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EXCLUSIVE: Former Guardiola’s Assistant, Amuneke Battle For Super Eagles’ Coaching Job

EXCLUSIVE: Former Guardiola’s Assistant, Amuneke Battle For Super Eagles’ Coaching Job

Former Pep Guardiola’s assistant, Domenec Torrent and Emmanuel Amuneke are battling for the Super Eagles coaching job.

The two coaches, Completesports.com learnt from a reliable source are the leading contenders for the job.

“Torrent is the number one candidate among the foreign coaches, who applied for the job,”the source told Complete sports.com.

“He has a rich CV and experience which makes him suitable for the coaching job.

“The man will get the job if the NFF decide to go for a foreign coach.

“Amuneke is the obvious choice among the local coaches. If the final decision is to go for a Nigerian, then, he will get the nod”

Torrent was once an assistant to Guardiola at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

He has also managed New York City FC, Flamengo and Galatasaray.

Amuneke is one of the popular candidates for the job.

The former winger coached the Nigeria U-17 team, Golden Eaglets to win the World Cup in 2015.

The 53-year-old also once managed the Tanzanian national team.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Martin 1 month ago

    Nff should please go for the best.

  • Alex07 1 month ago

    How on earth did Amunike end up being a top candidate? Na wa o

    • Akunde Kwagh 1 month ago

      What do you mean? So you are not good for anything because you are local or Nigerian?

    • Mindurbusiness Olaosenikan 1 month ago

      Only a foreign coach will work.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      What wrong has Amunike done? If he ends up as the coach then he deserves a chance to prove himself.

      • Alex07 1 month ago

        If Amunike gets the job, we 100% won’t go to the World Cup. Amunike couldn’t qualify the U-21 team for AFCON in his last national assignment. With Tanzania, he lost all the games at AFCON 2019. No one should tell me Tanzania has no players because we saw Mauretania

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        I’m not sure you understand football.

  • Now we are talking. If they can work together, better. I just hope the NFF can handle the total salary. $100K for Torrent. $60K for Amuneke.

    • DiMastta 1 month ago

      Innoson, Proforce and NORD vehicles are all ‘local’ products.

      Volvo, FIAT, Volkswagen vehicles are all “foreign” products.

      We know fully well why some reporters
      make use of the word local.

      It is meant to be derogatory.

      But mind you in Spain. GUuardiola is a ‘local’ coach.

      Even though Amunike has the same UEFA Class A coaching license and was also a first team player at FC Barcelona alongside Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Ronaldo R9, he is still a ‘local’ coach.

      Tribal and racial undertones don’t camouflage well.

  • Onwajunior 1 month ago

    I just had lunch with my colleague (a Portuguese) and told him about the top 3 leading candidates. The guy finished Torrent mehn…said he’s riding on being Guardiola’s assistant for a long period. He said they hated him in Brazil when he managed Flamengo (where they fired him after 3 months) and also hated him in MLS. When he assisted Guardiola they had unlimited resources, but when he went to clubs with limited resources on his own, he couldn’t perform.

    • Samson 1 month ago

      14 years in the best and top clubs of the world. Torrent knows more about football than any of the other candidates, foreign and local…

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        You think this is Nollywood right? Fans of Nigerian movies are the ones who make this kind of assumption and use this criteria to fail. You think the clubs he coached and failed with are not more ambitious than Nigeria or paying better than NFF? Let him win the race I will take a journal of those glamouring for him because he knows pep, and remind you people when the starts goffing “God forbid though”.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      I will not be surprised that your Portuguese friend is right because these are the kind of coaches who don’t mind sharing salaries. A replica of Peseiro substandard just because he was a colleague of Mourinho the gaffer Pinnick recommended to NFF. Something tells me NFF has found their type even at the detriment of Nigerian Football and the next two weeks will be used to arrange their financial malpractice. May God help us!!!

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    We haven’t learn our lessons yet Nigerians?

    NFF went for Oga Rohr, what was the result?

    They even went ahead to hired Oga Paseiro who had no good record, they exchanges brown envelopes as usual.

    But this time around it Amunike’s turn shikena.

