on goal post at the Afcon 94, world cup 94 but dodomayana himself, Peter Rufai was in actions during those days.

      You can post the videos of Enyeama but you failed to post Agu’s videos too.

      For you Oakfield,
      Emmanuel and Dr. Drey, you people have nothing to contribute and it will be better for you people to stop following Oga Rohr and Oga Agu blindly.

      As I always said, I am very passionate about Super Eagles and when I see something wrong, I won’t hesitate to tell the coach and his entire team the bitter truth.

      If you drey, meaning, animal and Oakfield another animal name among human beings and the 3rd one Emanuel, attention seeker are here to attack people because they are telling Oga Rohr and Agu the truth and you are not pleased with that, it will be better to keep away from their comments.

      You people should be troubled and concerned about Super Eagles outing in Cameroon and world cup qualifiers and tell the gaffer the bitter truth. I will never allow you including Amaju to take Nigerian football backward. Never.

      Uzoho remains Nigeria no1 period.

      I don’t have your time people. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        “….This shows that you know nothing about Nigerian football.
        I have told you to have pen and paper ready, so that I can teach you Football wella. If i can ask you Dr.Drey, were Agu on actions when Nigeria won those medals? If yes, how many times he was on goal post…”

        Omo ale oshi….olofo. You that knows about Nigerian football answer your own question by yourself na…LMAOOOoo…..You that wants to teach us football, oya teach us football na…tell us if Agu was in action or not. Tell us if it was your village people that manned the posts for Nigeria and for 16 years in Europe.

        Go and withdraw the 3 consecutive medals Agu won between 1990 and 1994 because you know Nigerian Football pass complete sports…Lmaooo


        We should be troubled about SE outing in the WCQ where we are about to qualify for the next stage with 2 games to spare….? I’ve always known you were daft….didnt just know you are this daft. I know you have been very sad, very very sad since last Tuesday. We should be troubled because SE used a 2nd string team to dominate Cameroon in 2 friendly matches only to use the 2nd string team in more important WCQ to beat Cape verde who beat the same Cameroon 3-1 in their home…? We should be troubled about SE winning 2 out of 2 games and poised to make it 4 out of 4 by october….?
        I’ve always know it always troubles you when SE wins matches. You are always sad and in pains. Your evil spirit only comes alive when we lose
        because of your hatred for Rohr. May you remain troubled all your life. You will never know peace. Rohr has just started with you.

        • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

          I decided not to say a single word but some times, I have too.

          Check your name and compare that to mine and you can see that my level of reasoning is way ahead of you.

          You are calling yourself animal and you are actually acting like animals.

          Anyways, you think you know more than I omo9ja your boss. You can see now that TI ÓMÒDE BANI CLOTHES LIKE AGBA, THAT PIN CAN NEVER HAVE AKISA LIKE ELDERS.


          You claimed that I hate Oga Rohr and I didn’t wish Super Eagles good. Really?

          Where were you when Oliseh, Marnu Gerba, Siasia and Keshi were in charge of our national teams?

          I didn’t hate these men then why now that I am tell the truth of the matter and you are twisting my words all because you wanted to gain fans?

          Chai, this is serious ooo lolz .

          I just asked you a simple question and you failed to answer that. You claimed that Agu won three medals then and I asked you to tell me if Agu was on goal post in those finals? YES OR NO?

          Yourfans can see that you are such an educated illiterate that lacks moral and dignity. A doctor that acting like this? What a shame.

          Anyways, you an animal and you are proving that. Animals doesn’t have shame.

          You think you smart but you are not.

          I don’t come here because I have to be famous by all means but I am here because of Nigeria, our country. I am fighting for you if you don’t
          know. Our oppressors have to know that we deserve better. So, get that right.

          However, back to sender. That is all I can say because I don’t deserve that.

          Love your Neighbour as yourself. For that reason, it shall be well with you Dr. Drey because that is what I wish myself.

          I decided not to talk but you will be thinking that you are so special or untouchable but you know say father na baba o.

          Okoye is a young good goal keeper and I love him so much but he’s for the future. No1 position belong to Uzoho since other goalies have not been given the opportunity to show their talents.

          That is my point and if you don’t like it, that is your choice. Ire o. God bless us all. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Omo ale…Abirun omo.

            Since you know football more than CSN why not answer your own question by yourself…LMAOooo….you are just all and about, perambulating aimlessly.
            You asked what you call a simple question but you yourself cant even answer it yourself….LMAOoo. Since Dr. Drey cannot answer it, you answer it and let the world hear the answer to you simple question….LMAOooo…its not enough to go around singing and rejoicing Dr.Drey cannot answer your question….LMAOOooo. You that asked the question and knows the answer pls answer it

            Once again, Tell us if it was your village people that manned the posts for Nigeria between 1988 and 1994 when Alloy Agu was a Nigerian international and for the 16 years he was a goalkeeper in Europe.

            Pls go and withdraw the 3 consecutive medals Agu won between 1990 and 1994 because you know Nigerian Football pass complete sports and every soccer repository in the world….Lmaooo.

            To be oga no be for mouth….LMAOooo….if you want to be an Oga earn it.

