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Ex-Eaglets star Amoo Joins Ibrahimovic’s Hammarby On Four-Year Contract

Ex-Eaglets star Amoo Joins Ibrahimovic’s Hammarby On Four-Year Contract

Swedish Allsvenskan club Hammarby have announced the signing of former Golden Eaglets winger Akinkunmi Amoo, reports Completesports.com.

Amoo, 18, joined Hammarby on a four-year contract from local club Sidos FC.


“We have worked with Amoo, or “Akin” as he is called, for the past two years. There has been some interest from other clubs, but during the time we have known each other we have built a strong relationship and we are very happy that Akin chose us,” Hammarby’s sports manager Jesper Jansson told club’s official website.

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“Our coaching staff, our players and not least Mikael Hjelmberg and Wadda Tamimi have been extremely involved in making Akin feel like part of the family at Årsta.


“With Akin we get into an explosive, skillful and offensive player with a nice left foot. But we have to remember that he has just turned 18, so we should have patience and work together to further develop Akin’s excellence.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is currently unclear when Amoo can obtain a visa to Sweden, but the club will hope he can join them as as possible.

Amoo was part of the Golden Eaglets side tbat featured at the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, widely regarded to be the greatest Swedish football player of all-time, bought 23.5 shares in Hammarby in November 2019.

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  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Congratulations to one of the few bright prospects in the 419 team of Coach Manu Garba. Still expecting same thing for a certain Peter in the team and the skipper Tijani(I heard he’s on Salzburg radar). The rest…All the best.

    I’ve been expecting this news. I saw the club celebrate him on his Birthday yesterday with picture of him and Ibrahimovic. They love him so much and are willing to improve the player all round. A very good choice by Amoo. Never despise little beginning. From what I observed at the U-17 WC, he is talented but still needs some final touches to be a Great player. Reading the lines of the comments made by his new club above just gives me joy. Just like the Decision CHUKWUEZE took then(went to Villarreal Academy then progressed gradually). Meaning, by the time he’s a done deal at Hammarby, Top European clubs will be waiting to snatch him. All the best “Baba randu” Amoo

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Femi you are a bad news to your family and such an idiot for calling Manu a 419. Your stupidity has no limit at all wait till your generation get to such position before you’ll understand how it feels to be abused by idiots and a nobody like your kind. CS should start banning cowards like you who is always on the standby to dent images of credible people who have made us proud at a point in time. Infact since i knew you on CS you never like good thing. You’re such an idiot femi i repeat it a thousand times.

      It’s really sadden to see a coach who discovered Ndidi, Iheanacho and co called idiot by some imebicile in a far Creek village, infact i am done reading CS for the day.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        He has a right to free speech and his own opinion….why insult him. Can we attack you for airing your opinion too? Nope cuz we respect others..

    • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

      Wow..Wow..Wow. So CSN allowed Chima’s comment. Interesting. The last time I posted such a thing years back, I came back to the page to see my comment has been deleted and I loved it. Maybe Chima’s brother now works with the CSN group.

      Insulted me, my family and generation. Well done CSN.

      Anyways, probably because I did not specify which of the Garba’s team I was referring to made it hard for some to comprehend. Am talking about the 2019 U-17 WC team collated by Coach Manu Garba. Was he not exposed by OwngoalNigeria and some other sport websites that the whole team was paid for by a Chief in Lagos?? and other kind of related news. That Been siad, is that not a Corrupt squad known in our Nigerian street as 419?? Was it not evident that the Team was a whole garbage. Which of there play was fascinating? I guessed they later went on to win the Title. Hiss

    • Tunde 2 years ago

      Some people are using VPN to dislike here. Omo eti yawere o but can we stop the fight.

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    @ Chima E Samuel, pls what has Chairmanfemi said, that’s is not true. Yes under Manu, we had the Ndidis,nachos, n others but with regards to the last u-17, Manu completely stained his hands, and close sources have all that well documented. Lets just allow sleeping dog lie. No need for the insults broda, or defending these local coaches. Just when you singing their praise, they let you down big time.

    • Elijah 2 years ago

      Aunty Glory I don’t think Chima is wrong because there is no prove or fine imposed on Manu that he took bribe. My sister instead Coach Manu Garba has won a gold at world level and also discovered as Chima said a host of stars like Dele Alampasu, Kelechi, Awoniyi, Success, Yahaya, Muhammad, Ndidi, Amoo, wisdom Ugbani, Segun the bomber, Nwachukwu, Tijani and many more haba the man try na.

      Femi behave yourself don’t use words that you can not create to a service man, now see his achievement if you can match it to some grassroot coach except late coach yemi Tella.