    If it took Westerhof five years to win afcon trophy and he took Oga Rohr to win silver then let fail with Amunike.

    I know it won’t take Amunike two years to win something big but we have to be patient with the wise man.

    We have tired of have done foreign coaches. They should go and help their countries.

    Amunike and the Nigerian guy in the state should be giving a chance to work together or Amunike and Jo Bonfere.

    These are the two options for the NFF to choose from.

    Nobody among the coaches can love Nigeria more than Amunike and the other Nigerian guy. So, we want our own to lead Super Eagles to the promised land.

    Amunike a former Tanzania gaffer is the best for the job. Both World cup and Afcon tickets are guaranteed if Amunike is in charge of the Super Eagles.Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!!

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    I think Spanish coach Domenec Torrent is the suitable coach for Super Eagles cause he has experience , merit, has coached great clubs in the World just like Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Manchester City, Flamango , Galatasaray ; he has knowlege about African players mentality as he has coached Kelechi Iheancho , Ivorian Yaya Toure at Man. City in 2015-2016 season as an assitant coach for Pep Guardiola , so I think he can lead Super Eagles to a new era on the next stage …

  • Ikechuwku 1 month ago

    Domenec Torrent is the Man. Rich profile. No discussion.

  • Sugar Daddy 1 month ago

    Domenech is the guy for the job. Chekina!!

    • Onero 1 month ago

      Give the Job to Domenec Torrent.NFF should stop procrastinating . Amunike should he given U20 and we can watch his performance from there.

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Pep assistant manager my foot, he virtually failed in all his solo job as the main manager, is it now with Nigeria that he will suddenly become successful? Amuneke won trophy with different clubs in Africa and Europe up and down, as a manager he won with Nigeria u17 worldwide cup against top manager from other countries! Amuneke has the OIL OF TROPHY ON HIS HAND AND HEAD, HE HAS THAT SPECIAL GRACE ON HIS HEAD,. Westerhof took five to win nations Cup and oga rohr took 5 to win bronze, peseiro took two with rubbished style to win silver but we want our fatherland Amuneke to be given just two years, Nigeria will go to world Cup and nations Cup Gold,… Na your fatherland manager. Keshi did it, siasia did it. Amuneke can do it.

    • Onyeka 1 month ago

      Mentioned the clubs and national teams Amunike won trophy with? He a local and outdated coach.Emmanuel should be made the coach of U20 first and from there his success can me measured.The SE is too big for Amunike to manage

    • emmanuel omole 1 month ago

      So coaches are better has assistant than actual managers.

    • agbo chimezie 1 month ago

      Ivorians coach took days to win Afcon hahaha

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    SHORT TIME BEFORE OUR NEXT GAMES!!! so AMUNEKE is the best because of time to prepare. amuneke is two time assistant super Eagle coach and that is very crucial if our Nff Jamboree officials actually know football or know what they are doing. I have it on good international information that some of our nff members and technical committee have been bribed and some are after what they stand to gain. Mr nff president should simply hand amuneke and let him select his assistants himself no excuses! that is what immediate effect. If you idiots appoint a journeyman white coach and we eventually fail to go to next world Cup after the last world Cup disaster-class decisions by the these jamboree Nff and all his bodies, then we will all protest seriously to the world and fifa and Nigeria president and sack all of them out of office impromptu! Maybe we can also appoint a foreign Nff president and it’s foreign nff members and technical incompetent committee! Give amuneke this job already and let him hand pivot and pick his assistants personally! WE SHOULDN’T DISREGARD AND DISRESPECT OUR OWN, Amuneke Emmanuel is and should be crowned…, We reject pre colonial mentality amongst all Nff members and officials in Jesus name.. we dey wait…

    • Ugochinyere 1 month ago

      After Mourinho assistant and now is pep assistant

    • Alex07 1 month ago

      God forbid Amunike. Why has he been jobless for a year if he is so good? Not even local club sides want him. Appointing Amunike = killing the Super Eagles

