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Exclusive: 2022 WWC: Flamingos Will Scale Through Colombia Hurdle –Dosu

Exclusive: 2022 WWC: Flamingos Will Scale Through Colombia Hurdle –Dosu

Super Eagles goalkeeper, Dosu Joseph says he’s optimistic the Flamingos will overcome Colombia in the semi final of the 2022 Women’s World Cup.

Recall that the Flamingos defeated USA in the quarter final via penalty shootouts to qualify to this stage while Colombia edged Tanzania 4-0.

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In 2012 at the tournament in Azerbaijan, Nigeria beat Colombia 3-0 in a Group A match played in Baku.

They met again in Costa Rica in 2014 in Group D. In the match played at the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto in Alajuela, Nigeria came from behind to win 2-1.


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However, in a chat with Completesport.com, the Atlanta Olympic gold medalist stated that the Flamingos won’t find it difficult tobrush aside their opponent.

“This is a game I know the game will eager to win in a bid to make history for themselves. No doubt, Colombia will come tough at our girls but then, I am optimistic that Nigeria will carry the day.

“Most importantly, they must avoid conceding first and try to convert their goal scoring chances io avoid another penalty.”


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  • Greenturf 5 months ago

    Nigeria needs Ajakaye in this duel.

    • We now know that most of the international footballer don’t give right submissions . So as not to be tag . This is wat I noticed. . They don’t want to be seen as opposition. I watch the Columbians just on highlight. Wat I saw point to Dem as dangerous opponent to play against. I wonder how ex international came to the conclusion that flamingo wil have easy ride over the Columbians
      In fact the game would have ended 4 nil if not for the Nigerian keeper.
      Again I m sure gusau wil could be feeling like a fish out of water over there in India for the next three days or probably cut his journey short by reporting to Ibadan before Saturday.
      A coup if going on already if Tanzania succeed with their plan . Nigeria wil not take it likely.whhen was the last time u 23 qualify for Olympic football
      2008.i guess.absent in 2012 2016 and 2020 .. . I remember 1980 88. 2002. 2008

  • see as the Colombia girls dey bully our young and fragile girls. officiating: there are instances i expect the referee to let it go our ways…she just looked away twice on Mosaku.

    • Olujjjj 5 months ago

      Gasau nff boss looks ordinary in the empty stadium.. the girls looks tired too . The winner could be Columbia flamingo defense are under treat by the Columbeee individual brilliance in attack. Today’s referee could be give the game out .look at the offside goal she almost allowed it

      • Greenturf 5 months ago

        The Colombian number 11 has been a threat,she’s very good.They shouldn’t allow her space.

    • Greenturf 5 months ago

      They are stronger and very physical.Had more attempt on goal,though we have held the ball more but have a knack of losing them,our attackers lack idea in the final third no real threat or aggression.
      Ajakaye’s strength and pace could help in the second half.I hope she gets subbed on early.

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    7 of these Colombian girls played at u20 WC earlier this year…. They look bigger and older and some will say our girls are old but ignore the big ass Colombians.

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    I’m sorry fellas…. As a proud Nigerian I want us to win but I don’t feel too good about this one, but I hope and pray we make it to the final.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    Our coach is once again out of ideas. And its just making the girls run around with zero output

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      We are not even causing any anxious moments in or around the colombians’ penalty area for virtually the whole game.

      May God see us through to penalties.

  • KING TUOYO 5 months ago

    I am not watching the match right now but with what am currently reading, it gives me some worries over our team’s performance. Every time I refresh my Livescores, I do have this tension in me.

    What ever the outcome of this match today, my joy will be the satisfaction that at least we have gotten some players that will be stepping up the ladder to the Falconet.

    Abeg, make una keep us updated.