      • GLORY 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…aunty Glory. Elija maybe I should change my name to Gloria,so you can address me as Uncle Gloria. Anyway no offense, I take it as a passing comment.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Chima E Samuel, though @ Chairmafemi made just a single error with that choice of bad word 419 but you also failed to acknowledge his brilliant submissions on the boy where the credit of discovery wouldn’t have gone to any person other than Manu Gaba. 2 wrongs can not make a right. You are the progressives group , we have our way of passing our corrective messages without going down dirty , you are one of the great minds in this loop and among the progressives in particular, please don’t descend low , the vituperation plus personal and family attack is uncalled for. It will not be a bad idea if you can  apologize to Chairfemi in a civilized way we relate with ourselves. Stay safe my brother.

    @Chairmanfemi, you had a brilliant message only to spoiled it with a little bad word of what our Yoruba people would called “Oronro” a local coach that produces raw talents like this Akin Amoo where a great footballer Ibrahimovic could be proud to sign on speaks volume .

    We need to give total unreserved credit to our local coaches for their great jobs in producing players that we are all proud of today like Ndidi , Ihenacho , Osimeh etc who are the bedrock of the Super eagles today and equally painting Europe in red , if it were foreign coaches that discovered these talented players, our people would hyped them to high heaven. When you see what these coaches subjected to in the course of their duties, with penult salary that are not paid , you will appreciate them . You are progressive , please remain one . Remain blessed and stay safe brother .

    • Honestly i want to believe where chima is coming from, we are tired of hearing this one took bribe and yet no proof to back it up, All we have to date is accusations. Is that what we now you to judge people. Call him fraudster, he has produced some of the players you are all praising today in the eagles squad. Come to think of it, are we saying oyinbo don’t take bribes. Who knows if Tunde Adelekaun is helping coach rorh collect his own bribe

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    ” You are a progressive, pls remain one” lmao…so it is now ur duty to be awarding people with “progressive” and “regressive” titles here on csn? You indeed have been assigned a wonderful portfolio. Wonders shall never end ooo. We’ve really got lots and lots of funny characters here. When u thought u’ve seen it all, boom!another one will pop its head. Lol… continue Biko,if that’s the only thing that will give u peace of mind after series of “heartbreaks”..

  • I fall to understand why @Chima Samuel tries to police commenters here, especially when coaches or administrators are being called out over alleged underhand dealings.

    Criticize Keshi and he goes commando on you (sometimes, even after you’ve acknowledged the late big boss good sides). Express doubt about Siasia’s innocence with FIFA, and he goes for his sword to scythe you.

    Haba! So @Chairmanfemi calls Manu Garba’s world cup team ‘419’ squad (after balancing his comments with mention of Amoo discovery) and you go beserk, using all manners of slurs, slings and arrows on him!!?? “Idiot” “Stupid” Are you kidding me!!?? Who has used such condescending words on you before here? How would you feel if the table was turned? Such a nauseating sense of privilege!!

    See how while you’re pointing an accusing finger at him and the rest 4 fingers are pointing at you? Please sheathe this your massive silent umbrage. I smelt it a long time ago and the stench is real. How you feel it’s infra dig (beneath you) to associate with certain topics or commenters. Oga, be tolerant. Be humble.

    So Keshi won Afcon 2013 and we celebrated him and his team. Therefore when he cobbled together an understrength team to Brazil 2014, we should turn a blind eye cos of his past heroics?

    So Manu Garba won FIFA U17 W/C in 2013 and supposedly discovered Ndidi, Kelechi & co. Consequently, we should declare him a saint beyond reproach?? Didn’t we all watch the sham that was played last year? Were those boys the best U17 kids in Nigeria? Were you personally proud of their performance?

    So Siasia is probably the most decorated local coach, as a result FIFA was just witch-hunting him and he’s innocent before trial?!!


  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Kel, you are absolutely right , but where the local coaches messed up , we should criticize them constructively and shouldn’t fail to acknowledge also the good achievement from them, we should be conscious of choice of words we use as well .

    Your response for @Chima E Samuel is quite on point , I seriously  don’t know  why he can descend  unfortunately low to such extent because it is not his mode of contributing in this platform. I am sure he would do the needful. 