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Why am I suspecting foolish former Nff president to be complicit on this super Eagle coach dilemma! I have been informed that some Nff officials and members have been bribed and compromise! They want foreign coach because of what they have lined up! But everyone know amuneke is the best for now! SHORT PREPARATIONS TIME BEFORE NEXT GAMES! AMUNEKE IS TWO TIME ASSISTANT MANAGER OF SUPER EAGLES! WON NATIONS CUP AND OLYMPIC GOLD AS A PLAYER FOR NIGERIA! WON MANY TROPHY IN AFRICA AND EUROPE AS A PLAYER!-FORMER BARCELONA WINGER! NIGERIA UNDER17 WORLD CUP WINNING COACH! FORMER TANZANIA MANAGER! FORMER AFRICA FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR! GRACE AND OIL DEY HIM HEAD FOR SUCCESS AND TROPHY. westerhof got 5 years! Oga rohr foolishly got 5 years! GIVE AMUNEKE JUST 2 YEARS OF OBSERVATION. HE WILL BE A SUCCESS LIKE KESHI SND AND SIASIA!!!

    • Alex07 1 month ago

      Go and return the money you collected from Amunike. NFF can’t be so dumb as to hand over the Suoer Eagles to a man who failed as a U21 coach. Failed at AFCON 2019 with Tanzania. Failed at ZANACO FC. Failed in Egypt. Failed as SE assistant coach in 2022.

  • Afeez 1 month ago

    @Best Sport, what has Amuneke won, not as a player but as a national team coach of any country or a coach of any club? Even if the NFF decide to opt for an indigenous coach, Amuneke will have to queue behind many other Nigerian coaches, sentiment apart.

    • Bestsport 1 month ago

      Which other Nigerian coach has managed another country before except keshi and amuneke? Doesn’t that tell you they are something special? oliseh is very good but he is a very bad man manager! Who else has a uefa pro like amuneke? And has his experience? Pep assistant has failed continuously after leaving pep and other foreign lack conviction and experience, the Portuguese guy playing style is a joke, like peseiro they will promise beautiful football but later dish out rubbish after getting the job! The fortuna manager is young but lack Federation and national team experience! IT IS EMMANUEL AMUNEKE ASAP NOW…

      • agbo chimezie 1 month ago

        Pessiro failed with Venezuela and other countries but won silver to Nigeria hahaha

    • Kennyson 1 month ago

      Why didn’t you mention the coaches??
      Which indigenous coach has more qualifications and grade A badge than amunike??
      Look at the time frame where most people want a new foreign coach that has not coached and African side to start a job playing two crucial world cup qualifiers???

    • Let the NFF give the job to the best man, but let’s stop all this disrespect to Amuneke. Which indigenous Nigerian coach has his profile? Some just trying to rubbish his achievements all the time, while playing up a single U20 match.

      Aside from winning a FIFA tournament (You can’t simply wave this aside, please. The young and brilliant Angolan coach who almost defeated Nigeria was their former U17 coach before being handed the senior men’s role and he’s doing incredibly well. Small roles determine how you’ll do in higher roles.)…

      That aside, it takes a special quality to apply for and be appointed the coach of a foreign national team. The only Nigerians who have managed to do that are Steven Keshi (Mali and Togo), Christian Chukwu (Kenya), Festus Onigbinde (Trinidad & Tobago), and Emmanuel Amuneke (Tanzania). All these coaches have been handed the SE job. All of them, except Amuneke.

      Let the other local coaches also apply and coach the national teams of other countries if nah beans. Not only a foreign national team, Amuneke has also coached foreign clubs. Which local coach has even coached an African club outside Nigeria? Or let them win Nigeria a FIFA tournament at even U15 if nah moi moi. Even Manu Garba who has won it has not been appointed by another country or non-Nigerian clubsdie. There are levels to these things. Amuneke is on a foreign coach level, not a local coach.

      Or do you think Nigeria’s local coaches don’t also apply for vacant African senior team positions? Do you think Oliseh, Siasia, Eguavoebn etc have not applied before? Yet all these 3 that have not been deemed quality enough by other African countries have been given chances to coach the SE, but not the very one that towers above them in that regard. Truly, a prophet is not without honor except in his home.