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    So this coach’s idea was just to have Ajakaiye chasing loose balls all through the tournament lol…I’m guessing the bench is weak too. The Colombians definitely studied us well……We have been totally outmatched and outgunned lol…. Can’t win a cup like this

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    The girls don try…….but we were outplayed. Defence held it’s own

  • Ololo 5 months ago

    The Colombia team have so many players from their u20 team , why can’t our coach include players like Sebastian and a few others from the u20 team since they are within the age bracket.. obviously we don’t have players in the team.. if we survive this penalty, I doubt we can win the cup. Our team is poor , very poor.. probably the issues of tribalism is actually true!

    • Dr Banks 5 months ago

      They are very poor but the same poor team was the first to qualify for Semi final ever since? See your mouth, tribal bigot

      • Ololo 5 months ago

        I’m not a tribal bigot, but I think there was something missing in this team, which is a good bench.. you can’t depend on penalties in both the quarter final and the final.. the Colombia girls were the much better side.. we must learn our lesson if we want to move further which is take a good squad to the tournament and have a good bench.. the first 11 are good but the bench is poor.. we can learn from Colombia in the future.. if the U20 girls are eligible, get them in, Sebastian is not above 17, and few others in the u20 are also eligible.just imagine a Sebastian on the bench in this team or coming in for second half..

        • Dr Banks 5 months ago

          Yes you are right about Sebastian, am not sure why she wasn’t drafted into this team, she would’ve been too much to handle for opposing team.

          But hey guys, let’s give them kudos because they did very well in my opinion. They were able to move a step forward and surpassed past achievements

          • Ololo 5 months ago

            Yes they did well, one area we fail to praise is the defense, holding the USA and also holding Colombia with their far experienced team shows they are good.. but we must say the truth, I think the coach wasn’t flexible enough to invite or drop some of our faithfuls.. common what kind of bench did he bring to India, aside etim and ajakeye ,so nobody is good enough in the bench to replace the tired players.. why take players that you don’t trust to come in and change the team.. as first I didn’t any sense the tribal issues but after watching their games I think the tribal allegation is true.. this reminds me of kechi in the world cup in Brazil, once onazi got injured our midfield went Dead because nobody was in the bench to replace him.. just imagine something similar had happened to the team, who will the team bring to replace afolabi or a blessing.. we must tell the coaches the Truth if we want the best for our national team

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    Penalties shoot out…………………….let’s see who is favoured by God

    In all, these cases did their best, I commend the entire technical team guys. It’s not easy to defend too, go and ask Mourinho against Osimhen’s Napoli and you will conclude with me that the coaches too did a Yeoman’s job to get to this stage wether they qualify for final or not.

    Big ups to Nigeria and God’s favour in the Penalty shootout!!!

    • Ololo 5 months ago

      I agree with you on this, our defense was solid, hold those Colombia girls for 90 mins shows how good the defense is, what we really lacked in the team was fresh blood from the bench..

      This team should be retained, and groomed for the future,but I think we can do better next Time.. you can’t win a tournament as this without a solid bench to assist the first team. Congratulations to the Colombia team

  • Felix 5 months ago

    I knew the moment she walked up she will lose the ball. So sad. The keeper was just useless too. Just moving to one side

    • The Columbians worked out how to beat her but she was now quick to wise up to their adjustments.

      Well done to the girls for getting this far.

  • Weldone girls, better coaching next time!

  • Greenturf 5 months ago

    Colombia deserve the victory our team was poor,we can’t be riding on luck

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      Well deserved…..I don’t know if we can play Germany or Spain in the final and expect to win with such.

      • Greenturf 5 months ago

        Was really disappointed with the eyesore football,this was a poor poor performance by the flamingoes.
        The good thing about the team is it’s organisation in the defence other than that nothing of note about them,especially when they come up against a good side.
        We should be proud of them notwithstanding they’re the first to get this far so kudos to the players and the coaching crew.

        • Now you get mouth to come out and talk freely because they have finally lost. But you were stylishly praising the team after rubbishibg your tribalism comment. Now they have lost you want to feel like king kong

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    You could just have a sense her confidence was lacking from her walk up…The buck stops at the coach even though penalties are a game of luck. Folurunsho should have been later.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    That ends it all.