    • @De Star, truth is Chima Samuel has an oversized ego and it weighs too heavily on his fingers when he tries to type a comment. Carefully read the fine prints in his comments (the ones he ‘can humbly stoop low’ to comment on from his high horse) and you’ll see they’re all badly stained with unspoken hubris.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    @ Oackfield, u go kill person with laugh, i think DeStar is just trying to be diplomatic in between the both lines. As for me i am not in support of chima samuels insults to chairmamfemi. But i totally disagree with chairman femi in his opinions on recents regarding players and coaches i think chairman femi is a great football fan but i doubt if he ever participated in the game before. becos sometimes he doesnt seems to understand the science and philosophy of the game called football, how will you say the 2019 under17 lacks talents and manu is a 419 coach, that is overly exagarated underation of a football masterminder like Manu garba whos input has resulted to two wcup golden trophys at thesame under 17 level, in football you can have good selection of players and still lose games it has to do with the technical, physical and psycological fitness level of the players involved, these are the missing artitude that led to the failure of the last under17 team. For example france in 2010 and 2002 wcup, the team was parading stars but failed to click thesame problem with england 2010 wcup team, parading gerald and lampard rooney ashley cole defoe clush etc they couldnt bit tunisia and lost in the second round to a german team which paraded lesser rated players. I think manu was lacadesic in is preparations (after all i have won it before) his team had good players but lacked connections and teamplay, the central defenders made things worst i think the defends was the major letdown of that team. Bribery is an isue in Nigeria and its becoming a culture but that doesnt take away tilents from our indigenouse coaches, i think salisu should be brought back as falcons coach or flying eagles coach and manu should be made his assistant. The last time Chairman femi was surgesting that onyekuru and samuel kalu where overated bcos simon moses won nantes player of the season, i dont want to conclude thay you are being tribalistic in your comments. Onyekuru goals in is two seasons in belgium for eupen and anderlecht is more than all simon goals for 5 years in gent belgium. Onyekeru goals for galatasary doubles simons all figures in the so called nantes, onyekuru market value his more than simon,s onyekuru in less than 5 games for eagles have scored two and asisted one, his last game against egypt he was full of creativity, if he fail to cope with monaco doesnt make him overated he his more tilented than your moses simon and can be bettet than victor moses too. As for samuel kalu he was in thesame team with simon when he was bought by boudeurs fc with about 10 milion, the simon you are trying to place ahead of him is still valued at 5 milion despite scoring 9 goals, even the blind knows that kalu his far ahead of simon in terms of tilent, lastly moses against brasil and lesotho vs kalu against ukraine and benin republic go and watch and tell me who is overated. You also surgest aribo should play ahead of iwobi in the number ten position becos aribo score goals against brasil and ukraine, you think say number ten na beans. meeeen you need to check your football understanding or else you are just being tribalistic in your views, see how you try to decorate ademola lookman the other time. And you try to downplay ejuke of holand. Chairman femi I hail oh, nor be quarel oh.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    It’s like the sick fellas association in this Forum are increasing daily!

    @Collins id I SUPER HAIL OO. When it’s not like am dead not to read the lies you painted my name with. If you can’t come and paste all the places I made such accusations then you just like your brother Chima, Silly!


    I @Chairmanfemi,

    – Never made comparison between Moses Simon and Onyekuru/Kalu! I doubt I even posted a comment in the comment section to the news of Moses Simon winning the Nantes player of the Year. I only made a comment as regards Onyekuru only in another comment section stating thatbased on his performance this season, he looks overrated to me compared to the options that we have in the Present day Super Eagles wing.

    – I only made comparison between WHO IS MORE SKILLFUL between Samuel Kalu and EJUKE without taking anything from the two. I even laid more emphasis on the same EJUKE, this moron said I downplayed for LOOKMAN! C’mon I so hate people saying I what didn’t. I made a comment regarding LOOKMAN’s future in Leipzig and veteran forumites like @DEO can attest to that cuz we discussed same that very day. So how on Earth did Lookman club’s career affect EJUKE…so deluded set of people wanting to paint me black!

    -Accused me of being tribalistic! This sums your level of reasoning up because I’ve been on this forum for some time now and made my comments devoid of sentiments or tribalism. Morons!

    Collins id, please very careful next time. I so hate FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    Its cheap to call people morons
    rather than to prove them wrong @chairman femi, i dont want to drag words further with you regarding your previous coments, , you are entitled to your opinions, if you say my observations are false,(though i am not blind,) i apologised for my latest submission; dont be too wild by it, its not as serious as u are taking it to be( you are transfering the agression that Chima caused on me) ,take it easy bro, dont forget i am entitled to my opinion too, without insults or hate speach.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Then next time, you don’t make FALSE ACCUSATIONS against some one. It’s bad and evil! Denting someone’s image.

    Also, if you say your eyes can see then try and train your Brain to read and understand well before making submissions. Have a nice day