      Let NFF appoint Torrent and Amuneke if they want, but the Nigerian is not at the level of any local coach currently. And he knows it.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        @Kel some people get mentality issue that is why they will choose a rotten whiteman over a decent Blackman. The fact that they hearsay he assisted pep but they are not checking why Gala and co sacked him is what’s baffling. If Amuneke is qualified let him be encouraged as you and the other guys have stated. After all he deserves a chance to prove himself with a talented Nigerian side before we can judge him as a failure or success.

         I believe Amuneke will do well judging by how he handled Osigoal and Chukwueze at juvenile level. If las las they opt for Torrent then I will have no choice than to support him because at the end of the day if he wins “Nigeria wins”.

        • Exactly @Chima. Wasn’t Paseiro Mou’s best friend and former assistant coach at Real Madrid. There’s no guarantee Torrent will bring the Pep magic touch to the SE. Coach and assistant coach no be the same thing. How many people know Pep’s assistant at City today? Or Klopp?

          After Arteta left Pep’s shadow to shadow to show his stuff at Arsenal, he can be considered a serious candidate for any national team job. When Torrent left Pep’s shadow, what were his records as the substantive coach at Galatassary, etc?

  • SeanT 1 month ago

    I hate the fact that forumites are quick to highlight Amunike achievements as a player rather than Coach. The question is does a good footballer automatically makes a good coach ? What other achievement does he have rather than qualifying Tanzania for the AFCON where they were massacred from the group stage.

    Nobody should even come up with that narrative of winning Under 17 world cup because those are just boys. We’re talking about Men here. Professional footballers with different egos. Can he manage that ?

    If he’s that good, why has he been inactive for couple of years now ? Why was he sacked from his previous jobs prematurely ?

    The U-17 you all keep talking about, is not that he won us our only U-17 WC. Because we’ve won about 5 if am not mistaken and don’t forget how we used to pack overages players to go face other nations using players who are truly under 17. What do you call that? What simply age cheat

    I’m not making a case for the rest of the shortlisted foreign coaches but you guys should be realistic about this Amunike idea.

    If Herve Renard were available, he would have been the best option but as it is Conceicao former Cameroon coach is the best option as compared to the rest. He’s has first time experience playing AFCON. He managed one of the best team in Africa who doesn’t have as much as talent as Nigeria yet he won the third place. He was only unlucky to loose to Egypt through penalty shoot out at the semis.

    So you all should be realistic and stop being sentimental. Amunike doesn’t have what it takes to handle SE. He should apply for the U-20 OR U-23 Position

    • Opeyemi 1 month ago

      @SeanT, sorry to disappoint you. Amuneke is bigger than any current Super Eagles player…. Osimhen acknowledged him during his African best speech. So when you talk of managing Ego… Whose Ego if I may ask??? Stupid Ego…

      What has any of them done that Amunike, Finidi, Keshi, Kanu, Ikpeba, etc did not do times two during their time???

      Does a responsible boy begin to disrespect his father because he is now an adult? Amuneke is a pure Legend and the boys should Accord him that respect (QED).

      Amuneke should be given the job and opportunity to prove himself with the Super Eagles. Haters deal with it.

      Sentiment apart pls.

  • SeanT 1 month ago

    If not for FIFA Ban, Siasia would have polish his coaching skills and build his profile hence would be perfect indigenous coach SE can ever have.

    He’s simply fantastic and consistent. Not like his fellow ex international that are always looking for opportunities to coach SE. I remembered a time he was once scouted by Bolton Wanderers and 1 championship club after 1 of his heroic Olympic performance.

    None of the local Coach come near Siasia except the late Keshi

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Amuneke can be as good as Siaone he just needs a chance. He has not be afforded the chance to coach big players. Remember what he did with Osimhen and Chukwueze at juvenile level beating all the foreign tacticians to their game at the World Cup. Amuneke also Possess the Barca DNA which knows how to make use of talented players to dominate and win matches. Let us support Emmanuel Amuneke!!!

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Hahahaha…..Where was his Barca DNA when he was demoted to the position of academy coach in Egypt…and booted out of Zanaco within 7 months for almost relegating them?