            Apparently you have nothing sensible as usual. Mind you I was very much around when you used to rain curses on Keshi and call him “gather and play” coach….yes the same keshi you now open your rotten mouth to praise today….and you are here talking about “doing to others what you wish for yourself”…??? Do you wish for yourself to be sacked from your place of work…??? I wish Keshi’s ghost will rise and slap you one of these days while you are praising him…because it was wicked people like you who haunted him to death.

            “…Love your Neighbour as yourself…” yen yen yen….LMAOOo. ” I wish others what I wish myself…”yen yen yen…LMAOooo. So you can be this humble…? LMAOOooo. You always feel cool insulting and berating others but want to run mad when you are insulted/berated..??? Bloody hypocrite.

            Alloy Agu is a disgrace, Akpeyi is an embarrassment, Rohr is useless….you what are you…? You that cannot put 3 sentences together without giving the readers headache what are you…? The pride of the nation right…? Inaki oshi.

            That same “gather and play” Keshi went on to silence you for good by winning AFCON for us with his “gather and play” methods. I pray same scenario will happen in five years time as regards this Rohr you hate today. Mark my words you will come back here and sing his praises by the time he has long left.

            That sorrow that is always in your heart whenever SE under Rohr wins matches will never depart from your life o, because that is what you always wish Rohr, the SE and Nigerian football fans – that the team should lose so that you can come to CSN to gloat and have fun and tell everyone you are their Oga.

            But I put it to you once again that you will know no peace until Rohr leaves. Rohr has just started with you. If SE winning matches makes you this sad you better get ready, because all the matches we have till 2022 are competitive matches and you know Rohr and competitive matches are best of friends. You will be sad for a very very long time in the foreseeable future o

            If you say I am acting like an animal I dont mind….I have to. Because you have been an actual animal, eranko patapata gbaa, all through your existence and to catch an animal one needs to act like one.

            Anytime facts and stark realities have been used to slap their lies out of their mouths, they will claim their words were twisted as if they have been typing in tongues of different languages before….LMAOooo.

            I am just happy that the people who were crying for Uzoho to be beheaded back then are the ones crying for him to come back now……Im so so happy about that. And I am sure that the same people who want Okoye to be beheaded today will cry for his return too when the time comes.


  • Emmanuel 2 weeks ago

    Now Omo9ja, I hope you have seen from the above as Dr.Drey has put the records straight for all to see,with the fact about Agu .That is how to make analysis, facts will put your foes to death.Analysis with facts is what we clamour for On this forum.Dont come here and exhibit ignorance.

    Now,while Dr Drey has tutored you about Agu, lemme enlighten you about Rohr.A coach who played actively for Beryern Munchy and Bordeaux amongst other notable clubs is a bad coach.As a coach, he coached Nantes, Nice amongst others and was also the technical director of Frankfurt, yet he’s not a good coach.

    One day your children will pick your piece on this forum and will be ashamed their father wrote it. You are such a shame.You that cannot construct good and correct sentence is here condemning a professional.Really you don’t have the locus standi to talk here because you don’t measure up at all.

    My recommendation for you Omo9ja is that go back to school.Stop embarrassing your self in public.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

    I can remember vividly during the U17 AFCON in 2013. All this noise makers about Adeleye were the same people who ran him out of the GoldenEaglets squad to the WorldCup that year when they claimed the young goalie flopped at the AFCON.

    He wasn’t really bad in that tournament, but because he couldn’t stop any of the Ivorian penalties in the final they labeled him the weak-link in that team that has Ndidi(Dropped for failing MRI on the eve of the tournament), Awoniyi, Iheanacho and Success Isaac. The same Adeleye they’re all crying about today was dropped for Alampasu and Uzoho back then.

    Last season he was playing for Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli division 2. No doubt he’s a very talented goalkeeper who will definitely get his chances if he continues to be relevant in the Israeli top flight according to the goalkeeper trainer Aloysius Agu. Someone said Aloy only favors goalkeepers from his tribe Lmao!!!! Here we go again with the racism card. That tells you why they want Rohr to be sacked by every means. Bunch of racist bigots.

    Let Adeleye play a full season in the Israeli top flight first then we can see if he can contend with Okoye and Uzoho in the long run for the SuperEagles Number one shirt.

  • Abdul handsy 2 weeks ago

    Dr. Drey Abeg anytime you see only “1like” on any of your comments via this platform na me o… If na two i am one of those persons!

    I like your factual analysis!

    Dr. Senior analyst Drey,only you na Men!

  • Dr.Drey with gun blazing for two weeks long. Bullet no dey finish ni? I’m enjoying this oh… Actor no dey die for film and that’s how we have grown up to understand life.

    Do I say more grease to your fingers and more wisdom overflow to you. All these zombies wey no wan die will continue to meet their nemesis in your spirit soul and body.

    Again I wish one of them will label me as ‘a Dr.Drey clone’, Brotherly, to be a clone of Dr.Drey in this platform is worth a gold medal oh.

    I lost count of how many times they changed the topic still, you are giving them GBAS GBOS, 3-1-1-2 combination with uppercut finishing, now you have ‘gunned these unknown men’ with 6 nuzzled guns (special for the 6 evil anti-Rohr Heads of Department) packed with unlimited bullets… I enjoyed the way you naked the JIMMY-Ninetendofoot-BALL Head of Dept.

    Dr.Drey when will you even request backup? Oh, I forgot… na you be the backup file code. If only they knew what they are up against, Baba you no be Doctor for mouth, you are the vaccine they need.