    We play for bronze in the next game.

    Weldone to the girls. Hopefully we can build from here (if we have people who have brains in the technical department of the NFF).

    But once again we have been undone by a technically deficient coach who has no Plan B……even as regards penalty takers. The man just selected programmed 5 takers and that was it.

    • The thing tire me o. Once the penalties went beyond 5, it was left to the players to psyche themselves up to take the remaining kicks.

      Plan A coaches; the same thing that led to the downfall of Chris Danjuma.

      Well done to the girls though. Their coarse brand of football got them farther than I had expected.

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      Very programmed no switch up…. This girl lost her kick in the q final and should have taken hers in the latter stages. You could just see it her face in… He was playing for a penalty and there he got it. Nigerian coaches need refresher courses cuz u20 same thing…. Luck got us over the U.S.A but not today man lol

    • Nah. The commentator said the coach left the takers to be chosen by the girls themselves as was done against the USA. That one na bench?

      No one wanted to take the sixth kick.

      • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

        Can you … As a coach you are also technically the psychologist too and I don’t mean in actual terms but at such crucial moments you have to use your discretion and see who the best takers are judging from the trainings…. How can a coach leave it up to the girls

  • The better team won. We should try harder next time

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    Colombia deserve to be in the final. Our girls were really poor today. No cohesion whatsoever. 

  • Only if our goalkeeper can just dive to the left, the same thing the Colombia keeper did.. Our keeper just prefer right side.. Painful to watch tho cos we are just hanging on always..

  • Well done girls, today was not meant to be.I think the Colombian deserve it more.1 full international and 6 players that played the last u20.If you put that together them you will see that our girls tried.

    Our last penalty taker should have not been allowed to take the kick.Her body language said it all.Even the commentators said it.

    The team would have been much better if the coach got some players within the age group from the U20.

    But all that is history now

  • Olujjjj 5 months ago

    The Columbia are better but the Nigerian keeper is good too . Actually if the Nigerian ladies had scored their last penalty dey would have won the game … But it is not their turn. Dey need more experience… The Columbia are over aged . Imagine a team that has 7 of his players played the last under 20 world cup in Costa Rica. …
    His nff chair coming back or wil he wait for the third place match ..
    I pray Tanzania will not shock the u 23 in Ibadan before he arrives.

  • I said it before few days ago after the team defeated usa that it’s not over yet the manner of which the girls were celebrating and they made them involved in political issues chanting peter obi instead of them to strategies how to defeat colombia i watched the matched our girls played very poor concerning the penalty shoot out there are some flamingos players who don’t know the meaning of penalty shoot out our goalkeeper was busy not making attempt our girls were unnecessary under too much pressure instead of relaxing and play football hmmmmm nawa.

  • Chudynak 5 months ago

    I asked if this was the best we could assemble from across Nigeria. Sadly, today, this team had all the opportunity to beat this Colombian team in regulation time. The match started well with the team dictating the pace. Just that little push to take the lead and leave the Colombian team in disarray for the rest of the game was just lacking until the Colombians were allowed to find their rhythm, turning the game against Nigeria, in fact, we were lucky to have survived regulation time without conceding because, like the game against the USA, we were outplayed and outclassed with terrible gaffes by some of the defenders which were saved by either the goalkeeper or early recovery of another defender. Then came the coach who started playing for penalty shootout as if winning via penalties was his entitlement. Yes the team broke the quarter final jinx and yes we celebrate them for that feat but it only came through a nervy game which ended up in penalties. With the quarter final penalty win, i thought they would regroup to play better football but from what I saw today: lack of coordination except in the first few minutes of the game, inability to string a couple of passes, poor clearance, kick and follow football, very weak shots, etc, this team is below average, it has just occurred to me that the team beat Ethiopia via an offside goal to qualify for this tournament, but the coach had the opportunity to beef up the team prior to this tournament but strangely stuck to this one. I wish the team well in the third place play-off bit again, I doubt of they could get that one against either Spain or Germany