        He should go and qualify for U20 Afcon first. He has unfinished job at that level.

        Osimhen and Chukwueze are no longer juveniles…they are now Napoli and AC Milan players.

        • Opeyemi 1 month ago

          #Drey. What has your G.Rhor achieved since leaving the Super Eagles job?
          Talk is cheap.

          Amuneke is a legend who has great achievements both as a legendary Nigerian footballer and as a Coach. Hence, he should be given the SE job (QED). Shalom!

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            What has your own Amuneke achieved since being demtoed to academy coach in Egypt and getting sacked from Zanago for almost relegating them over a year ago.

            At least Rohr got another national team job just within 3 months of technically being a free agent. Pls tell us why your Amuneke has been jobless since almost relating one of the biggest clubs in Zambian football…..LMAOoo.

            Legendary coach my foot…LMAOoo.

            Imagine if Amuneke was Amir Abdou who qualified both Comoros and Mauritania for their 1st AFCONs consecutively and reached AFCON R16…some people here would have even asked that Zuma rock be renamed after Amuneke.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            What has your own Amuneke achieved since being demtoed to academy coach in Egypt and getting sacked from Zanaco for almost relegating them over a year ago.

            At least Rohr got another national team job just within 3 months of technically being a free agent and was never demoted from Team Manager to academy coach all his career…LMAOo. So Pls tell us why your Amuneke has been jobless since almost relating one of the biggest clubs in Zambian football…..LMAOoo.

            Legendary coach my foot…LMAOoo.

            Imagine if Amuneke was Amir Abdou who qualified both Comoros and Mauritania for their 1st AFCONs consecutively and reached AFCON R16…some people here would have even asked that Zuma rock be renamed after Amuneke.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Are you referring to the same Siasia who failed to qualify for AFCON twice and relegated (or nearly) 3 NPL clubs or another one…?

      Pls the SE is not a U-team. Siasia’s ability to deliver results with senior teams as demonstrated by his stints 2 with the SE, Bayelsa Utd, JUTH and Heartland FC is a bold ‘F’.

      Siasia should be left out of the SE managerial discourse and allowed to focus and getting his coaching career (especially at senior level) re-started after serving his 5 year universal ban from football.

  • Nnamdi 1 month ago

    Bros rest u don’t know anythn about football amunike doesn’t nd cannot march broos technical ability any of the three foreign coaches should be given the job amunike should go nd rest super eagles is not an experimental ground

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    I think NFF will pick the Portuguese coach. It is the most logical option.He has Agrican experience and decent coaching achievements and he is foreign; which means he will not be swayed by interference of NFF.

    His first mission as a Portuguese coach is to get Jasper Sylvester for the N0. 10 role. Jasper plays in portugal. We need to build a strong midfield that will support our attack.

  • Mr Hush 1 month ago

    Totally in agreement @Golden Child;

    From the aforementioned coaches that actually applied for the job, there is none better qualified than the Portuguese, Conceicao. He is simply the rational choice.

    But we all know logic and the NFF are far apart.

    Let’s see who they finally pick.

  • Tristan 1 month ago

    I am undecided as to who should be the choice of coach. With a Nigerian, you’ll get man-management problems and political games. I saw how Finidi relied on sentiment in choosing players who were not even in form (Ndidi and Iheanacho). Froze out foreign-born players preferring to use only two substitutes and risk losing the Mali match all because he wanted to assert authority to the players. With a Nigerian, you’re going to get dressing-room problems because they can’t manage the egos of top-class players. We saw this with Olise and Senior players (esp. Onyeama)

    As to foreign coaches, there are in my experience two types. The first are semi-retired coaches in their 50s-60s. These types of coaches are journeymen who are past their prime. Their main aim in life is to secure as much money as they can for their pension savings. As a result, they lack ambition and are focused solely on meeting targets to extend their contracts in order to maximize their earnings. Rohr and Peseiro fall into this category.

    The second type of coach is younger and ambitious because they see the SE as the stepping stone to a greater career. These coaches tend to have the ambition and drive to match Nigerian expectations. The new Ghanaian coach falls into this category. However, they tend to lack the type of experience that the semi-retired journeymen have. Nigerians, especially its decision-makers are by nature conservative. Rarely would they trust a young person over an older person.

    So these are the choices we have.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Has anyone asked what he achieved after leaving the capacity as an assistant coach to become a Coach? We should not be swayed by him knowing Pep after all Peseiro was Best Friends with Mou and we all saw how he made Victor Osimhen becoming a blocking 4. Lol Nigerians and anything Whiteman has to change and if yes must be on Merit. 

    If it’s down to me I will let Amuneke be the Coach and the Foreign man as a “Foreign Technical Adviser” but NFF is not only broke but also looking to share salary so I doubt they’ll even consider this option as stated by Kel earlier on.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    After checking out his profile the man called Torrent or Android has not had any luck as a senior coach but sack after sack. The teams that sacked him are more ambitious and pays better than NFF yet they sacked him for failure. Let us also note that in Nigeria he will be working in substandard facility and environment compared to his previous environments. The answer is simple he is bound to fail but my question is how did NFF settle with this weirdo as the final standing foreign coach if not corruption sake and endorsing players to him?

    Nigerians should think outside the box and scold NFF for this, for me this leaves Amuneke as the only choice since NFF has come up with another friend of great coaches who are not good enough. Amuneke will not share salary and also can not be influenced to those of you who think all black coaches are easy to manipulate. Amuneke can not be manipulated and that’s why some executives are against him.

    Amuneke knows Nigerian players compared to Torrent and NFF will not be agent to Amuneke. These are the reasons the corrupt NFF officials will not want to work with Amuneke who’s a bad market to their intentions of calling the shots as player agents (DW) comes to mind. Pinnick leave Nigeria alone you’re done. Please go and manage your other businesses and leave NFF to face their fate!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    If the news I’m getting is for real then it’s major win for Nigerian football after the appointment of Manu Garba as the coach of U17, NFF has finally settled for Amuneke as coach of the SE. I’m also hoping the coach of BLA Olumide will replace Ladan Bosso at the U20. Having all these geniuses installed will be a major turning point for Nigerian football where players will be choosen based on merit and not connections.

    • To read between the lines of OwnGoal grapevine reports, while Eguavoen and co might be rooting for Torrent or Conceicao, the presidency may be pressuring them to go local.

      After all, we have a local candidate who has the same grade qualifications, playing and coaching experience, and profile as any of the other top 2 candidates. So what’s the difference aside from skin colors and the fear of some people that he would be biased with his selections? They think Amuneke would be looking at names before inviting players, that’s why some oppose him. That’s not to say I don’t recognize merit-based arguments among opposers which have to be respected.

      Besides, Amuneke won’t demand $100K. His salary demand is likely to be the lowest of the 3 shortlisted candidates, which could be another argument by the presidency since they will likely foot the bill. NFF is always pretending not to have money.

      He who pays the piper dictates the tune. If Enoh is handling the bills and he prefers Amuneke to Torrent or Conceicao, NFF would have to succumb. That’s what happened recently in Cameroun and Etoo couldn’t do anything.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Owngoal dey score owngoal sometimes, make we sha look if them score real goal this time.

  • Okay Guys tell me, What is the difference between appointing a coach Today 2 weeks from now or Today?..What will change will we have a game to prepare for the SA and Benin from now until the qualifiers?.. If they are down to 2 contenders sureley what ever these candidates need to do in order to prepare them until they get a view of the players in person i.e. video’s of games plyers in mind etc. they can do now and have an idea of the personel already I mean most of our players are playing in leagues that are covered worldwide. so whats the big deal?

    The NFF needs to do the right thing and 2 weeks is not bad. however I feel this Guardiola ex coach is not the answer screams another Peseiro written all over him. If you ask me between the two if it is him or Amuneke I will stick my head out for Amuneke. if we will not get a coach in the ilk of Herve Reynard we may aswell just do what NFF is good at doing lately and settle for what we can get

    NFF una well done ooo. CHAI!

    • @Ugo, don’t you think a coach’s job goes beyond gathering players 3 – 4 days before a match and drilling them for the match? He would have many backroom staff – talent scout, video analyst, team psychologist, goalkeeper coach, media officer, the one that monitors opponents and players, etc. He could dedicate 2 days each working with each of the backroom team members, fine-tuning strategies with them. There’s always a lot of work that goes on in the backend.

      If he comes in a few days to the game, he would be working blindly and using guesswork. No insightful data from his staff to guide his decisions. Their input will be minimal which could jeopardize the team’s chances in the game. Even though Paeiro went defensive at the Afcon, we could see he started winning games after he had enough time with the team.

      A good coach may look bad with a short time to apply his philosophy, whether the players are around or not. And don’t tell me they should be doing any of the background work without an appointment. They won’t. Why should they?

  • Let it be noted i.e NFF do not care about Nigeria’s football Nigerians do not Care about Nigeria. Nigeria is fast becoming a failed state in every avenue and the leaders in charge are shameless

  • Afeez 1 month ago

    NFF did the right thing by selecting three best coaches based on record and achievements. Amuneke, a business man, came in through the back door using the influence of the so-called powers that be in the country. Nigerians will not forgive all these corrupt leaders should we fail to qualify for the world cup. But for Amuneke, the business man, only the time will tell. Most of you singing his praises will soon realize the harm you have done to the country.

  • Torrent the best for the job.

  • agbo chimezie 1 month ago

    So Tinubu your president loves you abi hahaha

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Amuneke Emmanuel is the right choice for the moment Nigeria people!! we should be proudly niaja made, he has uefa pro, won nation Cup, Olympic Gold, Africa player of the year, he plays sweet beautiful football, that he made fifa to ask me to explain some things he did with nigeria under 17 world Cup squad tactical shift, he is the right choice for now! Let all all us support and pray for Amuneke… in life it is good to stand In the way of truth… the truth shall set us freee

    • My brother, Amuneke needs to get you on his media team. You’ve done a good job here. OwnGoal is reporting that NFF has caved into arguments from the presidency and appointed our man. They say he would be officially announced in 2 weeks with Finidi, Essien (current US U20 coach), and Amadi (Amuneke’s right-hand man) as goalkeeper coach as assistants.

      Seems we are all set now. Hopefully, the report is true. Own Goal rumors are sometimes true. Like 70% of the time.

    • Onwajunior 1 month ago

      If it’s true that Amunike has been selected then I can guarantee that we are not qualifying for the WC and may struggle to qualify for AFCON.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Amuneke will qualify ignore the negative reviews of the u20 job the same negative people disregard the u17 World Cup he won. The ex Cameroon coach would have been another option but not the Torrent man whom I sense is another choice of malpractice.

  • SE fan 1 month ago

    Torrent is the best choice without any doubts!

  • pompei 1 month ago

    Whoever is hired, I will support the coach.
    However, failure at this time will be extremely costly. Loss of the 2026 world cup ticket, possible loss of Afcon ticket is what we’re looking at. Huge losses in terms of revenues coming from tournament participation fees, around $30m, and loss of prize money that could be around $50m to $100m or more.
    Those that made the decision to hire the coach will have to be totally held accountable if he fails.
    The jobs of the people making hiring decisions have to be on the line. Their jobs should be tied to the performance of the coaches they hire.
    This is one way to ensure transparency and integrity in the hiring process.
    If we get the best possible coach and he fails, we can accept that.
    What is not acceptable is failure resulting from settling for mediocrity and cutting corners! Saving small change today only to lose out on big revenues tomorrow is no way to do business.

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    The blemishes and disadvantages of local coach are as follows : he choose the playeson sentiments, he takes bribes from players to summon them to Super Eagles, he makes disaccords with players whom he would not like to put them on matches line-up as Findi Geoege has not chosen Lookman, Sadiq Umar, Onyedika, Onyemaechi for the versus Mali which SE have already been defeated before a month ; so I think now local coaches are gambling with SE , there is a crucial encounter versus South Africa in Uyo in 1 june 2024 on World Cup qualifier , that means SE must hire a merit and experience coach who knows football ways and plans

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